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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 145 > Articles > Everything You Need To Know About Grundo Snowthrow

Everything You Need To Know About Grundo Snowthrow

by ooo_bubble_wrap_ooo

Interested in earning quick neopoints? Or winning a cool avatar or a fetching trophy? Or maybe you just feel like pelting a couple of snowbeasts with snowballs? Take your pick and let's get started! It's Grundo Snowthrow!

Here I have tried to explain everything I know and have learnt so far about Grundo Snowthrow to people who think it's boring and too hard to play. I hope the following tips and pointers help you master the game. So let's get started shall we?

The Game: Do you have a good arm? A good aim? Well here's a game for you. Grundo Snowthrow is a short and simple game where there is a series of snowball fights between Grundos and the snowbeasts, where you control a group of Grundos, the target are the snowbeasts of course. As the game progresses the levels get harder try to be accurate and quick.

Scoring System: 300 neopoints per 100 game points. For every round you complete you are rewarded with 5 game points, for every round you complete in less than 15 seconds you are rewarded with 5 bonus points. Your accuracy is added to the score too. The yellow snowbeast carries a bonus of two game points.

Controls: Use the mouse to control the Grundo, of course you can only control one Grundo at a time, press and drag on the Grundo to move the Grundo, to throw a snowball press and release on the Grundo to throw a snowball. The strength meter determines the strength of the throw The longer you hold the mouse button down the higher the strength meter rises and farther the snowball goes causing more damage.

Payout: Just getting that accuracy points will get you a score of about 100 and since Grundo Snowthrow triples your score when it's converted into Neopoints, that's 300 neopoints in one game right there. Plus, it's a really quick game and convenient for those who can't stay on long.

Levels: Every level of the game you have three Grundos in the lower right of the snow battle field, the level ends only when either the snowbeasts or the Grundos are knocked down and are out of the fight.

Requirement: A skillful person who is quick and can keep the Grundos from being hit and at the same time accurately hit the snowbeasts. You also need lots of practice and patience.

So there, now that you know how the game works, let's move on to some handy tips that will help you master this challenging game.

Tip 1 - Make sure you use only one Grundo at a time to hit the snowballs because it only gets more complicated if you use two or all three of them at the same time as you can only control one Grundo at a time. This way when one Grundo is knocked down you have two other perfectly healthy Grundos by your side.

Tip 2 - Now when you use one Grundo make sure to move the remaining two Grundos out of the line of fire. I would suggest you to move them all the way to the left of the game screen.

Tip 3 - The first three levels are the easiest, here try to knock down the snowbeasts in less than 15 seconds to win 5 bonus points for every round you finish in less than 15 seconds.

Tip 4 -Also for the first three or four rounds I would suggest you to try and hit a series of low powered snowballs real fast rather than hitting high powered snowballs which makes it a bit slower. This way you can reduce the chance of the snowbeasts throwing the snowballs back at your Grundos. (Remember once hit with a snowball, they will stunned for up to five seconds but not completely knocked down.)

Tip 5 - Do not hit snowballs at a snowbeast when it is temporarily stunned, the snowball will only go past the stunned snowbeast without hitting it and this way your accuracy points can be reduced.

Tip 6 - Accuracy is the key, make sure you have an accuracy of 90% or more. Question here is how to be accurate as the levels get harder? Again make sure the extra Grundos are away from the line of fire and while fighting against several snowbeasts always fight them from the left of the screen and then move on to the right as it reduces the chance of your Grundos being hit.

Tip 7 - Ever seen a yellow snowbeast? Well they carry a secret bonus of two game points.

Tip 8 - You start off with round one which has one snowbeast, round two has two, round three has three and so on, however when you complete round seven after knocking down all seven snowbeasts, in round eight you again start off with one snowbeast but it does get difficult to knock them down easily. Key here is high powered snowballs.

Tip 9 - Make sure the game is set on low quality and choose a screen size of 1024x768, Why? low quality makes it a bit faster and bigger screen is just for better viewing. (Both aren't too important but have helped me win a trophy.)

Tip 10 -Not interested in winning the Grundo Snowthrow avatar or the trophy? You just want to make some quick neopoints? Well then this game is perfect for you! All you need to do is complete the first round and let your Grundos die in the second round all this can be done in less than 45 seconds. (How do I know? Well I timed myself.) 100% accuracy would mean 100 game points, for completing round one and reaching round two you get 5 * 2 = 10 game points and for completing a round in less than 15 seconds you get 5 game points add them all up 100 + 10 + 5 = 115, multiply it by 3 since your score is tripled when it's converted into neopoints so there congratulations you have won yourself 345 neopoints in half a minute. Now wasn't that easy to do? Play this game three times a day and you can make 1000+ neopoints in less than ten minutes.

Remember, key here is accuracy, speed and practice and let us not forget good timing. So good luck. Take your pick and start throwing! Help the Grundos fight back!!!

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