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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 20th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 143 > Continuing Series > Merogan, Lupe Warrior: Part Five

Merogan, Lupe Warrior: Part Five

by shadyy15

Brother and Sister

"I think that these young people might have a good point, Thryhen," said Brethe. He leapt of his chair, seeking support on his crooked stick. He stood between Merogan and Merrhyna. "We shall call a meeting, the situation will be discussed...actions will be taken." He bowed to the assembly and disappeared in a dark corridor, going back to his tailor shop. The others followed his example; only Merrhyna and Merogan were left behind.

     "I'm afraid that we will have to reside here, the guards are looking for us and, I think, especially for you. If you go through that corridor you will find a mattresses and blankets, you can rest there if you want." She pointed at the corridor to their left. Merogan slowly nodded and disappeared in the dark holding a torch. Merrhyna sat back down at the table and started scribbling some plans and strategies on parchment. Merogan had reached the so-called bedroom but passed it and went deeper and deeper into the dark halls, clutching his torch, his hand on his sword.

     Illyne was slowly brushing her long black hair. She gently stroke it with her hand when the brush had just passed. It felt so soft; it made her all dreamy. She sat down in front of her mirror and sighed. It had been a lovely birthday except for that young Lupe that had come to trouble their festivities. She wondered what he had said for she was standing to far away and afterwards the guards had escorted her back to her quarters. Even now she could here the running in the halls and the yelling and screaming in the streets of Meridell. She had asked her father what happened but he locked her up and as she could hear by the screams and thumps in the next room, so was her sister. She moved towards the window and leaned out. The sky was now coloured red and orange, the sun hiding behind the trees of Meridell forest. She gently sighed and felt the warm hair blow along her cheeks, she smiled. The soft breeze picked up lock of her black hair and started tossing around in mid-air; she watched it, as it was trying to escape. Then someone knocked on her door, the lock came back to its owner and she pulled back in the dark room. She skipped towards the door and opened it.

     A servant bowed, solemnly said "Your lunch Milady." Closed the door and locked it again. She put the tray on her wooden table and sat down. She wasn't even hungry, she wanted to go outside and skip true the green hills, such a beautiful day and she was stuck inside with her psychotic sister who was still screaming and thumping in the next room. She got up again and started singing an ancient faerie song that her mother thought her, that's what her father told her. She was softly humming the tune and twirling around when someone jumped from her window and grabbed her, she started yelling but a hand covered her red lips, prevailing that any sound would come from them.

     "I will not hurt you princess! Please, just listen to me!" whispered a voice in her ear. Slowly the hands let go of their grip and she turned. She backed against the wall and looked at Merogan with frightened eyes.

     "W-who are you, what are you doing here? Don't come closer or I'll scream for help!" She yelled at him 'Wait, you are that young Lupe that threatened my father, aren't you? How dare you sum up the nerve to barge in her like that! Who do you think you are...I'm calling the guards!" She walked over to the door and wanted to bang on it, just then he grabbed her wrist and pulled her very close to him.

     "That NOT your father." He spat the words in her face with the greatest despise. She stared at him with wide eyes and loosened the mussels in her arm so that he would let go. She rubbed her wrist and sat down on her bed.

     "Just leave...leave and nobody will get hurt!"

     "It's a little late for that, about 16 years late, that is!"

     "What on earth are you talking about?" said Illyne. Merogan sighed, pulled up a chair and sat in front of her.

     "Believe me or not, but I am your brother. Now, before you say anything let me finish my story." She vaguely nodded with incredulous eyes. "Kreneh, is not your father he is your uncle. He killed our father about 16 years ago. Did you ever hear of Ghisen?" She shook her head. "He was our father, he was the ruler of Tyherdell, it was a peaceful setting on the other side of the forest. He adopted me to become his heir, for he had just twin daughters, you and Illiana. But Kreneh wanted to be king, ruler so he founded Meridell and torched Tyherdell. I don't have much more time to explain everything to you, but I AM your brother..." He grew silent and looked at her.

     "Say, that you are my brother...what does that change...what is going to happen, that you have risked your life to come and tell me this?"

     "Kreneh's rulership has lasted for too long, he exploits the peasants and tries to make up for it by one jolly evening with food. He killed our father, isn't that a bog enough crime?" He stopped and got up. "We attack tonight, come with me...join the rightful cause!"

     "What will happen to him?"

     "I don't know, but he must somehow pay for his crimes...he is an evil person, Illyne, he must be stopped."

     Illyne's face darkened, she slowly got up walked towards the corner and turned to Merogan with a hand in her sword. "I don't believe anything of what you have just said, get out and live! Kreneh is my father; he has been good to us even after MY mother died! You do not have the right to come in here and destroy my entire life!"

     "You want to know how your mother really died..." he said bittered by pain. "Ask him, ask him the truth!" He backed towards the window, grabbed his bow and an arrow to which a piece of rope was tied and shot. The arrow reached a tree and planted itself firmly in the wood; Merogan attached the rope to the bed. "Let the doubt enter your hart and only cut the rope when I have reached firm ground." One leap and he had vanished. She rushed over to the window and saw him running true the fields, yet no one seemed to notice him. She cut the rope and fell on the bed. Her head was spinning with contradictory thoughts and tears welled up in her eyes. She pulled herself together got up and started banging on the door, immediately a guard appeared at the door.

     "I wish to speak to my the king, it is very urgent." The guard bowed and led her to the throne room. She walked in the hall, Kreneh smiled. "How did my mother die?" she asked plainly looking at Kreneh with hard eyes. His smile quickly faded.

     "She was sick, and died shortly after you two were born..." he said.

     "How...did...she really...die?" she hissed at him.

     He averted his eyes and seemed sunken in thoughts. "I don't have time for this...I will tell you all about her sickness later, again!" He lowered his head and started reading the documents that were on his lap. Suddenly, she jumped forward yelling 'How could you' and started punching him; a guard clutched her arms behind her back and dragged her away. Kreneh was lying on the floor struggling to breathe; he looked at her with begging and truly hurt eyes. He really loved his girls, but Illyne pulled loose and ran out of the hall. She grabbed a cloak that was lying on a nearby table and escaped from the castle, some guards chasing her. She had quickly reached the city but did not know where to look for Merogan. She wandered around in the many streets and decided to carefully ask. She passed a small clothing stall and stopped, she ploughed true the different fabrics and found a familiar one, it was the veil she had lost one day. She smiled.

     "Care to buy this beautiful veil, lady? Very nice quality," said the merchant.

     "Yes, it is. Maybe I shall buy it," she said, as she pulled closer to the merchant she made sure she was well hidden in her cloak. "I'll take it, but say, maybe you can help you know where I can find Merogan?" she said whispering. The merchant eyed her doubtfully.

     "Come here, customers pay at the back of the stall." Illyne followed him. The merchant and some others pulled a large cloth over her head and knocked her out. Soon they disappeared the traitor safely packaged...

     What happens to traitors during war...?

To be continued...

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