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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Awakening, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 141 > Continuing Series > The Defenders of Light: Part Eight

The Defenders of Light: Part Eight

by npmasterx01

Collision of Evil Forces

"You're in charge until I get back, BurnDragonX!" I said as we turned a corner. We kept running until two scouts and a Korbat Leader appeared. I threw two Pyramid Daggers at the Korbat Leader. The first one hit its left wing and the second one hit its right wing. The two daggers were stuck one the wall along with the Korbat Leader. I gave Dr. Livingston his slingshot back. The scientist fired at the two scouts and they fainted. We continued down the hallway. A Chia Bomber dropped out of the air vent and fired at Dr. Livingston. It didn't seem to affect him. He fired back with the Faerie Slingshot. I hit the Chia Bomber with my Lost Desert Dagger, and it fainted. Once again, we continued. When we arrived at the control room, there was someone already there. It was Chameleon. I looked at the monitor in front of him. It was Fury and Brutal escaping. Something on his arm caught my attention. It was a DOC. Most likely to belong BurnDragonX or myself.

     "What about you?" asked a voice on the DOC that sounded like Fury.

    "I am on my way!" said Chameleon. I picked up a ray gun that fell on the floor and hit him in the head with it.

    "Chameleon! What happened?" asked Fury.

    "I tripped!" I replied trying to sound like Chameleon.

    "You don't sound so good," said Fury. "Are you feeling okay?"

    "I think I am coming down with something," I said. "Just go back to the base and tell me what happens."

    "Aren't you coming?" asked Fury.

    "I have some business to take care of," I said. I put the DOC on my wrist.

    "What are we going to do with Chameleon?" asked Dr. Livingston.

    "I will worry about that! Just get that door open!" I said. Dr. Livingston started typing, while I tied up Chameleon and locked him in a trunk.

    "There are too many!" said BurnDragonX on my DOC. "Hurry! I don't think we can last much longer!"

    "It is complete!" said Dr. Livingston as he pressed enter.

    "The door is open!" said BurnDragonX.

    "Tell them to get the weapons and meet me in Neiks3's office!" I ordered.

    "I will stay here," said Dr. Livingston. "I have some work to do on this thing. I will first work on locking this door."

    "Contact me if anything goes wrong," I said as I headed for the office. There didn't seem to be anyone around as I ran through the hall. When I got there, BurnDragonX and the other recruits were resting.

    "By the time we got the weapons, there was barely any of them around anymore," said BurnDragonX.

    "All of the scouts, Korbat Leaders, and Chia Bombers have been defeated," said a voice on my DOC. "Dr. Sloth is now sending in all of his Sloth clones along with his Fire Grarrls and Invader Skeiths."

    "We are in for some trouble!" said one of the low generals.

    "Send some of the guards outside to stop them from coming in," I commanded.

    "Yes, sir!" said Tonimono from my DOC. On the computer screen, appeared a familiar face.

    "HeckDragonX! I see you are having a hard time defending your base from the invaders," said Judge Hog. "I have sent some men over to your base to help. They are fighting Sloth's troops even as we speak. You do know that it won't be enough. Right? It has been about ten minutes since they started fighting."

    "Thanks! I already know that it will not be enough," I said.

    "It looks like we will have to retreat and leave you with the rest. There isn't very many people left. I know you can make it through this," said the Judge Hog as he disappeared.

    "Chameleon! The troops are on their way!" said Fury from my DOC.

    "Looks like we are still in for some more trouble," I said. A group of Sloth clones appeared in the hallway.

    "Use these on them!" said one of the secret agents. He handed me three Brown Clockwork Grundos. I activated them and they started walking towards the clones.

    "It's kind of cute," said one of the clones. They all started laughing. When the Grundos got close enough, they exploded. After the smoke cleared, there was no sign of the Sloth clones.

    "I don't think that I can fight much longer!" said Tonimono on my DOC.

    "What is the status of the enemy?" I asked.

    "The Fire Grarrls and Invader Skeiths have disappeared, but the Sloth clones seem to keep going on forever!" said Tonimono. "Wait! It has been reported that the Sloth clones have stopped!"

    "Why?" I asked.

    "I did it!" said Dr. Livingston from my DOC as the lights went out.

    "How did you do it?" I asked.

    "I had created a dish that sends out special radio waves. These waves stop everything that runs on electricity to stop working. Now is your chance to destroy them! It will not last forever!" said Dr. Livingston. "When it stops the Sloth clones will be deactivated and the electricity will go back on."

    "Did you hear that, Tonimono?" I asked.

    "You got it!" said Tonimono.

    "HeckDragonX!" yelled Sloth on the computer screen as the power went back on.

    "What do you want?" I asked.

    "Give up already! You will not like me when I'm mad!" said Sloth.

    "Chameleon, we have arrived!" said Fury.

    "Ransack, I hate them!" said Sloth.

    "Dr. Frank Sloth!" said a voice very calmly.

    "Viper, you're mine!" said Sloth as he disappeared off the screen.

    "It is a total war zone out here!" said Tonimono.

    "Dr. Livingston, who is Viper?" I asked.

    "Sounds like one of the four snakes to me!" said Dr. Livingston.

    "I could tell you about Viper!" said BurnDragonX.

    "Viper is one of the four snakes. She is one of only three females in Ransack!" said BurnDragonX. "She is also the only Usul in Ransack. Viper is a shadow Usul with great speed and defence. She might not be very strong, but she makes up for strength with intelligence."

    "All of the snakes have a special ability," said Dr. Livingston. "The only problem is that I don't know what they are."

    "What was Anaconda's special ability?" I asked.

    "I don't know. He would never tell me," said BurnDragonX.

    "They are on the roof!" reported Tonimono.

    "Who?" I asked.

    "Viper and Dr. Sloth!" replied Tonimono.

    "How did they get up there?" I asked.

    "I don't know," said Tonimono.

    "You can use the elevator to get to the top floor, but you will have to climb the stairway to gain access on the roof," said Dr. Livingston.

    "I will go! Everyone else stay with BurnDragonX," I said.

    "Good luck!" said BurnDragonX. After using the elevator and climbing the stairs, I finally reached the roof top. Viper and Sloth were fighting against each other. Viper attacked with some weird looking staff. The weapon that Sloth had was also unfamiliar to me.

    "I have done some research and have discovered that the staff Viper holds is called the Staff of Lost Souls," said Dr. Livingston from my DOC.

    "What does it do?" I asked.

    "If the opponent is weakened enough, the evil spirit within the staff will trap your soul inside the staff along with it," said Dr. Livingston.

    "Is she really that evil?" I asked.

    "She is a master at black magic and use to be friends with Edna," explained Dr. Livingston. "Viper was created by evil, but nobody knows what created her. Well, that actually is just a rumor I heard once."

    "What is Sloth carrying with him?" I asked.

    "I haven't been able to figure that out yet," said Dr. Livingston.

    "You can not handle the power of the Chaos Scepter!" said Sloth.

    "I can, but can you handle the power of my ancient staff?" asked Viper. Three spirits came out of the staff and attacked Dr. Sloth. He destroyed them with the Chaos Scepter.

    "How pathetic is that?" asked Dr. Sloth.

    "Now for my special ability, the Devastation Wave!" said Viper. A large flame appeared in front of her and headed toward Sloth. He blocked it.

    "You are know match against it!" said Sloth.

    "I guess it is up to my staff to destroy it!" said Viper. The Staff of Lost Souls lit up and all the souls it held were released. They started to swirl in a circle and a figure was created in the middle. As soon as the figure was created, the souls disappeared inside of it. It was some sort of creature that looked like the lava ghoul, but was totally black. The creature looked like a shadow with red eyes. "This staff has the special ability to summon a creature from the darkness. The more souls there is in the staff, the more powerful it becomes," explained Viper.

    "I have found it," announced Dr. Livingston. "Virtupets's file list has an article on the Chaos Scepter. It was the main power source used to create the Monoceraptor and the Rock Beast. The weapon has been missing for a few years though. There are two ultimate weapons of evil which are the Chaos Scepter and the Chaos Orb. Ransack has the Chaos Orb, I assume. If they are combined, it would create the perfect evil weapon that could destroy a whole village in one blow. A long time ago, a good wizard split the weapon into two pieces. Only a special stone can bring them back together again. It is called the Stone of Revival. The stone has been lost ever since it was separated. It could bring any weapons together into one."

    "Meet Night Shade the shadow demon!" said Viper. The creature attacked Dr. Sloth, but it missed. Sloth drew his Chaos Scepter and made a blast of energy shoot out of it toward Night Shade. After it hit the demon, Night Shade sank into the ground in the form of a shadow. It approached Sloth and disappeared in his own shadow. Five seconds later, Night Shade rose from out of the ground and landed back on top of Sloth's shadow. Dr. Sloth fell to the ground, but held himself up with his arms. The shadow demon returned to the same spot he was when he appeared. Sloth got back on his feet.

    "What was that?" asked Sloth.

    "It is one of Night Shade's special attacks, Voodoo!" said Viper. "When it is in shadow form, Night Shade can hurt you by attacking your shadow. It feels as if he were attacking you head on instead of not touching you at all. Would you like to see his other special move? Multiply!"

    "That doesn't sound good," I said to myself. The shadow of the demon started to split into two and another shadow demon was created. The clone attacked Sloth and exploded on impact.

    "Finish him off with the Beam of the Lost Souls!" commanded Viper. Night Shade's eyes turned white and a beam of souls shot out at Sloth. He held the Chaos Scepter in front of him to block it. The attack was deflected, but the Scepter was shattered.

    "That isn't the real Chaos Scepter! Even the wizard couldn't break it!" said Dr. Livingston from my DOC.

    "Destroy the Monoceraptor and the Rock Beast! I can handle it from here!" said Viper. The Shadow Usul picked Sloth up by the neck as Night Shade jumped off the building and landed on the Monoceraptor. "Where is the real Chaos Scepter?" asked Viper.

    "I will never tell you!" said Sloth as he kicked her in the stomach. Viper let go and Sloth was about to make a jump for it when a dagger flew into Sloth's leg. Another dagger hit his other leg. I looked in the direction in which the daggers came from. It was Neiks3.

    "Leaving so soon?" asked Neiks3.

    "It can't be! Why now?" asked Sloth. Viper was about to attack Neiks3 when I decided to make my move. I used Lava Spit and it hit Vipers hand. She dropped the staff and I grabbed it.

    "Stop!" I commanded. Night Shade stopped beating on the Rock Beast and the Monoceraptor. They were in bad shape. The Monoceraptor was retreating and the Rock Beast was in pieces. The shadow demon jumped on top of the roof. "Destroy Viper!" I commanded. Night Shade did what I told him and used Multiply. This time it created four clones and attacked all at once. Viper used the Devastation Wave and damaged the shadow demon.

    "Who are you?" asked Viper.

    "I am Neiks3's Neopet, HeckDragonX!" I said.

    "You don't have the power to use that staff forever," said Viper.

    "Who said that I was going to use it forever?" I asked. The shadow demon used the Beam of the Lost Souls.

    "I will return one day and defeat you!" said Viper. The beam hit Viper and she fell to the floor. All of a sudden, something rose from the staff.

    "That must be the evil spirit that takes your soul," I said. It was about to touch her when a Lost Desert Shoyru appeared in front of her. I noticed that he was carrying an orb. "Is that Ransack's leader?" I asked. "He is carrying the Chaos Orb!"

    "That must be him!" said Dr. Livingston from my DOC.

    "King Cobra is here?" questioned BurnDragonX.

    "Get away from her or you will have to deal with me," said Cobra. The evil spirit attacked Cobra. The orb lit up and a beam of light shot out at the evil spirit. As the light passed through it, the spirit disappeared. I held the staff up in the air.

    "Destroy the Staff of Lost Souls!" I commanded. Night Shade used Beam of the Lost Souls and the staff was destroyed. The lost souls started to leave the shadow demon. All that was left of Night Shade, was a bracelet.

    "You have won for now, but I will get you one day," said Cobra as he picked up Viper and disappeared.

    "Ransack's and Virtupets's armies are retreating!" said Tonimono from my DOC.

    "Let me guess. Sloth has gotten away again!" I said.

    It has been twelve hours since the end of the invasion. Dr. Livingston has called for a meeting in the control room.

    "What is this meeting about?" I asked.

    "You will find out. Just tell the guards to lock the doors," said Dr. Livingston. The scientist whispered something into BurnDragonX's ear.

    "Everyone be quiet. The meeting has just started!" said Neiks3.

    "As you all know, we were invaded by Virtupets and Ransack not too long ago," said Dr. Livingston. "I have been trying to fix everything since then. It seems that I the cameras are still off-line. I found something that might be useful. I had found something that could really help us right about now in hard times like these. I did not need a camera to figure out this mystery." The scientist turned to one side of the room and started talking again. "Redish! Why don't you tell everyone how the money was stolen and you freed Chameleon two times? Once in the cell and then in the trunk. Would you rather have me call you Uzzaro, one of the most wanted thieves in the history of Neopia?" asked Dr. Livingston. Redish quickly pulled out a weapon, but was pounced by BurnDragonX.

    "That is why you requested for our permission to guard the cells," I said in shock.

    "She was in the main control room at the time, but was hiding when she saw us knock out Chameleon. Right before I locked the door, Uzzaro untied Chameleon and they escaped from the room," explained Dr. Livingston.

    "Please let me go! I will pay for the damages just let me go!" cried Uzzaro.

    Uzzaro did, in fact, pay for the damages that Ransack and Virtupets caused. Neiks3 wouldn't tell us where he had been the whole time the battle took place. The Bracelet of Night Shade has been locked away with the Claw of the Monospectre. There is no sign of Virtupets or Ransack and it is meal time for the Defenders of Light. Dr. Livingston, Tonimono, BurnDragonX, Prototype_Barry, and I were sitting at the same table talking to each other.

    "Looks like it is over for now," said Dr. Livingston.

    "I will be sleeping good tonight!" said BurnDragonX.

    "When they return, we will be ready!" I said.

    "HeckDragonX!" said a voice from my DOC.

    "What is it?" I asked.

    "What did he say?" asked BurnDragonX.

    "Ready your weapons! We leave at dawn!" I said.

    "For what?" asked Prototype_Barry.

    "It seems that Brainiac has escaped!" I said.

To be continued...

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