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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 141 > Articles > A Neopian’s Guide to PetPet Paint Brushes

A Neopian’s Guide to PetPet Paint Brushes

by sugar6248

PETPET PUDDLE - So you’ve bought your Neopets petpets, but aren’t sure what color to paint them? Well, this guide was designed to help you! I have an obsession with petpets, and am very picky about what color I paint them. This guide should help you discover what color is perfect for your petpet, and without any regret once the painting is done.

If you visit the Petpet Puddle page with all the different species on it, you will see that there are probably many paint brush options for your little petpet. Since most Neopians are on a budget, I will list the paint brushes from cheapest to most expensive.

The cheapest petpet paint brushes are Snow, Christmas, Yellow and Purple. The Snow petpet paint brush only averages about 4,000 Neopoints, because it was an Advent Calendar gift this past December. The Christmas one is currently around 7,000 NP on the shop wizard. This is kind of surprising, because I think the Christmas painted petpets are the cutest. On a side note, the Christmas Acko and the Green Chomby are a perfect visual match. Yellow Petpet Paint brushes average about 30,000 Neopoints.

Many petpets can be painted yellow and just recently, The Neopets Team added Boweens, Bubbles, Sharkies and Raindorfs to the list of petpets that can be painted yellow. This is good for me, because now I have at least an extra color option for my Raindorf. The Purple Petpet Paint brush is currently being sold at 35,000 Neopoints. However, I bought my Purple Abominable Snowball for a mere 3,000 NP. So it is generally cheaper to just buy a petpet that is already painted, but if your pet can’t bear to part with their petpet you should just buy a petpet paint brush.

Next is the petpet paint brushes that are “middle range” priced. These include the Green Petpet Paint Brush, the Brown, Halloween, Black, Red, Cloud, Spotted, Tyrannian, Glowing, Invisible and Robot ones. The Brown, Red, Tyrannian and Invisible Petpet Paint Brushes each average 40,000 Neopoints. Many petpets can be painted Brown, but I think it is not one of the popular colors, because I have never seen any petpets from anyone I know that are painted Brown. Red is one of the more common colors, as most petpets can be painted Red, especially since more petpets were able to be painted Red on Valentine’s Day. I think the Red Angelpuss is the cutest out of the Red petpets. Only fifteen different species have the ability to be painted Tyrannian. Another rare color is Invisible, because only the Angelpuss, Anubis, Babaa, Doglefox, Ona, Turmac, Warf and Whinny are able to be painted in this color. The Green Petpet Paint Brush is selling for about 45,000 Neopoints. I think the Green Ghostkerchief is the most fun-looking petpet out of the greens, because it looks neon green. However, out of the naturally green petpets, I happen to favor the Frogarott. These are just my opinions, don’t take them personally.

There are a few petpet paint brushes averaging 50,000 Neopoints, which are the Black, Cloud, Spotted, Grey and Glowing ones. Again this is a rare color, because only ten petpets have the privilege of being painted with a Glowing Petpet Paint Brush. My picks are the Babaa, Kadoatie, and Mazzew. This is because the other ones don’t appear to glow as much, or as brightly. If you have a Shadow painted Neopet and you wanted your petpet to match, your best bet is to paint the petpet Black. Many of them appear to have a shadow effect. The Khnum and Spardel would match a Skunk painted pet. The Cloud petpets are very cute, and I like all of them except the Mirgle. This is only because there’s not much of his body that is actually painted.

There are several petpets that can be painted Spotted. I don’t happen to like the color, though. The Halloween and Robot Petpet Paint Brushes are the only two left in this category. They each sell for 65,000 Neopoints. Here’s another perfect place to find petpets that perfectly match their owners. If you have a Halloween Kacheek, the Halloween Harris is its perfect match. The Halloween Warf would also match. The Halloween Doglefox is the only one that is dressed as a scarecrow. The others are dressed as witches, ghosts, or skeletons. Many petpets can also be painted Robot, and most have little green antennas on their heads.

The Grey Petpet Paint Brush is 55,000 Neopoints. I believe the price inflated when the grey look was changed. There are several petpets that can be painted grey, such as the Anubis, Buzzer, Bluna, Cirrus(who looks like a little depressed rain cloud), Dua, Ganuthor, Gruslen, Kookith, Meepit, Noil, Snowbunny, Snorkle and Ultra Pinceron. The Grey petpets are actually cute depressed-looking little creatures. My favorite is the Grey Snowbunny.

Now if you are one of the rich Neopians, then this is your category. All of the paint brushes in this section cost 80,000 Neopoints or more. Four basic colors of paint brushes cost about 80,000 Neopoints, which are Orange, Pink, Blue, and White. Only five petpets can be painted Orange. These include the Gulper, Peo, Pfish, Primella and famous Hasee. With the exception of the Hasee, these are all aquatic-looking petpets. Many of the common petpets can be painted Pink. I don’t have any favorites in this color, because I like all of them. On to Blue, I don’t have any definite favorites in this color, either. I really like the Blue Kookith, Candychan and Gruslen, though. Some of the White painted petpets would match the Striped painted pets, such as the White Gruslen or White Kadoatie.

The last of the buyable petpet paint brushes are Faerie, Mutant and Ghost. These are not technically buyables, but since I found them selling in shops I added them to this category. The Faerie Petpet Paint Brush was selling for 90,000 Neopoints, the Mutant one for 85,000 and the Ghost one for 98,000. The only Faerie painted petpet I care for is the Harris, because it is my favorite petpet. The Faerie Moltenore would match the Faerie Kacheek, though. The Mutant Triffin is kind of cool, with all of its eyes. The Ghost Meowclops looks pretty scary, with its one huge red eye. Rainbow Petpet Paint Brushes are selling on the Trading Post for 110,000 Neopoints. The brightest colored Rainbow painted petpets are the Angelpuss, Snowbunny and Warf. The Babaa and Noil have a nice rainbow effect, too.

The Fire Petpet Paint Brush is selling for 125,000 Neopoints. All of the Fire painted petpets have a nice color effect. The Meepit looks like it is actually on fire. The Plushie Petpet Paint Brush is going for 150,000 Neopoints. I’m not a fan of the Plushie pets or petpets, but the Harris and Mazzew are pretty adorable. Now my pricing of the Island Petpet Paint Brush may be inaccurate, because I could only find one that actually had the price on the user’s wishlist, which is 185,000 Neopoints. Island is one of my favorite colors for the petpets, so I love all of them. Now, we are down to the most expensive petpet paint brush, drumroll please… the Pirate Petpet Paint Brush! Most of you probably knew this, since it is the newest petpet paint brush. The average Trading Post price is 220,000 Neopoints. Since it is still new, there are only eleven petpet species that can be painted this color. The Puppyblew, Doglefox and Snorkle are the only ones who do not have the grayish color effect.

So there you have it: a guide to petpet paint brushes. I hope you found my information and research useful, and remember to also find out your petpet feels about being painted a certain color.

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