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The Neopian Times Week 144 > Continuing Series > Mr. Fix-It, I Presume?: Part Two

Mr. Fix-It, I Presume?: Part Two

by appaloosa500

Dinner actually wasn't that bad, for a while anyhow. As expected, a charming young lady was waiting for us, just as I had known there would be. Janet loved playing matchmaker, to bad it never went very well. Anyway the beautiful, smart Disco Aisha, named SallyGirl, who I did truly believe thought me good-looking, despite my sloppy clothing and small size.

     She was sitting at the table when we walked in. Boy, the first thoughts that went through my head were that she looked awesome in that white suit-an expensive, cream, silky business piece. What in the world was a girl like this doing chatting with a Scorchio mother like Janet? She really didn't fit in with the normal crowd at Food 4 All. I am afraid I stared a bit.

      "Janet!" she squealed as she spotted us. (A family of Scorchios and a tiny Yellow Aisha are hard to miss.) "Girls! How are you? Oh!" she patted little Juliet's Donna doll's head. "I like your doll."

     We all slid into the corner table booth and picked up the menus.

     "Thank you, Miss SallyGirl," politely responded the well brought up Juliet. The Red Scorchio girl's large green eyes sparkled with pleasure. "Uncle DeSoni fixed her for me!"

     "Oh?" Ms. Gorgeous turned towards me with a smile fit to dazzle Frank Sloth himself. "So you're the famous DeSoni. Janet told me all about you."

     Hue-man. This girl was just too perfect! In the midst of her rich magnificence I felt amazingly aware of the fact I was a boring, unpainted Yellow Aisha nobody who hadn't changed his raggedy, work clothes for dinner, had a headache, and whose earstalks were a perfect painting of purply-blue bruises hidden under a bunch of wimpy yellow goop.

     I felt like a silly immature kitten, which I suppose I was to a degree. "Yah," I mumbled, tearing my eyes away and staring at my paper napkin. "I'm DeSoni."

     "So," she said, "I hear you're a regular Mr. Fix-It. Janet, however, called you a mechanical engineer with minors in electric, toy manufacture, plumbing, carpentry, reupholstering-"

     I darted a quick glance at a nervous looking Janet and interrupted SallyGirl's endless list. "Janet exaggerates. I've never even stepped foot in a Neoschool."

     Janet jumped in before I could deride myself further. "He taught himself everything he knows! DeSoni's a genius, and great with children besides!"

     Before I could even blush, Tereasa effectively ended the conversation by knocking over the pitcher of ice water some sweet waitress had left for us in the center of the table. It had sat unnoticed at SallyGirl's right.

     With a loud *plash* ice cubes and freezing water soaked SallyGirl from the waist down. She jumped up with a show of amazingly quick reflexes and didn't even squeal like you'd expect most girls in her position to. It actually appeared to me that, for a split second, she was furious, but so quick was the transformation from irate to resigned that I thought I had imagined it.

     Grabbing handfuls of napkins, we soon had the table and bench reasonably dry, but our Disco Aisha guest's suit was another story. She soon gave up her frantic dabbing at her skirt and sat down again. Sighing, she said, "Let's just order."

     We did, and the rest of dinner was okay, I guess, except for the fact that Tereasa was completely out of character and acted all withdrawn and rude for some reason. SallyGirl asked a lot of questions about me, but for some reason I couldn't bring myself to respond much. I just mumbled short, to-the-point answers and focused on my meal.

     After we had all chipped in to pay the bill, which surprised our guest to no end, SallyGirl volunteered to drive us home in her NeoMerc. Since we had all walked, we accepted gratefully. I never guessed there was an ulterior motive for her generosity.

     The Scorchios let me to rent a room in their house, so we all got out at the same stop. As SallyGirl rode off, Tereasa turned to me with a warning look in her eyes. "I don't like her. Don't trust her, DeSoni. She's fake."

     I wanted to disagree, to say she was beautiful, fantastic, warm and kind… But I couldn't. Probably because, deep in my subconscious, I knew my Scorchio friend was right.


"The Buzz" lived up to his promise; he picked me up the next morning. Unfortunately, it was rather more dramatic than I expected. I had taken if for granted that the "picking up" would be at my Fix-It Shop, that it would be a slow hour with few customers, just like yesterday. I took way too much for granted.

     To be perfectly honest, he snatched me right off the driveway. I can't even say I put up a good fight, or even that I knew what was going on. To the best of my ability, this is how things went down:

     One minute I was walking out my door, in a pretty good mood since I had practically forgotten the previous day's events. Then a black carriage flew (and I do mean flew) out of nowhere and instantly everything came flooding back. It must have been really easy for that one Buzz (certainly more of the rented muscle man then yesterday's rich model) who dashed out of hiding to jump me. Before I had reasonably recovered, he slammed a sickly-smelling cloth over my nose and mouth, lifted my semi-conscious form right off the ground, and jumped into the said carriage. I was asleep to Neopia by the time I felt my weak body slam on the carpeted floor of the carriage.

     I don't know how long I was out, but I'm guessing about an hour and a half, maybe two. What I do know is when I came to, that Buzz was there. The first thing he did was place his right loafer on my chest. I was still woozy and, remembering yesterday, knew it would be stupid to struggle. So I didn't.

     "DeSoni," he said, in that reasonable, logical voice of his that commanded respect with every word.

     I flicked all four ears and slowly opened my eyes. He looked exactly the same as yesterday.

     "I'd let you sit, but the windows aren't tinted. If you simply stay down there I'll remove my foot."

     I nodded in weak agreement and he moved his loafer, which did make things seem remarkably less bleak. He stared forward, seemingly ignoring me completely. The silence was incredibly uncomfortable, especially since I was so nervous and, I admit it, scared.

     "Where are we going?" I asked, desperate to kill the deafening silence.

     "I told you not to ask that yesterday," was his cold answer.

     "Well, you didn't ask me not to ask what the job is? What exactly will I be doing?"

     His intelligent, calculating eyes flicked my way, and then back at whatever it was straight ahead. "You'll find out soon enough."

     "But… what if I need to prepare for this job? What about my tools?" It was just dawning on me that I wasn't at all prepared for any sort of job around the magnitude of snatching me off the street.

     "You'll have everything you need." His tone was getting slightly aggravated, which I could tell would not be good for me in the long run. "Honestly, don't I look like I could afford it?"

     I had to admit he looked like a billion Neopoints, but that isn't something you admit to your captor. As low as I've sunken, I never quite lost my pride.

     We lapsed into silence again. I couldn't think of anything else to say, and it was obvious my irritable traveling companion despised questions and small talk. I suppose we traveled another half-hour, although it felt like several at the time. Let's leave it that I never believed I could be so bored when faced with such an unpredictable situation that could likely end in my own demise. Perhaps it was because I had barely the slightest idea what was going on.

     Eventually the carriage slowed and drew to a stop. "You may sit up now," said the Buzz, who still hadn't supplied me with any form of a name.

     I did so and looked out the carriage's windows. The first things I noticed were the huge Buzz guards. The next thing I noticed was SallyGirl, now clad in a black jumpsuit complete with cape and utility belt.

      I suppose the shock showed in my eyes. I couldn't even move as she opened the door and spoke to the Electric Buzz, completely ignoring me.

     "Hey BB, did you get it? Will we finally get that stupid ray of yours finished?"

     The 'it', I figured, was me. I'm an 'it' now, I thought. I knew I should've trusted Tereasa's judgment, not to mention my own. And, was it me, or did that tricky little Disco Aisha use a remarkably informal tone with the giant Electric Buzz.

     "Of course, beautiful, the BB always gets what he wants. Let's go get that ray fixed so we can take over the world. We've waited long enough."

     Man, I never would've dreamed that huge tough dude could talk so gently with anyone, especially the girl I'd nearly fallen head over heals for yesterday. It was almost as if, no-it couldn't be. But, he seemed almost wary.

To be continued...

Please feel free to Neomail me! I love hearing feedback about my stories! Next part, I promise, is really great!
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