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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Hunting, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 144 > New Series > Tale Spinner: Part One

Tale Spinner: Part One

by scarrift

Where am I?

     A sharp sound came from an open door to the right. Peeking through the small slit in the door, revealed a small red Kacheek sitting alone in an abandoned art classroom, a pencil with a broken tip held in her open paw. Tears were welling up in the Kacheek's eyes and immediately she thrust her head into her arms, shoulders shaking.

     "Do not cry little one, wipe away those tears," came a warm, assuring voice. The red Kacheek looked up and saw a faerie standing in front of her. The sun's rays shined from behind the faerie's and gave her a calm glow. Sniffing, the Kacheek wiped her eyes with a furry paw and stared at the faerie before her. The Light Faerie smiled warmly at the bewildered Kacheek before continuing in the same kind tone.

     "Little one, you have many talents little Carina Vayle. I feel you are responsible enough to handle a simple gift so I present to you this trinket to replace your broken pencil."

     The faerie extended a hand and Carina's eyes widened when she saw a shiny gold-tipped fountain pen, small enough to fit in her small paws. Then she looked expectantly at the faerie.

     "Can I please have the pretty pen, please?" Carina asked. The faerie laughed merrily.

     "And so polite too, of course you can have the pen, Carina Vayle." Carina was about to take the pen when the faerie withdrew her hand. "First Carina I want you to promise me that you'll always write only what is true. This pen is a very special pen and it can only be used to write what has truly happened. It will also never run out of ink so you needn't worry about it. Can you promise me that you will always hold on to this pen and use it to write only the truth?"

     "Yes, okay, Miss Faerie, I promise that I will," Carina said quickly. The faerie smiled and handed Carina the pen. Carina felt the warm surface of the pen and stroked the gold tip. "Wow, pretty." The Kacheek and the faerie faded away.

     Why am I here? Why am I seeing this?

     A garbled array of voices droned in the background but two very distinct voices sounded in the air.

     "Just you wait Billy, I'll tell," Carina squeaked painfully as she picked herself off the floor.

     "Go ahead and tell, you little pipsqueak, see if I care." That set the Wocky off laughing again. Carina huffed and strode off towards the Neoschool's main doors.

     This can't be happening. I feel dizzy.

     Then the surroundings became a room, a child's room. A small red Kacheek was kneeling next to a small pile of books strewn on the floor, a tear glistening on one cheek. Her paws moved slowly, picking up a book then setting it down on a pile then picking up another and repeating the entire process. Then the Kacheek stopped. Carefully she picked up a small gold pen and held it up.

     Her thoughts rang out clear as a bell.

     Hmm, where did this come from? Carina puzzled as she picked up the pen and turned it over. I remember, Miss Faerie gave it to me! Oh well, I'll use this then. Carina happily laid the notebook on her desk and set the pen on the clean white paper. Hmm, now what shall I write? Carina thought, her brow furrowed. I know, I'll write about that mean Billy!

     Carina started writing a story about a heroic Petpet from Meridell (actually the next door neighbour's one) who went to fight an evil Wocky (Billy) who had bullied a red Kacheek named (of course) Carina. Gold ink flowed effortlessly from the pen's sharp tip and glowed a soft gold colour but Carina too no notice. The more Carina wrote the less angry and sad she felt and after about an hour had passed she was nearly done, a small smile on her face.

     … And the evil Billy was never seen ever again. The Petpet was aptly rewarded with as much snacks as his little Petpet belly could take by the kind faerie - OH NO!

     Carina had just remembered the second part of the promise she made to the beautiful faerie that gave her the pen; write only the truth. Looking down at her notebook, she now saw the glow of the gold letters and was about to rub of the ink with her eraser when the gold ink faded into a normal black shade. Try as she might to rub off them off the words stubbornly refused to vanish. Beads of sweat were now streaming down her forehead and she was still holding onto the pen. Carefully she closed the book and ran to her bed, burying herself under the sheets so she wouldn't be seen. Soon she fell asleep, the pen still grasped tightly in her paws. It swirled and floated away as if a breeze was blowing.

     I … I can't take th … this anymore

     "Carina dear, remember that nice woman next door and her Uni," her father began hesitantly. "Well today they lost their Doglefox, you remember the one you like to play with when they weren't around." Carina gasped and clutched her paws to her mouth, but her father assumed it was nothing more than shock so he continued. "I was helping them look for their Petpet all afternoon and that's why I'm late. Carina I know you're upset -"

     "It's all my fault," Carina wailed, tears streaming down her eyes. "It's all my fault." Carina's father looked surprised at his daughter and patted her on her shoulder.

     Two wet tears fell on to the landscape as it swirled.

     Why… why is this happening again?

     "I know what you wish to tell me, Carina Vayle," 'Miss Faerie' said sadly. "And I wish that it can be fixed, but I'm afraid it can't. Your neighbour's Petpet is lost forever, and so is the Wocky named Billy."

     "I don't care about Billy, Miss Faerie," Carina replied desperately. "All I want is to have the Doglefox back where it is." The Light Faerie's eyes narrowed slightly.

     "Carina, do you not think that Billy may have had a family," she said coldly. "A family that is now worrying and searching for him. You made two, not one but two, groups of people, your neighbour and Billy's family, worry about the thing they love the most and you and I both know they will never see them again. And Carina you broke our promise." Carina lowered her head and started sniffing. She felt guilty for what she had done and was about to burst into tears.

     "I … I'm sorry Miss Faerie, I really am, and… and I promise that I'll never do it again," Carina cried, a tear falling from her furry cheeks. "Can you … can you make everything all right again, please." The faerie shook her head slowly.

     "I am sorry Carina but I cannot. You must realise that I cannot simply wave my hand and make things back the way it was. It is much more complicated than that and I regret to tell you I cannot reverse what has already passed. There is nothing you and I can do." The Light Faerie put a warm, reassuring hand on Carina's shaking shoulder. Carina looked up at her, tears welling in her eyes.

     "You mean -"

     "Yes Carina, I am sorry." Carina looked away, warm tears flowing down her face. Then her hand brushed the gold pen at her side. Slowly she took it out and held it out to the Light Faerie. She looked at the pen before her and smiled. "I know what you are thinking but you must remember your promise to keep that pen always and use it only to write the truth. I will give you a second chance to keep both your promises and I hope you learn a lesson from all this." The faerie started drifting further away from Carina. "Goodbye, Carina Vayle." Then she vanished and Carina knew she would never see her again.

     Carina looked down at the golden pen in her open paw. No! This can't be! Carina thought angrily to herself. I know, I'll write them back! That's it. Why didn't I think of this before? Carina quickly rummaged through her bag and grabbed the Acara notebook, opened it and laid it on the desk. Carina shook the gold pen and started to write.

     Or would have. Carina struggled to think of something to write, some brilliant story that would bring everything back to normal, a happy ending. Sadly she couldn't, her mind a total blank. It was fear. I can't do this, Carina thought, fingers trembling. What if something goes wrong? What if I make things worst? What if Miss Faerie finds out? I … can't do it. Carina let the pen drop from her paws and watched it roll across the notebook. Quietly she scooped up the notebook and pen and carefully kept them in her knapsack with a sob. She couldn't make things right, no one could. With that Carina picked up her schoolbag, pushed open the abandoned classroom's creaking door and walked out into the dark hallways

     I don't want to see anymore. I … I …

     "Carina stay here. I have something to do in the cave."

     "But I want to come with you, Dad," Carina begged. Her father shook his head and held her tightly.

     "No, Carina, stay here," Carina's father said firmly. Turning he rushed into the dark cave mouth. The little red Kacheek watched her father enter the cave and fell to her knees.

     "Dad …"


     Carina bolted upright in her bed, her breathing laboured and cold sweat dripping down her pallid face. Pale moonlight filtered through the curtains of her room and bathed her in its cool glow. Carina looked at her red paws and held them to her face, wiping away a few stray tears that had formed.

     "It was just a nightmare," Carina told herself as her breathing slowed. "It was just a nightmare." Then she lay down, staring at the ceiling. Carina stared at the ceiling for the rest of the hour before sleep finally came for her.

* * * * *

High above the clouds hanging over Neopia, Fyora the Faerie Queen watched the world of Neopia from the safety of her hidden tower. She could see the moon, Kreludor, and the small, ball-sized array of lights that was the Virtupets Space Station above her and the quiet, peaceful lands of Neopia below her.

     Fyora turned to her crystal ball next to her and peered listlessly into it, watching as Carina fell asleep. Fyora stared as the shifting image of the red Kacheek clouded over and recalled what had happened 15 years ago.

* * * * *

"But Your Highness, I wish to point out that the Neopians below are too dependent on us for help. I would suggest that we make them forge their own future and leave us to our own dealings. We have too much on our mind as it is, my queen."

     Fyora sat in her throne and listened intently to the husky voice of Jhudora the Dark Faerie. Jhudora's sister, Illusen, sat kneeled beside her and calmly listened before replying.

     "Your Highness, the Neopians below are still in need of our help and us being higher beings need to help out a person in need. I have lived in the land below and - "

     "And have helped those useless, spineless little Neopets who expect us to do everything for them! Sista' you really need to see the big picture!" Jhudora spread her hands in a sweeping gesture. " Soon we'll be overrun by requests and even our Queen could not handle it then," Jhudora spat in contempt. Fyora held out her hands.

     "Enough of this bickering." Illusen and Jhudora both bowed and Fyora continued. "I will take the matter into consideration. In the meantime you are both dismissed. Faerie court is adjourned." Fyora watched as Illusen, Fyora and a multitude of lesser faeries streamed out. Fyora caught Jhudora staring at her sister with disdain, but could only shake her head. Sibling rivalry, that's all it is. Idly, Fyora looked out of one of the faerie palace's many large windows and started thinking.

     Then she got an idea. Hurriedly she rushed to her hidden tower to begin crafting the artefact. The Neopians below could and will carve their own history, no one could tell them otherwise, and this will be the perfect object to help them out. Fluttering daintily to her tower, Fyora unlocked the door and snapped it shut. An hour later the gold material on her small table began to take shape … into the shape of a pen.

Two weeks later

"My Queen, your art improves with the ages."

     "Yes, yes, it is beautiful as it is powerful."

     Fyora listened as all kinds of faeries, from dark to light and fire to water, all admired her latest artefact. She motioned for silence. "This will be a gift to the Neopians below and hopefully they will use it wisely."

     Jhudora jumped at the chance. "Your Highness, if I may be so bold, I know the perfect Neopian to accept such a rare gift." She was thinking of her more sinister servants. Illusen saw through the charade at once.

     "My Queen, my sister is far from qualified to partake of such an artifact. Might I present it to a more deserving soul."

     "Sista' you had your chance and you blew it! It was my idea in the first place!"

     "What about us? We helped forge it," squeaked a couple of Fire Faeries.

     "Yeah, don't forget us," piped a group of Air Faeries.

     The arguments gathered speed and soon the whole throne room was in disarray. Fyora began to regret asking all the faeries to help make the pen, regretted even making the artefact. The noise was overwhelming and Fyora couldn't stand it any longer.

     "ENOUGH!" The faeries froze and stared at their queen. Rarely did her temper show and they were all stunned. "I will choose the one who will receive the artefact and who will present it in one week and no more. Does anyone disagree?" All heads in the throne room, even Jhudora's, shook. "Good, now, dismissed."

A week later

"Your Highness, I wish to say that I respect the choice you have made," an Earth Faerie named Illusen said reverently. All the other assembled faeries too nodded their heads, disappointed. Fyora nodded and ignored the figure next to her. The figure was Jhudora the Dark Faerie, who at this time was trembling with mute anger. Illusen looked at her sister and knew exactly what she was thinking, and this made her grin. Finally Jhudora spoke in an even voice.

     "My Queen, I wish to say how disappointed I am with your choice," the Dark Faerie began. "But I do not wish to contest it and like the council I will respect your choice. I take my leave." Then she saw her sister's grin. "What are YOU smiling at?" Jhudora shouted at Illusen.

     "Oh nothing," Illusen said wistfully. "It's just your face looks so puffy when you're mad."

     "What?! Why I -"

     "Thank you Jhudora," Fyora said finally. "And Illusen," she added. Both bowed respectfully, though Jhudora's fists were clenched tightly. Fyora continued. "Faerie court is now adjourned. You may go now." Jhudora jumped to her feet and stomped out of the hall, Illusen following suit, surely to heap some more insults on her sister. Fyora smiled as she watched the rest of the faeries floated off dejectedly but she knew they would get over it, someday. Then her smile vanished and she said a silent prayer and hoped that Carina would get over it too.

* * * * *

Fyora shook her head and looked out the window yet again. Truly she wished that Carina could forget the tragedies that happened, but she knew that the years could not erase the bad memories. She regretted her decision, but it was too late. What had passed had passed.

     Fyora floated away from the window and retreated deeper into the recesses of her tower.

To be continued …

Author's Note: A sad tale no doubt but this is just the prologue. In the next part the story really picks up so stay tuned.

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