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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Gathering, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 144 > Articles > Still Waiting?- A Sequel to While You Are Waiting...

Still Waiting?- A Sequel to While You Are Waiting...

by marlowefsh

FREE KRAWK! Once again, I have your attention! Now, after a long 80 things to do at the Wheel of Monotony from my last article, you are once again waiting.... So now what do you do?

80 more things!

Yes, indeed, I bring you another article. Only this one won't be pointless. This one will touch the hearts of thousands of people. This one will bring tears in your eyes. This one will- oh, what am I talking about? This one will be the same as the last one. Because change is good. Wait! I mean, change it not good! Oh, never mind. After all, what do I know?

So, here I bring you, 80 MORE things to do while waiting for the Wheel of Monotony to stop!

1. Make a comic book using all the comics from the Neopian Times.

2. Flood Neopia with Purple Juppie Pudding.

3. Capture the Light Faerie inside an empty Bottle of Love.

4. Climb to the top of the Neolodge, shout, "I AM THE MASTER OF MEEPITS!!!", jump down, and land with a neat twirl.

5. Convince Neopia Meepits are taking over the world with plastic butter knifes.

6. Rub out the Money Tree with the eraser on the Back to School shop.

7. Give a Yurble a snazzy hair-do.

8. Mount the Turmaculus, ride him to Faerieland, and squish Jhudora.

9. Go swimming in the Healing Springs.

10. Outline Neopia with a Neopian Times Quill.

11. Play basketball with the Shop Wizard.

12. Lose a full game of Tyrannian Mini Golf to a Rotten Tomato.

13. Collect every single Siggy on the Message Boards.

14. Lose Ultimate Bullseye to a Pet Rock.

15. Make up a song in the tune of the Meepit Juice Break music.

16. Jump up and down on a Stone Bed until it breaks.

17. Jump on a plushie Uni, shout, "TO THE GARDEN SHED, SQUEAKY!", ride the plushie to the shed, and make a plan to take over the world with a piece of cheese.

18. Figure out whether Elephantes can REALLY fly, or are the wings just pointless.

19. Join Chomby and the Fungus Balls playing a mushroom.

20. Go bowling with a Coconut JubJub.

21. Build yourself a swimming pool of Lime Jelly.

22. Shake hands with a Floud.

23. Get all your Neopets up to level 10,000,000.

24. While you're at it, might as well get all the Neopets up to level 10,000,000.

25. Make Neoschools come out.

26. Have a Quiggle Pie fight with a blue Quiggle.

27. Pelt a Dark Faerie with Avocado Chias.

28. Write a story with the quill from the Neopian Times CHAMPION!!! trophy.

29. Interview Punchbag Bob.

30. Play hopscotch with a Puppyblew.

31. Climb to the top of Coltzan's Shrine, shouting, "FEEP!!!" repeatedly until a wild herd of Feepits gather around you.

32. Dance the Funky Monkey with the Tombola Man.

33. Make a yellow Meepit drink so much red Juppie Juice it turns orange.

34. Blow your nose and find Meuka in the tissue. (ew!)

35. Make best friends with the Balthazar.

36. Put out the Flaming Meerca with a bottle of water.

37. Use the Cleaning Blob to make the Black Pteri white.

38. Give Boochi a bath.

39. Make a plushie out of baby food- after all, it LOOKS like blobs, so it should work like at the Freaky Factory.... right?

40. Dust the Meridell Castle.

41. Figure out why this number was missing in the first article.

42. Write an article as good as mine. *snicker*

43. Juggle a Neopian Times article, the Money Tree, and a gift box.

44. Go for a relaxing swim in the Bubbling Pit.

45. Carpet your Neohome with the book Attack On Kreludor.

46. Do the Petpet quiz and NOT be a Pink Slorg.

47. Ride a Faerie Grundo to Faerieland.

48. "Borrow" the Wheel of Excitement and use it as a wind mill.

49. Figure out how to make the Wheel of Monotony stop so you won't have to read articles like these.

50. Cover the Faerie Bookshop with Blue Sparkly Paint.

51. Find the end of the rainbow over the Rainbow Pool.

52. Find a pot of Neopoints at the end.

53. REALLY put clothes on a neopet.

54. Make Adam NOT smell of poo.

55. Go sailing in a Toy Sail Boat.

56. Convince Punchbag Bob to take over the world.

57. Go sleighing on a pink Bruce.

58. Go to Neoschool... oh wait, those aren't out yet, are they?

59. Play Kick the Strawberry Achyfi Can with a Flotsam.

60. Pelt the Hikalakas with Sushi Rolls.

61. Cheer up a grey Cybunny.

62. Make a life-size Lord Kass out of Italian meatloaf.

63. Teach a Fish Doughbutfruit how to swim.

64. Cover Neopia with Chia Powder and turn EVERYTHING into a Chia....

65. ....Then get rid of all the food except Asparagus Chia Pops so everyone turns into Asparagus and Adam eats everybody and then himself.

67. Steal the Snorkle on top of the Petpet shop.

68. Steal the Neocola machine with your secret weapon... a Simple Ivory Love Spoon!

69. Eat the Food Shop... after all, it LOOKS like a hamburger!

70. Read the books outside the Book Shop.

71. Draw a funny mustache on the Art Centre statue.

72. Tape a sign on Lord Darigan's back that says, "Kick me if you love Meridell."

73. Decorate the castle in the Citadel of Evil with pretty pink flags.

74. Pick a basket of roses and give it to a Darigan Meerca.

75. Draw funny glasses on the Cave Paintings.

76. Blow down the houses at the Tyrannian Village.

77. Sink Krawk Island with a Poison Dart.

78. Bring Faerieland down from the sky with a Blue Sticky Hand.

79. Trip the Turmacculus by holding out your leg when it comes stomping by.

80. Think of 80 more things to do so I won't have to keep writing these articles.

Well, there you are once again. Wasn't that just wonderful? Did that touch your heart, bring tears to your eyes, inspire you forever? Sure it did. Right? Right...

And of course it was worth that little Kacheekers Board you got this time. Certainly! I mean, doesn't the Citadel of Evil look pretty with all those pink flags? Uh-oh! I better run- here comes Lord Darigan! If anyone asks, it was the Meepits!

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