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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 30th day of Hunting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 144 > Continuing Series > A Story of Skyfire: Part Four

A Story of Skyfire: Part Four

by chipster33

When Ylana awoke, her skin was hot, and she could tell that she was missing some fur in a few areas. Other than that, she felt okay. Slowly, but steadily, she opened her eyes to see what had happened.

      There was destruction everywhere. Grundo's Cafe was totally demolished, most of the walls were black, most likely from the explosion. Judge Hog was in the corner, tying up two Grundo's who were scowling faces, and all the other Defenders, with the exception of Aclaimisha were standing around him. Everyone seemed alive and all right, well, except for that one Purple Grundo on a stretcher...

     "YLANA!" a steely voice screamed.

     Ylana turned around to see it was Aclaimisha. Her usual white outfit was a dirty grey, and her eyes were sparkling out of rage.

     "YLANA! What were you doing? No, better yet, what were you thinking? You disobeyed a direct order back there, you know that?" Aclaimisha hollered.

     "I was getting rid of the robot the only way I could, that's what! If I'd had waited much longer--"

     "If you had waited much longer, Ylana, then my group would have come to back you up since we figured out how to defeat it!" the Aisha screamed. "That Grundo who was piloting it nearly died Ylana! He's hurt so bad now I doubt he'll ever walk again!"

     Ylana was about to fight back, but then she noticed something. Aclaimisha was yelling out her real name, something should never be done. "Aclaimisha, stop saying Ylana! I'm Flaming Sky, remember?" Ylana hissed to her with a sense of urgency.

     "Correction, you were Flaming Sky!" Aclaimisha hissed back, her eyes narrow.

     "W-were?" Ylana whispered. She could feel tears forming behind her eyes, and her blood was becoming to run cold. After all of these years of plotting, planning, they couldn't just be wasted...

     "Yes, were! After your supreme act of insubordination, you are now banned from the Defenders of Neopia for always and eternity!"

     Ylana expected to break down and cry after this, but an emotion that she hadn't felt since that day when her "friends" had trapped her in the hole erupted inside of her instead, and she liked it. "YEAH?" Ylana screamed, standing now. "WELL I DON'T CARE! I'M GLAD I'M NOT PART OF YOUR LOSER SQUAD ANYMORE! YOU HEAR ME? I'M GLAD!"

     Aclaimisha looked at her, somewhat shocked, and took a step back.

     Ylana advanced on her, though, making sure she could hear her screams as loud as possible, and for some odd reason she started laughing; laughing at the fact that her old teacher seemed scared. "SO WHAT? WHO CARES? I'M GLAD TO LEAVE YOU! JUST PAY ME AND I'LL LEAVE! AND I'M HAPPY ABOUT IT! SEE, I'M LAUGHING!" the blue Acara cackled. She then threw off her mask and utility belt and everything else that had belonged to the Defenders of Neopia.

     This time, it was Aclaimisha's turn to laugh.

     "Pay?" the Aisha giggled. Though her voice was soft, it had an undeniable tone of pure danger. "Pay? You thought to Defenders of Neopia paid?"

     Ylana only nodded her head, afraid of what was coming next.

     "You are more foolish than I could've ever believed! The Defenders of Neopia do not, and have never, paid anyone who work for them!"

     "But, on the day we met, you said the reward was better than anyone could imagine... What else could you mean?"

     "You were black hearted from the beginning if you thought I meant money when I said that! You fool, I meant the reward of the gratitude from the people you save! The reward of knowing you helped people out! The reward of the pride you feel when you realize you've thwarted an enemy! That's the reward I referred to! Can you not see that? If not, then I regret allowing Judge Hog to pass you into becoming a Defender of Neopia! I even regret recommending you for joining in the first place!" Aclaimisha screamed, rage reeking from her every pore. Her hair was standing on end, and she was starting to attract attention to herself.

     This time, Ylana actually broke down in tears. She was still angry, but also disappointed, disappointed in everything she could think of. She tried desperately to hide her tears, but it was impossible. No matter how hard she tried to act like she was sneezing when she held her arm to her face, the Acara's whimpers were quite audible.

     Then, Judge Hog came up, his face grave.

     "Well, what's the news?" Aclaimisha asked, her voice still bitter and harsh.

     "Well, the Grundo will be fine, but he says he won't press charges as long as I let him go free--"

     "YOU DIDN'T!"

     Judge Hog nodded his head sadly. "I had to," he conceded.

     The Rainbow Aisha yelled at the wall, and then kicked it venomously, leaving a large dent. "This is all your fault you know!" she spat at Ylana, who turned her head away from her piercing gaze.

     "Well, there's nothing we can do about it Aclaimisha, so let it go. Ylana Skyfire won't cause anymore trouble for us anymore. No come on, we're getting back on the ship," he said, signaling for them to follow.

     Ylana began to get up, but Aclaimisha stopped her.

     "He didn't mean you!" she hissed.

     The Acara took a step back, shocked and saddened. "But-- but what am I supposed to do? How do I get back to Neopia? I need a passport! I could get by being a Defender of Neopia and all, but if I can't go back with you guys, I'm stuck here forever!" Ylana cried with trembling lips.

     "I'm afraid that's your problem now. After all, you wouldn't want to accept help from the loser squad, would you?" Aclaimisha said. Her face lacked all emotion, and then she walked away with Judge Hog and didn't look back.

     Ylana sat there, frozen. What was she to do? Well, she could never leave the Space Station, that was for sure. We'll not until she became a legal citizen of it, and that would take a few years. The Acara hit her head up against the wall in rage, and then wished she didn't since the wall was made of steel. Anger and hate boiled inside her; now her plans of buying Mystery Island expanded, now she wanted Neopia Central too! No, she wanted the whole of Neopia! She wanted them to suffer, just like they made her suffer!

     All of the anger boiling inside Ylana was nearly impossible to control, and she felt sick. It must have shown on her face to, for a voice from behind asked her, "Trouble?"

     It was greasy, and most pets would've never trusted it, but in Ylana's state, any pity was appreciated. "Let's just say I had a bad day," she mumbled, not daring to look up.

     "You poor thing, would you like to come with me and tell me about it? We can go to my house and I can get you some coffee," the voice said.

     Ylana nodded her head; she had nothing better to do. Slowly she rose to her feet, still looking at the ground in rage.

     The two remained silent until they arrived at a very large corridor in the left side of the Space Station.

     "Ah, here's my house!" the figure, who Ylana now realized was cloaked in black, cried.

     They entered, and the cloaked figure led her to the kitchen, which was a good thing since it was a very massive house. He brought out two cups of coffee, and poured a whole lot of cream in Ylana's. Usually she didn't like cream, but she was so depressed and angry she didn't particularly care. She drained one whole cup in one gulp, and banged it back on the table. The coffee had an odd taste to it, but she wasn't about to complain over something that minuscule after the day she had had.

     "So, tell me about what's upsetting you," the cloaked figure asked.

     Before she knew it, Ylana was spilling her whole story to him. How she had hated her childhood, how she had set her mind to buying Mystery Island when she was little and kicking the mean people off, how the Defender Aclaimisha had saved her life and told her that Defender's got rewards, about her plot to become a Defender of Neopia... The story went on and on, and finally stopped when she was sitting right there.

     "That's terrible what the Defenders of Neopia, no, the whole of Neopia, did to you," the sympathetic figure in black muttered.

     Ylana nodded gratefully, she had come to like the figure in black.

     "Of course, this might actually be for the better. After all, if all that hadn't of happened, then you wouldn't be sitting right in front of me! It's been so long since I've found such a useful, I mean, wonderful pet as you," the figure continued.

     Ylana looked up, seeing the figure's face for the first time. He was green, and he slightly resembled a chicken, but he had been kind to her, so the Acara said nothing derogatory.

     "You know, I've had a bit of a grudge against Neopia for a little while now as well," he said simply as he glanced at his yellowing fingernails.

     "You have?" Ylana asked.

     "Yes, I have indeed. I've even been planning a bit of revenge against them. Maybe you'd like to assist me, I could use one of your skills. I'd pay well, so even if my scheme did fail, which I assure you that this is not likely, then you would have plenty of funds to begin your plans," he said, a smile forming on his twisted face.

     Ylana looked at him skeptically. "How do I know this isn't one of those lame schemes were you go and bombard people with cheap snowballs?" she asked dully.

     The green figure laughed, rose from his chair, and then signaled for her to follow him. He walked over to a picture frame, where he lifted it up to reveal a panel of symbols. He did a very complex combination, and suddenly the wall melted away. He walked through it, and Ylana followed him at a loss for words. Finally he stopped at a balcony, and ordered Ylana to look down.

     The Acara wanted to scream, but didn't have the lung capacity that was needed. Instead she let out a frightened hum. For below her were rows upon rows of robots, strong ones by the look of them.

     "Does this look like a lame scheme were you go bombard people with cheap snowballs?" the figure asked, a smile formed on his lips.

     Ylana shook her head, and then said, "I'll join."

     "Good. My name is Doctor Frank Sloth. You?"

     "Ylana Skyfire," Ylana said.

     "Nice to be working with you Miss Skyfire. I'll make your equipment in a bit," Doctor Sloth said. "I have to go do something now, but you make yourself at home. This is were you will be staying for quite a while now."

     Ylana nodded, at a loss for words. In just one day her whole life had changed, but for some odd reason, even though she now knew she was leading a life of crime, she smiled. She liked it this way.

     Ylana Skyfire won't cause anymore trouble for us anymore, Judge Hog had said. He was wrong. Oh, how very wrong indeed.

The End?

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