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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 143 > Articles > Freaky Factory Follies!

Freaky Factory Follies!

by dexanth

KRELUDOR - Hidden somewhere in the dark depths of Kreludor, there is a mysterious building owned and operated by Krelufun Industries, producing toys for Neopets of all types to enjoy. Previously, they had operated in the shadows and Neopians were not aware of their existence; recently, with the unveiling of Kreludor, however, the Freaky Factory has been thrown open to the public. Indeed, many of us have ventured in to offer our talents to work within...

The executives behind this project, however, are a greedy lot and the Factory has been overcome with demand for its products. In hopes of getting more profits out of their source of cheap labor, er, willing Neopians, they have asked me to share the knowledge I have recently acquired with all of you so that you may go out and be more successful in your own work in the Freak Factory.

This, without further ado, I present:

Freaky Factory Follies!

Yes, yes, I know it's not great, but it's all I could come up with, okay?

Anyhow, here we go!

The first key to success is of course knowing how the Factory works. This can be broken down into 3 key parts, namely the Kreludite blobs, the vats and order window, and the conveyor belt. Proper knowledge of each is needed in order for you to be a successful Krelufun worker!

The first key is knowing when to drop a blob into a vat! After all, missing the vats, or even worse, dropping blobs into the wrong one, results in wasted Kreludite. The vial on the right shows how much you have wasted, and if you waste too much, Krelufun will fire you then and there! To avoid this, make sure to check how fast your blob is moving, and that you are aiming for the right vat; from left to right, the red, yellow, and blue vats. Also, make sure not to overfill your vat with big blobs of kreludite, else you will cause even more overflow and make the managers angry! To avoid overflow, make sure you know how much a blob will fill up your vat. Each vat can hold 8 units of Kreludite; Blobs sizes are 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 units or Kreludite from smallest to largest. With a little practice, you can quickly learn to distinguish between the 5 sizes.

After you've gotten the hang of dropping blobs into the vats, it's important to know exactly what the vats are for! Directly to the vats right is the order window, which shows the next toy to be manufactured. Each toy may require Kreludite from any of the vats; special toys, which give more points, require Kreludite from more than 1 vat. Also, sometimes you may get requests for more than 1 of a toy; this requires more Kreludite to start up, but also makes more than one toy at a time. Each toy requires 2 units of Kreludite for each color; a simple Red toy only needs 2 units, for example, while a pair of blue toys may would need 4 blue units; a green toy requires 2 units of both yellow AND blue, while rainbow toys require 2 units of all three colors! The hardest to make is 3 Rainbow toys at once, which requires a vast 6 units of Kreludite from each vat! It may seem like a lot, but the two-color toys give twice the points when made, and rainbow toys give you three times as much! The managers are clearly willing to reward you for the extra effort of making the special colored toys!

Lastly, there is the conveyor belt, queue, and Grundo Thief. After you get the necessary Kreludite, your order will process, and the red lights on the pipe at the bottom right will start turning green; one green light for every toy in the queue. Every second or two, one toy will be manufactured and come out on the conveyor belt; if you have the Kreludite, the next toy in the order window will also be made and placed in the queue. Once a toy comes out on the conveyor belt, it is vulnerable to the Grundo Thief, a purple Grundo who keeps sneaking up trying to steal the toys you have worked so hard on! Click him with the mouse to give him a headache and send him packing for a few seconds! The toys slowly go down the belt, and enter the last pipe, where you get the points for successfully making and delivering your toy! To see how much each Neopet toy is worth, check the scoring window under the instructions button.

As you succeed in making more toys, and increase the number still waiting to be made in the pipe, you get bonus points from 'combos'. A combo is when you deliver many toys one after another in a short time; the first toy earns 1 point, the next 3, and then 6, 10, 15, 21, 28, and even more and more if you can get that far! The furthest I've gotten is 66 bonus points, which required 11 toys being delivered one after another!

Lastly, there is what makes Freaky Factory its own special place: the mutated Kreludite blobs. Learning what each blob can do is essential to proper toy manufacture! Some drop down into the vats like normal Kreludite; most disappear when you click them and give you a special bonus. Here are the special blobs I have encountered so far:

Radioactive: A green glowing blob, this upgrades all toys on the conveyor belt one color level, earning extra points! Try to click these when you have many toys on the belt to get the biggest bonus!

Angel: The angel blob is white with a little golden halo; when you click it, it will fill whatever vat it lands in to the very top! Use these to fill up empty vats immediately, or to get that crucial little bit you need to make that last toy!

Freeze: The freeze blob slows down the conveyor belt, causing all the toys there to move slower. Freeze blobs aren't very helpful, as if you use one of them when toys are on the line, you will not get large bonuses because the bonus time runs out. Usually, it's best to leave Freeze blobs frozen!

Speed: The opposite of the Freeze Blob, the speed blob makes the conveyor belt move much faster! It looks like a purple blob with little headwings, and can be seen next to the start button at the opening screen. Great if you just miss a toy or two, allowing you to keep the bonus points going while this blob lasts. Beware, though: when it runs out, your toys will be far apart and your bonus will soon end!

Cleaner: Shaped like a small pink bar of soap, a cleaner blob will clean up some of your overflowed Kreludite. Cleaner blobs are always useful, as you are sure to have spilled Kreludite around as the game goes on; Cleaners ensure you don't get too much, helping you to avoid those evil game overs!

Clock: Appearing in later levels, this will grant you extra time. Early on, it may seem the supervisors are lenient, but later, they want more and more toys made in smaller and smaller amounts of time! This blob sets the clock back a few seconds, giving you more time to get in those orders! Look for the little clock shape of these and make sure to always grab them!

Super: The best blob I have encountered, super blobs, which look sort of like little spiky-things, only appear around level 7 or so, and are extremely rare; however, they fill all 3 vats to the very top, which often leads to you making tons and tons of toys at once! One super blob can often by the beginning of a super combo!

However, not all of the mutant blobs are useful, or as easy to spot:

Evil: Evil blobs look almost the same as normal blobs, except they have small mouths open displaying teeth. Make sure NOT to click these, as even the smallest ones will cost you a whopping 10 units of Kreludite in overflow!

Giant: Giant blobs are just that: HUGE versions of their smaller cousins; also highly rare, I have only seen them once or twice. They can come in each color, and will completely fill the proper vat, and then some- its best to avoid clicking these monstrosities when you see them, and just hope they go away quickly.

With that, I leave you with a few final tips to help you on your way:

1. Early in the game, it may be better not to make a toy as soon as possible; for example, if your other vats are empty, and you see a bunch of their color coming, it may be better to wait a couple seconds so you can hopefully get a nice large combo! Later on, the clock becomes an issue, so you want to make your toys as fast as possible.

2. Sometimes, it may be better to overfill a vat a little in order to have it ready for toy making. A point or two of overflow isn't a big deal, as soap blobs can come along to help clean it up!

3. Make sure to learn when to click a blob so it lands in the right vat! Landing in the wrong vat will contaminate what is in there, destroying units of Kreludite and giving you overflow. If you miss the vats entirely, one of three things will happen.

A. It falls into the abyss, giving you overflow.

B. It hits a toy on the conveyor belt; when this happens, it paints the toy the same color as the blob; not a problem for normal toys, but for special and rainbow colors, it can cost you points! I have heard if the angel blob hits a toy, it turns it angelic and grants you a special bonus.

C. The Grundo Thief is in the way, and the blob hits him on the head and sends him packing. By far the best thing that can happen when you miss!

4. Sometimes, odd things will pop out of the vats. I have seen Kadoaties, Donna's head, and a few other weird things. As far as I can tell, they don't help or harm you, but it is possible that they have some as yet unknown function. Only time can tell...

Whew! That sure seems like a lot, but hopefully it will help you in the Freaky Factory, and hopefully it will also get the managers off my back wanting to know my secrets to success! I wish all of you the best of luck, and perhaps this little guide of mine can assist a few of you in cranking out more toys. If the factory achieves enough success, the managers are going to give me a suitable bribe... heh heh heh.

What? Bribe? I don't know anything about bribes! Shame on you for suggesting so!

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