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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 141 > Articles > How to Keep your Abominable Snowball Safe for Summer

How to Keep your Abominable Snowball Safe for Summer

by hot_tamale225

NEOPIA ON A WARM DAY - After a lot of thought, I decided to check out the All Petpets page to help find a Petpet for my Acara, Snowy. Browsing the All Petpets page, the Abominable Snowball caught my eye. Maybe Snowy would like one of these as a Petpet! You know, it kind of made sense. Snowy, Abominable Snowball. Snowy, Abominable Snowball. Erm… I guess. Anyway, I decided to look up this so-called Abominable Snowball in the yellow search bar. I gasped as I read the Petpet’s description. A great friend... for as long as the weather stays cold. Wait… that couldn’t be right…

…for as long as the weather stays cold.

What is that? A death threat?! How in Neopia are we supposed to keep the weather cool ALL the time? What about when summer rolls around? Huh? *pokes Adam and Donna* HUH? I decided to buy an Abominable Snowball for Snowy and see if everything would work out. However, I soon realized spring was NOT the right time to buy a Snowball as a Petpet, because summer is fast approaching. I noticed poor Mr. Abominable was getting a little watery around the edges. His coal smile was slowly turning into a frown. (Or maybe it was just melting off, but he DID look a little depressed) Alarmed, Snowy and I tried everything we could to keep her Snowball from melting. Although most of our ideas didn’t work (as usual, tsk tsk) I found that some kept him frozen over. I decided to write an article on my findings in case other Abominable Snowball owners were having the same problem. Here we go…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Keep your Abominable Snowball in the Fridge

This is probably the simplest way. I have tried this before, and I highly recommend the Snow Fridge. (Although the snow fridge DOES cost 30,000 NP as an average on the Shop Wiz =P) Your Abominable Snowball will feel right at home with all the snow, and the snowball can keep the snow in the fridge company. (Also, a fridge can be a good place to store extra asparagus.) But in the blazing hot summer sun the whole fridge could melt. Frequently check the fridge for leaks. (Try to keep your Snowball in a fridge instead of a freezer, even though the freezer might seem more efficient. Snowy and I put Mr. Abominable in a freezer once, and a couple of icicles formed. Needless to say, Mr. Abominable was not happy.)

Let the Scratchcard Wocky Baby-sit Your Snowball

The Scratchcard Wocky does seem a little mysterious, but he does have a big heart… :*) *sighs and remembers old memories with the Scratchcard Wocky* I swear, they should give that guy his own Neopedia article… *nudge* *poke*

Let Edna the Witch Baby-sit Your Snowball

Okay, okay, most of you are probably gasping “WITH EDNA THE WITCH? Why would I want to give my pet to a witch?? In the HAUNTED WOODS?”


...Before you gather up a posse and come marching to my NeoHome with baseball bats and umbrellas! Actually, when you think about it, Abominable Snowballs are FROM the Haunted Woods. They are originally Spooky Petpets. (Now that I think about it, that is probably how they got the term “Abominable” tagged onto their name…O_o) And Edna the Witch is actually the only Haunted Woods character that is nice (well, sort of). She also seems pretty welcoming when you first enter her tower…that must make her SOMEWHAT non-evil… It must be at least a little better than letting the BRAIN TREE baby-sit the snowball…*shudders at bad memories with the Brain Tree*

But Whatever You Do, DON’T Give Your Abominable Snowball Back to the Spooky Petpet Shopkeeper!

She has got red eyes and fangs *shudders* and I really don’t know what she could do to you if you tried to return used merchandise…

Your Only Hope: Pack Up and Move to Happy Valley

Even if you hate the cold, you’ll always find something to do in Happy Valley! I mean, I would much rather be on Mystery Island, but the view here is actually quite nice. The snow is kind of pretty once you really look at it. You’ll always be first to the Advent Calendar each Christmas and you will always be there before anyone else when the Slushie Shop restocks ;) Anything to make your Pet’s Petpet happy, right? Or at least anything to keep them from becoming nothing but a hat, a scarf, and a piece of coal...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Of course, every snowball is different, and yours might have different needs. For instance, I’ve seen some Abominable Snowballs who need to be all the way up at the highest elevation of Terror Mountain to get the temperature they needed. I have seen others who are fine in temperate weather. Although don’t assume yours will be fine in either climate… You might find your Petpet is an Abominable Puddle or an Abominable Ice Cube someday if you aren’t careful.

Even though summer might be a hard time for your poor Abominable Snowball, you can make it work. Don’t give up! Try my suggestions, and maybe come up with your own. (Neomail me some, I’m always looking for ideas!) Anything to keep our Snowballs safe over summer ;) If you are yet to buy an Abominable Snowball, maybe consider another Petpet that doesn’t melt (although Abominable Snowballs really do make great friends). Puppyblews, Warfs, and Angelpi make fantastic pets and can live in any climate.

If any of my suggestions don’t work for you, it is not my fault! Please don’t come to my NeoHome with pitchforks and torches! *shrinks into corner* Not all of my ideas might work for EVERYONE... O_o *wink*


Author’s Note: It seems like ALL of the cool articles have got some kind of “Author’s note” at the end to keep everyone thinking. I have decided if I want my article to be worthy, I need to add one, too. Hold your Unis, I’ve got to decide what to put.

Erm, okay... this may take awhile. (^.^)

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