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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 2nd day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 145 > Continuing Series > Merogan, Lupe Warrior: Part Seven

Merogan, Lupe Warrior: Part Seven

by shadyy15


The small shadow ran over the fields, huddled in a cloak. It seemed to run for ages but finally reached a little back door of the castle. It pulled out a key and entered. The door shut with a bang behind it. Slowly the shadow crept up the small staircase. At the end of the staircase there was just a brick wall with a stone Draik head in the middle of it. The shadowed hand pushed the head and the wall opened itself. The shadow entered a chamber decorated entirely in the colours of Meridell. A large fire was burninga nd cracking in the fire place. A robed figure stood in front of it. Kreneh turned around. The shadow bowed.

      "My lord, I have some information that may be of interest to you."

      "Come in old friend, have a seat!"


As darkness was taking over the blue skies, a blue Lupe carefully walked around in the corridors. He was examining his strategies back and forth. It was almost time, today he would do what has been waiting for 18 years. His steps became hesitating, it was night now, he could no longer wait. He slowly went back to where his warriors lay and started chanting softly:

      "Arise brave warriors for it has come, your glorious time

     It is now that you must defeat the foe that is yours and mine

      The beast hidden in it's lair

      Wishing his life good and fair

      Dream and sleep on malicious foe

      For we shall defeat you with one blow

      Your castle dark yet fair

      Shall soon be wrapped in great despair."

      As he continued chanting his voice became louder and the Neopets in the area awoke. They understood the fight was soon to be and got themselves ready.

     "For the great warriors of Tyherdell.

      Shall soon destroy the city of Meridell

      Ghisen our great king

      To life we shall you bring."

      He stopped and looked around. All were gazing at him; he vaguely smiled and drew his sword. He pointed it at the ceiling and all followed his movement. He did not speak; he made no sound at all. He just slowly pointed his sword to one of the corridors and disappeared in it, the Tyherdellains followed. Soon Illyne and Merrhyna were walking on each side of him. When they reached the open air the small troop stopped. The sky was dark as the Raven faerie's hair and millions of stars shone. They looked as if they were put on a large black cloak by tiny faeries. It was as if all took one deep breath at the same time, for some it was the last one…

     They marched on, and against the pale light of the moon they could see the threatening towers of the dark Meridell Castle.

      A few arms and swords were waved and the troop split up in three large groups and one small one: existing out of three people. Two of the large groups moved towards the sides of the castle, brandishing their bows and ladders. The other large group took some distance and set themselves up in front of the gates. The little fellowship moved to the left side of the castle. One archer shot an arrow, with a rope tied to it, into the crumbling castle wall next to a window. The other side of the rope was tied to nearby tree. Merogan spat in his hands and took hold of the rope, to see if it was well attached, he tugged on it a few times. He then made a little jump and started climbing. As he reached the window, the stones started crumbling a little more, because of the arrow that was shot in it. Merogan waved and now Illyne took hold of the rope. She was frightened, but she had to go and get her sister. She summed up al her courage, which wasn't much at the time, and climbed. The rope started to quiver slowly. But Illyne was so scared that all thought it was her that was quivering. Merogan grabbed hold of her arm and pulled her up, setting her down in her old room. She started wandering around in it when Merrhyna started climbing.

     Illyne was startled when she heard a loud ruffling noise and a suppressed scream. She rushed over to the window and saw Merrhyna hanging from Merogan's arm. The rope had gone! The warriors on the solid ground were powerless and watched in anxiety. Illyne reached out and grabbed Merrhyna's other arm. Alas Illyne was but a light person and she almost fell, if Merogan wouldn't have caught the back of her dress. He threw her back into the room and pulled really hard. Merogan fell on the floor with a great thump and Merrhyna fell onto him. They didn't move…they were not sure of how much noise they had made, for all they knew they could get discovered.

      After what seemed an eternity they got up. Illyne slowly opened her door and snuck out, disappearing in the shadows. The others followed. She lead the way to another large wooden door.

      "This is my sisters room," she whispered. "She will be sleeping, let's try not to wake her, she has a very sharp voice." They entered, as the door creaked a dark shadow covered with sheets moaned. They froze…the figure seemed to move but quickly grew silent. Illyne walked over to the right side of the bed and slowly whispered Illiana's name. She then carefully shook her. Illiana froze in her sleep, opened her eyes and started spreading her lips apart. Just right in time Merrhyna covered Illiana's mouth with her paw. But the young red-haired Ixi started shaking and fidgeting as if she were mad. Merogan clutched her arms behind her back and made a soothing sound.

     "Illiana, you must listen to me! I have something very important to tell you…" Illyne sat down on the bed and started telling the Tyherdell story, about Merogan and the war. While Illyne was speaking Merrhyna and Merogan slowly let go of the princess. When Illyne finished, Illiana looked at the three of them and started laughing.

      "What are you? Crazy or something? You believe the first bum that comes in swinging a shiny sword and you're off playing war against your own father?"

      "He is NOT your father!" said Merogan threateningly.

      "Maybe not!" she said turning towards him. "But I AM a princess and you are but a mere peasant, adopted or not, that is what you are and will be for the rest of your live, that may end very soon! Now leave, or I'll call the guards."

      "But Illiana, we will attack, you will be in great danger!" said Illyne.

      "Yes, I'm really scared of a bunch of untrained peasants who can barely hold a pitchfork!" She slid of the bed and walked towards her door, which she opened. "Go! Go now, or I will call the guards!" Merogan and Merrhyna left the room, Illyne followed reluctantly. They had just reached Illyne's room when they heard Illiana screaming for help. Merogan and Merrhyna rushed out into the hallway to see about 10 heavily armed guards standing in it.

      "She betrayed us!" hissed Merrhyna.

      "Go back in and tell Illyne to go back down and give the order they need to get ready for battle," he whispered in her ear . Merrhyna ran in the room and waved a red handkerchief. The troop underneath the window started getting ready. Soon ladders were put against the walls and ropes were shot up. The brave warriors started to invade the castle on many levels. One got up on the highest tower to signal the others.

      Meanwhile Merogan and merrhyna were standing in the hall, brandishing their swords. One of the guards, a large armoured Eyrie was smiling malevolently as he came towards them. He suddenly took a swing at Merrhyna but she jumped out of the way and hit him in the face with her foot. The blow was so unexpected that the knight fell down instantly. The others were but infuriated by this act. Merogan and Merrhyna stood shoulder by shoulder, there swords in front of them. Then the knights and guards attacked. Merogan tried to fight him off with the skills that Phédry had thought him. Merrhyna used her dancing skills and lightly escaped most attacks. But nevertheless they were pushed back in a corner. Merogan saw there was a large, silver candleholder next to him. He reached out with his foot and kicked it over. The artifact fell with a great king. The knights of Meridell jumped back. One candle had rolled towards the wall, and the tapestry that was hanging on it caught fire. Both sides backed away from the fire as one of the knights yelled out:FIRE with his mighty voice. The fire quickly spread from tapestry to chair, from chair to trunk, soon doors were on fire. Merrhyna and Merogan ran towards a staircase and climbed it. When they reached the top tower they could see a large part of the Castle was burning. They looked down from the window and saw that an army of knights and the Warriors of Tyherdell were in a great battle. They saw Illyne pointing at them and waving they had to come down. The fire was quickly spreading.

      Merogan leaned out of the window and saw the ramparts. "We have to get on the ramparts, we can easily get down from there!"

      "I have a rope in my quiver!" said Merrhyna. She took the rope and gave it to Merogan. He attached to a large cram that was stuck in the wall. He grabbed Merrhyna by the waist, holding the rope with one hand and ventured down. But the archers of Meridell who were standing on the lowest rampart and seen them and started firing arrows in their direction. One arrow cut the rope. Illyne screamed as Merogan and Merrhyna fell clutching on to each other.

     It seemed like an endless dive, but they had only fallen a few meters. Merogan was tightly holding Merrhyna while his other arm tried to grab anything to delay their full. Suddenly it did grab something, a part of the rampart. Below the warriors and knights were still in a fierce fight, while Illyne shot arrows at the Meridell archers. But Merogan's fingers started slipping and his grasp let go. They fell on the lower rampart, crushing most of the archers under them.

      "Are-are you all right?" moaned Merogan who was struggling to get back on his feet. Merrhyna slightly nodded as he pulled her up. They both waved at Illyne to show her they were all right. "We can't jump, it's to high and we don't have any rope left. We'll have to get back into the castle."

      They walked over the ramparts to the right tower, where there was a door. Merogan slowly opened it and took Merrhyna in the darkness with him. They could hardly see but found a small spiral staircase. Carefully they descended it. They just kept on turning and turning. Merrhyna saw that further there was some source of light, because you could see light reflected on the wall. Suddenly she saw a large shadow on it that seemed to be swinging an axe. She yelled at Merogan who got down one instant before the axe swung over his head. Merrhyna took her bow and shot an arrow in the Eyrie's heart, he crumbled and fell down the stairs. Merogan at her, stunned. She reached out, helped him up and led the way. At the bottom of the staircase lay the Eyrie. They carefully passed without looking. Merrhyna pushed the little door and found herself in one of the better halls of the castle that hadn't caught fire yet. The hallway was entirely deserted and looked very peaceful. They both walked on and halted at every door to see if they could hear voices. As they heard nothing they just kicked a random door open and found themselves face to face with Kreneh and the spy.

      "So it was YOU!" hissed Merogan at the spy. "How could you…how could you?"

      "It was very easy," answered Brethe. "Your father was but a fool and so are all the members of The Circle. Now, I believe you have already met the one and only king. You have lost the war, young ones." As he finished speaking knights came from behind the curtains and surrounded the both of them.

      "Drop your weapons!" said Kreneh as he came forward. Merogan and Merrhyna dropped their weapons with great reluctance. "Ah, is this my brothers' famous sword?" said Kreneh as he picked up Merogan's sword. He let his black fingers slide over the blade, touching the small carvings. "You know, Ghisen never told me what was written on it…I don't suppose this little peasant knows either," he said, pointing the sword at Merogan, who had never been this angry before. "Pity I have to destroy it, is the last artefact that was his. Soon, he will be gone forever," mumbled the dark Ixi.

      All of a sudden a knight came running in. "My lord, my lord! The castle is almost entirely caught in flames." Kreneh turned his back on the prisoners shouted a 'what' and got hit on the back of the head. Merogan took his sword and ran out quickly, closely followed by Merrhyna. All had happened so quickly that the knights didn't know what to do. But as they saw flames in the hall, they ran off leaving Kreneh on the floor. Just the small Meerca was left in the room but also he decided to take off quickly. He stepped out in the hall and got lifted by a blue hand and found his little eyes confronted with the raging face of Merogan. "I am not finished with you!" said Merogan; he and Merrhyna ran out of the hallway with Brethe clutched under his arm. All knights and guards had left the castle, surrendering. Merrhyna and Merogan had no trouble to get out. It was on the green grass of the battlefield that Merogan saw Illyne in good health. He ran over to her and hugged her, still holding Brethe. A rope was brought and the small traitor was bound. Merogan heard shouts of awe and he turned around. The whole Castle was burning with vivid flames, desperately trying to satiate their never-ending hunger. He went to stand between Illyne and Merrhyna and put an arm around each one of them. It was the end of Kreneh!

      Now the clouds were packing together and even though it was very hot, it started to rain. Merrhyna took a deep breath and enjoyed the typical smell of cold rain falling on warm ground. The Circle came standing in a tight group, congratulating each other. But to cry victory already was a foolish mistake. Up on the ramparts moved a black figure surrounded by fire, clutching a bow in his hand. He laughed maniacally and fired an arrow. The arrow came down, searched and hit his target that as standing in the Circle.

      Merrhyna crumbled with a great scream. Merogan and Illyne bent over her and saw she had been hit in the shoulder. Merogan looked up at the Castle; his eyes blurry with tears and just saw the dark figure go up in flames. Merrhyna had trouble breathing but kept smiling.

      "Thank you…for this wonderful time Merogan…and you to Illyne. You are both amazing people, I know you will bring Tyherdell back…I hope so." She was struggling for her breath. She rolled her eyes, whispered Merogan and closed them. The rain was getting heavier now, and the assembly had gone quiet. Knights and Warriors were gathered around, their heads turned to the ground. Merogan got up and walked away from the Castle. Illyne hesitated and followed him. A few meters further he stopped; he looked at the forest, at the valley behind that had once been Tyherdell. Illyne stood next to him.

      "You will have to rebuild Tyherdell…" he started. "You are the rightful queen, now. Gather all the people of Meridell and tell them to leave these doomed grounds." He said in a bitter voice.

      "You are the king, Merogan! You are my brother and Ghisen's heir…"

      "No, I am but a peasant! Kreneh was right." He looked at his sword, carefully examining it and let go of it; it fell in the soft grass.

      "Being a king, a warrior does not run through your veins, it lies in there." She pointed at his heart and knelt down to pick up the sword. "You are King of Tyherdell, of these grounds."

      "Maybe some day people will move back here, these are lovely grounds. But first many years must pure these doomed grounds where such a foul creature has lived."

      "Yes…" She looked at the valley of Tyherdell. "Something tells me that a long line of Lupes will defend these lands for many centuries…"

The End

Author's Note: Thank you for following my series to this point, you were really brave! I welcome Neomails with comments(negative and positive)...It's always fun to get a little message, because at least you know some people took the time to read it, whether they liked it or not.

Thank you all



(Thanks to the wonderful editor of the NT for publishing it...)

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