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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 145 > Articles > The Joys of Jub

The Joys of Jub

by gryphflame46

NEOPIA CENTRAL- With Jubjub Day so recently, Jubjubs have been getting a fair amount of attention as of late. Unfortunately, this is a once-a-year sort of occurrence; for the most part, they're practically ignored! These cute little round balls of fluff have been around for years, but a lot of people choose to get some of the so-called "cuter" pets with such unnecessary features as "hands" and "noses". Yes, the wonderful Jubjub is all but forgotten by most Neopians, and yet they are one of the most amazing pets available! What, you ask, makes these animated fuzzballs so great? Read on and find out about seven of the millions of reasons that a Jubjub is the right pet for you!

Reason 1: They're Travel-friendly!

Tired of having to buy an extra seat on the shuttle to Virtupets for your pet Eyrie or Elephante? With a Jubjub, it's not a problem! Just wrap their feet up in fuzzy fabric, add a strap, and voila! If anyone asks, just say you're pet is really a handbag. Or, if you don't have any spare fuzzy fabric, have them sit on your head -- instant wig!

If you travel a lot, you probably want to pack light so you don't have to cart as much around. A lot of pets insist on bringing hats and t-shirts and shorts and sunblock and all sorts of other things when they're going on vacation. With a Jubjub, all you need to bring is a hairbrush and some shoes!

Reason 2: They're Immune to [Most] Illnesses!

Are your pets always getting Cricky Neck or a runny nose? With a Jubjub, they aren't a problem! No neck or nose makes them completely immune to both diseases- you'll never have to get your pet a neck brace again! Oh, and don't worry about bloaty feet either- I'm pretty sure all Jubjubs have it naturally, so they're used to it. And you know how you can get sick by not washing your hands before you eat? With the Jubjub, it's not really an issue- no hands to wash!

If you have to give your pet ultra rubber gloves to cure shock-a-lots, though, you may have a problem…

Reason 3: They're Useful Around the House!

Need to dust under the bed? Just roll your Jubjub around under it for a bit and give him or her a bath- problem solved! Short a pillow with guests coming over for the night? A Jubjub can double as one in an emergency! Is your stubborn baby pet INSISTING that they have one of those expensive rainbow fuzzles to play with? Grab a downsize power plus and a rainbow paintbrush for your ever-handy Jubjub, and you're all set! Jubjubs aren't just a pet; they're a handyman's dream! See how many uses for a Jubjub you can come up with on your own, its amazing how much one little ball of fluff can do to help out!

A few more ideas:




Decorative Bush

Throw Pillow

Reason 4: They Produce Fleece!

A small petpet Babaa can only make so much fleece in a day, it's a little known fact but the majority of Neopia's yarn is produced by, you guessed it, Jubjubs! Imagine, every time you brush your pet you're getting fleece you could spin, and knit up into a beautiful new sweater! Or, if you own more than one Jubjub, you can sell their fleece to the Uni's Clothing Store's supplier and make neopoints just for brushing your pets' hair!

Or, if you simply can't get enough of these adorable yarn-producers, get a whole bunch and start a Jubjub farm! Fleece farming is a surprisingly overlooked way to earn your neopoints, and the business place of choice, Meridell, is a wonderful scenic country filled with cheerful peasants and panoramic flash animations. Beware of floating citadels and evil Eyries, though.

Reason 5: They're Child-Friendly!

Sharp claws, horns, tails and teeth can be very dangerous to a young child, so if you have toddlers in your neohome who might accidentally hurt themselves on a sharp neopet, the Jubjub is the perfect safety-aware pet for you! They have absolutely NO sharp edges or corners, just lots of fur and two big squishy feet. Plus, they act as padding if you trip and fall on them- position a few dozen around a baby's crib and don't worry about the child escaping and hurting himself!

As an added bonus, Jubjubs can double as plush toys! Well, not really 'plush', but they're soft and squishy enough to fool most children. For added realism, glue on a small label. Watch the delight on the child's face as their favorite plushie comes alive!

Reason 6: They're Hard to Misplace!

With no arms, it’s really hard for a Jubjub to climb anything, so if you need to keep your Jubjub put all you need is a small wall! And although you may think they'd be good at running with such big feet, without any legs they have to wobble, which is pretty slow!

Being less popular than most pets, it's also easier to find a lost Jubjub, if they get away. If you ask someone "did you see a Shoryu fly by?" they'll probably reply, "yea, I saw two dozen in the past five minutes, which one?" But with Jubjubs, there's a fair chance yours will have been the only one, and they can point you in the right direction.

Reason 7: They're Just So Darn Cute!

Who needs arms and noses, anyways? Jubjubs might be a bit minimalist, but with those huge watery eyes and happy smiles, what's not to love? Fangless, clawless, scary wing-less and covered in fur, Jubjubs are the epitome of fluffy cuteness.

In fact, Professor Jonritch J. Jubjabith, PHD, mathematically proved the superior cuteness of the Jubjub in year three. His book, The Mathematics of Jub, should be hitting bookstores sometime in year 67 (unfortunately, the publishers are Aishas, not Jubjubs.)

* * * * *

Travel-friendly, immune, helpful, fleecy, child-friendly, near impossible to loose and adorable- what's not to like? As you have been clearly shown, the Jubjub is an amazing, multi-purpose neopet; no Neopian should be without one! Whether you need a new mop or a new cuddly friend, the Jubjub is the perfect companion- get yours today!

!!! WARNING !!!

The Neopian Times and the author of this article take no responsibility, expressed or implied, for any damage to person or property caused by trying some of the uses for Jubjubs in this article! Only VERY PATIENT Jubjubs should be used in most of the ways described above, others will most likely react by biting and kicking (and they can really kick!) PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Special thanks to Professor Jonritch J. Jubjabith for the information on Jubjub cuteness, and to my mother for information of the Jubjub fleece business.

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