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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 142 > New Series > The Super Authors and the Chamber of Mysteries: Part One

The Super Authors and the Chamber of Mysteries: Part One

by erika_idle

In a small cave in the darkest corner of the most mysterious forest in all of Neopia, there live six creatures. Not just any creatures, mind you. A pet rock named Spot and a stunningly handsome Eyrie named Jay make up just one third of the population of this cave. The other four creatures, an Ixi named Rosie, a Lupe named Sebastian, a Chia named Albert, and an Aisha named Harriet (all painted desert: a present from the late King Coltzan) make up the core of the League of the Super Authors: saving the world from all of an author's woes, one blockhead at a time!

     And in this small cave in the darkest corner of the most mysterious forest in all of Neopia, somebody has left the iron on.

     "DRAT! My fine linens!" cried Jay, the part-time agent for the Super Authors and part-time devilishly handsome Eyrie. "Sebastian! This is all YOUR FAULT!"

     A desert Lupe came tearing down the hallway, and screeched to a halt in front of the Eyrie and the ironing board and the slightly smoking linens. Staring down at the burnt pair of briefs and the hot iron, his reply was simple.

     "I have an alibi."

     The red Eyrie sighed deeply, tossing the ruined fabric away. "Forget it, just forget it. Where are the others?"

     Sebastian thought deeply for a moment before answering. "Well, Rosie's training on Mystery Island, Harriet and Spot probably have their noses pressed up against the window of the Usuki shop... again, and Albert is at his Future Science Nerds of Neopia convention. Why do you ask, Jay?"

     Jay the red Eyrie clicked his tongue in disapproval. "What if the alarm sounds? What if there's troubles in Neopia? What if evil lashes out at the least expected moment? Who will come to the rescue? Not the Super Authors, sorry, they're not at home..."

     "Jay..." started Sebastian, rolling his eyes, but Jay interrupted him.

     "What if George the Meepit returns? The Writer's Blocks? Or... Bill!?!" cried Jay, his eyes wide with fear. He was holding the iron so tightly in pure fright that smoke was beginning to issue from it. It burnt a few of Jay's feathers, but it made for quite a dramatic effect.

     The Meepit in question, George, was an evil genius that the League of Super Authors had vanquished in the past. He had led an army of Writer's Blocks and all other things that writers find woeful in his epic battle against the Super Authors in a space station revolving around Neopia. The Super Authors had, of course, been able to easily defeat him. As a gift of thanks, the Faerie Librarian had painted them all Faerie.

     Bill was a Lenny that the Super Authors had fought not to long ago. His weapon was CSH, also known as the Chat Speaker's Haze: a dangerous green gas that caused whomever might inhale it to talk in foreign tongues. Jay was especially disturbed by Bill, due to the fact that Bill had sneakily managed to capture and imprison Jay when the Super Authors' backs were turned.

     Bill's secret lair was hidden beneath the sands of the Lost Desert, and once the Super Authors had captured Bill, they had been painted desert by King Coltzan himself as a gift of thanks.

     "Jay," said Sebastian again, in a soothing voice. "Don't worry. We won't let Bill or George or anybody get near you anymore. Super Author's honor."

     "Promise?" squeaked Jay, his eyes a little wider than usual.

     "As I stated before," said Sebastian, "on my honor."

     "Nice try, but my fine linens are still a bit on the crisp side, oh honorable one," snarled Jay.

     Sebastian turned pink just as the front door to the hidden cave in the forest swung open. Harriet, Albert, and Spot entered, all bearing packages. Harriet dumped her shopping bags emblazoned with Usuki labels on the floor, and wiped her brow free of sweat. Spot set down another Usuki bag delicately.

     Jay and Sebastian groaned. "Not more Usukis, Harriet... I can't really afford to give you any more room out of the den," Jay mentioned. He glanced down the hallway. The door to the den was a bit on the convex side now, straining under the pressure of a overly large collection of Usuki dolls.

     "I only bought seven new ones!" screeched Harriet, her fur on end. "I got Prom Princess Usuki, Surfin' n' Stylin' Usuki, Tyrannian Councillor Sabre-X Usuki from the limited edition Internationally Aware line..."

     "Okay," interrupted Jay, rubbing his temples rather violently after Harriet's loud reply. "Just... just set them on the counter. I'll move some of the cups out of the cupboard and we can put them there for now."

     Harriet grinned from ear to ear to ear to ear. "Yay!" she cried, hugging Spot. "Let's go to my room and make space for my Usuki Tropical Island Dreamhouse Extension Pack!" The two scampered down the hall, holding a rather large package that had, until now, been hidden behind Spot's back.

     Sebastain's mouth opened and shut several times in disbelief at the sheer magnitude of the package that the two were now carting away. Jay's temples were turning black and blue.

     "What do you have there, Albert?" asked Jay as kindly as possible to the small Chia, through gritted teeth.

     Albert grinned, cleaning his glasses with his handkerchief, and shrugging. "Just some scientific stuff. Test tubes, chemicals, and... oh! I did win this awesome gadget that the convention gave away as a door prize called the Mix-A-Lot 3000 Combuster... and it can take any substance and rearrange the elemental components..."

     "That's nice, Albert," Jay interrupted, yawning hugely and turning away.

     Albert looked down at the floor in disdain, and muttered something about going to his room as he trudged away down the hall. As the sound of the door slamming echoed down the hall loudly from Albert's room, Jay turned to Sebastian again.

     "Any ideas as to what's keeping Rosie?" Jay asked pointedly.

     Sebastian shrugged. "She's probably signing up for extra lessons, the little goody-two-hooves."

     As if on cue, the front door whipped open, slamming against the stone wall with a bang, and Rosie ran in. It had just started to rain, and Rosie's brown desert Ixi fur was wet and rather weather-beaten. Her eyes were wide with fear as she slammed the door shut again, bolting all of the locks. When all the locks were secure, she threw herself against the door and fell to the ground, coughing and sputtering.

     Jay and Sebastian jumped up. "Rosie! What's wrong?" they cried unanimously.

     "Mystery..." She coughed roughly, spitting out some more water onto the carpet.

     Jay disregarded this, and held Rosie's shoulders tightly. "What is it?" he yelled. "Is it Bill? George? The Writer's Blocks? BILL?! OR BILL!?! What is it?!?"

     Sebastian handed Rosie a handkerchief, and Rosie blew her nose loudly. After a second coughing fit, she whispered, "Mystery Island's in trouble." With that dramatic statement, she fainted in Jay's grasp. The thunder from the storm rumbled noisily in the distance.

     Jay snapped mentally. "NO! Bill's back!" he screamed, letting the unconscious Rosie drop to the floor and out of his grasp rather painfully.

     Sebastian blinked water out of his eyes. "JAY!" he yelled, making the red Eyrie stop dead in his tracks. "Get a grip on yourself!"

     Jay stopped his task of running around in circles and pulling out his feathers. Readjusting his monocle, he stared at the desert Lupe. "What should I do? Go into hiding? I have styrofoam and duct tape in the linen cupboard, should I get those and start..."

     "No," Sebastian interrupted in a quiet but stern voice. "What you are going to do is alert Harriet, Albert, and Spot, and tell them to pack their backpacks for enough essentials for about five days. Tell them that we are going to Mystery Island. Make arrangements with Mrs. Baker down to road to water the house plants. And then make some tea."


     "Because it will keep you from panicking for ten minutes."

     "Right." Jay set off down the hall, walking in a diagonal fashion as to avoid any sudden attacks from the house plants.

     Sebastian leaned over Rosie. Her eyes fluttered open for a second, and she mumbled something inaudible. "Rosie?" Sebastian said softly. "You okay?"

     The Ixi nodded, opening her eyes slightly. Sebastian grinned. "Can you talk?"

     "A little," whispered Rosie.

     "Can you tell me what happened at Mystery Island?"



     "Can it wait?"

     Sebastian looked down the hall. Jay and Albert were having a rather loud disagreement about what kind of sandwiches to pack. Jay was insisting on bologna with sprouts and horseradish, and Albert was supporting cheese and ham with honey mustard. Their cries echoed down the hallway and into the rest of the cave.

     Meanwhile, Harriet was busy packing as many Usukis into her knapsack as humanely possible. All of her new Usukis were getting hastily shoved inside pockets that weren't meant to hold objects of The seams were beginning to snap on the knapsack, in fact, and a furry Usuki tail popped out.

     "I guess it can wait about ten minutes," Sebastian said. "I'd pretend to be unconscious if I were you, however."

     Rosie smiled and closed her eyes.

To be continued...

Didn't you know that these brave heroes and heroines would eventually be back? What is going on in Mystery Island? What new turmoil plagues Neopia? What really happened to Jay's fine linens? Not to mention Charlie! All these questions and more will be answered when you read the next installment of... The Super Authors and the Chamber of Mysteries!
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