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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 18th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 139 > Continuing Series > Arkados and Zor: Part Three

Arkados and Zor: Part Three

by sirussblack

The only positive thing about crying was that it warmed her face in the freezing temperature. And, she let all her emotions out, but that wasn’t important to her. Growing up with a family of detectives was hard. There was no time to cry without being bombarded with questions. She had always wanted to cry, but someone was always home. Now, in the middle of a blizzard, she decided to cry.

     Zor let it all out, not holding back. She found herself punching snow, disapproving of what she had done wrong. The Zafara loved her job, but she had always dreamed of being a historian. Zor gawked at all the history of Neopia and had always wanted to be a famous Zafara who had founded a new landmass on Neopia. Instead, her family pressured her to become the detective she was today. Still, she had dreams of what it would be like if she was a historian and she founded the new Meridell or Tyrannia. That could never be. She was now marked a detective for life. If she backed out of her duty, then she’d be labeled a coward by her family and friends for life.

     Zor wiped the tears from her face with her frost-bitten paws. She sighed and cuddled up in her coat, trying to fit her legs inside the coat so they wouldn’t suffer major frostbite. It was impossible, even with her flexible legs. She would have to suffer the frostbite for being an idiot and trusting her instinct.

     Only if she waited until morning none of this would have happened. Arkados was fine on his own. He was a fairly old Grarrl and could handle himself. Still, young, immature Zor had to go out and try to be a big hero. Now, she was stuck on a mountain somewhere in Terror Mountain.

     Zor chuckled. It was amusing. Maybe, someday, she’d write a story about it. Arkados always said she could write, but Zor was never too sure of herself. It would be amazing if she wrote a story about her time here on the mountain. The Zafara smiled. She promised herself she’d do that if she got out of the mountain alive.


Arkados arrived back to an empty office. No note or anything. Zor was gone. The Grarrl was actually late for work. When he was, Zor was sitting there, tapping a pencil on her desk. Today was different. The Zafara was nowhere in the building.

     The Grarrl was alarmed. Never before was his partner late or out sick. Strange as it may be, it was true. Arkados wanted to go to Commander Bipid, but he knew that Bipid couldn’t help him unless he put a locator into Zor and the agency stopped doing that in Year Two. Arkados had no leads to where his partner went and was worried. It wasn’t every day your partner and friend disappear from the building.

     So, Arkados sat down. There was nothing better to do but think. Where in Neopia could Zor have gone? She wasn’t the one to travel. Arkados had to force her to go to Meridell once. Maybe she went out looking for him and got off track, but that means she could be anywhere.

     Arkados sighed. Nothing could brighten up the mood he was in now except the return of his comrade. Without Zor, Arkados was almost nothing. Without Zor, Arkados was friendless…


Zor turned over. She wasn’t used to being in the cold. Rescue was the only thing wanted. That and some hot borovan when she returned to her house. There was nothing to do but think about what could be happening to her body. Frostbite, hypothermia, germs. She sighed.

     She was in no shape to get up and try to find somewhere to go. The cold had gotten to her and had shut off her instinct. Strange, but true. It was a weird feeling. It was like she had barely any control over her body.

     Her almost deaf ears heard yells. It sounded like her name. She tried to call out, but her vocals failed. She heard it again, closer this time. Then, her pupils saw a Red Chia coming up to her.

     “Hello! Get up!” It yelled. “Are you awake?”

     Zor mumbled. That’s all she really was able to do.

     “Come with me,” she heard the Chia say. She felt as if she was being lifted up and taken away, which was exactly what was happening.

     It wasn’t long before she felt herself lying on leather cushions. Zor heard the crackle of a fire in the near distance, warming her body. She heard muttering by her side. Slowly, her head turned. The Red Chia she had seen earlier was at her side, head turned, praying for her to wake up.

     “Excuse me,” Zor managed to say in a raspy voice. “I’m awake…or alive.”

     The Chia turned to her, beaming. “Thank Neopia! Now, let me prop you up and get you some tea.” He said, getting up from the wooden floor. As he was walking out into the kitchen he said, “I’m Dra-et.” He then retreated to the kitchen.

     “Okay, Dra-et,” Zor whispered as she was sitting up, her feet touching the floor. They weren’t frost-bitten at all. She sighed as she rubbed her feet together. Almost as good as they were when she was in Neopia Central, except for a few cuts and bruises.

     Dra-et came back with the tea, resting it on Zors lap and the sitting down on the couch next to her. “Where did you come from?” The Chia asked curiously.

     “Neopia Central,” Zor replied, sipping her tea. The warm liquid flowed through her throat.

     “Interesting,” Dra-et rubbed his eyes.

     “Are you tired?”

     “No,” he said as he was yawning.

     “Sure?” Zor asked. She never liked being tired.

     “Yeah, I’m sure. Tell me about yourself, Zor.” Dra-et said.

     Zor stared at him, dropping the tea on the floor. It smashed into small pieces. “How do you know my name?”

     Dra-et chuckled as he knelt down and started to pick up the glass. “Your badge says it.”

     The Zafara hummed. “When do you think I can leave?” She asked. This wasn’t her type of place. She’d rather be home.

     Dra-et got up and threw out the glass before answering. “Whenever you want. The storm is finished.” Dra-et got a mop out and mopped up the brown tea from the floor, picking up the tea bag when all he had did was done.

     Zor shifted uncomfortably. “I may leave now. I just want to get home.” She said, standing up. Her feet felt like jelly, but she walked a little and they returned to their stiff selves. “Do you mind?”

     Dra-et smiled. “No, not at all. Your things are over there.” He pointed to a pile of clothes and assorted weapons on a coffee table.

     Zor started to put everything on. “Thank you,” she said as she was putting her coat on.

     “No problem,” he said as he walked over to the door and opened it. “Be careful.”

     “Will do,” Zor replied and walked out onto the snow.


It was late at night and all the lights in Arkados’ office were on. He was sleeping silently, his legs on his desk, his body in his chair. There was no noise except the wind and the occasional creak of the building. And a pair of footsteps that were scurrying down the hall, heading to Arkados’ office.

     Then, a knock on the door. Arkados awoke. “Zor?” He said in a mumbled voice. The door opened, revealing a Green Eyrie. This was of course Seremdra. She was crying. Arkados saw that and beckoned her to come in. She sat in a chair in front of Arkados’ desk.

     “I’m sorry,” she muttered. “I did it. I was bad. I took the kids and…” She made a cutting motion along her throat. “Then…I did it again. Just a few weeks ago. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I…”

     Arkados sat up. “So, this is a confession?”

     Seremdra nodded. “Just…give me whatever punishment I get. I deserve it…”

     Arkados sighed. “Why did you confess?”

     “I needed to,” she said, wiping tears from her eyes. “Take me away.”

     “Are you lying?”

     Seremdra shook her head. “No, I have been wasting the your time by saying I was innocent. Take me.”

     Arkados stood up, grabbing a pair of handcuffs from his jeans. “Stand up,” he said and put the cuffs on the Eyrie.

     Arkados led her out into the hall, going to Commander Bipids’ office. His back was turned to the entrance.

     He heard a zap ring out through the halls. He dropped to the floor, letting Seremdra free. She ran away, hands behind back. Arkados lay face down, his eyes open. He was dead.


Zor returned to Neopia Central the next day. As she walked into the office, she heard the news. She was scared, sad, mad, depressed. Her partner had died.

     After learning of the news, Commander Bipid came up to her. “Officer Zor, I have declared you an officer of the Agency. Arkados’ death has saddened us all, but we need to carry on. Please, accept my offer.” He patted Zors back.

     “I could have saved him,” she sniffed. “I could have saved him…”

     Commander Bipid then asked the question again.

     “No, I will not accept. I decline your offer. I quit!” she exclaimed, stripping herself of her badge and throwing it to the floor. “Goodbye!” she yelled and stormed out of the building, tears flowing down her face. Her job was over and though she was dying inside, somehow she found hope… and happiness.

The End

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