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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 28th day of Storing, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 140 > Continuing Series > The Defenders of Light: Part Seven

The Defenders of Light: Part Seven

by npmasterx01

Under Siege

"Alert! There is an intruder on level three!" said the loud speaker.

     "That can't be good!" I said. "How did it get in here?"

     "We don't know, Neiks3!" said Npmaster61.

     "Tell them to close off all exits!" I said. It has been a month since our encounter with Ransack. Everything had settled until now. There is an intruder in the base and we have to catch it before it gets away. As of what I can see on the security cameras, it is a Usul with a piece of cloth covering it's head. To top it all off, it has all of our money. After this paragraph, the narrator will be HeckDragonX, my Neopet.

     "What is going on?" I asked. I was on level one of the Defenders of Light Headquarters speaking to Npmaster61.

     "Your master has issued a lock down on the base," said Npmaster61.

     "Why?" I asked.

     "There is an intruder that stole all of the money in the vault," said Npmaster61 as Dr. Livingston approached.

     The security cameras are down and there is no sign of the intruder anywhere," said Dr. Livingston.

     "How can the cameras be down?" asked Npmaster61.

     "Someone has overwritten the code and has put them in stand by mode," said Dr. Livingston.

     "What does that mean?" I asked.

     "When there is something wrong with the power, the cameras have to be put on stand by mode," said Dr. Livingston. "The cameras can only be accessed 24 hours later. Even though they are still running, I can't access the videos until then. I am also going to have to overwrite the new code that they put in, before I can even access the main computer."

     "What are we going to do now?" I asked.

     "We must tell Neiks3!" said Dr. Livingston. The three of us entered his office after climbing the stairs to the top.

     "Where is he?" asked Npmaster61. "He was here a second ago!"

     "He has disappeared!" I said. All of a sudden, there was an explosion somewhere in the building.

     "What was that?" asked Npmaster61.

     "We can find out from Neiks3's computer," said Dr. Livingston. "This is the only computer that we can access. It has it's own camera in the front of the building."

     "Did you find the problem yet?" I asked.

     "Yes," said Dr. Livingston. "We are in big trouble!"

     "What?" I asked. I looked at the screen and there were Sloth clones trying to get in.

     "If I could move the camera, I would get a better view!" said Dr. Livingston as he typed. He pressed enter and the screen moved. It revealed an army of creatures that were heading toward us. Creatures from the Tyrannian Land War and the Lost Desert Land War, marched along the grasslands getting closer to the headquarters every second. Even the Rock Beast and the Monoceraptor were back. On top of it sat the real Dr. Sloth.

     "You were right! He is still alive," said Npmaster61.

     "I told you not to mess with me!" said a voice. I turned around to see Chameleon.

     "What are you doing here?" I asked.

     "Taking revenge on all of you!" said Chameleon. "I helped this happen. I overwrote the code and put the cameras in stand by mode. After that, I told Uzzaro to come here and steal your money. Even though I knew that you would be doomed, I started thinking. Why leave when you can make it worst? Dr. Sloth was happy to take on the job of capturing your base. He still hates me, but that is why I am going to teach him to respect me. I will tell King Cobra about this and he will attack Sloth while he is busy destroying your base. After that, we will ransack the rest of the building and then destroy it ourselves."

     "You're going down, Chameleon!" I said as I tackled him to the floor. He dodged it.

     "Brutal! Fury! Come here!" commanded Chameleon. Two figures appeared from around the corners. "Get them!" commanded the grey Shoyru.

     "Yes, sir!" said Fury. Brutal attacked Npmaster61 and she fainted. Fury attacked Dr. Livingston, but he dodged it. The scientist used the Faerie Slingshot and hit Brutal. Fury grabbed the slingshot from his hands and shot Dr. Livingston with it. Brutal and the scientist collapsed to the ground. I threw the Cobrall Dagger at the slingshot which knocked it out of his hands. Fury dived for it, but missed it as it fell through an air vent. The fire colored Lupe picked up the Cobrall Dagger and attacked me. I dodged it and stabbed him with my Lost Desert Dagger. Fury fainted. Chameleon ran for the door, but someone was blocking the exit. It was BurnDragonX.

     "Brings back memories. Doesn't it?" asked BurnDragonX. "You are the one who caused my fathers death."

     "It was such a long time ago," said Chameleon. The mutant Lupe rammed him into the wall and Chameleon fainted.

     "Throw him into one of the cells until we can do something with him," I said. "Put Fury and Brutal in there with him."

     "HeckDragonX! Surrender the base or we will be forced to destroyed it," said a voice from the computer. It was Dr. Sloth standing outside looking at the camera. I pushed a button on the panel next to me. A laser beam shot through a small section of the army. "I take that as a no!" said Dr. Sloth. "Just wait until I get in there!"

     "Do we have your permission to continue?" asked commander Garoo.

     "Yes. You may proceed!" said Sloth. Just then, a group of Sloth clones started punching the door blocking the entrance. More clones disappeared around the building.

     "What will we do now?" asked a voice. I turned around to see Barry standing in the doorway.

     "Hide Npmaster61 in a safe place," I commanded. Barry picked up Npmaster61 and carried her away.

     "We don't have much time!" said Dr. Livingston as he got up from the floor.

     "How are you still okay after being hit by the slingshot," I asked.

     "I have a special vest equipped to myself," said Dr. Livingston.

     "How come you are always prepared for these kind of situations?" I asked.

     "Working for Virtupets for a long time has an effect on you. All the workers had to be prepared for anything that happened," explained Dr. Livingston.

     "What do you think we should do now?" I asked.

     "Well, all we can do is stall them," said Dr. Livingston. "Even Virtupets wouldn't have been prepared for an attack as big as this."

     "What will we do when they get here?" I asked.

     "I don't know. We will just have to do our best!" said Dr. Livingston.

     "What did I miss?" asked BurnDragonX.

     "Only that we are in big trouble," I said.

     "You two should probably equip your DOC's," said Dr. Livingston. I looked in a box that contained our DOC's, but they were missing.

     "Have you seen them? They are missing," I said.

     "No, but I have two spare DOC's," said Dr. Livingston as he gave us them.

     "What is your intelligence level?" asked BurnDragonX.

     "Much higher than anyone in this base," said Dr. Livingston as Tonimono entered the room.

     "Tell the guards to try to stall them at all costs," I said. "Even if they have to push against the door to keep it closed."

     "Yes, sir!" said Tonimono as he disappeared around the corner of the hallway. A red colored Usul entered the room.

     "Can I help in any way?" asked the Usul.

     "What is your name?" I asked.

     "Redish2_3_6794," said the Usul.

     "I think I remember you," said Dr. Livingston. "Her rank is Soldier."

     "Maybe I can guard something," said Redish.

     "She could guard the prisoners," said BurnDragonX.

     "That sounds like a good idea," I said.

     "Thank you!" said Redish as she ran down the hall and disappeared.

     "We can't hold them much longer," said a voice from my DOC.

     "Since the base is on lock down mode, the amount of guards to stall them is limited!" I said.

     "We can't stay here forever," said Dr. Livingston. "We will have to find a more secure place to hide."

     "Where is that?" I asked.

     "A room where barely any people go," said Dr. Livingston.

     "I know! The storage room!" I said.

     "The only problem is that the storage room is on the other side of the base," said Dr. Livingston.

     "If any of us plan on getting there, we will have to leave now!" said BurnDragonX. The three of us left the room in search for the storage room. We were running for two minutes until we reached one of the emergency exits. The door was knocked off it's hinges and Sloth clones were entering the building.

     "We have to stop them!" I said. The fight began! BurnDragonX used Water Jet and destroyed one of the Sloth clones. Dr. Livingston threw something to me. It was the Faerie Slingshot. I stood there in disbelief.

     "I have to go back to the control room to seal the doorway!" said Dr. Livingston as he disappeared around a corner. I attacked with the Faerie Slingshot, while BurnDragonX used Fiery Gaze. We had defeated about twenty of them until the door was sealed.

     "He did it!" said BurnDragonX. "Let's take care of the rest of them!"

     "I think we can take ten more of them," I said. I pulled out my Lost Desert Dagger and stabbed one of the Sloth clones. BurnDragonX rammed two of them into the wall and started to scratch them. After the last clone was defeated, Dr. Livingston showed up.

     "Hurry!" said Dr. Livingston. We followed him. On the way there, I found some recruits to help us. There were ten of them and all with high ranks. Such ranks were Low General, Captain, and Secret Agent. When we arrived at the storage room, the door was locked.

     "Help! The intruders are in the base!" said a voice from my DOC. "It appears that they are sending the Scouts, Korbat Leaders, and Chia Bombers in first. Some of them are heading your way!"

     "It looks like there will be a change in our plans," I said. "Grab as many weapons as you can from the storage room!"

     "How do we get it open?" asked one of the captains.

     "The main control room would be the only thing that could get this door open right now!" said one of the secret agents.

     "Dr. Livingston and I will go there!" I said. "Just try not to get captured before we get back."

     "Don't worry! I can take the pain!" said one of the low generals. We started running to the control room, leaving BurnDragonX and the others behind.

To be continued...

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