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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 145 > Continuing Series > Darkness Binding: Part Three

Darkness Binding: Part Three

by nomad2

Standing in front of the school, Cray and Yorvick catch their breath from the run. Ten feet from the door, they seem reluctant to head inside right away. Cray keeps the bottle clenched in his hand.

     Yorvick looks to Cray and says, "Do you think it’s inside?"

     Cray nods, "I’m sure of it. If I were it, I would head straight for the body holding a piece of me."

     Yorvick takes a step forward. "We might as well get this over with," he says, as if he were fully confident.

     "Let’s not be hasty," says Cray. "This thing won’t be any happier seeing us than we will be seeing it. You have to keep in mind that not only is it frightened being in an unknown plane, but it doesn’t know if we pose a threat."

     Yorvick turns to Cray, "Well what do you suggest we do? It’s not like I’m going to just sit here and wait for morning. Who knows what else its doing in there. Others stay in that building."

     "I know," replies Cray, "but running in isn’t the best plan. We should go in quietly, throw the bottle at it, and hope this works. That’s all we can do."

     Yorvick doesn’t truly like that plan, but he doesn’t know of any better plans. His only assurance is the fact that Cray knows more about what they’re up against. He doesn’t find that to be absolutely assuring, but there aren’t any other options presenting themselves.

     The two walk into the front entrance, being careful not to make much noise when opening the doors. The small room is very dark, but they can’t hear anything, so they figure it’s not hanging around the door. Yorvick softly whispers, "I can’t see anything. Can I raise an aura for some sight?"

     Cray shakes his head rather pointlessly. Just after doing so, he realizes how futile that is and whispers back, "I can see everything in the dark. Just leave it to me. If I desperately need your help, I’ll yell. Hopefully I won’t have to."

     Cray slowly creeps down the hallway, nearing the door containing the Kougra. Light from the moon illuminates the hallway from the window in that room, but not by much. It is, however, enough to allow Yorvick to follow behind Cray.

     Cray stops just short of the doorway and rests his back against the wall. Yorvick does the same beside Cray. The two can both feel their hearts pounding against their chests. They both take in a deep breath at the same time. Cray peeks his head around the corner for just a second and pulls it back. He turns his head towards Yorvick and whispers, "Okay, this isn’t good. Someone apparently found the Kougra in the room."

     Yorvick replies, "If it’s empty, then were should we check?"

     Cray slowly shakes his head. "No, the shadow and the Kougra are still in there, but so is someone else. And from the looks of it, they got on the shadow’s bad side."

     Yorvick’s eyes widen and he rushes to save the person. He jumps in front of the door and darts in with his arms extended. His hands shine with an aura of light immediately after moving through the doorway. In the room is the Kougra where they left him in the middle of the mat. Against the wall to the right of Yorvick is the shadow. Rather than two-dimensional as it was before, it is a pitch-black creature of three-dimensional form. Its arms and legs bend without joints, much like tendrils. Overall, it stands ten feet tall, almost touching the ceiling. At its feet rests Ryshu. He is unconscious, and the shadow has its arms extended into Ryshu’s chest.

     In response to the light, the shadow pulls its tendrils out of Ryshu, leaving his body undamaged, and throws out its arms towards Yorvick. He lands on the ground and rolls forward, dodging the tendrils as they pass over him. After the tendrils hit the ground, the shadow pulls them back and whips down at the ground. Yorvick jumps back and brightens the aura around his hands, keeping the shadow at bay for the moment.

     Cray jumps in the doorway and yells to Yorvick sarcastically, "Good thinking! Just run in and hope for the best! Do you even know what will happen if you get hit by that thing?"

     Yorvick sidesteps over to Cray as the shadow gives off a hiss. He says to Cray, "I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking clearly. The whole point of me coming to you was to keep it from hurting anyone else."

     Cray sighs and says, "I hope you can hold it long enough to let me use the bottle."

     Just after finishing those words, the shadow side-swipes with both arms, swinging from both sides. Cray jumps above it while Yorvick ducks below. The shadow’s arms clap together and are brought back to its sides. Cray and Yorvick both run to their left to have more room to work with.

     Yorvick keeps his eyes on the shadow while he asks, "By the way, what happens if we get hit by it?"

     Cray keeps in a defensive stance as he answers, "We become the same as the Kougra and Ryshu."

     The shadow spawns its legs across the floor, engulfing it in shadow. The only place not covered in darkness is the area around Yorvick. Cray slowly steps closer to Yorvick in response to this. The shadow then shoots off four tendrils from the ground. The front and left ones heading for Yorvick while the back and right ones move towards Cray. Yorvick flaps his wings as he jumps up. The tendrils shoot past his feet and tail while he digs his claws into the ceiling.

     Cray, on the other hand, jumps back to dodge the tendril coming from the right. Not seeing the one behind him, he gets hit in the back. The tendril burrows into him without breaking the skin. His eyes widen as the darkness of them fade, revealing green eyes. A deep breath is taken and he stands idle for a moment, gazing blindly into nothing. His grip loosens, and the bottle drops on the ground beside him, but doesn’t break. He releases his breath and falls limp to the ground.

     Yorvick stares down at Cray with his teeth clenched tight. His pupils dilate and glow with white energy. He jumps at the ground, radiating light all around him as he moves down. As he hits the floor, the shadows flinch back from around him. He leaps over Cray and grabs the bottle of darkness as he lands. Narrowing his eyes, he looks at the shadow beast with the bottle held behind him.

     The shadow takes three steps closer. A hiss comes from its form as the tendrils making up its arms split into three one each side. The six appendages extend and curve around Yorvick, stopping at different lengths. The only thing keeping them back is its fear of the light.

     Yorvick moves his eyes to the sides. The bottle is being gripped tightly in his hand. Placing his right leg back, he sends his right arm forward, releasing the bottle with a forceful throw. The bottle hits the floor in front of the feet of the shadow and shatters. Hardly seeming possible, the shadows on the ground grow darker in a circle. Though the shadow flinched from the breaking of the bottle, it looked at the darkness for a second before pulling back its arms. A sense of joy emits from the shadow, and it dives into the abyss without delay. Following behind it is the rest of its form, which is covering the room. In a quick wave, the shadows vanish into the tear between planes, and the planes then mend themselves as quickly as they tore.

     Yorvick stands still for a moment, staring at the spot where it left. Rather suddenly, his thoughts reorganize and he kneels down to Cray’s side. Shaking his shoulder, he says, "Hey, you alright?"

     Cray slowly opens his eyes, the darkness once again covering them. He jumps up in shock and looks around the room very quickly. Not seeing the shadow, he looks at Yorvick and says, "What just happened? I remember dodging a strike from the side, then I saw the room, but differently."

     Yorvick grabs Cray by the hand and helps him back on his feet. After giving a sigh on relief, he says, "It’s done. It left back to its plane. I assume that since you woke up after failing to watch your back that the others should be alright."

     Cray walks over to the Kougra and kneels down beside him. "Well, his body seems a little lighter than before, even in the moonlight," he says. After checking the Kougra’s eye again, seeing his pupil and no other darkness around the retina, he continues to say, "Yeah, he’s fine. Of course, he won’t wake up so quickly. Give him a day or so."

     Near the corner of the room, Ryshu gives off a weak moan as he pushes himself up. One hand gets placed on his forehead as he says, "Why do I have such a headache?"

     Yorvick walks over to Ryshu and offers a hand to him. Ryshu’s only response is looking up at him in confusion, so Yorvick says, "I know, you want to know what happened."

     Pushing himself to his feet, Ryshu responds, "You certainly know I do. What is going on? I was walking around the school, found a Kougra on the floor in this room, and then I felt a sting throughout my body. Now, all of a sudden, I wake up and you’re here."

     Yorvick says, "Well, I could give you the long story, but I’ll tell you the essentials. The thing I was worried about was a shadow creature. Cray, knowing about these things, helped me to figure it out by examining the Kougra affected by it. Then, for safety, we took the Kougra from the Battledome and brought it here. Then we got something to send it back home, but then night came and the shadow returned to its chosen host, and that’s when we came here, found you, fought the shadow, and sent it home."

     Cray stands up and walks over to Yorvick. Resting a hand Yorvick’s shoulder, Cray says, "Good job with keeping the story short."

     Ryshu looks at them both with discontent. Still looking at Yorvick, he asks, "You took the Kougra, brought him here without telling anyone, and left him alone?"

     Cray takes a small step forward and says, "Actually, I brought him here. Yorvick didn’t like it, but I didn’t listen to him."

     Ryshu says to them both, "This is unacceptable of you two. There were ways to keep the Kougra safer. There were those of us you could have and should have told. I shall speak with the Master about your punishment. Now take the Kougra to a bed and return to your quarters, the both of you. We shall continue this in the morning."

     The two bow their heads as Ryshu leaves the room. After rising, they walk over to the Kougra and lift him onto Cray’s back. Cray says, "Well, at least we got the job done. So, what do you think will happen to us?"

     Yorvick replies, "Well, if it’s like any other punishment, it’ll be chores. I guess we should get ready to clean the building."

     Cray and Yorvick leave the room with the Kougra. As they walk out the doorway, they laugh together for the first time.

The End

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