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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 25th day of Awakening, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 142 > Articles > The Pen Deal

The Pen Deal

by winged_elf

A MESSY DESK - When one pen is enough, why bother with a whole bunch of varieties? Neoschools are far from coming soon (honestly, I really don't know when!) but I'll give you this short pen and pencil list anyway. These pens (and pencils) are quite common and affordable and well, you may be bothered to buy some and use them and perhaps not just stick to one pen only.

Basic Pencil

What an ordinary looking pencil!

- for those who care about classic beauty and simplicity, I guess this would be it. Since it is the basic pencil, it doesn't really do anything special. For the most part, you can write or draw with it.

Basic Pen

Its just your every day ordinary pen.

- quoting: for those who care about classic beauty and simplicity, I guess this would be it. Since it is the basic pen, it doesn't really do anything special. For the most part, you can write or draw with it. As you can see, it has blue ink.

Deluxe Set of Coloring Pencils

This beautiful set of colouring pencils will help your imagination flow onto the page. Draw whatever you like!

- when coloring works of art, don't stick the three primary colors. Get something that will give you and your neopet more choices to begin with. This set of coloring pencils will give you that wide range of colors you've always dreamed about! But don't let the number of colors stop you from mixing different ones. See, pencils can also color stuff, not just crayons. And of course, you may go on with writing with these pencils :)

Snapped Set of Pencils

These pencils have all been snapped. No good for drawing with any more.

- Poor pencils. They've been snapped into tiny pieces. They look familiar though. Too bad it could never be used again. Since it's practically useless, it's not really worth talking about.

Wobbly Pen

It wobbles as it writes, how useless!

- planning on writing graffiti (on paper as well on the wall)? Write with the wobbly pen. Don't believe it's useless. Since almost nobody would understand your handwriting when you use this, it will be graffiti enough :)

Funny Pen

It wobbles as it writes... making it near impossible for your writing to make sense!

- The best pen to use for jokes, pranks, and such is a pen that actually laughs (or at least makes funny wobbles). Store one for April Fools because I'm sure you wouldn't let that day pass without making (or writing) a joke and hear friendly laughter!

Berry Ink Pen

Literally dripping with berry juice this pen tastes yummy, even if it is rather messy.

- This probably dropped into some crushed berries at in one of the fields of Meridell. Don't be so downhearted though. This would best work by giving your paper some berry scent! Hmm!

Black Meowclops Pen

Awwww.. The tail wraps around the top of the pen making it more comfortable to hold.

- Meowclopses (is that the plural form!?) are certainly becoming very famous. Meowclops fans would be dying to get hold of this. Try writing 'Meowclops' with his pen and see what happens. Your Meowclops petpet may like you better if you write a letter to it using this!

Braintree Pencil

Gross, this pen looks like it has a chunk of brain stuck on the end of it!

- this made me wonder if it was made from the very branches of the Brain Tree. But maybe not. Anyway, this is perfect for tests and exams as some of the Braintree's knowledge may rub on you and may help you answer those too-difficult questions.

Broken Pencil

Uh oh someone has snapped this pencil!

- like the description says, uh oh! Someone must've broken it in two! It doesn't say you couldn't use it so if you're really desperate and you don't have any extra pencils try writing or drawing with the upper half. At least I still think it's usable...

Tatty Pencil

Ick... this pencil is just grotty!

- someone's certainly hungry. This pencil was bitten at the center! But no matter how icky it looks like, it isn't practically useless. Of course, the only pet that could use this is the one that bitten it. Not too fragile though as the pencil lead is actually sturdy.

Faerie Pen

Be the envy of all your friends with this snazzy faerie pen.

- Makes cursive writing elegant. Well, if you still don't know, faeries actually cared about their handwriting. Especially cursive. Yeah, your friends will be envious at your perfect cursive handwriting!

Air Faerie Pen

This pen is always nice and cool to the touch no matter how hot the class room is!

- The perfect pen for flying Neopets to use up the cloudy skies of Neopia! Those energetic Shoryus, dashing Eyries, adorable Elephantes, vain Unis, and other flying pets may be able to create their own cloud pictures while land Neopets stare green with envy! Grab hold of one during the summer so you'll always stay cool no matter how hot the temperature is!

Earth Faerie Pen

This pen writes in green ink and smells just like a fresh forest!

- use this to write your favorite food recipes and shopping and grocery lists so you'll always bring the Earth Faerie's cooking magic with you when you cook or food-shop!

Light Faerie Pen

The ink from this pen is so shiny its almost as if it gives off light!

- the perfect pen to use when writing stuff (or writing your journal or diary) during the night and at the darkest hour. You don't need the lamp to illuminate your surroundings. You see, the pen is already bright enough. :)

Dark Faerie Pencil

A very stylish pencil that writes in dark purple.

- don't ask me how in the worked you hold this pencil. This is most often used for writing down dark spells and illustrating evil ideas. Maybe the Dark Faerie will visit you one night and grant that evil wish you just wrote down recently using the pencil named after her.

Water Faerie Pencil

Oooh... the writing looks just like water!

- write underwater, sketch near the shore, and fear not of the pencil not working! This is made for water Neopets, really. Just make sure the surface or paper you're going to use is water proof!

Faerie Kougra Pen

This pen writes with a wonderful purple and blue combination.

- what's with the Faerie Kougra anyway? First the Faerie Kougra Sword and now this? Is there something about a certain Faerie Kougra during Neopia's past that I do not know about? Anyway, Faerie Kougra owners, use this for your Faerie Kougra's advantage. Must have a hidden spark to it for Faerie Kougras.

Blue Draik Pencil

You can even turn this upside down and use the head to rub out your mistakes.

- wow... a pencil dedicated to Draiks. Draw a Draik with it and it would always seem perfect. Your mistakes will not leave any traces if you use the head to rub it out. :)

Cybunny Battle Pen

Watch your opponents tremble in fear when you wield this superb piece of stationery. For Cybunnies only!

- Cybunny writers could finally use their talent even in the Battledome! These pens certainly looks yummy... I have heard of a few pets and petpets actually nibbling a few bites at the top. What happens to it at the Battledome, that's my secret. :)

Official Usuki Pens

These Usuki markers are super cool!

- Usuki Dolls are most certainly famous! Design an Usuki doll clothing with these markers and it would look really pretty and bright. Another great use for this is for making your own Usuki paper dolls with gorgeous clothing and style. Like the description said, these Usuki markers are super cool!

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