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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 139 > Continuing Series > The Defenders of Light: Part Six

The Defenders of Light: Part Six

by npmasterx01

It is the morning of the fourth day. The troops are ready, King Skarl is ready, and everyone else is ready. The march to Darigan's Fortress has begun with the Green Knight leading the troops. I didn't know why Skarl didn't choose Jeran for the job. I guess the knight had more knowledge of Ransack. Barry and I stood behind the Green Knight.

     "There it is!" yelled the Green Knight.

     "It looks like they are in the process of lining up their troops," I said. "Look how many there are!"

     "I told you," said Barry. As soon as the enemy troops noticed us approaching, they started to move toward us.

     "Charge!" yelled the Green Knight. The two sides ran into each other making the entire field a battle ground. The Green Knight led us to the entrance of the fortress by beating people out of his way with his sword.

     "Thank you!" I said.

     "You must hurry!" said the Green Knight. "I will join you in a little while."

     "Okay," said Barry. We headed inside. The place was on high alert. Guards were everywhere. I took out a Lost Desert Dagger, my favorite weapon, and stabbed a guard in the back. I used the same weapon to defeat Punchbag Bob thanks to fauntimes. The guard fainted. All of security was a mix of Draconian and Ransackian soldiers. I continued stabbing guards in the back until I reached the prison area of the fortress. I freed the warden, the two guards, and all the other prisoners.

     "Do you know where the leaders of this operation might be hiding," I asked.

     "Yes, I do," said Master Vex. "We will lead the way!"

     The two guards and the warden hit any guards standing in their way. We moved through the hallways and upstairs. When we found a room, Barry and I searched it. All the rooms were empty until we reached the top of the fortress. We were on the outside. A bridge made of rope and wood crossed over to another tower. As the five of us crossed the bridge, I got a glimpse of the battle. I could see a lot of the enemy soldiers heading toward Meridell. All of our soldiers were defeated except for the Green Knight who was trying to stop as many soldiers as possible from getting to their destination. About half of Ransack's army was defeated, but we didn't have enough people in Meridell to stop that many people. Tonimono started talking to me on my DOC.

     "We can see the enemy approaching," said Tonimono. "I will keep updating you on the situation back here in Meridell. Hurry!"

     "We are almost in tower two which Master Vex suspects they could be hiding," I explained. Once all five of us had crossed it, we climbed in a window that was on the edge of the building since the door was locked. "Wait a minute. I never knew that the Citadel had a second tower," I said.

     "I don't know how a second tower got here all of a sudden either, but I am sure that we did not design it," said Master Vex. As we climbed into the window, I noticed Dr. Livingston was standing on the inside.

     "How did you get here?" I asked.

     "Never mind that. We must hurry! Time is running out!" said Dr. Livingston.

     "Why have you come here?" I asked.

     "I suspect that my old rival and enemy is working with Ransack," said Dr. Livingston.

     "Who is he?" I asked.

     "His name is Dexter Fulgrove," said Dr. Livingston. "We had a lot of fun together. Dexter started working for Virtupets so I did the same thing. I was starting to get more attention than Dexter from Dr. Sloth and he got very jealous. He was so jealous that he would do anything to get rid of me. After a while, Dexter tried to frame me, but the father of Garoo knew it was him and told Dr. Sloth. He didn't take it very well. Sloth threw him into the dungeon for three years. When he came out the revolt had started and he joined Ransack. About a year later, Ransack attacked the space station by bringing their men into it. The Ransack soldiers were there for days. Near the end of the battle, when they finally got into Sector 6, they only had one fourth of the men they had in the beginning. When the Ransack soldiers broke into the dungeon where Sloth was hiding, there was only twenty people left. Garoo I, Chameleon, Dr. Sloth, Experiment, and I were ready for them. The four of them went for the men left over, while I fought Dexter. We were equally matched. Neither one of us managed to hit one another, until Dexter noticed his men were losing. He started to become nervous and his accuracy was effected. After a while, he could no longer defend himself and retreated with only two men remaining. By the time Dexter made it to his ship, he was the only one left. Chameleon implanted a bomb on his ship and it was detonated. The ship was blown to pieces as soon as it was far enough from the space station. I have never seen him since."

     "What does Dexter look like?" I asked.

     "He was also a Techo, but his color was shadow," explained Dr. Livingston.

     "The enemy is approaching the castle," said Tonimono from my DOC.

     "Let's go!" said Master Vex. "Ransack will not make a fool of Darigan's army."

     "He is right about one thing!" said Barry. When we turned the corner, there were more guards.

     "There is about thirty of them," said Galgarrath. A fight began between the soldiers and us.

     "These people are stronger than the guards in other part of the building," said Haskol.

     "I have brought something for you, HeckDragonX," said Dr. Livingston. The scientist pulled a Lost Desert Dagger out of his pocket.

     "All right! Two daggers at the same time," I said. Once all of them were defeated, the six of us headed for the end of the hallway and opened the door.

     "We're here!" said Master Vex. In the room four people sat in a circle in wooden chairs.

     "I knew it! Dexter is here!" said Dr. Livingston.

     "It's you!" yelled Dexter angrily.

     "There is Chameleon, too!" I said.

     "Who are the other two?" asked Barry.

     "It is the guy with the weird mask on his face!" said Master Vex.

     "I don't know his name, but I know the other one's name," said Dr. Livingston. "Do you see the snake tattoo on that mutant Grarrl's shoulder? That means that he is one of the four snakes."

     "Which one is he?" asked Haskol.

     "His name is Anaconda," said Dr. Livingston.

     "The enemy is trying to get into the castle," said Tonimono from my DOC. "The last of our men are trying to stall them for a little while. You must hurry!"

     "Who is the Krawk with the mask?" asked Galgarrath.

     "He goes by the code name of Brainiac," said a voice. Everyone turned around to see a mutant Lupe. It was BurnDragonX. Behind him stood the Green Knight and the Yellow Knight.

     "How do you know?" asked Haskol.

     "There is no time to explain," said BurnDragonX. "All I can tell you is that he is very dangerous. Brainiac is one of the highest ranking generals in Ransack. He has a special psychic power. Brainiac knows how to use mind control."

     "That is why my men are listening to you," said Master Vex.

     "It looks like you have solved the mystery," said Anaconda. Without warning, guards appeared out of nowhere and surrounded us. We started to fight them. Barry, Galgarrath, and Haskol fell to the ground as the fight ended. About fifty guards laid on the hallway floor. Only six of us remained and some of us badly hurt.

     "Dr. Livingston!" I said. "You go after Dexter. The Green Knight, the Yellow Knight, BurnDragonX, and Master Vex will go after Brainiac. I will go after Anaconda. Everyone scattered in a different direction.

     "Dr. Livingston, it has been a long time," said Dexter.

     "Yes it has," said Dr. Livingston. Dexter used Fiery Gaze. Dr. Livingston blocked it with the Fire Gem. Dr. Livingston used Quench. Dexter used the Aquatic Gem to block it. Dexter used the Yoyo of Death and Dr. Livingston threw the Lost Desert Dagger at him. The dagger cut the string and the yoyo hit Dr. Livingston in the head. Meanwhile, the dagger hit Dexter's leg. They both collapsed to the ground. Anaconda and Brainiac ran out the door and to the other end of the hallway. Of course, everyone followed. Anaconda jumped out the window onto the bridge. Master Vex, BurnDragonX, and the two Knights began to fight Brainiac.

     "Watch out for waves that are red. Do not touch them or you will be under his power," said BurnDragonX. I followed Anaconda. The snake pulled out a sword. I took out my Shoyru Sword in one hand and a Lost Desert Dagger in the other. We started a sword fight.

     "That was close. He almost got you, Master Vex!" said BurnDragonX. Without warning, Brainiac threw a red wave and hit the Yellow Knight.

     "Destroy the Green Knight!" commanded Brainiac. The two Knights started fighting each other. BurnDragonX ran toward Brainiac with Master Vex following behind him. Brainiac threw out a red wave.

     "Move to the right!" said BurnDragonX as they both shifted in the specified direction which caused them to barely miss his attack. The mutant Lupe pounced Brainiac and nailed him to the ground.

     "HeckDragonX! The enemy soldiers have busted into the castle!" said Tonimono from my DOC. "We are..."

     "You are too late, HeckDragonX!" said Brutal from my DOC. Master Vex punched Brainiac and BurnDragonX helped him by ramming the villain into the wall. Master Vex punched Brainiac five more times and BurnDragonX used Lava Spit. The psychic enemy fainted.

     "What did you do?" asked Tonimono. "The Draconian soldiers are attacking the Ransackian soldiers, now."

     "They must have defeated Brainiac," I replied.

     "This is just great!" said Anaconda in an angry tone of voice. "They will pay."

     "The Ransackian soldiers are retreating!" said Tonimono. Anaconda started walking toward the tower.

     "I will kill whoever did this!" said Anaconda. I stabbed him with my dagger, but didn't retrieve it.

     "You forgot me!" I said as I used Shoyru Inferno. The blaze sent him flying to about ten feet away. Anaconda turned around and started swinging his sword wildly.

     "Watch where your swinging that thing," I said. Anaconda's sword cut the rope of the bridge. We were both hanging onto the uncut rope.

     "If I die, I'm take you with me," said Anaconda. The mutant Grarrl cut the other rope and the bridge collapsed. We started to fall toward the ground.

     "I guess you have forgotten that I have wings," I said. I started to fly back to the top while I grabbed onto his hand. "I would rather see you locked up in a dungeon," I said. Anaconda pulled the dagger out of his back and stabbed my hand. My muscles loosened as the pain shot through the rest of my arm.

     "You will never take me alive! Never!" said Anaconda. I dived toward him. By the time I got close enough to make a grab for him, it was too late. I had to slow down or else I would hit the ground too fast. As Anaconda hit the ground, I heard a loud crack. I hovered over the ground and then landed next to mutant Grarrl. I checked his pulse.

     "Is he alive?" asked Barry as he landed on the ground next to me. I shook my head. That night we had a celebration with Darigan's army and the rest of Meridell.

     "I would like to thank you for saving my kingdom," said King Skarl.

     "The pleasure was ours!" said Dr. Livingston. All the people who helped with the search for the one behind Ransack's evil plan to take over Neopia were sitting at King Skarl's table.

     "I will have to put you back into the prison again tomorrow," said Master Vex.

     "That sounds promising," said the Yellow Knight sadly.

     "I have to follow the orders Lord Darigan left me," said Master Vex. "You will have to beat me in Cellblock."

     "I forgot to tell you that Number Five escaped," I said. "Number Five said that he had to go to Jelly World."

     "I have already found him and brought him back," said Master Vex. "Tomorrow, we will have to pretend that this never happened and everything will go back to normal. It was a good thing that our general isn't here right now."

     "I think that you owe us an explanation, BurnDragonX," said Dr. Livingston.

     "Dr. Livingston did some research and discovered that your village was destroyed on accident," I said.

     "Okay, you win!" said BurnDragonX. "After the village was attacked and they took the survivors back to the space station, I had escaped to Ransack's base. My father and I were the only ones who were not taken away. Chameleon had followed us. As we approached the entrance of the fortress, the leader of Ransack was watching us. Why he was standing there is a mystery to me. When we finally got to him my father asked if we could stay there. Just then Chameleon appeared and said that he was going to tell Sloth where Ransack was really located. None of us could catch him in time. That was when that trader was still on Virtupets' side. He got away with it, too. The last time I saw my father was when the leader called him to his office for a meeting. They must have killed him, because he led Chameleon to their base. I stayed there for a month. I met Brainiac and all four of the snakes. After that month, Sloth did attack the base even though it is probably not written in any of their files. It was a long battle and the leader made sure I was captured on purpose. I was made one of Virtupets' mutant slaves, but the training Brainiac provided me helped me to resist Sloth's power. I was thrown into the Sector 3 dungeon. I know for a fact that Brainiac's real name is Geo Prodigy."

     "What happened to this Mr. Prodigy?" I asked.

     "He has been locked in a hidden dungeon!" said Master Vex.

     "I was wondering!" said King Skarl. "Where do you think Dexter, Fury, Brutal, and Chameleon have gone?"

     "It is most likely that they went back to Ransack's base," said BurnDragonX.

     "Before we go back to our base, can I play Cellblock?" I asked.

     "You shouldn't waste your time trying to beat me," said Number Five as he made his move.

     "Why do you want to go to Jelly World?" I asked as I made my move.

     "I want to prove that I am not crazy!" said Number Five.

     "I believe you. In fact, I have been there myself. I usually go there to get some free jelly," I said.

     "How many times have you played this game?" asked Number Five.

     "I don't know, but you just lost!" I said.

     "You just got lucky! All you have to do is beat me in the other two tournaments I am in!" said Number Five.

To be continued...

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