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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 145 > Articles > Neohome Horrors

Neohome Horrors

by ink_hearted_devil

NEOPIA CENTRAL - Have you ever invited people round for dinner or for a party without realising your Neohome looks a total mess? I know I have! That's why I’m here to give you some advice. But there’s one problem right? Your party is tonight and you don’t think you’ll have time for all of this decorating. Well, that’s where you’re wrong. My guide will help you spiff up your home just in time for your guests' arrival. (Here’s a little hint. You may want to be able to get hold of a lot of NP but we’ll come onto that.) So. Sit back, relax and please, don’t interrupt until I’m finished.

FIRST STEP: The Basics

Well, first off you might want to tell your Neopets to go out and play so that you can have the day to yourself and you don’t have Neopets to trip over. Give them a ball and they should be happy.

So you finally got your pets out of the house. Now let’s check how many Neopoints you have. Hmmm. Not a lot. Well. My advice is that you play as many games as you can. Choose the ones you are good at then play them until you have at least 10,000. Note: If you already had around that much then you didn’t really need to read that section, now did you? Next step. So you have your NP and you have an empty house. First let’s take out all of the furniture out of the room you are most likely to be in. Lounge, dining room, bathroom, etc. Don’t redo your bedroom or any of the rooms that you aren’t going to be in; it would just be a waste of time and you need your time to finish off the important rooms. So... you have removed all of your furniture from the rooms. You are left with an empty room. Leave the room for a minute and follow me to the Extension Options page.

STEP TWO: Extension Options

Here you can change many things such as lighting, insurance, wallpaper etc. The number of extension options you have depends on how many rooms you have. Don’t worry about building new rooms; simply cope with what you have. I know you will have the lighting so let’s start with that. Hang on. Maybe you should choose which style you want first. OK. There are many different styles of decorating. But remember! The higher level you go the more money it costs. I wouldn’t spend much more than 3,000 because you will need your money later. So. You have chosen your style and now it is time to decide on which levels you want on your extension options. Don’t forget that once you have chosen your levels make sure you are going to keep it as once you have changed it and decided you don’t want that option you would have to delete the whole thing and start again. The worst thing is: You DON’T get your NP refunded! Wah! So then. We have finished on our extension options so let’s go onto furniture. This is where your NP that you earned earlier comes in handy. Follow me.

STEP THREE: The Furniture Shop

Right then. We are at the furniture shop. Now it is complete competition between you and the other buyers. Let’s start with the bathroom. Can you spot a sink and a toilet? Yes! There it is! 3,000 NP for the disco toilet! Gee! That’s a lot! But you go with it and only just buy it. So you are left with at least 3,000. But luckily for us we didn’t spend too much on the extension options so we have 4,000 left! It’s a good job we are great at haggling isn’t it! SO we have the toilet. Lucky us! We also found a disco sink. That was rather cheap! It only cost us 3,000! Oh well. We at least have a matching bathroom and you can always empty it and sell the items. Oh yeah! That gives me a really good idea. Do you remember the items we took out of your Neohome? Well let’s sell those for some extra cash. I sell all my smoothies at low prices and they are bought almost instantly so we’ll sell that horrible old funky orange and blue sofa for a good 2,000 and that disgusting old dung bathroom set of stuff can go for 1,00 each. Share out the prices like that. So. Three hours later we have 20,000 more than what we had before. Let’s go furniture shopping again. Another three hours later we have: a disco toilet, sink and bath, a lovely dining table, chairs to go with the table, tasteful sofas, a curvy bookcase for all your valuable books and some lovely corner lamps for each room. And we still have 2,000 left. Let’s go and buy some food. Oh no! Your pets are coming back into the house. Quick! Tell them not to drop crumbs from those angel cookies onto your floor or to knock anything over. Actually. Let’s take them out to the Concert Hall for a while. Oooh! Sticks 'n Stones is performing!

STEP FOUR: Almost Time

So, two hours before your guests arrive. You’ve come back from the Concert Hall and grocery shopping. You’ve sent the pets upstairs to their rooms and they are quite happily munching away on their sandwiches and chocolate whilst playing with that new play station you bought them. Pets are out of the way and you have the kitchen to yourself so that you can prepare your food. Let’s turn that boring old salad into a banquet for a king by placing it carefully in a glass salad bowl with the gorgeous salad cutlery you have. Now place the bowl on the dining table and fetch out those beautiful tall candles. Don’t light them yet but turn on the lamps in the dining room and lounge as well as turning off the main lights to create a soft soothing kind of feel. Prepare small bowls of peanuts and crisps and put them on the table in your lounge. Then turn on your CD player and put on some nice music. Prepare the ham you bought and cook it for half an hour. Then put it on a platter and put it into the oven to keep it warm. Then cook some vegetables a few minutes before your guests arrive. Put them on the table quickly because your doorbell has just rung. Open the door and welcome your guests then seat them at the table. Run upstairs, get dressed in that gorgeous dress (or if you’re a boy in your trousers and shirt.) and tuck your pets in. Dart downstairs and serve the food. Pour some champagne and liven the mood by chatting and enjoying yourself. Sit down and serve yourself a generous helping of your delicious food. Your guests should follow suit and everything will go smoothly. Bask in glory as people congratulate you on your spectacular Neohome and give advice to those who wish to know how you did it. Don’t be a spoil sport and keep it to yourself or people will think you are conceited and too proud to offer advice.

STEP FIVE: The Finale

After your guests have left it is time to tidy up. Because of your great hospitality and cleaning skills there isn’t much to tidy up. Your wooden floors are easy to wipe and your get together was a success. Put left over desserts and food into the fridge, your pets can grab some in the morning and it will save you from having to get up in the morning. Thanks for listening and I hope you will have more success in the future at throwing parties in the spectacular place you call your Neohome.

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