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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 29th day of Storing, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 144 > Articles > Will Roses Crowd the Garden of Talent?

Will Roses Crowd the Garden of Talent?

by chloe_myers

TYRANNIA - It was a bright sunny day in Neopia, a day when anyone with a personality should have been outside enjoying the sun. There were indeed many pets doing just that, but one in particular, who did have a rather unique attitude, was visiting with the new and popular rock band, Twisted Roses. With striking black and red attire and a loud metal sound, they truly fit the term Goth-rock. “They really have their own style,” says Strawberry_Fur, an avid fan of the girls. (She’s also our reporter). “You can hardly go to Tyrannia anymore without hearing banging drums and sizzling electric guitar!”

This is sort of true; ever since the Roses played their first concert, ticket sales, even for other bands, have boomed. The ticket seller claims it is because of the wonderful low prices, but we have our doubts. “Low?” exploded an innocent passerby. “Why, they’re bloody expensive, that they are!”

According to Strawberry_Fur’s helper in reporting, Ecstasy the Mazzew, the Roses are near the top of the charts. “Although they are fairly new to the competitive world of music,” says Ecstasy, “they are doing very well in the eye of the public and have amazing potential.”

Indeed, whenever the Roses play live, crowds flock to buy even the last ticket, they sell so fast. It seems the three young pets are very modest about their fame, and they love their fans. “We do get a lot of roses though,” says Lexi, the white Ixi and lead guitarist. “People seem to think we want to have them tossed up onto stage while we perform. It does get a bit tiresome.” The Ixi also states that they are going to make a giant dried-flower quilt and raffle it off at a future concert.

If you’re a fan of the band and just can’t seem to get enough, then you might want to consider joining the official Twisted Roses Fan Club. Founded not too long ago by Strawberry_Fur herself, the club is a great place for anyone who is just plain obsessed with Twisted Roses. “We have giveaways, parties, interviews, even host concerts!” cries Strawberry_Fur excitedly. “You’ll know you’ve come to the right place when you step into the room and feel the drums pounding in your very bloodstream!”

Much to our dismay, a recent poll indicates that less than half of the Neopets in Neopia would pick Twisted Roses over one of the older and more popular bands. This is most likely because the promotional items given out at the veteran bands’ performances are worth far more when sold in shops. “I don’t understand how anyone could resist the loud angsty thrill of this remarkable and talented group!” exclaims Strawberry_Fur, near tears.

It seems people were more interested in learning about the band’s history and rise to fame, so we asked for an exclusive interview. Strawberry_Fur was more than happy to arrange one, as long as she got to do it.

The three lovely ladies sat down with our over-exuberant Gelert and the four of them began to talk. The skunk Zafara, Tanya, explained how she had always been a fan of hard rock, even as a child. When her father got her her very own flying-V, she knew she was destined to play electric guitar. “And I play drums like nobody’s business,” bragged Marquee, the shadow Shoyru. “My mom always told me to ‘quit that racket.’ Now I can bang and clash as loud as I want and people throw roses at me!” Lexi, who is lead singer and also plays bass, simply stated that her parents hadn’t helped her at all in finding her dreams. “I would go over to Tanya’s garage and jam with the girls. No one cared I was gone.” This statement stirred strong feelings in Ecstasy the Mazzew, who was taking notes on her clipboard and bringing fresh coffee every now and again. She said sadly that she had spent her entire young life waiting to be sold to the Wheel of Monotony. She had nearly gone crazy when at last she was sent to live with Strawberry_Fur. “We are best friends now!” she sobbed in pure joy. We then reminded her that this was off topic and she needed to continue with the interview or else let someone else handle it.

“This whole fan club guild, is it really worth it?” Strawberry_Fur asked of a random Neopet who stood waiting for his mother outside the door. “No, it stinks. Who wants roses anyway?” complained the young Cybunny. He said his mom was a fan and had forced him to join as well. But another pet was just as avid in a good way. “We LOVE them!” she bubbled. “The Roses are my idols!”

Whatever your own opinion, it is believed that the Roses will indeed continue to grow as artists and as icons of the music industry. With unique costumes and an excellent way of expressing both sorrow and anger at the same time, the odds of them becoming one of the most respected and revered bands of our day are quite high. Although their music is geared towards teenage pets, a rare few adults have expressed their delight and appreciation. “I just love those girls! They ROCK!” says a middle-aged Faerie Zafara as she waves her Twisted Roses key ring. “They ROCK!”

The true origin of Twisted Roses lies in Neopia Central. The three pets lived in the same neighborhood as long as they can remember, and they all attended school together. “We would practice every day for 8 hours!” says Marguee. (We have our suspicions about the actual time). The young pets never quite knew that their melancholic melodies would ever be more than an annoyance to their families. However, someone did recognize their talent. “These girls are wicked good!” says Mr. Draik, a talent scout from Tyrannia. He has a slight accent and a knack for spotting great potential. “When I heard them play, Great Scot, I knew they were it!”

“When we were offered the record contract, we were blown away,” say Tanya matter-of-factly. “It seems like we were playing live right away too. It was all so new to us; it was an absolute blast.”

Only time will tell just what will become of these young stars. Strawberry_Fur hopes sincerely that they become the most famous band of all time. We do, too.

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