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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 145 > New Series > The Rebellion of the Alien Aishas II: Part One

The Rebellion of the Alien Aishas II: Part One

by nindail

Author's note: It is best advised that you read the first series of this story entitled The Rebellion of the Alien Aishas. It can be found starting at Issue 111.

The Escape from Faerieland

GARLAK IV, NIRZIP, GOVERNMENT BUILDING, 56TH FLOOR, 1:35 PM- Captain Xelqued sat outside the meeting room, that he was at 5 weeks ago, starting his previous mission. That mission flopped into a failure and cost Xelqued four an a half weeks in the hospital, waiting for a Bonemender Slug. He shivered. He remembered how disgusting it was to have a spotted slug crawl on your skin, suck on random places, and leave a plop of slime wherever it went. He was waiting for the Minister of Information and Reconnaissance to speak with him, yet again, about a 'mission that you haven't tried yet'. Not a good sign.

      A small little Alien Aisha secretary walked into the room and sweetly said, "The minister will see you now, Captain." She ushered Xelqued up and led him to the oh-so familiar dark room of the Minister of Information. He began to sweat, even though the room was as cold as the tenth moon of Griplglak X. The only light in the room was the small little light above the guest seat, which cast the Minister's face in darkness, yet Xelqued could detect a hint of anger.

      "So, Xelqued," the Minister began. "Report from INTELLICOM say that your mission did not turn out too good…"

      [INTELLICOM- The Alien Aisha communications system. INTELLICOM is basically a group of Alien AI that monitor Alien Aisha communications. They are a very shady group and are the Alien Aisha Army's main source of information]

      "Yes sir. The faeries escaped and outnumbered our troops…" Xelqued said quietly.

      The Minister sighed. "Well, we didn't lose any troops, and we did cause major damage to the Faeries, so we'll let it pass. This time…" Xelqued looked into the shadows and could almost make out a glare. "So, we decided to put you on a few 'easier' missions until you can make yourself useful again," the Minister continued. Xelqued did not like the sound of this…

     "This is your objective." The Minister pressed a few buttons on his side of his desk and a large green orb came out from the center. The orb flashed and created a holographic appearance of Neopia. "Your objective is to do a complete orbit around Neopia and launch seven probes into orbit so we can monitor the planet." A large red dot circled the planet, dropping several green dots around Neopia. "Then report back here for a new mission."

     "Your vehicle…" The monitor pressed another button on his desk and a new image appeared on the hologram. It looked like a Flying Saucer, only slightly different. There were engines on the back and the front was shaped quite oddly. The Saucer would go slowly up like a dome, stop, go vertically down for a single meter, then slope down the rest of the way to the bottom. The small meter was made of glass and held the cockpit, while the rest of the front was honeycombed with missile pods. "Is a Standard-Class Frigate."

     [Frigate- Like described in the Description, the Frigate is shaped sort of like a Flying saucer, only except with the front irregularities. They don't spin like Flying saucers do. They are two stories tall and are capable of holding Hyperspace Drives (Which cut open a hole in the Space-Time Continuum and allow ships to travel at x2 to x100 faster than light speed). Normally, Frigates are used more in space than air combat, and ca easily take out any opposition with its dual Anti-Matter Cannons (Which nearly all Alien Aisha Vehicles are armed with) and it's arsenal of missiles from pods on the front. Also, in the story "Aisha Myriad", Captain Xelqued uses a Frigate to find the location of the Hidden Tower.]

     Xelqued looked at the Frigate hologram in front of him and sighed. He wasn't used to Frigates, really. At least the mission will be easy thought Xelqued. "You will be piloting the Nova Blight with a crew of thirteen." The Minister added. "Five crew on deck, two working Missile Pods, three repairmen, two Equipment Monitors, and one Private for defense… if you really need it. Just to be safe, you will be given one hundred Starflare Missiles and two D.E.W. Drops. Get on board the frigate tonight at Dock 17 at 3 AM. Good luck."

     As Xelqued left the office and went to the elevator, he thought, Thirteen crew? This does not look good…

     [Starflare & D.E.W. Drop Missiles- Starflare Missiles are the standard ranged physical weapon of the Aishas. They do normal damage and aren't too fancy. The reason they are called Starflare Missiles is due to the stream of Red, Orange, and Yellow sparks exploding out of the missiles and their impact, which looks like a literal 'Sun Flare'.

     D.E.W. Drops really stand for Dilithite Energy Warhead. Dilithite is the Aisha word for "Slothite", a powerful chemical on Neopia (See Chemistry for Beginners). D.E.W. Drops are named due to two reasons. The first one is the uncanny resemblance of a Dew Drop. The second is that when launched, the pointed side of the D.E.W. Drop emits a stream of steam, which is the cooling liquid for the missile heated and expelled. Those reasons have given it the name "D.E.W. Drops".]

GARLAK IV, NIRZIP, XELQUED'S HOUSE, 1 AM- "BRRRRRRRIIINNGG!!!" The high pitched noise of his Alarm Clock almost got Xelqued to fall right out of his Sleeping Pod. He coughed as he hit the Alarm Clock. A tiny little hovering droid wearing an apron came through the door of Xelqued's room.

     "Good Morning, sir! I take it you'll need me to take care of Palpy, correct?" the little droid said. Palpy was Xelqued's little Puppyblew. The droid was Xelqued's 'housekeeper', 343 Clean Sweep. Xelqued just called him Sweep.

     "Yes, Sweep, please do. I don't know how long I'll be back." Xelqued said as he walked into the bathroom and entered the Wake-up-Wash-up 2000.

     Xelqued emerged from his room five minutes later, wearing his Military Uniform. "Sweep, take care of the house. I'll be back in… oh, say, three days…" Xelqued said as he left his house to his Cruiser.

     "Don't worry sir, this house will be spotless!" Sweep said as he looked at the sleeping Palpy. "Whew… Time to finally take that ten hour nap I've always wanted…"

     GARLAK IV, OUTSKIRTS OF NIRZIP, ALIEN AISHA DOCKING STATION #3, DOCK 17, 2:50 AM- Xelqued walked into the room with two guards escorting him. The Frigate stood, ready, with his crew lined up behind the entrance door. As usual custom, the crew of a ship must always salute their Captain and enter the ship after him. Xelqued walked up to the line and looked at their rankings. He walked by everyone and made his way to the Crew that would be on the bridge. Lieutenant Glibrop… long hair… Lieutenant Jublgurp… Young… Lieutenant Kiglbrog… Looks more like a drill sergeant… Lieutenant Higola… Female… Lieutenant… Norbekk? Xelqued thought. He glanced at Norbekk. Since he was last in line, he returned a salute to the perfectly still Aishas.

     "Good to see you again Norbekk," Xelqued said.

     Norbekk nearly instantly replied back, "Same with you captain"

     In a matter of minutes, the crew were all in their position, and Xelqued was ready to launch. "Norbekk, charge Hyperdrive engines and make sure engines are nominal. Glibrop, monitor life support systems to ensure we're alright for Space conditions. Jublgurp, get the Command tower to let us free. Kiglbrog, get a navigational course ready. Higola, monitor weapons. Everyone ready?" Xelqued said.

     The crew, in unison, said "Sir, yes sir!".

     "Good," Xelqued said. "Engage thrusters and let's move!"

     The ship lurched and churned as the belly thrusters began to lift the heavy Frigate. The main engines flared with power as the Frigate leveled itself and blasted out of the port. The belly thrusters continued to push the Frigate higher with the added thrust of the engines. Xelqued hated many things in the technology of the Aishas. One of them was the constant jittering of a Frigate as it attempts to leave orbit. He was jumping in his seat due to the rumbles of the engines. He strapped himself into his seat and got ready for what he really hated: Going into Hyperspace.

     Xelqued sighed as he held the arm rests of his seat. He looked at the screen in front of him, which showed "Hyperdrive Engine Status: 100% READY TO ENTER" He took one glimpse of Nirzip at night and got ready to say the three words he dreaded most in a Frigate. "ENGAGE HYPERDRIVE THRUSTERS!"

     The ship stood still almost. The rumbling stopped for a split second. Xelqued closes his eyes, and so did several crew members. The ship then lurched as it blasted off at immensely fast speed out of orbit and clear past the Garlak system. He held tight as the intense rumbling and G-Forces hit the ship, but slowly calmed as it began leveling itself in Hyperspace. He let go and opened his eyes. He let out a deep sigh, but got extremely tired at that point… He yawned and closed his eyes and fell into his well-deserved sleep…

To be continued…

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