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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 25th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 142 > Articles > Sticky Furniture or a Snack for Your Pet?

Sticky Furniture or a Snack for Your Pet?

by 3dcourtney12044

A JELLY NEOHOME - I find that my pets' rooms (made entirely out of jelly walls and jelly furniture) are becoming more a midnight snack than furniture. I awake in the morning, and go to their bedrooms only to see half of it eaten! I waste Neopoints getting it rebuilt due to my pets' pleads and vows that they will no longer eat their rooms and beds.

But it seems they cannot keep a promise. Jelly is very irresistible, you see, because of its delicious taste and ability to become a play toy at the dinner table by squishing it around. Uh, I mean, I don't do it, but my pets do. Not me.

At night, they awake, hungry. They look around their room for something to snack on, and realize they're staring at it, no matter where they look. The walls, the bed, the rug, the floor, the toys, the desk. Everything.

Then, in the morning, they complain that their jelly possessions are gone and demand more. Well, I'm done spending countless Neopoints on jelly items that don't even last a day in my Neohome! I know that there are many Neopians out there, facing the same problem I'm dealing with. Here are a few tips to keep from wasting the Neopoints you've saved up, keep your pets happy, and stop that annoying problem you keep having when you sit down on your jelly bed; it sticks to you.


It's easy to say that your Neopoints are being thrown away every day when your pets' jelly items are eaten, but it's hard to spend them. Here's the first thing you do; destroy all of the jelly rooms you have in your home. You're probably thinking, This isn't saving Neopoints! I spent about 800 Neopoints on those jelly rooms! Little do you know, you're saving.

Remember, your pets are eating the jelly walls of their room every day, and you end up rebuilding them, throwing Neopoints out the window to those builders. By now, when the workers come to the door, you probably say, "Hey there, Fred. How's it goin'?" You know them so well, for you see them whenever they come to repair your pets' rooms.

I say, get the wrecking ball and knock down those jelly rooms for good! Or, you can just let your pets chomp down on them for one last time. Either way, the jelly bedrooms will be demolished and you won't have to worry.

Then, build new permanent rooms; depending on how many Neopoints you now have, that decides the quality of the room. It may be cloud, or gold (if you are one of those rich folks) or bamboo, or straw (if all those jelly incidents took every Neopoint you have).


Even though the jelly rooms are now gone for good, that doesn't necessarily mean the furniture can't stay the same. You can have a bamboo room and jelly furniture; it's your choice. I, like many others, prefer to have the furniture match the type of room, just for looks. But when we're talking about jelly furniture, I suggest you sell it and use the Neopoints to buy new furniture; some that won't stick to you when you sit down on it.

I suggest Kauvara, or maybe Faerie items to go with the cloud theme. Anything your pet thinks fits them.

Just a warning; a chocolate room could result in several baths a day if they lean against the wall.


Hmm... I have discovered that my pets seem to love the taste of jelly, and very much miss their room. A way to grant your pets' wishes of jelly without wasting Neopoints on a room or items, just buy some Strawberry Jelly, or Lime Jelly. In my opinion, Lemon Jelly tastes best :)

If you are having trouble finding some to feed your pets, ask the Shop Wizard, or visit the Shops chat board. Someone there may be able to give you a hand!

I have to agree, jelly is quite tasty and very cheap. About 10 Neopoints, I'd say. If you are a newbie, and are absolutely poor (NO Neopoints whatsoever) there is still a way to obtain this delicious dessert.

Jelly is good for two meals, so it's quite a deal. But remember, don't make jelly your pets' regular diet; add an omelette or two somewhere in there, too! Jelly isn't EVERYTHING....


Your pet may be quite sad, and may not adapt to the change. Here's what you do to solve one of these family crises; sit them down (on a non-jelly bed, of course) and talk to them. Say, "I know you're sad, but unless you're willing to make up the Neopoints I spend to keep a jelly room for you, it's really not an option."

Really, it is your choice. If you don't mind giving up your Neopoints, then what the heck, keep the jelly room!

If you're a generous owner, give your pet another chance. Tell them, "I'll give you one more chance. If you can resist eating the jelly themed room, I'll let you keep it." This way, they know it's the last straw and they have one chance at it. Jelly is quite addicting, really, so you can't blame them.

These sticky, jelly items and room have been a problem for many Neopians. The furniture has been eaten and replaced, costing them Neopoints. It also sticks to you when you sit down on a jelly bed, and it wrecks your new pants! Hopefully, this little article helped you out and pointed out the fact that a delicious dessert can't always be good for everything. It's better for a meal than a chair :P

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