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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 145 > Articles > Where Theres a Will, Theres a Way... to Train!

Where Theres a Will, Theres a Way... to Train!

by aisha_of_snowy_hill

THE TRAINING SCHOOL- Where there's a will, there's a way... to train! First off, I'm NOT talking about your dear Uncle William. I don't know WHAT I'm talking about, but people always say it....

Anyways, you can train your neopet! Even one as weak as a Weewoo's artistic ability. You can make them strong, and I would very much recommend it! After all, you want them to be strong so they actually get up and get the remote control themselves so you don't have to do it when the control is out of reach. Then your neopet will be off in the Battledome so instead of begging you for a White Chocolate Kacheek. And you can eat all the Cheesey Neos yourself!!! Mwhahaha! *cough* Err, anyways....

Here are many ways you can train your pet, and pro's (that means good things) and con's (that's bad things) about each.

Without further silly introductions used to take up space and make this look better than it really is, here they are:

The Mystery Island Training School

The first topic we will discuss is... (drumroll please) the Mystery Island Training School!!! Well, actually, we won't talk about it, I will. You just sit down and listen. After all, I'm the one who took the time to write this article. Not you. YOU just sit there on your couch gawking at me like I'm a mutant Cybunny! Haven't you ever thought that REAL people like me are trying to talk! Or write, I mean! No! You just sit there, expecting ME to give YOU all the attention! YOU just- *coughs* Err, I'm getting off subject...

Anyways, the Mystery Island Training School is located in Kiko Lake.

No, I'm just making sure you were listening. It's actually in Mystery Island (no kidding). To train your pet there, you must give the wise Master Techo (that strange Techo dude) the codestone he requests. Then you can began your training.

If you can't afford a codestone, you could always go and seek some Wisdom. Master Techo will always has some free wisdom to train your mind. (Err, you do have a mind... don't you?)


Pro's: Well, your pet will be trained in their mind as well as physically!

Con's: Let's face it, codestones are expensive and wisdom won't help your pet much in the Battledome.

Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy

Arr, mateys! It's Cap'n Threelegs' very own Academy, and he's sure to "whip yer into shape in no time at all!" All courses are payed in Dubloon Coins. Dubloon coins will pay for a course, and best of all, they're shiny!!!

The Cap'n will only take pets up to level 40, unlike the Training School. However, on your pet's special day, he or she will receive FREE training!

No, the Cap'n doesn't offer wisdom. Instead he offers cool Sayings!


Pro's: Your pet can get training for free on their special day! Now that's a deal!

Con's: Don't be surprised if your pet says, "Arr, fetch me the catsup, ya scurvy dog!" instead of "Please pass the catsup" and asks the shopkeeper at the clothing store in a confused voice why he doesn't have any eyepatches left.


Ever heard of a faerie in a bottle? There's Bottled Fire, Light, Earth, etc Faeries. Release one and it may bless your neopet with an ability it can use in the Battledome! Ooh, magic powers!!!

Also, faeries may appear and ask you to bring them an item. If you bring it to them, they will rise your pet's strength, speed, etc, decrease its hunger, or whatever. Usually the items aren't very expensive!


Pro's: Faeries are so pretty :) And the bottle is shiny! Oh, and you get an ability.

Con's: Bottled faeries are expensive, and how often does a faerie stop by your house?

Random Events

Something has happened! Insert_neopet_here goes up to level 3!

Yes, random events are great! Occasionally, a random event will raise your neopet's stats! There is no certain place where this can happen. It may very well be a Winter Random Event. Wherever it is, it's a great way to raise your pet's stats!!! Of course, you can't train all your neopets this way, because it's random, but even so.


Pro's: It's FREE!

Con's: Don't expect this to happen too often ;)

The Secret Laboratory

What is the Secret Laboratory? Well, it's not that secret. Basically, you need to collect nine different Secret Laboratory Maps. You may find one as a random event, but don't get your hopes up on finding all nine. They cost a 450,000 neopoints. You can find a full set, 1, or more of these on the Island Trading Post, or buy them separately on the Shop Wizard. Then you go to Treasure Maps in the Game Room and click the Secret Laboratory Map link on the top. You will even get a neopoint award! You will then be able to access *lighting, person screaming*... The Secret Lab Ray! It randomly changes your pet's species, strength, speed, gender, color, defense, intelligence, level, or hit points. Sometimes nothing happens at all. Beware, though- don't use this if you don't want something about your pet to change! You have no way to tell if it will or not.


Pro's: Once you get it you can use it over and over again!

Con's: You have no control over what will happen.

Well, that's all the ways of training. Now, peace at last! Instead of you needing to get the remote control, your neopet can get it itself! And... err, throw it at you.... Hmm... Maybe you should stick to changing the channels yourself... But I assure you, there WILL be other advantages! Right...? Of course there will! Anyways, now you know the advantages and disadvantages of different ways to train your neopet, and I just wasted five minutes of your time! (score me! :P) Good luck on training your neopet! Keep at it and you'll have a strong pet! Or pets!

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