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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 145 > New Series > Spooky Food and a Spooky Mood: Part One

Spooky Food and a Spooky Mood: Part One

by jacob133

One early morning in Neopia, Jacob walked through the entrance of the Haunted Woods. Those that knew him would recognize him on the spot, as his physical appearance never changes day by day. He was still a bit chubby, had light brown hair, and wore a full length black jacket over his shoulders. The coat was so long in height, the coat tails almost dragged through the dirt he walked on. And he was over 6 feet tall!

     Not far behind Jacob was Metonot, his pet Korbat. Unlike Jacob, who was somewhat famous to the world of faeries, Metonot was a very average Korbat. Well, in terms of those that frequently go to the Battledome, he was a below average Korbat. Even the Pant Devil could give him a beating! Still, Metonot did not let this bother him…most of the time. What he lacked in physical prowess, he made up for with a wonderful charm. And if he ever did have to fight someone to get his way, Metonot could always tire out his opponent by running away.

     And the last to enter into the Haunted Woods was Metonot’s petpet, Whooper, the dysfunctional Avabot. While both Jacob and Metonot cared for Whooper, it became hard to show affection whenever it began to zap random targets with its laser beams, dance around on any surface it could, and perform other crazy antics. Still, they accepted Whooper the way it was: an insane robot petpet that was sometimes good to have around and have a laugh with.

     Today was not a random stroll through the Haunted Woods. Jacob came here for a purpose, yet Metonot felt that it was not going to have a positive outcome. Putting on a burst of speed, Metonot flew up to Jacob and asked, “Are you sure we should be doing this Jacob?”

     “Of course I’m sure,” said Jacob, the confidence evident in his voice. “We wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t want to. Besides, it’s not like this is going to be an impossible task.”

     “Jacob, you want to do a quest for the Brain Tree. The last time you did a quest for the Brain Tree, you quit on the spot, as the Esophagor asked you to give it chocolate covered peanuts, which were 250,000 Neopoints at the time. And now, after all this time, you finally want to give it another shot?”

     “The very fact that I have never completed a quest for the Tree is the reason I want to do it now! I’m paying it back for my past mistake by trying again. Besides, I’m sure the price on chocolate peanuts has gone down since then, as have all the prices on spooky food. And don’t forget that we have a huge stash of spooky food back in our deposit box. It just might happen that the Esophagor will ask for food we already own. And even if we DO have to go out and buy something, we have money in the bank.”

     “That’s just what I mean!” said Metonot as he flew in front of Jacob, thereby stopping him from walking any further. “When was the last time you actually SPENT money on anything? Almost all the money you make is sent to the bank, and you never take any out! And whenever you have the chance to buy something expensive, you back out, as you don’t want to ‘waste your money’. And you are usually talking about something that isn’t even over 1,000 Neopoints!”

     “Metonot, will you just calm down,” said Jacob, hardly taken aback by what his Korbat said. “If we do happen to spend a lot, it is all for good. The more costly the quest, the greater the prize, correct?”

     With that said, Jacob walked around Metonot, and continued farther into the Haunted Woods. Whooper, who had finally caught up with Metonot, looked back and forth from his master and Jacob, making an assortment of beeps.

     “I have no idea what you are saying with all those beeps,” said Metonot, “but I can at least sense your concern. This is going to be a hard day.”

     After walking through the dark paths of the Haunted Woods, Jacob and Metonot came upon the Brain Tree. Taking notice of them, the Tree bellowed out, “You there! Come forward!”

     Jacob laughed a little as he said, “There isn’t much else in this part of the woods except you Brain Tree, so the very fact that we are here must mean that we are coming to you already.”

     The Brain Tree merely grunted, saying, “There’s no need for sarcasm, Jacob. I merely desire you, Metonot, and Whooper to come here quicker. I am in need of your assistance.”

     Metonot yelped in surprise, and got a fearful look upon his face. Weakly, he asked the Brain Tree, “How…how did you know our names?”

     The Brain Tree got a disgusted look upon its face, and before it could answer, Jacob said, “Metonot, you’re talking about the Brain Tree. It spends it’s time having others tell it things from all over the world. Don’t you think it would now about us after all this time?”

     Feeling embarrassed, Metonot said, “Oh. I forgot about that. Sorry if I offended your intelligence Brain Tree!”

     Looking somewhat appeased, the Brain Tree said, “That is alright Metonot. Not many in Neopia realize the amount of knowledge I have collected over the years. Now, come forward, the three of you. I am in need of you.”

     “Again, that is why we are here Tree,” said Jacob, finally standing in front of it.

     “Very well. I want you to find out when and where Chris Tonu died. I will reward you if you are successful. Now go!”

     Jacob quickly turned around from the Brain Tree and went running off. Seeing that he had left behind the surprised Metonot, he yelled back, “Come on, Metonot! We don’t have that much time on our hands to gather the information for the Brain Tree! Let’s get it as fast as possible!”

     Metonot sighed and flew over to the hopping Whooper, and said, “Come on, Whooper. I don’t think you can keep up with Jacob’s running or my flying, so I’m going to have to carry you”

     On Metonot’s first attempt, Whooper zapped him with a laser beam. Metonot yelped in pain, and quickly made a second grab for his Avabot, and was able to get it by the head.

     “Come on Whooper! This is no time to play around! I’m going to lose track of Jacob if we don’t catch up!”

     With Whooper secured in his feet’s grasp, Metonot flew off after Jacob to gather the information the Brain Tree desired.

     Ahead of Metonot loomed the pit of the Esophagor. For some unknown reason, the Esophagor was the only one that knew the correct answers to all of the Brain Tree’s questions. How it knew what the Brain Tree didn’t was a mystery, and would probably never be solved. This was because the Brain Tree was too busy asking questions, and the Esophagor was to busy answering them…and eating of course.

     And that’s what the Esophagor was doing while Jacob and Metonot stood in front of it. It was eating a strawberry flavored rat that was given to it by a Zafara. After the Esophagor belched a few times, it said, “I thank you. I was soo huunnngry.”

     A view seconds passed, and it didn’t seem like the Esophagor was going to say anything else. Feeling rather impatient, the Zafara cleared his throat, and the Esophagor shook to attention after realizing he had something more to say.

     “Oh yes, of course,” stammered the Esophagor, “Nick Chompy died in 71 BN.”

     Having heard its response, the Zafara quickly hopped away, leaving Jacob and Metonot behind. The Esophagor finally took notice of them, and said, “You there! I’m huuungry! I want you to feed me!”

     Jacob smiled and walked in front of the large creature, and said, “We will feed you, on condition that you tell us when and where Chris Tonu died.”

     The Esophagor made a little laugh, and said, “Ah. Another one seeking answers for the Brain Tree. Let’s see then. What shall I have you bring me?”

     For a few minutes, Jacob waited patiently for the Esophagor to decide what it wanted to eat. Whooper began to dance around the nervous Metonot, oblivious that they were in front of one of the more fearsome creatures of Neopia. Finally, the Esophagor snapped its fingers and said, “Bring me a vanilla ghost cake, a chocolate ice lolly, and a squishy brain wrap!”

     Hearing exactly what it wanted, Jacob again ran off, this time with Metonot beside him instead of behind. He prepared for the moment that Jacob would leave, so that he wouldn’t have to follow after him from such a long distance. And a few minutes flying, Metonot said to Jacob, “You realize the squishy brain wrap is the only spooky food we have right? We have to buy the other two items.”

     Jacob merely laughed and said, “That’s alright Metonot. I got some money in my pocket. We’ll be able to pay for them.”

     When Jacob got to the Shop Wizard however, his jaw almost hit the floor.

     “6,500 Neopoints?” cried Jacob. “For a vanilla ghost cake? You got to be kidding me!”

     “Nope,” said the Jub Jub. “That is the lowest price that exists for the vanilla ghost cake at the moment.”

     Jacob put his hand to his forehead and sighed in frustration. Metonot wasn’t really surprised, as he was sure this would happen. Almost all the shops sold rare spooky foods at high prices, as they knew that people would buy them if it was needed. Jacob took his hand off his forehead and said, “How much for the chocolate ice lolly?”

     “One moment please,” said the Shop Wizard, who began cast a few incantations. After a few seconds, the Wizard said, “the lowest price is 17,000 Neopoints.”

     Jacob merely put his hand to his head and groaned. Metonot, hoping to say something positive, said, “Well, at least we don’t have to buy the squishy brain wrap.”

     Turning to Metonot, Jacob said, “Be quiet Metonot,” and left the Shop Wizard’s Tent.

     The Shop Wizard, looked the departing Jacob, and asked Metonot, “Is he always like that?”

     “Only when he has to spend some money,” said Metonot, who flew after him with Whooper clasped in his talons.

     Catching up with Jacob, Metonot asked, “Where are you going Jacob? Aren’t we going to have the Shop Wizard teleport us to the shop with the lowest prices?”

     Growling, Jacob said, “No. We need to go to the bank first. I don’t have that much money on hand.”

     After they went to the Bank, Jacob and Metonot went to the shops that had the vanilla ghost cake and chocolate ice lolly in stock. After each purchase, instead of bidding the shopkeepers a good day, Jacob merely threw the correct amount of Neopoints onto the counter and left with his purchase. Metonot stayed behind to thank them instead, but that didn’t really help, as Whooper would either zap them or dance on their heads while Metonot did so.

     Needless to say, Metonot was not feeling too good. Not only was he worried that Jacob would release his anger on some unwitting Neopian, but he was getting tired holding his spontaneous Avabot as he flew. Thankfully, he was able to rest for a bit, as they had just made it back to the Esophagor.

     Walking up to the monstrosity, Jacob said in an angry tone, “I got your food. One vanilla ghost cake, one chocolate ice lolly, and one squishy brain wrap. Enjoy.”

     Jacob then threw the food at the Esophagor. It caught the food in the air, and stuffed all three food items in its giant mouth at once. After a few moments of noisy chewing and swallowing, the Esophagor said, “Thank you. I was so hungry.”

     “You’re always hungry,” whispered Jacob angrily.

     “What did you say?”

     “Nothing. Now tell us when and were Chris Tonu died.”

     “Of course,” laughed the Esophagor. “Chris Tonu died in Virtopia. And as to when? To get that, you must get me more food.”

     “Very well then. What do you want?”

     The Esophagor pondered a bit, and said, “Bring me a vanilla ghost cake!”

     “What!” screamed Jacob. “I just brought you a vanilla ghost cake! And now you want another one?”

     “Yes! Now go get it!”

     Realizing that he would have to spend more money on expensive food, Jacob cried out in anger and ran off, leaving Metonot behind again. Metonot, breathing and panting, caught up to Jacob after a few minutes and asked, “Are we going to get the cake for the Esophagor?”

     “Of course we are!” said Jacob, still furious. “I intend to get the Brain Tree its answers. But now we have to go to the bank again, as I don’t have that much money on hand after buying what the Esophagor inhaled!”

     Metonot felt bad that Jacob was still angry, and he knew it was only going to get worse, as he needed to spend more to complete this quest. Hoping to cheer him up, Metonot said, “You don’t need to feel so bad Jacob. Think of it like this. Instead of having to buy 3 foods, you only need to buy 1 now!”

     “Be quiet Metonot,” scowled Jacob.

     After going to the bank for the second time and going to the Shop Wizard, Jacob found out the current cheapest price of vanilla ghost cake was now 7,550 Neopoints, 1,050 more than the previous cake. After Jacob stomped his foot a few times in anger, he had the Wizard teleport him to the shop. The Zafara shopkeeper was pleasant and courteous, but Jacob took no notice of this as he barked out what he wanted from the store. The shopkeeper got a vanilla ice cake and handed it to Jacob, still having a somewhat smile on his face, as he hoped Jacob’s attitude would change to happiness if he continued to smile.

     No such luck, as Jacob tore the cake from the Zafara’s hands and pushed a bag of Neopoints into its chest. As Jacob slammed the store doors behind him as he left, Metonot began to apologize to the now sad Zafara. This time his apology worked, as he made sure Whooper was pinned down beneath him so that the Avabot wouldn’t shoot the shopkeeper with its laser beams.

     As Metonot left the store with Whooper in his claws, he could not see Jacob anywhere in site. Jacob had completely abandoned Metonot behind. He didn’t take it so badly though. He knew where Jacob was going, and now that he didn’t have to follow Jacob step by step, he would slowly fly and have his body rest from the constant moving. Also, it would be great to not have to calm down Jacob the entire trip.

     And so Metonot flew to where he knew Jacob would be heading: The Brain Tree.

To be continued...

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