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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 18th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 142 > Continuing Series > The Defenders of Light: Part Nine

The Defenders of Light: Part Nine

by npmasterx01

The Return of Brainiac

"Watch out for his mind control beams!" warned BurnDragonX.

     "Canken is down!" yelled one of the generals.

     "Retreat!" yelled another general. All the males put their hands on their head and disappeared. That left BurnDragonX, Prototype_Barry, Bain, and I to defeat Brainiac.

     "What are we going to do?" asked Barry. Brainiac shot out a mind control beam, but it missed. BurnDragonX used Boil and I attacked with my Lost Desert Dagger.

     "Those are some weak attacks!" said Bain. The red Grarrl attacked Brainiac with Balthazar's Claw. Brainiac hit Bain with a mind control beam.

     "Destroy them!" commanded Brainiac. Bain attacked Prototype_Barry with the Balthazar's Claw and the green Shoyru disappeared. BurnDragonX attacked with the Rod of Nova and I attacked with a Fire Ball. Bain attacked BurnDragonX with the Balthazar Claw and he disappeared. I stole Balthazar's Claw with my Shoyru Grappling Hook and attacked Brainiac. The Green Krawk fell to the floor and I lifted the helmet off my head.

     "Do you like my virtual reality game?" asked Hack.

     "It was great!" I replied. Hack is the smartest person in the X Ransackian group. He is a yellow Chia and is pretty smart for his size. The X Ransackian group is a group of people who use to work for Ransack or just hate it. Bain and Canken are leaders of the X Ransackian group. There are more, but I haven't met them yet. Canken is a starry Scorchio and represents defense. Bain represents strength. All the leaders represent something different. We are currently in their base. The real Brainiac has been missing since he escaped from Darigan's Fortress. In case you didn't know, my name is HeckDragonX, the Tyrannian Shoyru. I am a member of the Defenders of Light headquarters.

     "HeckDragonX! I have the feeling that Brainiac is back in action," said Dr. Livingston from my DOC. "Meridell and Darigan is being mind controlled."

     "It never knew Mr. Prodigy would be stupid enough to try the same thing twice," I said.

     "It gets worse," said Dr. Livingston. "Everywhere, but three places are under his control."

     "Which ones are not under his control?" I asked.

     "Faerieland, Maraqua, and a place called Jelly World," said Dr. Livingston.

     "The three places you would expect to be safe," I said.

     "Brainiac doesn't have the power to control anybody from that far away," said Dr. Livingston. "That is why I am not sure who is doing this."

     "Go to Maraqua!" said a voice.

     "Was that you?" I asked.

     "What are you talking about?" asked Dr. Livingston.

     "I just heard a voice," I said. "It said to go to Maraqua!"

     "It could of been Chameleon," warned Dr. Livingston. "Be careful!"

     "What should I do?" I asked. "We don't really have a choice."

     "I guess you are right," said Dr. Livingston. "You should go."

     "Well, we should be on our way now," I said to Hack.

     "What is wrong?" asked Hack.

     "Something is wrong. Brainiac might be taking part in it," I said.

     "Is there anything we can do?" asked Hack.

     "You could get some of your guys to search Faerieland and Jelly World," I said.

     "Okay," said Hack. BurnDragonX, Prototype_Barry, and I left in search of Maraqua. When we arrived at Mystery Island, the natives were in a frenzy. Destruction and chaos plagued the once peaceful island. They were even beating each other up. Just then, someone noticed us and attacked BurnDragonX. He dodged it and used Lava Spit. The Acara fainted.

     "This place is out of order!" said Barry. The Acara got back up.

     "Where am I?" asked the Acara.

     "You were being mind controlled," said BurnDragonX.

     "It seems that when they faint the spell wears off," I said. All of a sudden, the villagers stopped and headed into a shop. When they came back out, there were air tanks on their backs. The islanders started to dive into the ocean. "They are heading for Maraqua!" I said. When all of the people disappeared under water, something floated to the surface. It was one of the islanders. Then another floated to the top. With every second more and more floated to the surface.

     "Let's go see what is going on down there," said BurnDragonX. We all equipped ourselves with air tanks and dived into the ocean.

     "I see it," I said. Chiazilla was fighting against the islanders. When one of the them fainted, a Koi appeared and brought them back up to the surface. We carefully passed Chiazilla and headed toward Maraqua. All three of us search the ocean floor for any clues. We didn't have much time, but we managed to find something within ten minutes of the search.

     "Come here! I think I found something," said Barry. We quickly went to see what Barry had found. It looked like part of a stone with ancient carvings on it. "What do you think it does?" asked Barry.

     "I don't know, but I think we should show it to Dr. Livingston," I said.

     We were back at the Defenders of Light Headquarters and had entered the main control room.

     "I will have to do some research to find out what this thing really is," said Dr. Livingston. "Canken had left a message saying that they found a piece of a rock in Jelly World, but didn't find anything else except for jelly."

     "I guess that we will have to search Faerieland ourselves," I said. BurnDragonX and I went to search for another piece in Faerieland. We had searched for hours, but had no luck.

     "The last place we haven't checked is Hidden Tower," said BurnDragonX. I flew both of us up to the window and entered it. The Queen Faerie was standing in a chair at the other side of the room.

     "Have you seen any pieces of a strange looking rock," I asked.

     "Yes, here is one," said the Faerie. She handed us the third piece of the stone. "I will let you have it for two thousand Neopoints," said Fyora who doesn't usually sell any item for less than two hundred thousand Neopoints. I handed her the money and we left.

     "There is a scroll that will tell you about the power of the stone," said Dr. Livingston from my DOC.

     "Where is it?" I asked.

     "The scroll is located at the Mystery Island Training School," said Dr. Livingston. "First, you need to get the other piece from Canken."

     "Okay," I said. Both of us went back to headquarters. People asked questions about what was going on, but we just replied with a "That is classified information." After BurnDragonX and I had retrieved the stone from Canken, we headed for the training school.

     "Have you seen a scroll around here?" I asked.

     "Yes," said the Nimmo as he pulled it out of his pocket.

     "Can we have it?" asked BurnDragonX.

     "Evil can not be destroyed, but can take on a new form," said the Nimmo. "Remember this and it is yours."

     We had left the building and were putting the stone back together in a patch of plant free ground that was surrounded by more trees and plants.

     "I think that should do it," I said. The stone was one piece again and we were about to open the scroll until something emerged from the trees and hit me in the back. Everything went black after that. I had awoken to BurnDragonX. "What happened?" I asked.

     "Chameleon stole the stone and the scroll. An old Neopet came to the base just recently and told us that he saw Brainiac in King Skarl's castle," said Dr. Livingston from my DOC. "A couple of your friends are waiting for you to arrive."

     "We are on our way," I said. When BurnDragonX and I arrived at the castle, Bain, Canken, and Master Vex were waiting there. "What made you to decide to come?" I asked.

     "What else can I do?" asked Master Vex. The five of us entered the castle very carefully. All of the guards were wearing cloaks, so we stole some of them. When the five of us reached the hall with the king's chair and other royal artifacts, we found Brainiac. I also observed Dexter standing next to him. We slowly approached him. As soon as we got close enough, all five of us attacked Brainiac. Dexter was about to attack me, but fainted. Behind him stood Dr. Livingston with his Faerie Slingshot.

     "How do you do that?" I asked.

     "So, it looks like you are going to get in my way again, BurnDragonX!" said Brainiac. "It will not be as easy for you to defeat me this time. I have improved since then. Thanks to Dexter, I now have new abilities. My old abilities have also improved as you can see."

     Bain attacked with the Balthazar's Claw. Brainiac teleported behind him and used his mind control ability. The whole room lit up and went back to normal. Bain and Canken were under his power. It didn't work on Master Vex, BurnDragonX, Dr. Livingston, or I, because we had learned how to resist it. Bain went for Dr. Livingston, while Canken attacked Master Vex. BurnDragonX and I attacked Brainiac, but he teleported. Brainiac used Psychic Blast on the mutant Lupe. Barry entered the room and attacked the green Krawk, but he teleported again. Brainiac used his mind control ability on Prototype_Barry.

     "Destroy them!" commanded Brainiac. The green Shoyru just stood there, until his eyes lit up. He turned to face Brainiac and used Psychic Blast. The Krawk couldn't seem to teleport. Brainiac started to use his other special abilities. Objects started flying toward Barry, but stopped right in front of him. They flew back at Brainiac and Barry kept walking toward him. All of a sudden, the room flashed white and then went back to normal. When I opened my eyes, Brainiac was lain on the floor. Barry fainted soon after.

     "Brainiac is dead," said BurnDragonX as he leaned over him to check his pulse.

     "I am very confused right now!" I said. "I have no idea what just happened. I need a vacation."

To be continued...

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