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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 3rd day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 144 > Continuing Series > The Super Authors and the Chamber of Mysteries: Part Three

The Super Authors and the Chamber of Mysteries: Part Three

by erika_idle

The Super Authors (Harriet, Sebastian, Rosie, and Albert) arrived on the cloudy banks of Faerieland just as the sun was setting. A sliver of light illuminated the horizon, turning everything it touched to a bright golden hue.

     Jay the Eyrie and Spot, Harriet's pet rock, were slightly behind the rest of the group, panting for breath as they arrived on the doorstep of the Faerieland Bookstore. "You... four... go... on..." panted Jay, clutching a stitch in his side, and wiping his monocle free of excess sweat. "I'm going... to the coffee... house... with Spot..."

     Harriet shrugged as she watched Spot and Jay plod away, panting for breath. She clicked her tongue in disapproval. "Honestly, you'd think that our own agent would have a bit more energy."

     Rosie grabbed the thick gilded door handle and knocked three times. Nobody answered. She knocked again, this time slightly more forcibly. Nobody answered still.

     "That's funny. I wonder where the Faerie Librarian is?"

     "Probably out for coffee," Sebastian said, rolling his eyes.

     "I honestly don't see the science behind wanting to drink a painfully hot beverage made out of water and crushed beans that smell funny after a few days in the sun," Albert mentioned.

     Rosie tried pushing the door open. It creaked and groaned, and finally gave way. The four walked inside. The fire in the fireplace was out, but it had been lit recently. A book lay on the end table with a bookmark stuck haphazardly between pages 602 and 603.

     "She must have just went out," Rosie said.

     A note was taped to the backside of the door. Albert read it outloud. "Dear Super Authors and Jay- Please excuse my absence, but I was called by Queen Fyora to the second annual Neopian Assembly. She seems to be rather bitter about being the note-taker. I am afraid you are going to have to fend for yourselves here, but I have faith in you. Good luck!"

     "So now what?" Harriet pouted.

     "We look," Rosie said. "I'll go to there," she said, waving a hoof in the direction of some shelves. "Albert can look over here, Sebastian can look over in that room, and you can look over in those stacks. If you see anything that looks remotely like an 'Archive of Neopia,' scream."



     "Just practicing!"

     The four separated into the four corners of the library, digging through what seemed like endless piles of books. The Faerie Librarian owned every book ever printed in Neopia, and some that had never hit the shelves of the Neopian book stores. The shelves of the Faerieland Library were a little untidy, and most of the books were out of order, making it very difficult to find anything at all, except for the stray Spyders, which Harriet found first.


     Minutes turned into hours as the four began to give up their futile search. Harriet had made herself a small fortress out of autobiographies to defend herself against the Spyders. Sebastian had managed to lodge his Desert Lupe tail in between The Magic Whirlpool and Cooking For Kois, and was having difficulty getting out. Albert was engrossed in a book about new theories about the effectiveness of using calculus to take inventory in a shop.

     Rosie was the only Super Author left, still searching. "She could have at least pointed us in the direction of the archives," grumbled Rosie, throwing aside a picture book about a Cybunny. The picture book hit a very large shelf of books that were already close to the edge of their shelf. The books swung dangerously, and then fell with loud bangs onto the marbled floor.

     "Oh, no!" whined Rosie. She bent down to pick up as many of the books as possible. Leaning forward, she made to put them back on their respective shelves, but stopped. On the wall behind the open bookshelf, there a large panel of wood, darker than the rest of the wall. It looked suspiciously like...

     "A door!" breathed Rosie. Her gut told her what she already knew: this door lead to the archives of Neopia.

     "AAAAAIIIEEEEE! HEY, GUYS!" she yelled at the top of her lungs.

     "Harriet! I'm not going to come and kill another stupid Spyder for you!" called Albert from the opposite end of the large library.

     "That wasn't me!" called Harriet's voice, from somewhere to the left of Rosie. "AAAAIIIEEEE! THERE'S ANOTHER ONE! ALLBEEEEERRTTT!!!"

     Rosie sighed deeply at her partners' antics. "I THINK I'VE FOUND THE ARCHIVES!" she called back.

     Several loud thumps told Rosie that the rest of the Super Authors were getting off of their chairs and following her voice. Harriet soon appeared, skipping happily. Albert appeared next, holding his book on calculus, and readjusting his glasses. Sebastian was the last to turn up. He seemed to be dragging a small end table bookshelf with him which his tail was wedged into.

     "You know, you think you can measure the stupidity of someone, and then you have to go for a bigger ruler."

     "Shut up, Albert," growled Sebastian.

     "I have one question," Rosie said, delicately. "How did you MANAGE that?"

     After several tugs, Sebastian was freed from his paper prison. As soon as their giggles at Sebastian's expense were exhausted, the four Super Authors faced their new battle: the bookshelf. Taking deep breaths, they all pushed, and the bookshelf was pushed out of the way easily to reveal a dark wooden door.

     Rosie took a second deep breath, and opened it. A small room, hardly bigger than a cupboard, was lit by a single candle on a dusty glass desk. Inside the glass desk lay several yellowed books, looking very brittle and very old.

     "The archives of Neopia!" Rosie breathed, her eyes widening.

     "How do you know?" asked Harriet.

     Rosie pointed at a large sign hanging above the table that read, 'Here lies the Archives of Neopia. Please clean your hands of cookie crumbs and chocolate before handling.'

     "This probably has facts on everything on Neopia," Albert said, cleaning his glasses. "The history of Dr. Sloth, the beginnings of the Tyrannian Land Wars..."

     "...but we need to find out about Mystery Island, and that pencil," said Rosie, in all seriousness. She opened the dusty door to the slanted glass table, and peered down at the records. "Humble beginnings of Dr. Frank Sloth... the first recorded Tyrannian Land Wars..." she mumbled, flipping through the pages carefully.

     "Stop! That was a map of Mystery Island!" cried Harriet.

     Rosie flipped back a page, and began to read outloud. "The land with the least amount of known history is the island of Mystery, also known as Mystery Island. Although now a populous island with many stores, shops, and tourist attractions, the actual beginnings of Mystery Island are unknown."

     "Great," mumbled Sebastian.

     "The local Island Mystic, however batty she may seem, made a prophecy about the history of Mystery Island. She said that, quote, "The true secrets of Mystery Island will forever remain secrets, unless, and only unless, the one with the power rewrites history." This refers to a legendary pencil that was made from the first tree that grew on Mystery Island. The wielder of this pencil was said to have the power to change Mystery Island and all of its inhabitants by rewriting the history of the small isle."

     Harriet's eyes grew wide with fear as Rosie turned the page. "That's all that it says about the pencil," Rosie said tonelessly.

     "What if this pencil got into the wrong hands?" Sebastian asked.

     "Judging by the latest mishaps in Mystery Island, it already has," Albert said.

     "But who... or what... would want the pencil?" Harriet asked.

     "Probably another power-hungry evil genius," Rosie said, sighing.

     "But what if that power hungry evil genius was a really... really... bad writer?" Albert said, thinking outloud.

     Everybody shuddered.

     "...and so the Super Authors face their most challenging test yet," said a familiar female voice. The Super Authors whipped around to see the Faerie Librarian, Jay, and Spot standing illuminated by the fireplace. They were all holding styrofoam cups of coffee.

     "Didn't hear us come in, I suppose," Jay said, grinning.

     "The Neopian Assembly ended early, so I thought I'd go find Jay and reminisce, and wonder of all wonders, he was lurking at the Coffee Shoppe," the Faerie Librarian said, grinning.

     "This is no time to reminisce!" cried Harriet. "Mystery Island is in ruins! The legendary pencil has been stolen! A power-hungry evil genius is going to rewri-" Harriet stopped. Spot had poured the remaining dregs of his coffee down Harriet's throat.

     Harriet choked, and finally swallowed the hot liquid. "Hmm... you know, it's not as bad as I thought it would be..." she said, smiling.

To be continued...

Coffee. Can't live without it, it's as simple as that. Who is the masked power-hungry evil genius that is threatening the innocent citizens of Mystery Island? Does he or she have the legendary pencil already? Will the Super Authors be able to solve this mystery? Not to mention Charlie! Find out the answers to this and more in the next thrilling chapter of... The Super Authors and the Chamber of Mysteries!

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