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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 7th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 141 > New Series > A Story of Skyfire: Part One

A Story of Skyfire: Part One

by chipster33

Ylana pulled back her blue hair that was dangling in her face, and wiped the many beads of sweat that hung on her brow. It would not do for hair or sweat to get in her eyes in the middle of the challenge. Then she massaged her muscles on her arms, which were aching terribly after all she had done today. How much more would she have to endure? Better, yet, how much time would she have to do it in? She glanced at her wrist where a fluorescent watch from the Space Station, as was the ray gun strapped upon her waist, was strapped and which rather quickly showed the seconds passing by. Ylana gasped when she saw she had only five minutes left.

     I must hurry,Ylana told herself as she jumped off of the platform on which she was standing.

     The Acara did a backward flip in the air, and landed gracefully on the next one, which was just a tad bit higher than the last. Her feet gripped expertly on the slippery stone of the cave as she landed, which was a good thing too since it was an awful long thing down. Suddenly, a giant spiked ball on a chain flew from out of nowhere. Ylana leapt back out of instinct, but even though she avoided the spiky orb, she was at the very edge of the stone platform.

     Ylana flapped her blue arms in a helpless attempt to regain her balance, but it was to no avail. The Acara's feet slipped and she plummeted towards the ground.

     "Not after all my hard work! No, I won't let myself fail now!" Ylana screamed.

     She outstretched her arm in a flash and grabbed the ledge of the stone, allowing her to hang over the impermeable darkness below. She strained her muscles in her arm to pull herself back up to the top. It was more than she could bear, pulling one whole Acara with one tired, aching arm, but she managed it. In less than ten seconds she was back up on the platform, a grim smile of pride perched on her face.

     Ylana then, making sure to avoid the spiked ball, jumped upon the next platform. This one was extremely narrow in the center, and Ylana knew that even the smallest thing that would throw her off balance would make her fall. Carefully, she approached the center and spread out her arms like a gymnast. She placed one paw in front of the other, not looking down at the darkness below. Sweat from her nerves collected on her arms, but she did not turn back. She was halfway across the walkway when she noticed a large dip that was filled with water. Ylana knew that if she stepped on it she would surely slip and fall, so what would she do?

     I'll jump it, that's what! the Acara said to herself. She backed up, poising herself for the leap she was about to make, and then leapt into the air. She soared over the puddle, and landed perfectly on the other side. She smirked at the accomplishment, then continued onto to the edge of the platform, where it widened again.

     She jumped to the next platform and took a look around. It was extremely large, over than ten times larger than the rest, and eerily silent. Walls also surrounded it on three of its sides.

     Something's not right,Ylana thought to herself. Her keen eyes scanned the area, looking for something that shouldn't have been there, that was out of place, and finally she spotted it. On the northeast wall, there was a huge crack.

     "Now what do we have here?" she muttered to herself as she walked over to inspect the crack. It didn't look natural at all; more like something had run into the wall at a high speed and forced it there. "I can't imagine what would have formed this..." Ylana whispered, and as she did such, a huge burst of steam burst over her from the crack. Then the wall shook with rage, and the Acara spotted two blood red eyes from peering behind it. "Oh Fyora..."

     The wall shook once more and shattered like glass, scattering stones everywhere. Then Ylana saw the creature that had done it, a Tyrannian Skeith who must have been fifty feet tall. It roared, spreading bits of its yellow phlegm over the cold cave walls, as well as Ylana. The Acara stared it straight in the eye, knowing what she had to do.

     Ylana turned on her heel and ran.

     However, she did not get far. The Skeith slammed its gigantic brown tail in front of her path, causing Ylana to jump back.

     "Okay then, I suppose I'm going to have to fight you then... But be warned, I am not just an ordinary, run of the mill fighter! Behold the blue Acara that will introduce you to a rather untimely fate! Behold the blue Acara that will spread justice throughout the land with her advanced knowledge in martial arts! Behold the blue Acara that shall defeat you in less than two minutes! Behold Ylana Skyfire!"

     At that Ylana leapt in the air, her ray gun withdrawn. With that she blasted the Skeith with it on full blast. The beast howled in excruciating pain, but Ylana did not stop. This was her foe, she had to defeat it, and she would not stop until she did. The Tyrannian Skeith staggered, and slowly made his way towards the edge of the platform. He looked down over it forlornly, then looked a Ylana with a pleading look in his eyes.

     Any other Neopian would've felt a pang of guilt right about now, and many would have stopped fighting with the Skeith and went over to try to help it instead, but that was not Ylana's way. She smiled, her eyes alight with wicked pleasure, and murmured, "Sorry buddy, but you're going down." She gripped the trigger on her ray gun tightly, sending out a red hot blast which forced the gigantic beast into the gorge below.

     Suddenly, the surroundings around Ylana began to fade and the cave turned into a large white room.

     A voice appeared from a speaker box overhead, and said in a bold voice, "Very good Ms. Skyfire, or should I say the Flaming Sky. You completed our challenge with one minute and forty-eight seconds to spare. You are now apart of the Defenders of Neopia. Welcome to the team, from what we can see you will do a great job."

     A door at the end of the room opened, and a large Moehog in yellow and black spandex walked in. He carried a tight purple suit with a "FS" in red and a purple mask along with him. He handed them to the Acara, who was trying to suppress a large grin. She had done it; she had become a Defender of Neopia. Of course, that was only the beginning of her plans...


Ever since Ylana Skyfire was born on Mystery Island, she had been an outcast. All the other pets there had families who were into the tourism business, and they were very rich. Ylana's, however, tried to scare away the tourists by dressing up as angry natives. Not only did it never work, but the I'm-gonna-eat-the-tourists-since-I'm-an-angry-native business didn't make a whole lot of Neopoints. So poor Ylana was left to fend for herself by doing odd jobs here and there, and even at the end of the most excruciating labor she only got enough to buy herself a Zeenana or two. This meant that she had no really good Battledome weapons, no cute Mystery Island petpet, no fabulous coat color to call her own, and no one who liked her.

     "HEY YLANA!" mocked a pretty Island Wocky. "How many tourists have your savage parents devoured lately?"

     Ylana turned to the Wocky with a frown on her face, trying desperately not to cry. All the young Acara had wanted to do was to go pay Master Techo a Codestone that she had found after hours of digging in the sand on the island's beaches since he had given her a lesson. That's all. Why did this Wocky have to bring up her parents? She hated the mere sight of her parents, and when someone mentioned them it made it all the worse. "I- I don't know Sunari," she said.

     "Oh! Poor little Skyfire, did they abandon you?" she inquired in mock pity. Then Sunari turned around to her cronies and whispered loud enough for Ylana to hear, "No wonder if they did. They might be savages, but no one deserves that ugly of a daughter!"

     "No, they didn't abandon me!" Ylana practically screamed, trying to ignore the last comment. "They're out in the forest somewhere."

     "Oh, so there out hunting, are they?" a Maraquan Draik snickered.

     Ylana was about to protest, but she stopped since she knew it was true that they were. Her parents were natives, the violent kind, and they didn't take to Mystery Island being colonized. So that meant that they didn't use any of the new island conveniences, like the Tropical Food Shop, and they wouldn't be caught eating anything that the place sold. So instead, they hunted. It was mostly fish, but occasionally they would venture inside the forests to get something bigger. The Acara moaned at the thought of what they would bring home this time, and prayed it wasn't a tourist. Why her parents still took care of her was beyond Ylana, since she opposed everything they stood for. This didn't make the other pets on Mystery Island like her anymore, however. No, to them she was always like her parents, a savage.

To be continued...

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