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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Swimming, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 145 > Continuing Series > Hannah of the Pirate Caves: Part Two

Hannah of the Pirate Caves: Part Two

by chocolateisamust

     Hannah hailed an Eyrie taxi about half a mile later. She slowly climbed into the wooden chariot, taking in short, ragged breaths every inch she moved. Her heart was thudding rapidly, and she felt nervous inside. She knew that she'd most likely be okay, but there was always that little teeny chance that -

      "A little late to be alone, don'tchya think, young lady?" the Eyrie commented, breaking Hannah's chain of thoughts.

      Hannah quickly replied, "I-I'm meeting a friend a few miles from here. M-my mother doesn't want me to walk." It, of course, was a lie.

      "Mmhm," the Eyrie responded. "So, where does this friend live? I'll take ya there… if it's less than 5 miles away, it's free of cost. My policy."

      Hannah smiled uncomfortably. "It's more than 5 miles away."

      "M'kay… where is it then?"

      "The Neopia Central Ferry… the ticket booth there actually," Hannah whispered.

      "What didya say?"

      "The Neopia Central Ferry." Her voice was louder.

      "That's more than a few miles away. Heck, it's about I say uh… 40 or 50 miles from 'ere. Ya sure you have your mom's permission? I don't want to get into no trouble from anyone."

      "I do have permission. M-may you please just take me? My friend will get impatient soon."

      The Eyrie sighed. "Yeah, sure. 'Name's Jack by the way."

      With that, he started down the road toward the Neopia Central Ferry.

      They arrived shortly after 9 pm; the fee was 2500 Neopoints, leaving Hannah with only 5550.

      "Have a good night, young lady," Jack said as Hannah stepped out of the carriage.

      "I will… don't worry," Hannah replied. She held her duffel bag firmly against her chest and gave him a slight smile.

      "Do you see your friend anywhere?"

      Hannah nodded. "Yeah, she's over there. Anyway, bye!"

      She was deliberately trying to hurry him. Jack didn't seem to notice this though, and he waved briefly and then left.

      Sighing in relief, Hannah quickly made her way over to the ticket booth. There were two pets in front of her who were also purchasing tickets; a yellow Mynci bought a ticket to Mystery Island, and a white Uni to Terror Mountain.

      When it was Hannah's turn, she tried to sound as old as possible, making her voice lower and stronger than it was in reality.

      "One ticket to Krawk Island please," she said.

      "Okay," the Chomby from behind the desk replied. "For 100 Neopoints extra, we can give you a big early bird breakfast for tomorrow morning."

      "The ride is that long?" Hannah asked, her real voice returning.

      "Yes; the trip lasts until 10 am tomorrow."

      "O-okay, I was j-just wondering. I guess I'll take the breakfast." Hannah never took chances with being left hungry with no food.

      "Alrightie then! Here's your ticket! The ferry leaves in 15 minutes, so I'd hurry to get on if I were you."

      Hannah nodded, and the Chomby grabbed a ticket from a basket beside of her and gave it to the Usul.

      "Next!" the Chomby then yelled.

      Hannah moved aside, and a stressed-out looking Lupe walked up to the window.

      Duffel bag beneath one arm, ticket jammed into a pant-pocket, Hannah speedily went over to the metal boarding ramp. It creaked faintly when she walked up it, but the Usul did not care. A creaking ramp was the least of her worries now.

      Upon boarding the ferry, Hannah gave the ticket to a ticket collector, and then surveyed the boat. She found it to be nearly empty. There was a family of Pterii sitting together, a plushie Elephante, a silver Poogle, a yellow Shoyru and a green Skeith, but that was it.

      Hannah sat down in a long, but empty, row. She set her bag beside her and leaned back against the plastic seat back. The Usul sat like that for 13 minutes, but then the boat slowly pulled away from the dock.

      Once it did, Hannah unzipped the duffel bag. She pulled out the fleece blanket and re-zipped the sack. Then pushing the bag away, Hanna lay down and draped the cover over her body. She softly closed her eyes, and within 30 minutes was fast asleep.


Cecelia sighed, staring at the book her daughter had left on the table. Dinner was long over now, but she had not yet decided what to do with Hannah's treasured object.

      She didn't want to break her daughter's heart by throwing it away, yet, she also didn't want the girl's life to be stolen by a piece of literature.

      Chewing her lip thoughtfully, Cecelia softly picked up the book. She looked at the leather cover, with the words 'John and Danger' written on it in perfect handwriting.

      "What a silly title," the Usul murmured. Despite this, though, Cecelia opened up the book to the first page.

      The sun was like a golden ball, hanging there in the blue sky, casting its light off into lands everywhere. John noticed this as he slowly made his way around the damp cave, his beady black eyes slowly surveying the area for anything that could be dangerous…

      Cecelia cocked her head, interested. Slowly, she sat down into Hannah's chair and continued reading. Soon, she was lost in John's world of danger, lies, thieves and more.

      "So this is why Hannah's so addicted," she whispered after completing chapter 6. Cecelia had a new sense of understanding her daughter, and she decided to apologize for being so cruel earlier.

      The book tucked snugly under one arm, she stood back up and walked over to Hannah's door. She knocked on it twice, and when her daughter did not answer, let herself in.

      One could only imagine her surprise when she found Hannah utterly gone!


Hannah awoke in a rather unpleasant manner.

      The ferry lurched to a stop, and the Usul went sliding to the slippery ground. Hannah groaned, slowly opening her eyes. The sun gleamed brightly overhead, and the sky was bright blue, no clouds at all visible.

      Although most pets Hannah knew would've been perplexed about where they were for a few moments, Hannah was not. She immediately remembered the prior night's events, and grinning, leapt to her paws.

      The grin soon faded, though, when Hannah could not find the blanket. The duffel bag was sitting fallen on the ground, but the quilt was not anywhere!

      "Young lady, please leave the ferry; we have arrived at the destination," a voice said from behind her.

      Hannah swiveled around, only to discover a middle-aged Wocky standing there. She could only figure that he was the captain.

      "Sorry," Hannah whispered. She scooped her bag into her arms and quick-walked to the boarding ramp.

      Once off of it, Hannah surveyed her surroundings. There were some pubs, a few caves, a couple of houses, and a small group of other things, but it was not at all as Hannah had expected.

      The Usul child had imagined it to be huge, the streets bustling with pirates, and with lots of buildings with interesting things inside of them! But instead, it was… it was this.

      Frowning to herself, Hannah slowly made her way from the ferry. She was shuddering, despite the blistering heat and having a heavy jacket on. The 9-year-old felt so out of place that it made her fearful inside.

      And it did not help when a paw clamped over her shoulder.

      Shivering, Hannah turned around. She was then standing face-to-face with a muscular pirate Krawk.

      "Yarr, who be ye, trespassing on me land?" he growled.

      "I'm sorry," Hannah whispered. "I'll leave."

      "No, I didn't say fer ye to leave. I asked who ye was! So who are ye?"


      "And where does ye live, Hannah? 'Round here or no?"

      Hannah slowly shook her head back and forth. "No," she whimpered. "I live in Neopia Central."

      "And why be ye all the way 'ere in Krawk Island then?"

      "I ran away." Hannah was not thinking clearly, so therefore revealed that she was all alone in a foreign land to a sinister stranger.

      "Aye, does ye be needin' a job?"

      Hannah pondered over the answer to this one for a few moments before answering. "Yes," she said.

      He smiled. "Arr, well, me brother needs somebody new hired! He pays good too, aye, yes he does! Better than any pub 'round here… then again, ye are too young to work in a pub anyway. Ye 'aer me? Too young, aye!"

      "Yes, I hear you," Hannah whispered.

      "Shall I take ye to me brother, then? I'm sure he'll hire ye on tha spot!"

      Hannah nodded slowly. The Krawk grabbed her free paw and tugged her away.

      The Krawk's brother's business was held in a cave. This excited Hannah in a way, as John in her book had explored caves, but then again, this was Hannah the living Usul, not John the Kacheek from a storybook.

      "Yarr, are ye 'ere Lyle? 'Tis me, yer brother, Drawlred! I got ye an employee!"

      Almost instantly, a pirate Lupe limped forward. His dried lips were formed a smile. "Aye! Drawlred!" he exclaimed.

      Hannah watched as the two exchanged some odd type of pirate greeting. After that, the attention was on her.

      "Who be this?" the Lupe, presumably, Lyle inquired, studying Hannah with his eyes.

      "This be tha employee I brought ye!" Drawlred replied proudly.

      "Ye brought me a child, Drawlred? Have ye gone mad? Whoever 'er parents are will rip ye up into shreds!"

      "She ain't a pirate's child, Lyle! She be a runaway from Neopia Central! She volunteered ta take yer job!"

      Lyle frowned, flicking a clot of dirt from Hannah's cheek. The Usul flinched, but did not say anything.

      "She be weak, mate. I'm not going ta pay a weak little girl fer doin' nothing except wasting me time! She won't make a good employee. Yar, no she won't!"

      "Aye, me deepest apologies, Lyle! I didn't mean ta bring ye a little weaklin'! Ah no I didn't! I'll go now! Sorry for wasting yer time!"

      "Yar, 'tis okay, Drawlred."

      With Hannah's paw grasped into his own, Drawlred turned around. He was greeted by the image of a pirate Aisha, who was slowly walking into the cave.

To be continued....

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