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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 27th day of Storing, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 145 > Continuing Series > The Defenders of Light: Part Twelve

The Defenders of Light: Part Twelve

by npmasterx01

The Day of Chaos - 2

"What do you think are the odds of surviving this journey?" asked Canken.

     "Well, there are evil androids that can cause mass destruction, four leaders of this evil corporation that have 'your going to die' written all over their faces, Dr. Sloth and his mutant minions, a mad scientist that really should have pasted away a long time ago, and chaotic weapons that will disintegrate any person in seconds. In short, I would have to say that we are all doomed for all eternity," said Bain.

     "Can you stop complaining about how your going to die in here? Is being devoured by evil beasts not good enough for you?" asked Gin.

     "When I die, I want to die in style!" said Canken.

     "Feel free to panic at anytime you want," said Bain.

     "I will keep it in mind," said Gin. At the end of the hallway, we discovered another door leading up a staircase. After the long climb to the top, we finally emerged into the next room. It was another hallway and we repeated the process. When we reached the other end, we entered once again. It was an empty round room made of metal. There stood, on the middle platform, three shadowy figures. When I was finally able to make out what they looked like I noticed something familiar about them. Magnus the Torch, Flaming Meerca, and someone who was suppose to be dead. Anaconda!

     "What took you so long?" asked the mutant Grarrl.

     "How are you still alive?" I asked.

     "My special ability is faking death," said Anaconda. "It comes in handy sometimes. Shall we get started. I will explain the rules."

     "Is this a game?" asked Canken. The floor in the middle disappeared leaving a small path outlining the room and one more path of floor leading straight across with a platform in the middle. Below the platform was the third floor field which disappeared revealing the second floor field. The rest of the fields disappeared. At the bottom was a pit of lava.

     "Since you seem so interested you will go first," said Anaconda. "The rules are simple. You will receive a baton and a weight will be attached to your leg. In order for one of you to pass through us you will have to defeat one of us in a duel. You will be going against me this time and probably for your last time."

     "How do we win?" asked Canken.

     "One of the opponents have to fall off the edge," said Anaconda. "These other two are being paid to do this."

     "Let the match begin," announced Magnus the Torch as he threw them batons and Flaming Meerca attached weights to their legs. Canken and Anaconda started battling. They kept striking, but kept blocking themselves after every attack. Canken started to look tired and lost balance after Anaconda hit him in the side. He was holding on by his legs. "You will have to wait until he gets back up," said Magnus.

     "I am not going to wait!" said Anaconda as he hit Canken in the leg with his baton. The starry Scorchio held on for his life, but lost his grip and started to fall.

     "Fly!" I yelled. Canken started flying, but kept falling downward at a slow pace, because of the weights. All of a sudden, two Cobrall Daggers appeared on the wall.

     "I've got you!" said a man who was standing on them. It was the Dark Ninja again. The daggers fell out of the wall and the Dark Ninja disappeared into thin air along with Canken.

     "Where did they go?" asked Anaconda. The starry Scorchio appeared on the other side next to Magnus the Torch. The Dark Ninja appeared in front of Anaconda.

     "Now you are going to have to deal with me!" said the Dark Ninja as he drew out one of his swords.

     "If it is a fight you want you will have to wait your turn," said Anaconda.

     "What are you talking about? This is my turn!" said the Dark Ninja as he jumped into the air. Anaconda broke the chains that held the weights and they dropped into the lava pool. The mutant Grarrl jumped off and landed on a secret platform that opened from the wall below the top platform. The passage was sealed. "Are you going to let us through or am I going to have to fight you?" asked the Dark Ninja. The Flaming Meerca attacked him, but he dodged it and hit the Meerca with the handle of his sword. The Flaming Meerca fainted.

     "I am not getting paid enough to do this!" said Magnus the Torch as he jumped into the lava. The door at the other end opened.

     "Well, are you going or not?" asked the Dark Ninja as he disappeared again.

     Come on! You heard him!" I said.

     The next part of the hallway had doors covering the walls on all sides. A gray Shoyru emerged from one door to the next one across from it. Then he disappeared. Seconds later, he reappeared and all the doors opened. Out walked about ten guards from each door.

     I think that we have found where the soldiers sleep," said Bain.

     "Should we start running now?" asked Canken.

     "Well, we could always let them beat the stuffing out of us instead," said Gin as I took out my Shoyru Battle Sabre that I received from Slasher and attacked one of the guards. He fainted.

     "There is no way that we can defeat all of them!" said Bain. We ran back into the last room we were in. The floor had been closed. Then, I noticed a small panel with a screen next to it. The guards started to enter the room. I approached the screen. It said "enter password!"

     "Great! Now we're doomed!" I said. All the guards were gathered up in front of us now.

     "That is why you have me!" said a voice. All of a sudden, a green Shoyru appeared in front of the panel. He typed in something and pressed enter.

     "Access approved!" said the screen as a sign saying "Warning: Opening..." appeared.

     "Barry!" I said in excitement as I recognized him. The floor started opening again and the guards were trapped. Most of them started to fall in. Once the floor was open, there was about ten guards left along with Chameleon standing at the doorway. Bain rammed into the last ten guards and they fell in.

     "You have become trickier than before. I am surprised, but you will never make it to King Cobra," said Chameleon as he disappeared.

     "So I see that you got into a file you weren't suppose to get into," I said.

     "Sure did! BurnDragonX is on the next floor," said Prototype_Barry. The five of us went to the next floor and walked to the middle of the building. In the middle was a stone with ancient carvings on it. We start examining the stone.

     "You would be surprised to know what kind of power that stone really has," said a voice. We turned around to find Viper standing there with a new staff. "This staff is called the Staff of Evil Souls. It has twice the power as the Staff of Lost Souls. Everything is the same except there is no monster to summon as it has already been released," said Viper.

     "Viper, your an evil witch!" said Bain. The Shadow Usul grinned.

     "I am glad you remembered me," said Viper as she attacked him. "Taste the power of 'Rain of Terror!'"

     "Get out of the way!" I yelled.

     "There is no where to run from this attack!" said Viper as a dark wave of energy formed around Bain and exploded. He fainted.

     "Now for the Devastation Wave!" said Viper as wave of flames hit Canken. He fainted, too.

     "How can that attack defeat the defence representative with one hit?" I asked.

     "The stone triples my power!" said Viper.

     "We will have to destroy it then!" I said.

     "It won't work! The stone is too powerful," said Viper as she launched another attack and hit Barry. He fainted and I took out my Shoyru Battle Sabre. I attempted to attack her, but something held me back.

     "You won't be able to defeat me with the stone around," said Viper. All of a sudden, there was a flash behind Viper and the Dark Ninja appeared. He raised his sword and quickly pulled it downward. Viper fell to the ground in pain.

     "Her weak point is her back," said the Dark Ninja as he disappeared. I attacked her when she got up and she fell over again. Once again she quickly got up and dodged my next attack.

     "You will pay for that!" said Viper. "'Spirit of Evil' emerge from your hiding place and take your pick of bodies."

     "What are you doing?" I asked as the Usul started to chant. The staff lit up and a shadow flew out of it. The shadow disappeared into Bain's body and he stood up.

     "Destroy him!" commanded Viper. Bain attacked me, but I dodged it and hit him in the head with the handle of my sword. He fainted and the shadow emerged. I used a light attack on the evil being and he disappeared. "Restore!" said Viper. The shadow reappeared.

     It must be the stone that helps it regenerate. Viper doesn't look as if she has even been attacked. Yes, it must be the stone, I thought.

     "Give in to my power and I might let you live," said Viper. I drew my sword and attacked the stone. It split in half and turned to dust. "No way! Dr. Livingston was the only one who knew the weak spot," said Viper.

     "Well, I was just guessing. Looks like you are out of luck," I said. The shadow disappeared and her shield of energy deactivated. I attacked her with my blade. Viper, the Shadow Usul, was finally defeated. She dropped to the floor and disappeared. "I wonder where she went," I said. She left her staff behind. The problem was that it was made of dark magic.

     "So, I am guessing you are going to think about that all day," Gin said five minutes later.

     "I haven't figured that out yet," I said.

     We rested for a couple hours and then continued our journey when the others had awoken. The next part of the hallway had three doors in it. Gin, Canken, and I went into the one to the left. Bain and Barry went into the right one. The third door at the end of the hallway was probably another stairway. It seemed that we had picked the right door once we saw what was in the room.

     "Another dungeon. Well, aren't we lucky? I guess an evil villain's base can never have enough dungeons," complained Gin.

     "Actually, this is just what we have been looking for. BurnDragonX should be in here," I said. We started searching for a mutant Lupe. Once again, there were soldiers captured and put in cells. "Wait, these are our soldiers!" I said. "How did they get our soldiers in here so fast?"

     "They must had brought them in from the roof," said Gin. Just then, I saw him. BurnDragonX was sitting in a cell at the far end of the dungeon. I approached him and he looked up at me.

     "How do I get this cell open?" I asked. There was no response. "Maybe the keys that Commander Garoo had will work on these cells too," I said. I put the key in the lock and turned it around. There was a click and the door opened. "Need any help?" I asked. There was still no response. Instead he lunged at me in a frenzy of rage.

     "He sure seems glad to see you too," said Gin. He attacked BurnDragonX and the mutant Lupe got off of me. He stood still in one spot.

     "There is something wrong with his eyes!" said Canken. I looked at his eyes to find that they were completely white.

     "It's a trap!" I said. Ransackian soldiers and mutant minions started entering the room. There were about twenty of them. I attacked a Ransackian soldier and he fainted.

     "We will take care of the soldiers. You go play with BurnDragonX!" said Gin. I attacked BurnDragonX with my Shoyru Battle Sabre and made a direct hit. He used Shroud and I used Night Vision. With another attack with my sword the mutant Lupe was defeated.

     "That didn't take too long," I said. Gin and Canken were finished fighting. "Those were the weakest soldiers I have ever fought," I said.

     "Forget those weaklings! We need to find that wimp, King Cobra," said Gin as he started to unlock all the cells. When he had finished Gin, BurnDragonX, Canken, and I returned to the hallway where we found Barry and Bain waiting for us.

     "No luck," said Bain. "It was just a laboratory."

     "That is probably where Dexter experiments on Neopets and other creatures," said Barry. We continued to the next door to find another stairway. After we reached the next floor there was another hallway with nothing in it. We entered the door at the other side and went up another stairway which took us up to the middle of the roof of the building.

     "I thought you would never make it," said a voice. All six of us turned around at once to find a mutant Krawk and about one hundred soldiers. Ten of them fell over in a straight line. Behind the line appeared the Dark Ninja with his sword drawn.

     "Who is this clown?" asked Bain.

     "The mutant Krawk is named Diamond Back," said BurnDragonX. The Dark Ninja disappeared again.

     "This would be so much easier if I had my Lost Desert Daggers," I said. Barry took out a Faerie Slingshot and the rest of our allies drew their own weapons. BurnDragonX didn't have any equipment and I only had one weapon to choose from. I drew my sword and attacked one of the soldiers. Everyone else attacked the small army of men at once. The second row fell and the third row attacked us. When we were attacked by the last row Barry fainted. We attacked back and all of the soldiers were defeated except one. Diamond Back attacked me with his staff. I dodged it.

     "It is called the Ancient Staff of Onyan. Your lucky I can't find my sword," said Diamond Back.

     "That is a weird name for a weapon," said Canken. The mutant Krawk started chanting and a ball of explosive energy appeared in front of the staff. He launched the attack and it hit Canken. The Starry Scorchio fainted as he flew ten feet backwards barely hanging over the edge of the building.

     "Anymore stupid comments?" asked Diamond Back. Bain charged toward the mutant Krawk. He started chanting again and attacked with a wave of electricity. Diamond Back launched his wave at Bain and he fainted.

     "Scatter!" I commanded. The mutant Krawk produced multiple attacks and we dodged them.

     "Stand still and accept your fate," said Diamond Back as he randomly fired in every direction.

     "What's the matter? Can't you shoot me?" I asked.

     "You have really bad aim!" said BurnDragonX.

     "I will show you bad aim!" said Diamond Back.

     "My petpet can shoot better than you!" said Gin. The mutant Krawk was really mad now.

     "Why won't you die?" yelled Diamond Back.

     "Go back to using a Rainbow Gun!" said Gin.

     "Die!" yelled Diamond Back in a frenzy of anger. A huge wave of energy appeared in front of the staff and was about to attack us with what would surely doom us all when a dark figure appeared behind the mutant Krawk. The Dark Ninja squeezed his shoulder and he fainted. The Shadow Techo disappeared and the attack exploded on it's creator. The explosion sent us flying backwards off the building, but we grabbed onto the edge just in time. When the smoke cleared, all three of us pulled ourselves back up.

     "Dr. Livingston, are you there?" I asked. There was no response.

     After everyone was healed, we entered the elevator on the roof. On the control panel, I noticed a button that had the letter "B" on it. Canken pressed it and the elevator descended through the shaft below. A minute later, the door opened.

     "This must be the basement," said Canken. We entered the room. It was a dark room that stretched about four yards in distance. Then something rose from the shadows.

     "Finally we meet! I have been waiting for you," said a voice as a body appeared. It was a Desert Shoyru with two items. One of them looked very familiar. Next to him appeared Dr. Sloth and Chameleon. Behind him appeared Brainiac, Experiment, and a Draconian Shoyru. "I would like to introduce myself. I am King Cobra, leader of Ransack. I am also aware that you have met Dr. Sloth and Chameleon, too," said the Desert Shoyru. "Some modifications have been made to the three behind us. Brainiac is now Mastermind, Experiment is now Experimental, and I would like for you to meet Android_Barry."

     "My first experiment wasn't called Prototype_Barry for nothing," said Sloth. "I was very disappointed when Prototype_Barry turned on us."

     "You are just in time for Ransack's most important event in the history of Neopia," said Cobra. Chameleon approached him with a familiar scroll and started chanting. I also noticed that the grey Shoyru was holding the Staff of Evil Souls. In Cobra's hand appeared a stone. He made the items touch on both sides of the rock and they disappeared. On top of the rock appeared another item.

     "Wait, that is the stone that Chameleon stole from us!" I said. "From what I have heard in the past would help concluded that the stone was meant to merge the two Chaos weapons together. That must mean that it is the Stone of Revival."

     "Very good!" said Cobra. "You have destroyed half of my army and I am prepared to do anything to get rid of you. We will finally see who is the most superior."

To be continued...

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