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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Awakening, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 142 > Articles > Madame Zorkla Predicts the Future

Madame Zorkla Predicts the Future

by nornlove

Month of Hunting

Ahhhhhh, welcome, welcome to Madame Zorkla’s house of fortune and misfortune. Pull up a chair, make yourself comfy. Mind if I see your palm? Oh, you do? Nevermind then. I’ll just pull out my trusty crystal ball and predict your future. By the way, did you bring me that cherry wish stick like I asked? Good, add it to the pile in the back. Now, here’s the good stuff. Find your active pet’s birth month below. WHAT, you don’t know it? Well just take how many days old it is, divide that by 12, and count backwards in months until you get an approximation. No, I’m not going to do it for you! Sheesh.

The month of Sleeping:

I see good things coming your way. Pets born in the month of Sleeping enjoy piling up massive bank accounts and just leaving the Neopoints in there to grow forever. However, if you take out a few to help others, like the Tombola man, I see it all coming back to you, and more. Remember, good luck comes to those who help others.

The month of Awakening:

This could be an emotional week for you, following the defeat of Kass and the soon-to-be defeat of his armies. Not only that but the moon… what, you don’t think Neopia has a moon? Quiet! Leave this to the experts. As I was saying, the moon is high in the sky, causing your emotions to get out of check. Don’t be surprised if one issue blows up out of proportion. A Neogreeting and a box of chocolates will help smooth things over.

The month of Running:

You have been working very hard lately! There’s a reason they call it the month of Running, pets born in this month tend to work themselves to pieces. Take a day off to recharge this week, or I see bad consequences. This might be a good time to hang loose with friends, read a book, or curl up on a sofa with a good cup of tea. Earl grey, of course.

The month of Eating:

Follow your dreams! Go after that honey potion or lab map piece that you’ve always wanted, you’ve earned it. I see good luck and fortune flowing through your hands this week, so enjoy it while it lasts. One more thing, beware the Pant Devil!

The month of Hunting:

Your birth month brings you renewed energy and motivation. Use this beneficial energy to create change in your life. This is your month to shine, so don’t be afraid to get out there and spread the light! Remember, nobody can make you unhappy if you choose to be happy.

The month of Relaxing:

The rising moon brings you energy but also causes you confusion. Things will be very bizarre for a time, but if you keep your wits about you, you will reap the benefits. Sometimes it is better to wait than to act hastily, but in the end it will be best if you follow your instincts. Oh dear, you aren’t a Skeith, are you? Good, because who knows what kind of legal responsibilities I’d be facing if I told a SKEITH to follow its interests.

The month of Swimming:

Expect an important conversation regarding a relationship with one of your friends this week. If you just tell the truth and be honest, it will all turn out fine. Remember, your friends are the ones who appreciate you for who you TRULY are.

The month of Hiding:

NEOPIA CENTRAL - If you don’t have a guild yet, now is the prime time for you to join one. Shy Neopets born in the month of hiding are wary at first of new relationships, but I see great opportunities and friendships coming your way this month. You will find that there is comfort in numbers, as well as stimulating conversations that come from discovering new things with like-minded people.

The month of Gathering:

Take care that you do not spend beyond your means this month, dear Gatherer. There’s no doubt about it, Gatherers love to shop! Oh well, I suppose it can’t be helped. This month you are at a risk of overspending, leaving you with a safety deposit box barely shy of the pack rat avatar. If you must shop, do it in productive ways, like buying items for faerie quests.

The month of Collecting:

Keep a sharp eye out on the 17th, I see your chance at getting that one-of-a-kind item that I know you’ve been waiting to add to your collection. You will find your fortune in and unexpected place, so don’t be afraid to go and explore Neopia. The rising moon casts much light over Neopia and will guide your way along your travels.

The month of Storing:

Now is the time to sift through your no-doubt overflowing safety deposit box! My senses tell me that you will find a formerly cheap item that has risen to unimaginable prices! Hurry up, if you wait, the price will drop again and you will have lost your chance. Good opportunities don’t just wait around for the taking, you have to go after them.

The month of Celebrating:

Even if you have never written or drawn anything before, this month your head will be filled with all sorts of creative ideas. Don’t be afraid to write them all down! In fact, I suggest you have your owner buy you a pencil and notebook to write them all down in. Who knows, you could be the next beauty contest winner or the next Neopian Times champion!

Well dearie, I hope that was worth your trouble, *cackle *. I suppose you think you deserve more for that wish stick you brought me. Humph, I guess I’ll reveal one more secret. A dream came to me last night with a Nimmo saying, “Buy AAVL stocks”. Now, you know you just can’t trust those silly stocks, bah, what have they ever gotten me? Nothing! If I were you I’d just ignore that and invest in some nice wish sticks. Ahh, wish sticks, Neopia’s finest tea stirrers. What are you staring at me for? Get out!

*note Madame Zorkla predicted that she would suddenly have a lab map mishap changing her into a male, gold Uni. She was right.

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