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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Hunting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 139 > Continuing Series > New Beginnings: Part Three

New Beginnings: Part Three

by chocolateisamust

“Why don’t you want Em to see me?” I asked.

     Rosa sighed, sitting down next to me. “I know my actions might not have been what you had hoped for, but about two years ago – right around when Arayda was born – I adopted a pet from the pound. I had a paint brush waiting, and I painted it the second I adopted it. Right after the new coat appeared, the ‘old owner’ came to me and explained how he had brought his brother over for the day, and how they had abandoned the pet. They wanted her back now. I, of course, felt bad, and gave the pet back. I never really knew the pet, but all I know is that after that, I never would go back to the pound… until I got you. And now, I don’t want to lose you either… especially since so much time has passed.”

     I laid there, absorbing the new information.

     “You know,” I whispered, “Em wouldn’t try to take me back. She’s not like that. A-and she sort of lost my brother and I that way… sort of.”

     “I could tell, Audria. The way she was looking at you… she loved you. But you’ve been mine now for a tad bit more than a year, and I don’t want to give you up. And she probably wouldn’t try to take you back, but there always is that chance.”

     Rosa gently planted a kiss on my forehead, and I could see a single tear roll down her cheek.

     “Yeah, I suppose,” I sighed. “But for now, g’night. I-I’m tired.” This wasn’t the truth, but I was feeling uncomfortable.

     She nodded. “G’night.” Rosa slowly left the room.

     Soon I fell asleep.

Three Months Later…

“Savanna and I are going out y’guys! We’ll be back later! Arayda, you make sure to clean up your mess of Plushies before I get home!” Rosa’s voice calling those words awoke me. The front door then was swung open and slammed shut, and I yawned, opening my eyes.

     It was late. I knew this because the sun outside was shining directly overhead. Probably around noon, I decided.

     Slowly, I slid out of bed and walked towards the bedroom door – not even bothering to dress myself. My plain pink nightgown was comfortable, anyway.

     Outside my bedroom sat the family room, where Arayda was sprawled out on the Green Sofa, reading her favorite book.

     “Hiya, Audria,” she greeted.

     “Hi,” I replied.

     Arayda flashed me a brief smile, but then resumed to reading. I swiftly walked passed her and into the kitchen.

     Edun was sitting at the kitchen table, chomping on a Plain Omelette while sipping a glass of water. His usual breakfast. Quite frankly, I preferred something more ‘out there’, but simple things suited my brother quite fine.

     “You slept late,” he said between chews.

     “Well, you’re eating breakfast kinda late. Anyway, why should I get up early?” I snatched a copy of the Neopian Times from the counter and then plopped down beside him.

     He shrugged. “I dunno – I just like to get up at the crack of dawn ‘cause the house is normally quiet then and I can concentrate on um… stuff… harder.”

     I rolled my eyes; Edun always had stupid reasons for everything. “Yup, whatever you say, big bro… whatever you say.” I stuck my tongue out at him.

     I could tell he wanted to return the action, but a full mouth prevented him from doing so. He simply gulped down the remainder of the water and shoved the rest of the omelette into his mouth.

     “Well… Rosa gave me permission to go buy some toys from the Toy Shop… wanna come?” Edun asked once he had swallowed.

     I sighed, yawning. “Nah. I just woke up and I don’t feel like venturing out. I’ll see ya later, I guess.”

     He nodded, and then rose to his paws. My brother then strolled out of the kitchen, and soon I heard the door open and shut.

     Shrugging, I leaned back in my chair and then opened up the Neopian Times. I scanned through a few articles, but then decided that nothing interesting had been reported about in this issue.

     I slowly set it back onto the table, but then stood up and walked out of the kitchen myself.

     Arayda was still lying on the sofa, still reading, although she set the book down when she saw me.

     “Do you know where Edun went?” she asked.

     “Yeah… to the Toy Shop,” I replied.

     “Grr… that ‘lil rat promised he’d bring me with if he went there. I’m gonna go see if I can catch up to him – okay? I’ll be back later.”

     I nodded at my sister for a second, and she leapt to her paws and sprinted out of the house. I was completely alone.

     Unsure of what to do, I stood there, thinking for a few minutes. But my thoughts were interrupted when somebody knocked on the door.

     Slowly, I trudged over to it and swung it open.

     Standing outside was a scrawny Blue Gelert, who wore a pair of tattered jeans and an old, filthy T-shirt. He/she had a small, dented tin in his/her paws. A beggar.

     We had lots of those – probably because we lived in the richer part of Neopia Central. All I know is that Rosa had warned me never to donate to them because then they’d come back at a later date expecting more.

     “Hello… m-my name is Sage… may you please d-donate to my family?” the Gelert asked, voice quivering.

     “No, no… just get your owner to earn some Neopoints for yourself. Okay?” As I was about to slam the door shut, a very tiny Shoyru stepped out from behind the Gelert.

     “P-please, Miss?” the Neopet begged, leaning against his/her brother/sister.

     “No because –” I stopped in mid-sentence when I stared into the Shoyru’s eyes. They were so familiar….

     The truth hit me like a giant bolt of lightning.

     “Haylin… is that you?” I asked, my voice shaking slightly.

     The Shoyru gasped, his eyes growing wide. Silence lingered in the air for a few moments, but then he pulled me into a hug.

     “Audria,” he whispered, joyous tears flowing down his cheeks. “This is a miracle Audria.”

     I did not cry as well, but simply returned his hug… hesitantly. The love was still there, but very faintly so.

     Ever since I had met Em three months ago, I realized that I hadn’t missed my family as much as I thought I did. I wasn’t sad to see Haylin, but I wasn’t happy either.

     I suppose it could’ve been the result of living with Rosa and that family for longer than I had lived with Em and Haylin in the first place. Or the reality could’ve also been that I was happier now than ever.

     Haylin hugged me for thirty seconds before I gently pushed him away.

     “Look,” I said, my voice somewhat stern, “I know this must be really exciting for you to see me again. And I mean, it’s kind of exciting for me, too. But Haylin, things have changed. For me, the better, for you… the worse.” I gestured towards the tin can in the Blue Gelert’s paws.

     He sniffled. “I just missed you, Audria. And Em. She was cruel to abandon us… to separate us.”

I sighed, plopping down on the doorstep. “Her friend lied to her about something, and that was the only reason she abandoned us, Haylin. I saw her about three months ago. Trust me, I was excited at first, but I then realized the,” I gulped, “that I don’t really care.”

     He cocked his head. “You mean… you don’t care about me, o-or her?”

     I bit my lip. “No… it’s not like that, Haylin. It’s just… it’s just…” I couldn’t finish the sentence. It was too hard.

     Haylin stared at me briefly, but then turned towards the Blue Gelert. “I think we should go, Sage,” he said coldly.

     “Yeah, I think we should.”

     My old brother and the blue Gelert walked away.

     I sat there, shivering. The reality of what had just happened was only now sinking in – Haylin had come to me… and I had turned him away.

     “Oh gosh… oh gosh…” I moaned, rocking back and forth. “What have I done?”

     And despite repeating that question over and over, an answer never came.

     Two months have passed since Haylin came to my door. I haven’t seen him since then. Rosa… she’s not around much anymore. She says that although she still ‘loves all of us dearly’, that her ‘real life’ has taken over. I don’t understand what that means, because the way she says it makes me feel as if Arayda, Savanna and I aren’t real.

     I’ve changed once again. From the lone dreamer, to the adventurer, to now, the one who doesn’t know what life means. I try to enjoy each and every day, but yet, it’s very hard to do so.

     Each day, I wonder if I’ll ever meet Haylin, or Em, or anybody else I once knew again. Perhaps one day I will, but not any time soon.

     So now you’re probably wondering, what is the ending to my story? Do I suddenly save the world and become a hero? Or do I live happily ever after?

     The truth is that I don’t know. Whenever one door closes in my life, another opens. Like they’re in a corridor that never ends.

     Quite frankly, I’m not positive if I want to know, anyway. What fun is life if you know what’ll happen? No fun at all.

     And like everything else eventually will, this story now has to come to an end. But every ending really is a new beginning… isn’t it?

     I’ll leave you to find that one out for yourself.

The End

A/N: Yeah, I know the ending was a tad bit odd, but isn’t it true that life seems to always present new beginnings? Anyway, thanks for all the Neomail you’ve been sending me! I appreciate it a lot!

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