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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 7th day of Eating, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 142 > Articles > Kreludor: A Visit To The World Of The Bizarre

Kreludor: A Visit To The World Of The Bizarre

by blubblub317


In recent time, an exciting new world has been discovered in our stimulating world that we are habitants to. This little world is called Kreludor, the first (and only) moon of Neopia! As the Neopets Team state, “Not much is known about it, only that it is home to a large colony of Orange Grundos and it seems that some sinister mining operation is going on…” Orange Grundos? A sinister mining operation? These sentences just don’t seem to fit in my daily conversation, and I’m sure they don’t fit in yours either. I guess you could call this tiny world simply bizarre!

Sure, this moon is clearly uncanny but there are quite a few… interesting locations that you can check out in Kreludor. The localities are Booktastic Books, Neocola Machine, Kreludan Mining Corp., Kreludan Homes and Café Kreludor! Wow, that’s a lot of Kreludors! I’m presuming that you are probably thinking, “Who does this guy think he is? This place is boring!!!” AH HA! Now that’s where you’re wrong!

I recently had the opportunity to visit this mystifying world, which is strangely inhabited by a massive amount of Orange Grundos, and I can tell you that it is (in my opinion) the most electrifying world you’ll ever have the chance to visit! If you’re still not convinced, which I’m sure you are, why don’t you read on to find out the inside scoop on each of the areas in Kreludor? If you said no, guess what? YOU HAVE NO CHOICE!! [Grabs the reader to the diminutive moon that is Kreludor]

Booktastic Books

Our first locality that we’re going to visit is Kredulor’s only bookshop, Booktastic Books. This small shop is jam-packed with tons of great books for you and your pets! Well actually, I’m lying. They only really have four books but I can tell you that they are all are a great read! The four paperbacks (they do come in hardcover) are Orange Grundo Survival Handbook (I’m guessing that every habitant in Kreludor has one of these babies), The Threat Outside, Traversing The Moon (great guide for new-comers) and my favourite, 105 Lava Cake Recipes. The books aren’t too costly and are all worth purchasing.

An extra bonus in this shop is the owner, Bernard, who is a great help when it comes to deciding which book you’d like to purchase. He’s always polite, kind and helpful to his customers so for me, it was a joy visiting Booktastic Books. Booklovers should check out this shop right away!

Neocola Machine

What is a small and plain soda machine doing in the moon of Kreludor? Well, I’m not quite sure and I’m most certain that the whole entire population of Neopia is in the same trance of confusion as I am. All we certainly know it that it is Slothy who constructed it because, well, no one would be bizarre enough to build a soda machine on a moon. And besides, The Neopets Team even said so themselves! Here’s what they reported regarding the Neocola Machine, “…it accepts strange tokens and dispenses items of such immense doom and destruction that only Sloth himself could be behind such a dastardly contraption. It is also said that those who don't know how to properly use the machine disappear and are never heard from again, though they all seem to leave a nice pile of sludge behind.”

This paragraph clearly explains it all. The machine is the perfect tool for Dr. Sloth’s evil schemes! Here is a small theory regarding what I think Sloth is planning to do with the Neocola Machine: As you may know, Grundos on Kreludor aren’t the brightest pets. They cannot in actuality heighten their intelligence for there are only four books that lie in the small moon. So when these reduced Grundos notice this nifty machine, of course they will want to use it! There are very high chances that by now, the Grundos know the whereabouts of the tokens for they are working for Dr. Sloth. So when they seize the tokens, they’ll use pop them in the Machine and will be handed the “items of immense doom and destruction”. The Grundos do not actually know the purpose of the weapons and that they are dangerous and deadly. They will begin using them as if they were small play toys and will take note of the orders that Dr. Sloth commands them to do: “DESTROY ALL OF NEOPIA!”

Sadly, there are a few Grundos who contain so low of intelligence that they cannot even speak a single word! These Grundos will be the ones who will not use the machine “properly” and the poor lot of them will disappear and will never be seen again. Sloth is truly the most cold-hearted creature I’ve ever had the chance to hear about. Wouldn’t you agree? [Forces partner/reader to nod in agreement]

Kreludan Homes

Kreludor is the wonderful abode to creatures, space-nature and of course, HOMES! Yes, Kreludan’s do have homes and some are much more extravagant and modern then the typical home you would imagine. If you are one the lucky few who have had the chance to visit Kreludor and stopover to the neighbourhoods to view the residences, I’m 98.58% sure that you wished you could own the same dwelling for the reasons of the comfortable habitation, the modern decoration style, the bragging rights and for the reason that they simply look amazing.

So the first step in creating that perfect Kreludan home is to stopover at “Kreludan Homes”, the #1 rated shop for homeowners (I’M BEING SERIOUS!). This shop has everything you could wish for to commence building your little heaven! Well in reality, I’m being untruthful, yet again. The shop contains 4 pieces furniture (like the bookshop!), which are in truth, very modern and sophisticated.

The store is stocked with an incredible Space Bed that can drift you off into a deep slumber in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, it is only large enough for a child so owners do not have the opportunity to use this unbelievable bed. Another item is the cozy Space Beanbag Chair with is stuffed with magical, secret feathers that make the beanbag feel like a soft and gentle cloud. A very stylish piece for the living room! The third piece of furniture is a Space Chair that has two, odd Grundo ears sticking out from the top. It is quite snug and is a fantastic addition to your kitchen. And at last, the final item the store carries is a space closet (could not locate out the name due to be out of stock). The large closet contains enough space to fit 100 suits in it and has a layer of Dust-Be-Gone so you’ll never have to worry about cleaning it! In addition, it has the same peculiar Grundo ears fastened on the top. I’m beginning to speculate who is creating these pieces of furniture….

Café Kreludor

Is your body weary from the venture around Kreludor? Is your stomach noisily rumbling for food? Are you sick and tired of Gargarox serving the same old foods in his café? Well, Café Kreludor is the shop that was meant for you! Stocked with quite a few delicious little treats, this store will satisfy your taste buds like they’ve never been satisfied before! My personal favourite is the Orange Grundo Pop, which you can suck on for hours without it decreasing! The sweetie releases a red and sugary liquid that gushes in your mouth and makes you tingle in pleasure. Another bonbon that the shop is currently stocked with is Stick Globs, a delightful treat that is enveloped in a thick and white cream that gradually melts in your mouth.

The third desert that the shop offers is Moon Rock Pie. Personally, this wasn’t too enjoyable for me because the rocks were much too solid to chew on and it made my teeth sore, afterwards. However, I did not ingest it for the shopkeeper, Claude, told me that it wasn’t meant for humans. Subsequently, I noticed a warning at the side of the plate that read: WARNING: Skeiths and Grarrls are the only creatures who should consume this desert! [Slaps forehead] Dang! How could I be such an idiot!

And finally, the last bonbon that Café Kreludor is selling is the Orange Rambus Burger. It is a lovely little snack that is sure to please creatures and humans who try it out. I honestly could not tell what was inside the burger and this was what worried me. Not knowing what is in my food causes me to fret, which made my time eating the burger not as enjoyable as I hoped it to be.

I’m very high in hopes that this little review of Café Kreludor should make you want to rush there immediately to taste their mouth-watering treats. And I advise that you do so for this is the finest café I’ve ever had the chance to encounter. Trust me, it’s much superior then that stupid café at the Space Station! [Glares menacingly at Grundos Café]

Kreludan Mining Corp.

“In a remote part of the moon you find a mine. Most mines are usually abandoned, not this one however. You would stay longer but the S750 Kreludan Defender Robot that is guarding the mine is just about to aim its lasers at you.”

This is what the Neopets Team has stated on the subject of this mysterious excavation. What could Sloth possibly be doing with a mine, which is located in an isolated part of the moon? Well, there’s only one answer to this query! Sloth is using the mine to store his weapons of DESTRUCTION AND DOOM! The authorization code is for his assistants and other employees who are involved in the preposterous, wicked plan. And I’m 93.23% sure that the S750 Kreludan Defender Robot is going to play a large part in this scheme of Sloth’s. I may be right or I may be wrong but one thing is for certain: Slothy is up to no good…


At last, we have arrived to the conclusion of our exciting venture, here in Kreludor. I’m sure that you had a splendid time in this exciting piece of land and that you’ll stop by once more when Kreludor will be filled with new sites and locations! Now, I’m off to the Mining Corp to try and sneak in there and figure out what the heck is going on! [Defender Robot glares threateningly while a mysterious weapon begins to slid out of its robotic arm] On a second thought, I think I’ll head back with you….

Author’s Note: Like I said before, hope you had tons of fun on your trip around Kreludor! And any comments regarding the Neomail would be deeply appreciated!

Other Note: The names of the different items in the shops are not completely confirmed

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