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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 20th day of Sleeping, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 144 > Continuing Series > Merogan, Lupe Warrior: Part Six

Merogan, Lupe Warrior: Part Six

by shadyy15

Merogan and the Circle of the Damned were sitting around the table, soon the meeting would start and all those loyal to Ghisen would be here. Merrhyna was humming a song and softly dancing to kill time. The others polished their swords or almost fell asleep. After about an hour of these highly intellectual occupations the first Tyherdell warriors arrived. And very soon the room was filled with very noisy Neopets talking amongst themselves.

      After a while Merrhyna got upon the table and a sharp, high whistle was being heard. They all stared at her. "Good, at least I got them quiet!" She said as she leapt of and told Merogan that he'd-better-get-his-backside-up-there-before-she'd-kick-it, afterall, how long would they be silent. Merogan beamed above them and pulled his sword with a loud swoosh. Some of them backed away a little. He stared at the sword and let it slide from one hand to his other. "This sword, my friends," he started, "was Ghisen's sword, and this sword has been carving for revenge for the past 16 years. Think the time has now come to give it the revenge!" He yelled the last words, put the sword high in the sky, immediately the crowd yelled encouragingly, and pulled their weapons and swords. "We attack tonight!" he said and leapt of the table. "Not what you had in mind?" he said to Merrhyna who looked slightly angry.

      "What about plans and tasks and…" she said running after him.

      "Look!" He turned around. "I warmed them up, they will follow me anywhere, it is up to the Circle to come up with brilliant ideas on which, I am sure, they've been working for years. That is not my job nor is it yours!" He walked towards the beds and sank on one. Merrhyna did the same, and fell into a deep sleep. They needed all the strength they could get…for the battle!

      Later Merrhyna shook Merogan's shoulder to wake him up. "Come quickly!" She said. "We have a spy!" Merogan got up and walked into the main room. All warriors were standing in a circle trying to see what was happening. Merogan pushed them aside and entered the circle. He saw someone wrapped in a cloth lying on the floor.

     "What is this?" he said.

      "It is a lady sir, a spy. She made very careless inquiries about you at the market," said the merchant. Merogan kneeled down and freed the body from it's soft prison. He pulled back her cloak and gasped. The circle widened as most of them backed away from the princess

      "What happened?" he asked her.

      "I asked him…he acted strangely…I believe you Merogan…he must pay!" She looked around. "Eh…what is this place?"

     "Nothing to worry about, you will be safe here during the battle. We will be leaving soon, Merrhyna will stay with you…"

      "Excuse me?" Said both Merrhyna and Illyne at the same time. Merogan startled.

      "I am coming, Merogan and so is she! This revenge concerns her just as much as it concerns you!" Said Merrhyna. Merogan mumbled an 'all right' and moved away. "Come Illyne, I will find you some weapons." Said Merrhyna, as they disappeared in another corridor, on the way Merrhyna grabbed a torch. She lead the princess deep under the ground until they came to a large, wooden door. Merrhyna took a large golden key from her pocket and unlocked the door. It opened with a long, creepy crack. Merrhyna entered, lighted some large candles that were standing in the room and walked over to a large, wooden chest standing on the cold stone floor. She unlocked it and opened the large chest. Illyne crept up behind her and stared into the chest.

      "Behold the weapons of Tyherdell!" said Merrhyna. Illyne gazed over Merrhyna's shoulder. She saw swords, spears, armours, flags, shields. The shields were green and white, with a brown leaf as central emblem. "These are Tyherdell's colours, after the fire the elders of the Circle collected all the weapons, shields and flags that he could find…and kept it with them. They have lain here for about twenty years, now their time has come again…" She abruptly stopped talking and dug in the chest, she pulled out a bow, painted green and white with a gold-coloured piece to put the hand on, and a nicely painted quiver, filled with arrows. "There, I think these would suit you. How are your archery skills"

      "Quite fine, I practiced a lot with my fathers…with Kreneh's archers. But do you think I could have a small sword, as well?" Merrhyna nodded and picked out a beautiful sword, a little ruddy on the edges but it was very fine craftswork.

      "Here! You can have this one! Try making a few swings with it, it shouldn't be too heavy," she said as she handed the beautiful sword too Illyne. Illyne took it and felt a great power rushing through her, she formed a tight grip around the hilt and made a few moves. It was as the sword was forged especially for her. It lay so loosely yet so firmly in her hand, it was as light as reed and yet so powerful. The crossguard was shaped like tiny silver wings. " Is that sword all right?" asked Merrhyna.

      "'s just fine," answered Illyne a little startled. "Just fine," she whispered. She attached it to her belt, put her quiver on her back and picked up her bow.

      "Well! I believe that you are all settled. You may go back to the central room and tell the others to come here, we need to get them ready," said Merrhyna. Illyne nodded and ran back to the central room. She yelled that they all had to go down there, and nearly got crushed by the big stampede that was caused by this message. Indignantly, she yelled that they were something. Merogan laughed and helped her up.

      "You have spent too much time in the castle, milady. They are nice, just a little rough. And that is exactly what we need to win!"

      "Do you think we can win, merogan?"

      He sighed. "I hope so…we have to…we defend the good cause…" He walked around the room in circles. "We will be fine…"

      "Yes, we will." She sighed and sat down on a step of the wooden stairs, leading back to the inn. Suddenly, she jumped back up. "What about Illiana! She doesn't know anything about this, she's still in the castle!"

      "You are right, I didn't get the chance to warn her! You chased me out of your room so quickly. She could be in severe danger during the war! But it is too dangerous to go there now, we could jeopardise our attack…"

      "Well we can't leave her there!" she said in a nearly hysterical voice.

      "I know that!" yelled Merogan in an annoyed voice. "We will need to free her during the beginning of the attack. You and I can go inside the castle, the others will start a diversion then. Don't worry, it will be all right." Illyne nodded.

      Merrhyna came back up, and entered the room. "Most of our warriors are ready… don't you need an armour Merogan?"

      "You aren't wearing on either, are you?"

      "All right, milord." She bowed with a grin. "Does any of you know where Delia is? I haven't seen her for a while, she needs to get weapons, too!"

      "I am here!" said Delia, coming out of the darkness of the corridor. She smiled at the three of them. "Well, let us go and get those weapons then!" she said to Merrhyna. They both left.

      "Merogan, I don't trust that girl. I think she may be a spy."

      "I know what you mean, I have that feeling too. Not especially from her, but I believe it is possible that there is a spy among us. I have an idea! Let's first assemble our warriors, I shall speak to them."

      This was done, all warriors were assembled in the large room, all in armours, wearing the green and orange colours of Tyherdell. Merogan got up on the table and beamed at the lot of them until they turned quiet, feeling hid eyes on their faces. "My friends, we have a change of plans. The Circle and I with them, think that it would be better to attack at dawn. The guarding is still weak then! We move our weapons and our brave warriors in the dark, we attack as the sun rises. Many of them will still be waking up, eating or doing other morning habits. It is then that we shall strike and take them by surprise. But, you must stay ready all not, you do not remove your armour or weapons now you have them. Otherwise, it will be all very confusing at the time we have to attack. Now go to the sleeping places and rest, brave warriors of Tyherdell!" They shouted and slowly left the room as water gushing out of a cup. Only the Circle remained.

      "You were right, Merogan!" said Brethe. "Attacking at dawn is a very good idea, it will give us some time to rest too. That is what I am goin to do at least. Goodnight, young ones." He slowly leapt away with his wooden stick.

      "I think he is right! We should all get some sleep now. I know it isn't even night yet, but we need all the rest we can get. All moved towards the different sleeping places. Quickly, all turned quiet, only the snoring of a few brave warriors could be heard. All were sleeping, all but one.

To be continued...

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