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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 28th day of Awakening, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 145 > Articles > The Top Ten Guiltiest Neopian Pleasures

The Top Ten Guiltiest Neopian Pleasures

by saneeya1000

NEOPIA CENTRAL - Ah yes, don’t we all love doing things that we know is below our usual enjoyment? Like we shouldn’t enjoy watching little children’s TV programs yet some of them are so irresistibly cute. Well that too is a way of Neopets, we just can’t help enjoying things that we have to feel a teensy bit guilty off. Here are some of the more common guilty pleasures, and yes, they’re probably a lot more. And yes I make a lot of confessions.


Oh now I just can’t help it, bonking a mallet on a cartoon head is fun! And when you’re feeling a little bit angry at the staff for some new change, instead of sending twenty complaint messages, you can blow some steam off by bonking them. Well not really bonking them, but bonking cartoon-like characters representing them. And the best thing about is that you get Neopoints for playing!

The Lab Ray

Sorry pets, I can imagine how scared you might be placed in front of a strange machine that could practically do anything to you, but for me it’s full of enjoyment. Enjoyment of what might happen. Now don’t tell me you don’t look forward to putting your pet under the ray everyday to see weather it will change color, become stronger, etc. I mean sure not everyday something cool happens, but it’s fun to wait in suspense while that mad scientist cranks up the machine.

The Training School

Let’s face it, any time of school is boring, and I can tell you, our pets aren’t having a ball at the Training School. They’re constantly training while we’re probably shopping around or sleeping at home. Does it make you feel guilty? Definitely, but I’m sure I’m not the only owner that can confess it’s nice to have some peace and quiet around the house.


Ah yes, that green vegetable that I’m pretty sure at one point your parents probably forced you to eat. Yet you just can’t help taking a hint from Adam, and trying the stuff yourself. And well it doesn’t turn out half that bad! In fact asparagus has become somewhat of a fad! The green stuff that most of us hate is what you see a lot of people buying at the Food Store, but no one talks about. Why not? Well it’s still the hated veggie. Ironic? I suppose, but come on I know you want some!


Now why would junk be a guilty pleasure? Well it’s because we all have some, if not a ton, and we use it a lot, even if we don’t admit it. When you go in the rain, what better way to protect your shoes by putting on some old boots over, they’re actually quite comfortable. Old Neopian Times issues can be used for crafts and cleaning up messes. The old barbed wire can become a beautiful basket if put together. I’m pretty sure that petpet litter tray isn’t made of fine wood.

Making it Into the NT Just For the Sake of Getting a Trophy

Yes, I confess! I stink at games; at least the Neopian Time’s is a wider target! I know that if I, and other’s like me (ahem) were true writers, we probably would be content by just getting our work published. But for us guilty ones, we want a better lookup, something aligned with so many trophies, people just can’t help but staring in awe. You know where I’m going with this.


Yes we all feel a little guilty trying to wrestle a petpet out of our Neopet’s arms, but hey who knows what you might get? Money, lucky green boots, hey the petpet might even raise a level! Which saves a ton of time at the petpet battle dome.

Buying Under Priced Items From People’s Shops

Wow, a Codestone for 400 NP, that person must be mad... or a newbie. Well instead of trying to inform the person that one of their items is ridiculously under priced, we lunge to buy it before anyone else can. And if you do get it, well that makes a handsome profit. It could have been some newbie who had no idea a Codestone was worth so much, but well hey that’s not your fault, is it? Oh yes, there is nothing more guilt yet more satisfactory than buying something worth so much for so little from a shopkeeper’s folly. Thousands of neopoints have been made and lost this way.

Buying Neopets Merchandise for the Secret Codes

Yep, I’m pretty sure people love buying TCG cards, and Neopet stickers and all, but I bet they even love it more when they take that secret code and redeem if for a prize. It’s hard to help it. Sure people must have spent forever trying to design TCG cards, and set up the rules and all, and well it sounds all cool to us. The we hear that there are secret codes that come with the card packs that we can redeem to get prizes, like (gasp) paint brushes, and tons of Neopoints! If that isn’t tempting, I don’t know what is.

Buttering Up

Buttering up to famous like Neopians, leaders of major guilds, people who have a paintbrush in their neofriend-only-auction, can have its rewards. We’ve all dreamed of doing it. Now I’ve been confessing so far about my guilty conscious, but I can honestly say, I have never buttered up to anyone. That’s not to say a lot of people try it, I mean after all there’s the nice amount of Neopoints you can gain. Buttering up can include praising the person, giving them some items the desire, or pretending to be interested in what they like. Does buttering up work? Sometimes, and sometimes not.

We all have guilty pleasure, and I’ve embarrassed myself in the article above enough to prove that. It happens when we can’t help ourselves in enjoying something that seems a little morally wrong (just a teensy weensy bit) and it becomes quite entertaining or satisfying. A little wrong (like hitting staff members on the head) but fun (getting np for hitting them on the head). So what are your guilty pleasures?

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