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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 141 > Articles > Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

by winter_daze99

A MESSY NEOHOME - When young Neopets hear their owners say, “Let’s do some cleaning!” They scream really loud, and then you have to deal with the embarrassment of telling the authorities why your neighbor called for help. But it doesn’t have to work that way. I am going to tell you about many different ways to go about getting your pet accustomed to the idea.

Method 1: Begging

Begging is something young Neopets do, but who said it doesn’t work for owners? So you’re walking around your house tripping on toys and that key ring you always hated when your pet turns the corner. That’s your cue! Drop to your knees, look up at your pet and say, “Oh great one, heed my wishes! Travel down the messy hall and into your room--I mean castle! There you must pick up your toys and that annoying key ring!”

Pros: How can your pet resist the puppy dog pout?

Cons: You’ll have to deal with your pet telling everyone at school what you did on Monday.

Try this method. If it doesn’t work, proceed to step two.

Method 2: Rewards

No, I don’t mean the toenail soup you’ve been trying to feed him this past week. I mean chocolate, candy, if your pet does extra well, a cake! Tempt your pet by telling them that you’ll let them get candy, or, *sigh* another key ring. (Sorry, I still can’t get over stepping on a Twisted Roses key ring yesterday. That top wing tip hurts!) Or, tempt them even further and tell them that if they clean the house, you’ll put on a snowsuit at 70 degrees grab a bowl of stew and run up and down the street yelling, “Yippee! Look at me! Look at me!”

Pros: It’s every pet’s secret dream to embarrass their owner!

Cons: Is your pet on a diet?

Please move to step three.

Method 3: Put on a puppet show!

Yes, a puppet show. No, I’m not going crazy. Now, I know you’re thinking, “A puppet show! How is holding up some puppets going to help me?” Well, first you must find some Usuki dolls lying around the house, or borrow some from your neighbor. Which ever works best. Next name them. Let’s say you decided to call them Hates_To_Clean and Loves_To_Clean. Next, write a script and make the theater. Ask your pet to come watch. The story should be about a pet that hates cleaning and finds out how fun it really is.

Pros: A fun way to get your pet to clean!

Cons: By this point, your pet will think you’re obsessed with cleaning!

Method 4: Bug them about it

If you are reading this, it means that none of the above has worked for you. So, here is method that has a one in a billion chance of succeeding. You can bother them! Here is an example;

Owner: Clean your room, Clean the house, Clean your room….

Pet: Fine! I’ll clean! But please, stop bugging me!

Pros: It is very annoying!

Cons: Your pet might be annoyed with you for a while…

Method 5: Using that toenail soup

Okay. You know your pet’s afraid of it. So here’s a method that just might work. Begin by approaching your pet and saying, in a calm voice, “If you clean up, I will never feed you toenail soup again I promise.” A note of caution, however, make sure you hide the bowl you just got from the Wheel of Misfortune behind your back. If your pet agrees, you have every right to jump up and down like a lunatic. However, your pet and your neighbors will think that you are crazy, so make sure that you’re out of sight.

Pros: Your pet will be overjoyed to escape the soup.

Cons: What do you do with what’s left over?

Method 6: Complicate things

If your pet is a Zafara, or a pet that loves books, math and anything that has to do with learning, they will surely be grateful if you take them to see the giant vacuum. Okay, it’s just your vacuum on stilts. Teach your pet about how a vacuum functions. Soon, they should be eager to try one out. Tell them “That would be cleaning.” But they shouldn’t mind, if a toy is in the way of the vacuum, you do your part and put it away. Your pet will have cleaned the house, and have got an idea for a project. Making their own vacuum cleaner.

Pros: The house is clean and your pet had fun!

Cons: Next year, your pet will know how a vacuum works, and you can’t really teach them about a dustpan!

Method 7: Create a Neopian record

No there is no Neopian record for fastest house cleaning job, but you can create one in your own Neohome! If your pet is active, they should love darting around the house with a vacuum or duster! To make it more exciting, you can tell them that record holders get ice cream! Even if they take an hour, give them a reward.

Method 8: Make it into a game

If you happen to be the proud owner of a fun loving pet, what better way to clean then by making a game out of it? Pretend that you are the evil monster who grabs toys and hides them. Move slowly, giving your pet time to grab them and put them away. If you do grab them, put them somewhere where they’re easy to find, and then your pet can get them.

Pros: A fun way to clean (again!)

Cons: They might grow bored eventually.

A Sure-fire Method

If nothing has worked for you, then you can result to cleaning the place yourself. It’s boring, but hey, that’s the whole reason your pets refused. Don’t feel bad, you can always try to get your pet to join in with spring cleaning next year. Until then, you can come up with your own ways to get your pets to clean!

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