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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Swimming, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 145 > Articles > Mootix Drop: A Guide for Beginners

Mootix Drop: A Guide for Beginners

by gtomczak71189

GAMES ROOM - So... you've read the instructions several times, played for a while, have the background music stuck in your head, but still cannot master how to land that adventurous Mootix. If that sentence relates to you, then this guide is for you! This guide will cover the basics and techniques of the popular game Mootix Drop. If you are an experienced veteran at this game, you probably will already know this info, but feel free to refresh your skills here! So grab a comfy chair, some asparagus for snacking on, a hot cup of dung (free refills, it's happy hour), and read on.

Background Information

In Mootix Drop, you play Harry, a Mootix with a mission. Danger is his middle name (he doesn't have a last name, so it's a good thing). :) Your job is to successfully parachute onto a petpet target below you. Using the latest Mootix technology, the target has been digitally superimposed on the petpet below you, and your goal is to land as close to the center of the target as possible, without missing, of course. Easy as pie right? Read on. ;)

Basic Controls

The controls for Mootix Drop are simple. Tapping the left arrow is left, tapping the up arrow is up, etc. You can do a barrel roll by quickly tapping the left or right key twice very quickly. This will come in handy in the harder levels. :) Let's move on.

Levels of Difficulty

Pretty simple, there are 3 levels of diificulty: Easy, Medium, and Hard. On each difficulty level, you fall faster towards the ground then the previous ones, the rings are harder to reach, and sometimes the targets move! Tricky! Let's move along, shall we?

On Your Way Down

On your way down to the target, there are a number of rings you must fly through in order to pass the mission. The objectives are posted in the upper left hand corner of the game screen. On other difficulties, the mission may require you to land on a certain target, so keep that in mind while going down. Tap the arrow keys to manuever Harry through each of the rings. Each ring is worth 2 points a piece. If you happen to fly through the exact center of a ring, you will earn 2 bonus points. Don't worry if you can't get it, it's just a bonus feature. You won't end up failing a mission because you didn't go through the exact center of the ring. Practice on flying through the center of the ring as those two extra points will be essential to your score in the Medium and Hard levels. Now lets discuss the target landing. (Pass the Asparagus)

Target Info

Congratulations, you've made it through the required number of rings (hopefully) :), and all you need to do now is land. Easy! But remeber this: don't get too excited or get too jumpy. Stay calm. If you get all jumpy, you will tend to hit keys too fast, miss the target, and end up in the Neo Hospital. Not good. Then you'll be aching and moaning and yelling nonsense things about Jelly World! And we all know Jelly World doesn't exist! :) O-kay, let's get serious now. First of all, I should say there are two targets that you can choose to land on. One small target and one large target. If you are just starting out, I advise you to try to land a bullseye on the larger target, then move onto the smaller one once you have mastered it. The smaller target is easier to miss at the last second. You will notice little numbers inside each ring of the target. When you land on a number your score will be multiplied by that number, so go for the biggest number. The large target has a maximum of X5, while the smaller target has a maximum of x7. In some missions, there may be multiple small targets. All are the same, so don't waste precious hang time zooming around to see the point values for each one. Let's go on.

Landing Harry "Danger"

Position Harry above the target as you gradually come closer. As you come closer you should see a shadow of Harry, meaning you are extremely close. Try to position your shadow over the center of the target, so you don't have to tap the keys frantically in the last two seconds. Make adjustments as you get closer to the target, (or just cross your fingers and hope for the best if you prefer) :) Before you know it you will have landed Harry Danger and will be admiring your audience and signing photos. (Well, maybe not) :)

Extra Information

Depending on the difficulty of play, you will launch Harry through a number of missions. Easy is 3 missions, Medium is 4 missions, and Hard is 5 missions. You also get 3 chances to replay a game. Not a mission, the entire game. So if you blow two missions because you didn't like your score, you only have one chance left to ace the other 2 missions. Ouch. Save your lives, and do not use them if you have a bad score. You can always reset the game at the end if you aren't happy with your score.

This covers all the basics for Mootix Drop. I hope I helped you out and hopefully now YOU can change YOUR middle name to danger. :) Remember, if at first you don't succeed try again, and PRACTICE. Practice makes perfect, tell any game expert that and they will agree with you. And most importantly, don't give up. If you are going through a couple of bad games, take a break and spin the Wheel of Monotony or something. Well, maybe not that, but you get the point. :) Good luck!

Authors Note: Well, I really have nothing to say, I thought it would be mighty cool to have an Authors Note at the bottom of my article, for the whole world to see! Whee! :)

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