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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 145 > Articles > Concert Madness!

Concert Madness!

by ptlb_2

TYRANNIA - Did you ever get a chance to watch Neopets bands rock the Concert Hall? For you to be able to catch these amazing performances, take a visit to the prehistoric land of Tyrannia. Upon arriving there, check out the price of the ticket for the specific concert at the ticket booth, right next to the Concert Hall, which is located on the Tyranian Plateau.

The Tyrannian Concert Hall is known to hold up to ten thousand fans. If you really want to see your favorite band up close, you can visit Skalpo at the ticket booth, and arrange for a, erm... 'reservation'. Reserved seats at the Concert Hall sell out in about less than an hour. Tickets for these concerts vary from different prices, most tickets usually costing upwards of 100 Neopoints. Once you get to the ticket booth, you might find out that all tickets are sold out, or are too expensive for you to afford. The reason why the Tyrannian ticket booth sell tickets on such a high price is because of their lack of competition. Since they don’t have any large competitors in this business of concertness, they like to charge whatever they like. Well, don’t worry! There's a half-decent concert put on everyday by staff members dressed up in Chia costumes. So this gives you the chance to catch a glimpse of the 'rocking Neopets' .

Different species of Neopets have decided to rock out their hearts to their awaiting fans. Most of these Neopets had decided to make a group consisting of different species. Some of these bands are the 2 Gallon Hatz, Sticks N’ Stones, The Hikalakas, and Twisted Roses, while others are biased for their own species. However, these homologous-specied bands consist of the Blue Kacheek Group, Moehawk, M*YNCI, Wock Til You Drop, Yes Boy Ice Cream, and the all-star Grundorok. Each group has their own style; whether this style appears on their clothing or in their music, spectators seem to love it.

If you want to listen to a soothing sensational group as you drink your latte, then you'd better reserve tickets to Jazzmosis. Jazzmosis hits you with their jazzy tunes, consisting of saxophones, keyboards, drums, bass, trumpets, vocals by that lovable Chia. However, during the Jazzmosis Christmas Special concert, two members of the band seemed to be missing. These members happened to be the two who carried around their weight... the Grarrl and the Elephante. No one exactly knew what happened to these members [nor their names], but weeks later after the concert, it was rumored that the two members just took a week's vacation at Terror Mountain. Hey, band members deserve a holiday, too!During the concert of the Jazzmosis Christmas Special, the songs that were played were quite more upbeat than Jazzmosis concert songs. Even though Jazzmosis Christmas Special has changed their musical styling a little bit, they will still suit you with your latte and poet's beret.

Another unusual Neopet band is Chomby and the Fungus Balls. The lead singer, Chomby (known only by that name), was known for his head-banging stage presence. But that doesn’t make this group completely unusual. What makes it unusual are the backup... things... the Fungus Balls. Though this group only represents one word through out their whole entire song - "WOAH" - they most certainly give their audience a hip to the groove. This band gives you the beats; just one listen, and you'll soon be hooked.

For a month, the setting of the Tyrannian Concert Hall changed, due to the new Mystery Island-based Hikalakas. The Hikalakas consists of a Wocky, Techo, and Acara. This group is one of a kind because of its extraordinary background. These Neopets are native to Mystery Island. So if you want to pay them a visit, just go looking for them at the island. This group gives people a tropical and exotic feeling. This band usually appears at summertime, when people need to feel “tropicalize." The country, and Stone Age styling of the 2 Gallon Hatz has started a trend around Neopia. The 2 Gallon Hatz is known for their original and creative clothes, and instruments. Fans of the band had decided to dress up as their favorite band member. These accessories can be found and bought at the island of Tyrannia.

Grundorok, Moehawks, Sticks N’ Stones, Twisted Roses, Wock Til You Drop, and Yes Boy Ice Cream has rock the funk in the Concert Hall. Though the Concert Hall isn’t soundproofed, these rock bands rocked and boomed music throughout the Hall. Spectators at the concert danced and partied their hearts out, as the bands played their songs. Though all of these bands perform rock songs, each individual band is completely unique. Each group adds, or changes a different feeling to their songs. Rock idols await for the upcoming of each band. According to the Ticket Booth Manager, rock concerts sell out more tickets than regular bands. Rock concerts are highly recommended since Neopets provide the best rock concerts. Neopets are very generous providing all the equipment needed, background, props, and light effects. These things add up to surrounding feeling of the music being played.

After the concert, fans always look satisfied. However, if you didn’t like the concert that you viewed at the Concert Hall, you still get goodies from the band. So there is no way that you can make up an excuse such as, “the concert was such a waste of Neopoints”. Always remember to get your goodies at the Ticket Booth before or after each concert. It is very common that people don’t bother to watch the concert, and rather just buy the things from the souvenir shops. After getting the goodies, people usually dress their pets, or sell the goodies at high unreasonable prices. Before leaving for the concert be sure to feed your pets first, and just remember to get a free omelette on your way. Because of the busy times in Neopia, most users who bought tickets already often forget to go to the concert. Well, if this happens to you, you can either sell your ticket to someone, or just wait until that band plays again. So don’t forget to catch your favorite band at the Concert Hall! So prepare yourselves because the next upcoming concert is on their way to make you feel satisfied!!!

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