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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 6 > Continuing Series > Snow Way Out: Part Four

Snow Way Out: Part Four

by Duplica13

Dr. Sloth put Dani and me in a cage. It was a lot like the glass box we’d been captured in, only with small bars. "Ha! Does he really think that’ll hold Dani the great?" said Dani, heading for the nearest set of bars. Just as she touched them, she was thrown backwards into me.

"I think the bars are electrified," I said mildly.

"Well, duh," replied Dani.

"So, who’s laughing now?" Dani spun toward Kyle. "Why, I think it’s me. You’re not getting out of this one as easily. This time your every move has been calculated. I’ve been watching you, and I know exactly what you’re going to try. Ha! There’s no way you can escape!" he laughed.

"Duplica, what are we gonna do?" asked Dani nervously.

"Hmmm. Let’s see. He said my every move was known, so we have to do the opposite of what we’re gonna do," I replied.

Dani looked confused. "What? Did you even understand that?"

"Of course. It’s simple. Now, normally I’d try to escape, right? By jumping out a window, or across the roof or something, right? Well, that’s what he’s expecting."

"Oh, so we’re just walking out the door?"

"No. You see, he expects us to try and escape, or at least get you out, before tomorrow. Instead, we wait. Kyle knows I’m impatient, so I’ll be patient. It’ll completely throw him!"

"Oh. I see." Dani yawned. Both of us curled up and promptly fell asleep.

I was dreaming. Dani was in front of me. I was in the Snowager’s cave. Dani was facing the Snowager all alone, and I couldn’t think of a way to help her. I raced forward, to stop the icy breath of the Snowager. I stood, prepared for the huge monster’s freezing breath, but it never came. Instead, the Snowager had turned from Dani and me and toward Kyle. The Snowager was about to blast him, and I again raced forward...

"Duplica, wake up!" Dani voice, not in my head, but from her mouth.

"Hmm?" I replied.

"Duplica, if you’ve got a plan now would be the time to use it!" Dani said worriedly.

"Of course I’ve got a plan. Just give me a second to think of it." I sat back and thought, aware of Dani’s fear behind me. "Hmmm..." Then, I thought of the perfect plan. It was simple.


"What? You’ve got a plan?"

"Yup. It’s simple. I give you my psychic powers. Then, I won’t have any powers for Dr. Sloth to take."

Dani shook her head. "No way. You said YOU would get us out. Besides, I don’t want your powers. You keep them. I’d probably blow something up." At this I had to smile. Still, Dani persistence meant I’d need another plan. Then, I remembered my dream. It had been so unlike my usual dreams, which made a weird kind of sense. This one had been more like... a prediction.

"Of course!" I said. "The dream."

"Uh, I don’t mean to sound rude, but what are you talking about?" asked Dani.

I quickly told her about my dream, then explained my plan.


Kyle was the one who’d come to get Dani to bring her to the Snowager’s cave. He looked surprised to see us, a sign I took as my being right about his guess. I was surprised when he took both of us, but covered it up.

"Why are you doing this?" Dani asked, just like in our plan. "It’s not like you have to listen to Dr. Sloth. I’m sure you have some good, deep down, and I’m sure Duplica would adopt you again."

Kyle looked surprised again. As I’d predicted, he’d predicted that I’d be raging and very upset, and Dani would be trying to pick a fight. Instead, Dani was trying to be nice and I was waiting patiently. "You wouldn’t understand. Now let’s go."

In just a few minutes, we were in what appeared to be a large underground labyrinth. Kyle seemed to know the way, but I was lost after just a few turns. The path we took twisted and turned this way and that, ensuring that anyone that didn’t know the right way would soon be lost forever.

Soon, we came to a trapdoor. I quickly flew Dani and myself up into it, and Kyle leapt up after us. Then we were in the Snowager’s cave. The Snowager was sleeping, but I figured that that wouldn’t last long. As I’d suspected, Dr. Sloth was there already.

"What? They didn’t try to escape?" Dr. Sloth turned angrily to Kyle. "I thought you said there was no way she’d stay with the pet in danger! Then, this would have come a lot sooner."

"I thought she’d leave too. Honest! I watched her all the time and it was obvious," Kyle said, his voice shaking.

I stepped in. "I don’t really care. I know Ry’ll understand if it’s for the good of Neopia. I’d rather have her do the same thing, if it were her in my place." I grinned inwardly, enjoying the look of rage and confusion on Dr. Sloth and Kyle’s faces.

All our noise had, as I’d thought, woken the Snowager. At the first growl, Kyle and Dr. Sloth raced away to hide behind some old battle items.

The Snowager turned and saw Dani, who was now trembling with fear. At least, that was how it looked. I could tell, though, that she was excited. The Snowager reared its head, inhaling. It was preparing for the icy blast of wind it used on all pets it found in its cave. Just as we’d planed, I raced in front of the Snowager. I knew that the Snowager took one, large breath, and by then, it was too late. If I rushed to stand in front of Dani at just the right time, I’d get frozen instead, and Neopia could be saved. It was just like my dream. And yet, there was one thing I’d forgotten. I looked at the Snowager; its head no longer was aimed at Dani and me, it was aimed at Kyle. Dr. Sloth had obviously abandoned him when danger was eminent. I couldn’t let Kyle get frozen. In the time before I’d realised he was evil, he’d been kind and polite. If one of my pets, or one of Ry’s pets, got sick, he’d take care of them. He’d been kind and generous. Even though it had all been an act, I couldn’t forget it. I sprang forward to protect him, deaf to Dani’s warnings, only hearing and seeing Kyle.

Just like in my dream, I protected Kyle from the icy breath of the Snowager. I knew in a few seconds, I’d be the one to get frozen, to be added to the Snowager’s collection of frozen pets. And yet, I didn’t care. The only thing I could think of was protecting Kyle. Time stretched. I wasn’t sure if I stood for a few seconds, hours, days. I finally got up the courage to open my eyes and look. The Snowager was just staring. Then, to my surprise, it spoke.

"Little Neopian, I have never seen such bravery. You were willing to sacrifice yourself, all for the one who brought you here. He would not have blinked if you’d been frozen, and the Kougra, too, and yet you felt compelled to save him. Why?"

I was uncomfortable, not from fear, but because I didn’t know myself why I’d saved Kyle. The Snowager was right, he wouldn’t have cared, why had I saved him? "Um, I’m not sure," I answered honestly. "When he was my pet, he acted kind and caring. I guess I just wanted to repay him, and to show, well, I really care, and that," I faltered, not knowing how to put my feelings into words, "and that, well, he has friends," I finished.

The Snowager nodded. "Well said, small one. Now, for your honesty and caring, I have a gift."

"Oh, no. I couldn’t take any of these things," I said; looking around at the wonderful treasures the Snowager had collected.

It laughed. "No, no. Not one of these small trinkets." Dani’s jaw dropped at the thought of calling these things, some very rare and expensive, small trinkets. " My gift to you is much more worthy of bravery such as yours. It is my ability of Icy Breath."

"Wait," I protested. "I can’t learn any abilities. I’m not a pet."

"No," it agreed, "but with the Nimmo powers you received, you gained the ability to lean abilities. I can give you Icy Breath, and you can use it. You will be able to shoot frost from your fingertips, freezing pets and people in their tracks."

The giant ice worm gently breathed on me, its breath suddenly visible as a gently shimmering mist that hung around me. Taking a breath, I felt the mist fill me up. Looking at my fingers, I saw the frost was gathering at their tips. Searching my mind, I found I knew how to use this new power. I shot a blast of frost at the trapdoor’s faintly visible outline, forever sealing it. Then, I retracted the frost, so my fingers were normal again, at least, normal for me.

Dani and I reached home a few minutes later. We had left Kyle in the Snowager’s care, and were very glad at the thought of finally being free of him for good. The first thing I did was call Jess, to tell him to reschedule the shoot for next week. He ranted and raved for a bit, mostly about the fact that I hadn’t been to the shoot today, then agreed to change the schedule. Moonshine and Starshimmer were asleep, and Ry said they’d been good. When I told her about everything that happened, she was surprised I’d only been a day. I was surprised too. So much had happened, it seemed hard to believe only yesterday, we’d been going to the pound and eating at Pizzaroo’s, just like any other Neopian. I thanked Ry for taking care of my pets so well, and sent her home, to get some sleep. Then I headed to my own room. I padded softly, and checked on my pets quickly.

I wanted to sleep, but I couldn’t, so I headed to my golden room. It had been here, really, that had started the whole adventure. I sighed. " I’m just an adventure magnet." Then I grinned. With the new knowledge of the fact I could learn abilities, life around here promised to be more interesting. "Now, more than ever, will I get into trouble," I whispered to myself. I sank into the softest chair with a yawn. "The future is gonna be fun. That’s for sure. I dunno what’ll happen, but it’s bound to be exciting." Yawning again, I fell asleep, dreaming about adventures to come...

The End

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