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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 29th day of Storing, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 141 > Articles > Remove the Nightmare in Maths Nightmare

Remove the Nightmare in Maths Nightmare

by precious_katuch14

GAMES ROOM—There are so many easy games to play there. Let’s make buildings go boom in Destruct-O-Match, snatch tasty neggs (and perhaps a Fish Negg) in Meerca Chase, pop tons of bubbles in Faerie Bubbles, perhaps give Lord Kass the nasty blow he deserves in Whack-a-Kass.

And there, in the Hard Games Section, is Maths Nightmare. Not many people dare play it… especially those infected with math-phobia. Some say it’s difficult, others say it’s confusing, still others say it’s a torture chamber for brains. No one ever makes it out alive…

Now, stop right there! You know, this game isn’t that bad. Yeah, you also think that either I lost my head or I’m a total math geek. I’m neither, thank you very much. In fact, I’m here to tell you that with a little bit of practice and a handful of pointers, tricks and tips, you can finally say that this game is no nightmare. No, my trophy is not controlling my mind! I’m perfectly sane and safe to be around. 12 x 3 =36! See? Told you I’m sane.

Hold it! Something tells me that some of you guys out there aren’t familiar with this game. OK, here’s a short summary of the game.

Imiya the Aisha is sleeping soundly, with not a single worry in her head. Unfortunately, her sweet dreams suddenly turn sour as math equation-carrying Babaas invade Dreamland. These equations are blocking the fences they have to jump over. Solve these equations fast and keep Imiya sleeping…as in, add, subtract, multiply and divide before the Babaas reach the Aisha and disturb her. You have three lives, and one life is lost each time a Babaa touches Imiya. The game ends once you lose all three. Did I mention that sometimes, mutant Babaas come out along with the regular ones. The mutants often hold more challenging equations.

Click on any equation you want to solve, and key in the answer using the number keys on the keyboard, and then hit the Enter button. You get two points for every right answer, but when you put in the wrong answer, you just type another one.

You can play on any of 5 levels: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and random. Random is when all the four kinds of equations are mixed together, and is more confusing than the first four levels. However, this is also the level that gives the most points. When you play on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division mode, your score can be multiplied by 1, doubled, tripled, or quadrupled (multiplied by 4, in case you didn’t know), respectively. But on random mode, 5 is multiplied to your score. That’s why trophy aspirants prefer playing on random mode. If you don’t want a trophy or a good score right now, it’s best to start with an easier mode, and work your way up.

And now that you have been oriented (or reoriented) about the game, I shall begin enumerating some good pointers, tricks and tips for trophy aspirants, high-score beaters, beginners, or just about anyone who wants to try Maths Nightmare.

1) Keep a “backup brain”, also known as the handy pocket calculator. When you find a really hard equation that you have to solve pronto, this comes in and saves you the trouble of racking your brain and realizing that Imiya has been disturbed before you could enter your answer. But of course, you have to be quick. This game entails a lot of speed.

2) Speaking of speed, always try picking up the pace. After solving an equation, don’t wait for the Babaa to jump and disappear before starting the next one. One should preferably begin another equation right after finishing one. Just click on the next Babaa and get your fingers moving!

3) A word for beginners or those who are scared of math: solve easier questions first before the harder ones. But when you’re a trophy aspirant and your fingers are faster than a speeding Lupe who just smelled a chocolate Chia, you can skip this rule. And of course, it’s often better to solve equations that are closer to Imiya. This “solve easy ones first” pointer applies more to the earlier rounds, where Babaas aren’t as fast moving or aren’t carrying complicated cranium-cracking equations.

4) Keep an eye out for the Neopets who’ll be popping up every now and then to compliment your work. They neither give extra points nor solve everything for you, but they give you a nice boost of self-esteem. Even when you lose a life, they don’t go “You’re such a loser!” or “This isn’t your game, buster!”. Those Neopets only tell you to keep trying and keep going. Talk about optimism!

5) Stop dreaming and start tapping the keyboard! You want your score to be on the high-score table? You want that attractive trophy on your lookup? You even want your inbox to be flooded with people who need your help in this game? Go for it! You have three chances per day to send your score, right? Carpe Diem! Seize the day, and never give up! Anyone can get a trophy at this game, even if you’re a total bust in math!

6) RELAX. Don’t lose your cool during the game. Most Neopians, once they go nuts over this game, start hitting number keys at random and don’t think anymore. If you don’t keep your head in this game, you won’t be able to get a good score. Stay calm, think good thoughts, and quit grinding your teeth! Always put this into your head—This is only a game, and you always have more chances to get a trophy. (Kind of contradicts the Carpe Diem phrase, don’t you think?) Before playing, if possible take a deep breath and flex your fingers. Will yourself not to lose your head.

That’s it? Yeah, that’s it! Hopefully your perception of Maths Nightmare has taken a positive spin. Other Neopians who are better at this game maybe have other strategies either a little or a lot different from mine, but if you are a beginner in the world of Maths Nightmare, you can follow this one. Happy playing, good luck, and don’t forget whatever I taught you through my article!

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