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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 20th day of Awakening, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 142 > Continuing Series > A Story of Skyfire: Part Two

A Story of Skyfire: Part Two

by chipster33

"Please, can we get off the subject of my parents for once? Really, I think they're just as dreadful as you all do!" Ylana said earnestly.

     "Your mum and dad aren't good enough for you, Ylana? Oh, I'm sorry, that would be Ugga and Uggo in savage, wouldn't it?" Sunari cackled. Her cronies broke into obnoxious laughter behind her.

     "Haha, very funny," Ylana said, hoping that they'd believe her. "You're really clever Sunari!"

     "I know," Sunari muttered as she closed her eyes, lifted her head high, and flipped her tail in a superior fashion. When she opened her eyes again, she noticed the stone in Ylana's hand. "Hey, that's a codestone isn't it?"

     "Yes, I owed it to Master Techo," the Acara replied as she showed it to them. "Why do you ask?"

     Sunari's eyes grew wide with greed as she stared at it, knowing the value of the stone that was in the savage's hand. "Oh, just wondering. I've been looking for one, you know."

     "You don't say?"

     "Oh yes, I've been looking for that stone quite a while. I really want it, will you let me have it?"

     Ylana shook her head. "No, it took me ages to find it! I have to pay the Techo Master!"

     The girls behind Sunari began to grow angry, but the Island Wocky silenced them. "Of course, of course. But how about a trade? I'll give you a rare jewel that I found a while back for that stone? They're worth about the same amount. I'll even let you spend the day with us, even though you aren't really good enough," she said simply.

     Ylana paused, thinking of whether she should or not. She honestly didn't care too much about this jewel, but the prospect of spending a day with the most popular girls on Mystery Island... "Fine," the Acara agreed. "Where's the jewel?"

     Sunari smiled, then said, "Oh, I don't have it with me. It's in a cave. Here, give me your codestone and I'll show you."

     Ylana stared at her uncertainly. "Why should I give it to you now?"

     The Wocky cackled at the question, along with her cronies, as it were a completely ridiculous one. "Why shouldn't you? You trust me-- don't you? I don't know if I want to hang out with someone who doesn't trust me..."

     "Oh no! Of course I trust you! Here!" Ylana said as she thrust the codestone at Sunari.

     Sunari's lips widened to form a wicked smile, then gestured for all of them to follow her. They walked through the underbrush of Mystery Island for quite a while, and it was becoming very hot and humid.

     "Sunari?" a Maraquan Draik crony whispered. "Where are we going?"

     "You'll see," was the only response.

     Finally, the Wocky stopped at a large hole in the ground. "This is my secret hiding place. It's down there," she said.

     Ylana peered over the edge uncertainly. It was a very long way down, and she could see nothing.

     "A-are you sure it's in there?" she asked, absolutely terrified.

     "Of course it's in there! Dare you second guess Sunari?" a gold Aisha asked.

     "No, no! Of course not! It's just a very long way down--"

     "And that's why you should hurry up and head down there! You wouldn't want to be stuck down there in the dark, would you?" Sunari asked mockingly.

     "You mean you aren't coming with me?" Ylana cried, taken aback.

     "Of course not! I never said I would!" Sunari exclaimed. "Now get in that hole!"

     "But-- but--" The Acara started, but then she was thrust into the hole by the other girls.

     She fell and fell and fell, and finally she hit a pool of water. The water splattered everywhere, yet Ylana was fine. She clambered out onto the shore, and shook herself off.

     Pant... Pant... Pant...

     Ylana's head perked up and her hair stuck out on end. She had heard something, or someone. The Acara glanced around, looking for the source of the sound, but couldn't spot anything.

     "I have to get out of here," she said, worry echoing in her voice. Ylana felt the walls, but there were no holds that she could find. "Oh my, Sunari must have gotten the wrong cave!" she told herself, ignoring the self-doubt that was lingering within her. "I'll tell them."

     Ylana lifted her head up towards the opening, breathed in deeply, and then called, "SUNARI! SUNARI, THIS IS THE WRONG CAVE! PLEASE LOWER SOME ROPE SO I CAN GET OUT OF HERE!"

     However, there was no reply.

     Ylana tried again. "HELP! PLEASE HELP! PLEASE GET ME OUT OF HERE!"

     There was still no reply.

     Pant... Pant... Pant...

     There it was again! Ylana turned around, and this time she did see something. Giant yellow eyes in the shadows, and they were growing bigger every second.


     Pant... Pant... Pant...

     The creature was closer, and now Ylana could see it was a saber-toothed Kougra. Saliva was dripping from its fangs, and its ribs were showing. It was hungry. She picked up a stick and charged at the Kougra, trying to whack it and scare it away. She attacked it furiously, but then it swiped at her stick, shattering it. The Acara immediately retreated as far and as fast as she possibly could.


     The Kougra was right in front of her now, and Ylana knew there was no escape. However, she made a promise to herself that if she did get out of here, she would become rich, rich enough to buy the whole of Mystery Island. And then, when she did, she would paint her coat so exquisitely and look so beautiful that she would do the same thing as was done to her to girls like Sunari. She would make them suffer...

     The Kougra pounced, and Ylana winced, ready to feel its claws tearing into her flesh, however, she felt no such thing. There was a bold voice talking, and yet it sounded very friendly and majestic. The Acara peeked her eyes open and saw a Rainbow Aisha in a white suit fighting the Kougra off. She was very skilled in the martial arts, and Ylana could only stare at her in awe. Finally, she defeated the Kougra, and allowed it to run off.

     The Aisha turned to the young Acara with a smile on her face and said in a very friendly voice, "Let's get you out of here, shall we?"

     Ylana nodded, almost speechless, almost. "Who- Who are you? How did you find me?" she stuttered as she walked towards the figure in white.

     "I am Aclaimisha, and the Defenders of Neopia always find those in need. Oh, and I must compliment you on what you did to the Kougra. I could tell you attempted to drive him away, and if you had a stronger weapon I'm sure you would have. You'd make a great Defender one day."

     Ylana beamed, "Thank you!"

     The Aisha smiled back at her. "Hold onto my waist, I'm getting us out of here," she said as she pulled something from her utility belt. Ylana did as she was told, and then Aclaimisha launched a little silver hook connected to a rope from a gadget from her belt. As soon as it struck the rock, Aclaimisha pressed another button on the gadget the Aisha and the Acara were hoisted into the air and up to the top of the hole.

     When Ylana finally was at the top, she was amazed at how appreciative she was of the fresh air, the green grass, the light wind that brushed up against her cheek. However, she was not appreciative of her friends who were no where to be found.

     "There weren't-- there wasn't-- Was there anyone here when you came to save me a while back?" Ylana inquired, tears starting to form in her eyes, knowing that she was betrayed.

     "No, there wasn't. Was there supposed to be?" Aclaimisha asked, her eyes looking almost protectively at the poor little Blue Acara.

     "No, I suppose there wasn't," Ylana said as she fought back her tears. She would keep the vow she made back in the cave. She would earn lots and lots of money, and make sure Sunari suffered. "Well, thank you for saving me. It's really cool how you have all of those gadgets and skills and stuff."

     The Aisha laughed, her eyes looking friendly behind the mask that covered the top of head. "It's nothing! Believe me it's not! The reward I get out of it is beyond what I do!"

     "Reward? What reward?" the Acara inquired. A strong surge of something that she had never felt inside of her before was building up. She had a desire for Neopoints, lots of them, more than anyone else. Was it greed? Even if it was, that wasn't the only emotion; there was something else, something that used to be small but was now growing, and she didn't intend to stop it, even though she knew that it wasn't necessarily good.

     "Oh, it's a very wonderful reward. I can't even begin to describe it to you!"

     Ylana's eyes sparkled at the thought of this. She knew now how to get the money that she so desired. "How do you join the Defenders of Neopia?" she asked, a tone of urgency mixed in with her sweet voice.

     Aclaimisha looked at her with interest. She walked around her, examining the Acara's slim, strong body. "It's tough," she finally said, "but you look like you're strong enough to handle it. Here--" she pulled out a piece of paper and a pen, scrawled a note on it, and handed it to Ylana "--take this and in a few years time if you're ever in Neopia Central, go to the Defenders of Neopia Headquarters and present this to Judge Hog. He'll let you in."

     Ylana looked down at the paper in awe. This was her chance. This would make her dream happen. Her mouth tried to form the words "thank you" but she had lost all of her breath. Instead she just made huffing sounds.

     "Well, I have to go," Aclaimisha said as she hit a few switches on her belt. Two wings connected to rockets shot out from her back, the words Space Station glinting on them in metallicy letters. "See you in a few years I hope!" And with that, the Aisha disappeared into the cool island sky.

     Ylana smiled, in a few years, things would finally start to work out for her.

To be continued...

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