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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 144 > Continuing Series > The Defenders of Light: Part Eleven

The Defenders of Light: Part Eleven

by npmasterx01

The Day of Chaos

Sloth's men were seen hanging around Ransack's base and we have sent our secret agents to find out what is going on over there. It seems that no one has returned or contacted us for a week. BurnDragonX and I were sitting in the south control room when we heard a noise.

     "You can come out now! I have known that you were here ever since you entered the room," said BurnDragonX. All of a sudden, Chameleon appeared hanging from the ceiling and dropped to the ground.

     "I hate when you do that," said Chameleon. "Well, I have some bad news. King Cobra and Dr. Sloth have joined forces to rule Neopia."

     "Why are you telling us this when you are on their side?" I asked.

     "It is just like the Lord Darigan incident," said Chameleon. "They have harnessed the power of the Chaos weapons and have now eliminated half of the army."

     BurnDragonX and I went with Chameleon to Ransack's base. Chameleon and I flew while I held on to BurnDragonX. A group of soldiers came up to the roof level and aimed something at us.

     "I thought you said that it was just like the Lord Darigan incident," I said.

     "Well, the loyalists stay alive, but anyone who opposes the idea is eliminated. Watch out!" yelled Chameleon.

     "Rocket launchers!" gasped BurnDragonX. Rockets were shot into the air from ten places on the roof. One of the rockets hit my wing which damaged the rest of my body when it exploded. Everything went black. I woke up on the rooftop of the Ransack base. BurnDragonX was attacking the enemy soldiers with incredible speed. One of the Ransackian soldier managed to make a direct hit on the mutant Lupe with their rocket launcher. All of a sudden, a shadow fell over us. It was Chameleon.

     "Fools! You fell for the oldest trick in the book!" said Chameleon.

     "I would have to differ. There are a lot older tricks in the book in which you speak of," I said as one of the soldiers directed their gun at me. I quickly rolled out of the way, but was damaged by the impact of the blast. As I flew over the edge of the building and started falling towards the ground below, I couldn't help but think about why we were beaten by a small group of average soldiers and a gray Shoyru (not silver).

     I had awoken once again in a dungeon when I heard a whisper.

     "Are you okay?" asked a voice. Without warning, the cell door opened.

     "How's there?" I asked. It was too late. He was already gone. BurnDragonX was no where in sight, either. I entered the hallway to find Fury and Brutal lain on the floor with huge slash marks in them. They were both in bad condition. Chameleon appeared in front of me and eight more soldiers with rocket launchers. I activated a Blue Clockwork Grundo and sent it in the direction of one of the soldiers and he fainted. The explosion also defeated another rocket launcher. I attacked two soldiers with my Lost Desert Daggers. Two of the other soldiers were about to shoot when I threw the daggers into the rocket launcher. Their guns exploded and sent them flying backwards into the far wall. I used a fireball on one of the soldiers and he fainted. The last one was a mutant Shoyru. "So, Sloth is here after all," I said as I used Shoyru Inferno on him. The mutant fell to the floor with only Chameleon still standing.

     "You are practically out of weapons to fight with," said Chameleon.

     "I still have magic power!" I said as I attacked Chameleon with Song of the Volcano.

     "No!" cried Chameleon as he fell to the floor and tried to get back up. I jumped and attacked him. The gray Shoyru fainted.

     "HeckDragonX!" said a voice. I glanced in the direction the voice came from. It was Bain, Canken, Hack, and another member of the X-Ransackian group, Gin. He was a white Jetsam. Following them were more X-Ransackian soldiers.

     "Your always late!" I said.

     "We came as soon as we heard the news!" said Hack.

     "Take Brutal and Fury back to the base!" commanded Gin. Two of the men carried the two wounded enemies away.

     "Don't forget, Chameleon! Wait, where did he go? He got away again," I said. "Did you let me out of the cell?"

     "No, that was probably one of the other leaders, Dark Ninja or Velocity if that is what you want to call him," said Canken. "From looking at the size of the slash made on Brutal and Fury's backs, of course."

     "How come I didn't see him?" I asked.

     "He has an ultimate speed of about one thousand," said Bain.

     "How did you find out that I was captured?" I asked.

     "Prototype_Barry escaped and told us," said Hack.

     "Who knows how he escaped this fortress," said Bain.

     "I am not surprised," I said. The five of us continued down the hallway and told the other soldiers to split up and search for Chameleon. When we reached the end of the hall, there was a door. Canken opened it and we entered. It was a field of bushes and very tall grass.

     "Is this an exit?" asked Canken.

     "Look out!" yelled a voice. Canken fell to the left and in his place was an arrow. A shadow Techo in a ninja suit appeared next to Canken.

     "You are in the middle of the first floor of this base. In the middle of each floor is an inside garden," said the ninja. "This is Arrowhead's field. Watch out for incoming arrows."

     "Wait!" I said as he disappeared. Just then, three arrows went past the corner of my eye. As a arrow approached me, I took out my Large Metal Shield. The arrow hit the shield and it fell to the ground. Canken got back up.

     "Split up!" yelled Canken. We all ran in different directions. Arrows flew in all directions. All of a sudden, a Lupe appeared from underneath a bush and shot three arrows at once. Bain dodged it. Once again, he popped out of a bush, but on the opposite side.

     "What are we going to do?" asked Hack. The Lupe appeared again and I finally got a good glimpse of him. He was a blue Lupe that could stand up on his hind legs. He also had a band tied around his head that covered his eyes along with a scar on the left side of his face. Arrowhead wore no armor surprisingly enough. He disappeared under the bushes again.

     "Stop moving!" I commanded. Everyone froze in their positions. Arrowhead emerged from the green camouflage. He stood there dazed and confused. The Lupe reached for his bandana and moved it to his forehead. Before he could figure out what was going on, I used Shoyru Dive. Arrowhead disappeared back into the green sea of underbrush.

     "Where did he go?" asked Canken.

     "He's gone!" said Bain. All of a sudden, a door at the other end of the field opened. We cautiously traveled through the underbrush to our destination. After entering, the door closed behind us. It was another hallway, but with only two doors.

     "Which one should we take?" I asked.

     "Let's take the door at the end of the hall!" said Canken.

     "Let's take a vote!" suggested Hack. All the votes were submitted and the results were four votes to take the door at the end of the hall and one to take the door on our right. We proceeded down the hallway and entered. It was another dungeon. We started to exam the cells. All of a sudden, I stopped to find the X-Ransackian soldiers that we had sent to find Chameleon were bound and chained in some of the cells.

     "Where are the keys?" asked Gin.

     "Looking for these?" asked a voice. We turned around to see Commander Garoo guarding the entrance with a set of keys in his hand.

     "Commander Garoo! So nice to see you again," I said. "Last place I saw you was in the Sector 6 dungeon. It is kind of weird how you always show up in a place like this. I can tell that you have learned nothing over this long period of defeat."

     "He still works for Dr. Sloth," said Bain in amazement. Just then, Garoo attacked Bain by hitting him in the stomach. He fainted, of course. Then, he attacked Hack, but missed because of his size. The tiny Chia attacked with a Level 2 Bubble Gun. Canken attacked Garoo with his slingshot. I used my Shoyru Grappling Hook to steal the keys. He didn't seem to notice. As he battled against my other allies, I unlocked the cell doors. After unlocking ten doors, I spotted a mutant Lupe. He looked up.

     "HeckDragonX!" said BurnDragonX in excitement. "How did you..."

     "Never mind that. We must defeat Garoo!" I said. Only one cell remained locked, but it wasn't an X-Ransackian soldier. I used Night Vision and approached the cell. It was too dark to see normally in this part of the dungeon. "HeckHunterX," I said in bewilder, "what are you doing here?"

     "There is one more prisoner behind that slate over there," said the pirate Shoyru. I moved it to find a small tunnel. HeckHunterX is my one of my cousins.

     "Could you get that one for me?" I asked as I unlocked his cell and handed him the keys. HeckHunterX disappeared into the tunnel. I turned my view back to the fight. Garoo threw one of the soldiers across the room. Everyone else were lain on the ground and up against the wall. Garoo started walking towards me, but stopped three seconds later. He fell to the floor and in his place stood Gin. "Throw him into one of the cells!" I said. Just then, HeckHunterX appeared from the hole in the wall with a yellow Gelert.

     "What is your name?" asked HeckDragonX.

     "People like to call me Lightning Pup or just plain Pup," replied the Gelert.

     "Okay! Do you have any fighting experience or useful equipment?" asked HeckDragonX.

     "Not at the moment," said Pup.

     "Escort them out of the building," commanded HeckDragonX as he faced the soldiers that were once locked in the cells. The soldiers did as they were told and disappeared with HeckHunterX and Pup.

     "Let me out of here or I will make your lives a living heck!" yelled Garoo.

     "Not in your life," said Gin.

     "Is everyone ready to move on?" I asked.

     "Just about!" said Gin.

     "Okay! Let's move out!" I commanded. We retraced our steps to the other side of the hall and went through the other door this time. It was a staircase swirling up into the unknown region of Ransack's base. We started climbing.

     "These steps are steeper than the ones I have at home!" said Canken. When we reached the top, there was a clicking noise and then it stopped.

     "What was that?" I asked. All of a sudden, a flash of darkness pushed me and I fell down the stairs. I managed to stop myself and get back up, but everyone was running past me as I did. I stood there in shock as a boulder started rolling towards me. The flash of darkness grabbed me. Within ten seconds, I was at the bottom of the stairway again. For two seconds my rescuer was visible. It was the Dark Ninja. Then he disappeared. When the others reached the bottom, a minute later, the boulder was still following them. All of a sudden while they were on the bottom floor, Bain stopped and managed to stop the boulder in it's tracks. He let go and it stood there. Now, there was a ticking sound coming from it.

     "It's a bomb!" yelled Hack. We all turned around to find that the door was locked. In panic, Bain started pushing it up the stairway.

     "What are you doing?" asked Canken.

     "I am saving your hides!" yelled Bain as he picked up the pace.

     "Are you crazy?" asked Gin.

     "If one of us doesn't do something, we will all die!" yelled Bain going even faster.

     "You will never make it back in time!" said Hack. There was no response. All of a sudden, Bain appeared at the bottom of the stairway.

     "It looks like he is here," said Bain.

     "Is the bomb at the top?" I asked.

     "Yes," said Bain. There was an ear shattering explosion from above us and the stairway started to collapse. "Now what do we do?" asked Bain.

     "Do you know how to climb?" I asked.

     It seemed like an hour until we reached the top again. In the doorway at the top was another passage, but with one door all the way at the end. We crossed the level 2 hallway and entered the door. It was a large field with someone in the middle. The five of us along with the rest of the troops, crossed the level 2 field arena and approached the man. He was a Paladin Lupe like the one you would find as a shopkeeper. Behind him laid a bag with ropes tied around it. It was Punchbag Bob.

     "Welcome to my field!" said the Paladin Lupe.

     "So that is where Punchbag Bob has been!" said Canken. "I saw it on the milk carton!"

     "You will be my opponent!" challenged the Paladin Lupe as he pointed to me. The Lupe handed me a Shoyru Battle Sabre and took out his sword.

     "I don't get it!" I said. All of a sudden, my DOC started beeping.

     "That must be Slasher, Ransack's master swordsman. The one you battled before was Arrowhead, Ransack's master archer. They are bounty hunters. Many like to call them the Lupe Brothers," said Dr. Livingston.

     "How did you know where we are?" I asked.

     "Barry is tracking you and has been doing so since you entered the level 1 field," said Dr. Livingston.

     "Where is he?" I asked.

     "Wouldn't you like to know?" asked Dr. Livingston as he signed out. Slasher attacked me and I jumped up into the air coming down with a strike in the back. I maintained my balance as I prepared for the next attack. Once again he swung his sword and I jumped up. It was too late when I found out that he also jumped into the air and struck my side with his weapon. When we landed he repeated the process. Now I had to figure out where he was going to strike next. He swung, I ducked, and I swung back. Time froze for what seemed like forever. I turned around to face Slasher and found that he was gone.

     "Where did he go?" I asked. Everyone shrugged. All of a sudden, the door at the other end opened and we went through the open passage. This time it was just a stairwell. After we climbed to the top, we found another field. At the other end stood Arrowhead. Canken started running towards him and the Lupe launched an arrow. He dodged it and Slasher dropped from out of nowhere. With a swing of his sword, he attacked, but missed. Canken appeared back at the entrance with the Dark Ninja.

     "How many times do I have to save you until you give up?" asked the Dark Ninja as he disappeared. My DOC beeped again.

     "Did I forget to mention they don't help each other very often?" asked Dr. Livingston. "They are known to be almost the perfect match against anyone and have never lost once together."

     "Dr. Livingston!" I said after there was a load crash at the other end. All of a sudden, an arrow soared past my head and there was a blood curdling screech.

     "Hack!" yelled Bain. I turned around to find Hack lain on the ground. All of a sudden everything was silent except for a beating sound. It was as if I could hear his heart. The beat slowed down until it stopped. I turned around to face the bounty hunter grinning as he watched the little Chia pass away. Just then I got really angry and ran at full speed toward the Archer. Both Lupes attacked me at once. I jumped over Slasher and the arrow flew past me hitting the Paladin Lupe in the arm with which he held his sword. Arrowhead started to panic and started shooting arrows in random directions. When I was starting to get close to him the Lupe lowered his bandana over his eyes. He stood there for a second and then aimed toward me. Arrowhead let it go and it flew towards my head. Just then I noticed a rock and pushed myself to the left of it letting the arrow barely miss me. After the Lupe took off his blind fold, he stood there in astonishment that I survived his best shot. I drew my sword, hoisted it over my shoulder, jumped into the air, and with a swing of my sword Arrowhead was defeated. The empty shell of a bounty hunting archer fell to the ground in silence. I could hear the swordsman's cries of pain as I turned around and started walking back in the opposite direction. I approached Slasher.

     "Go ahead! Finish me off already!" said Slasher.

     "I will forgive you and let you go if you tell me what is going on around here," I said.

     "I didn't get very much information from the boss, but I heard that Sloth has come here and is working with Ransack to get rid of the Defenders of Light," said Slasher. "I also heard that they had sent androids to destroy your base."

     "Do you know who they have recreated?" I asked.

     "One of them has very strong psychic powers and the second one has an ultimate strength of two hundred. The last one is some kind of mutant. I heard that one of them is someone who resembles someone you know," said Slasher. "I don't know anything else."

     "You bounty hunters are always more reasonable than some of these crooks," I said as I made a signal to Canken and the others. After we made it to the side of the room in which Arrowhead had been defeated, Punchbag Bob was untied and one of the men took him back to the first floor.

     "All of you make sure that this place is secure," said Gin. All of the X-Ransackian soldiers left leaving Canken, Gin, Bain, and I behind. Bain opened the door and we entered.

To be continued...

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