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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 10th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 143 > Continuing Series > The Defenders of Light: Part Ten

The Defenders of Light: Part Ten

by npmasterx01

"What is happening?" I asked.

     "Someone has broken into the storage room," said Dr. Livingston.

     "We must hurry!" I said. The alarms were going off like mad hornets. We started to run toward the storage room.

     "Any damage?" I asked. We turned a corner.

     "Very little!" said Dr. Livingston as we ran up the stairs.

     "What do you think they are after?" I asked as we turned another corner.

     "They are probably going to steal our supplies and sell them for money," said Dr. Livingston.

     "People now of days would do anything for money," I said as we arrived at the storage room. Two guards stood in front of the door trying to get it open.

     "The door is locked," said the first guard.

     "Let me try to get it open!" I said. I approached the door and used Psychic Blast (I learned it from a faerie that Barry gave me). The door flew forward into the room. It had landed on a red Grundo. Everyone in the room stopped and turned to face us. Just then, someone started walking toward me. It was Neiks3.

     "Master!" I said. An evil grin was formed on Neiks3's face. "Your not Neiks3!" I said.

     "Very good!" said the imposter. "Now you just need to figure out who I really am."

     "Why are you here and where is Neiks3?" I demanded. The imposter held up a bracelet.

     "I can only answer one of your questions," said the imposter.

     "The Bracelet of Night Shade!" said Dr. Livingston.

     "It should sell for a lot of money," said the imposter. "It must be powerful if it belonged to Night Shade."

     "Let me guess! Moctoe!" said a voice. We turned around to see BurnDragonX standing in the doorway.

     "Don't put the bracelet on!" I said.

     "You are too late!" said Moctoe.

     "We don't know what it does!" said Dr. Livingston. Moctoe cried out in pain and fell to the floor. He got back on his feet.

     "Nothing!" said Moctoe.

     "Boss, your hand!" yelled the Grundo that was standing next to him. Moctoe's hand was black. The darkness started to spread up his arm until it covered the whole thing.

     "I can't move my arm!" said Moctoe.

     "Look at your legs!" said another Grundo. The darkness spread until it had totally covered his whole body. All of a sudden, his eyes turned red and everyone stared at him. After one minute of total silence, he finally said something.

     "I'm back!" said the dark figure. "It took you people long enough to put the bracelet on your wrist."

     "It is Night Shade!" said Dr. Livingston.

     "He is not the same!" said BurnDragonX. "Night Shade is still controlling Moctoe."

     "I am finally free from that staff!" said Night Shade. "As soon as I absorb his body, I can call forth the Lost Souls for my power. All of you will be my Grundo minions."

     "What is he talking about?" asked the Grundo standing next to him. Orbs of darkness flew out of his body and hit the Ransackian Grundos. The same thing that happened to Moctoe happened to the Grundos.

     "Come my minions and we will return to our home land," said Night Shade. All of a sudden, the shadow demon opened a portal and flew into it. As it closed, the Grundos jumped in after him.

     "Now what?" I asked. "We won't be able to find Neiks3 if Moctoe isn't around."

     "I think that Dr. Livingston has a plan," said BurnDragonX.

     "Correct!" said Dr. Livingston. "I will need more time, though."

     "How long is this going to take?" I asked.

     "Meet me in nine hours!" said Dr. Livingston. We left the room and entered Neiks3's office.

     "Is there something wrong, BurnDragonX?" I asked.

     "Yes, there is!" said BurnDragonX. The mutant Lupe hit the wall and Chameleon fell to the floor. "What are you doing here?" asked BurnDragonX.

     "Nothing," said Chameleon.

     "What do you know about Neiks3's disappearance?" asked BurnDragonX as he held him by his neck.

     "I don't know what happened to him and neither did Moctoe!" said Chameleon. "He just took his place seeing that he disappeared."

     "Okay, where is he?" asked BurnDragonX.

     "Who?" asked Chameleon.

     "Don't play dumb!" said BurnDragonX.

     "In the trunk!" said Chameleon. I opened the chest and Barry jumped out.

     "How did you know?" I asked.

     "No one knows Chameleon as well as I do," said BurnDragonX.

     Nine hours passed and all of us ended up in the same room once again.

     "Well, I have a solution," said Dr. Livingston. "I had Barry visit Hidden Tower three hours ago and he brought me back the demon cloud potion. I made a few adjustments to the potion and it was a success. The only problem is that the portal is not permanent. It will last for twenty hours so you will have to be quick."

     "I have never heard of such a potion," said BurnDragonX.

     "Fyora has a lot of mystical items hidden away," said Dr. Livingston. BurnDragonX, Dr. Livingston, Prototype_Barry, and I went to the spot in which Night Shade opened the portal.

     "Why do we have to use the portal in this spot?" asked Barry.

     "We want to know exactly where Night Shade went when he traveled through the portal," said Dr. Livingston. "It might give us a clue on where he is now."

     "We are ready!" said BurnDragonX. Dr. Livingston opened a bottle sealed with a cork and a cloud of smoke started to form. The scientist put the bottle in the same place the other portal was formed.

     "If we don't have the bottle in the exact spot, the potion will be wasted. There is only one of these in existence. There is also a chance that you could be transported to the wrong place if it is not perfect," explained Dr. Livingston.

     "Let's hope this works!" said Barry. A circular, swirling, purple cloud of smoke formed in front of us.

     "Barry will stay here in case anything travels through the portal. I will be gathering more people to guard the portal while you are gone," said Dr. Livingston. BurnDragonX and I jumped into the portal and came out the other side.

     "This place looks like a slum!" I said. We had emerged from the portal to find a desert type land with a city that looked like a bomb had been dropped on it.

     "It is worst than that! There is barely a city left here!" said BurnDragonX. We were transported to a city in ruins and like normal ruins there was no one around. We started to search in hope that we would find someone or something. "I think I found something," whispered BurnDragonX. "Come here!"

     "A door that is still in working order," I said.

     "It leads to the basement and I can hear a voice," whispered BurnDragonX. We opened the door and quietly went down the steps. All of a sudden, everything was quiet. When we finally reached the last step, something happened.

     "Freeze!" said the stranger as he pointed a gun at my head from the right side of the stairway. "Wait, your not one of them. That was close."

     "One of them?" I questioned.

     "Demon minions!" said the stranger. "People controlled by the Ice, Fire, Shadow, and Rock Demons. This planet is doomed now that the Shadow Demon is back."

     "What planet is this?" asked BurnDragonX.

     "I can't really tell you the name. Even I can't remember a name that big," said the stranger. Just then, I noticed that he was a green Grundo.

     "There are Grundos in Neopia!" said BurnDragonX.

     "I am not surprised. The demons sell some of their slaves to Dr. Sloth, but he hasn't shown up lately," said the Grundo.

     "Why is your planet doomed?" I asked.

     "The demons are probably already combined together. When fused together, they create the Chaos Demon," explained the Grundo.

     "Is there going to be a flash back?" asked BurnDragonX.

     "It all started a long time ago. Our planet was peaceful and..." said the Grundo as he was interrupted.

     "We get the point! Your land was successful without the demons," said BurnDragonX impatiently.

     "One day, the Chaos Demon appeared outside of this city to the east," explained the Grundo. "It destroyed village after village until it got to our's. A mighty wizard appeared from out of nowhere to try to protect our village. The wizard and the demon's power were equally matched, but the Chaos Demon made one mistake and it was defeated. The wizard split the Chaos Demon into four demons and trapped them all in weapons of great power. The Ice Beam Cannon, the Volcanic Clockwork Grundo, the Rocky Shot Slingshot, and the Staff of the Lost Souls. When the weapons were destroyed, jewelry appeared in it's place. One after another the demons were freed. They started being freed when I was one year old and then my parents were killed by the demons. Only one was not freed from their weapon. That was the Shadow Demon."

     "Have you ever heard about a Chaos Orb or Scepter?" I asked.

     "When the wizard split them the demon in four, the Staff of Chaos still remained," explained the Grundo. "One of the demons threw it into a portal just before the wizard sealed their fate and trapped them in their weapons. The wizard went threw the portal and took the weapons with him. He probably destroyed the Staff of Chaos most likely."

     "I don't think that he really destroyed it. It looks like the wizard split the staff into two weapons just like he did to the Chaos Demon," I said. "Do you know what happened to the wizard?"

     "No," said the Grundo. "So far nobody knows what happened to him."

     "What's that noise?" asked BurnDragonX. We all listened.

     "It sounds like..." said the Grundo hesitantly.

     "What?" I asked.

     "Demon minions!" said the Grundo. All of a sudden, a hole formed in the ceiling. Something popped its head through the hole. It looked like a shadow demon Cybunny and it had something in it's mouth. The Cybunny dropped what it was holding and ran away.

     "A bomb!" yelled BurnDragonX. All three of us ran up the stairs, opened the door, and abandoned the basement. As we left our hiding place, the bomb exploded. I turned around to see an army of demon minions made by the different elements of the other demons. Standing in front of them was most likely their leader.

     "The Chaos Demon!" said the Grundo. The mighty demon had sharp claws, it's body was totally black with fur, and was two times as big as me. The Chaos Demon almost looked like Balthazar, but also looked a little like a Lupe I say in the Neoquest game. Just then, I noticed a mark on it's forehead. It was the same sign as Ransack.

     "Look, it's a snake!" I said.

     "A snake, how can this be?" asked BurnDragonX.

     "It is only a symbol of my shame," said the Chaos Demon. "That is not important right now! My name is Chaotic Wolf."

     "Why don't you leave the Grundos out of this?" I asked.

     "They are part of my revenge," said Wolf. "For now, I will be returning to Neopia for some unfinished business. I would like to thank you for creating a portal for us. Now we can get to Neopia without any trouble."

     "No way!" I said as I pulled out my Grand Lightning Beam and aimed it at part of the army. Just then, Wolf opened a small portal and pulled a man out of it as the portal closed.

     "If you fire, your master will be killed," said Wolf. The demon minions started to enter the portal. Once all of them had entered, the Chaos Demon threw Neiks3 at us and jumped into the portal we came from.

     "Come on!" said BurnDragonX as he jumped into the portal. The Grundo followed him. I picked up Neiks3 and ran after them. When I came out the other side, everyone was unconscious. The headquarters was half way destroyed. I laid Neiks3 next to Dr. Livingston and went to the entrance of the base. There were foot prints stretching for as far as I could see.

     "Could it be?" I wondered. Just then, I noticed BurnDragonX and the Grundo standing outside in the distance, so I approached them.

     "Do you have any ideas?" asked BurnDragonX.

     "All we can do right now is wait," I said. An hour passed and Dr. Livingston had awoken.

     "I have no advice for you this time, except that I will need to do more research. I can tell you that you should not under estimate Chaotic Wolf's power," said Dr. Livingston.

     "HeckDragonX, Wolf and his minions are going to attack Meridell!" said Tonimono from my DOC.

     "Why would he be attacking Meridell?" asked the Grundo.

     "Ransack!" I said. "Remember the snake on him?"

     "Everyone else in Meridell is in danger!" said BurnDragonX.

     "Tonimono get Barry and meet us in the control room! We are going to need a lot of help," I said.

     "What happened here?" I asked. We had arrived at Meridell Castle to find that all of Meridell was in ruins. The castle was still holding up, but it had been ravaged from the inside.

     "I heard a noise from the castle entrance and a group of weird looking mutants attacked us," said Skarl. We didn't have any luck at Darigan's Citadel either. When we arrived at BurnDragonX's old village, there were soldiers and minions fighting against each other. I took out my two Lost Desert Daggers and attacked anyone I could. Barry borrowed Dr. Livingston's Faerie Slingshot and started shooting the enemies. BurnDragonX used Lava Spit. Tonimono attacked with the Grand Lightning Beam. The rest of the defenders entered the fight against the two sides along with us. The battle continued for a couple hours repeating the same thing over and over. Tonimono fainted and Chaotic Wolf appeared.

     "You will pay for this!" said Wolf. The evil Lupe attacked Barry and he fell to the ground. There were only five extra soldiers left over from the battle and Wolf blew them away in one blast of energy from his mouth.

     "The Chaos Demon is weak against earth, but can block any other types of magic," said Dr. Livingston from my DOC.

     "That is perfect for my favorite weapon," I said. Wolf was about to attack BurnDragonX when I started running toward him. I jumped and attacked using my two Lost Desert Daggers. The fire magic in them were blocked, but the earth magic seemed to take effect. The Chaos Demon rammed into BurnDragonX and attacked me with one of his claws. I dived out of the way, but the lower half of my body was damaged. The pain seemed like he had actually attacked my whole body. I fell to the ground in pain and couldn't get up. My hit points were almost depleted.

     "That will not be enough to destroy him," said a voice. I turned my head in the other direction to see Illusen standing in front of Wolf. Illusen attacked with her staff. Three more Earth Faeries appeared in front of him and then three more. All seven of them attacked Wolf at once. The faeries continued to attack over and over again until the demon split into four. It was the four demons in their half human and neopet forms. Dr. Livingston and Neiks3 had arrived behind us.

     "This host's energy has been drained. I need a knew one, but it has to be one that looks the same," said the Shadow Demon. He glanced in our direction and jumped into the air. Night Shade quickly removed the bracelet from his arm and put it on Neiks3's wrist. Moctoe's body fell to the ground.

     "Not this time!" I exclaimed and threw two Lost Desert Daggers at the bracelet. The two weapons flew passed the bracelet when Neiks3 was starting to turn black. The bracelet was split in half and fell to the floor. Shortly after, Neiks3 fell to the ground, too. The two parts of the bracelet lit up and started two change shape. Neiks3 got up and next to him appeared two clones of him. One looked like the shadow demon in half human form and the other one looked just like the real Neiks3 except his hair was messed up. "What happened Dr. Livingston?" I asked.

     "It when the bracelet was put on the two sides were balanced out when the bracelet was split in two," said Dr. Livingston.

     "Then why is there a third one?" I asked.

     "There must have been an imbalance in the light and dark at that exact moment which created a random personality," said Dr. Livingston as the demons turned back into their artifact forms.

     "When we get back to the headquarters, remind me to destroy those artifacts," I said.

     Later that day, we were all standing at the portal watching all the ex-minions entering it. We threw the Grundos that worked for Moctoe out of the base since we never really took any prisoners. Only one Grundo remained in the room.

     "Well, I hope your people can rebuild what was lost," I said.

     "It might take years, but we can handle it," said the Grundo. I waved as he entered the portal and he waved back. When he had disappeared, the portal closed.

     "Looks like all the humans and Neopets who were used to revive the demons have disappeared. Only Moctoe remained, but he tried to escape. I suppose he died in the process. He only gained about five yards before he collapsed. I guess Night Shade took more out of him than I thought," I said.

     "I will need to study these new personalities of Neiks3 before I can tell you the exact information," said Dr. Livingston.

     "Wait, where are the artifacts?" I asked.

     "I thought you had them," said BurnDragonX.

To be continued...

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