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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Hunting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 139 > Continuing Series > A Blue Christmas: Part Four

A Blue Christmas: Part Four

by ratdog446

The next morning, both girls hurried to go to school. The night before Allison had carefully packed. Now, their dreams from yesterday were soon going to be reality.

     Soon the two meet on the corner of a street and headed happily towards Neoschool.

     "When I came down stairs Betta had left a note saying that she'd be back next week, and that she would be traveling more often, but during the summer, I'll be able to come most of the time," Allison said, as she pedaled along on her bike.

     "Dimetra left a note saying that the fridge was full for your arrival, and that she was looking forward to seeing you. Also that there would be a surprise for us after school," Melissa said, pushing her scooter gently along.

     "This is going to be so cool!!" Allison cried, and the two sped up to get to school faster.


The day seemed to go by slowly for the two, but soon it was over, and the two were walking home together..

     "I can't wait to see what kind of surprise Dimetra got for us!!"

     "Me either. But knowing what you've told me about her, it must be big."

     The two slowly walked along, and soon were at the large brownstone front of 888192 Bracknell Road.

     As soon as Melissa opened the door, Kirba came bouncing out, with wet puppy kisses for both. Melissa and Allison both dropped their backpacks by the door, and dashed back out to go to Allison's house and get her duffle.

     "This is it!" Allison cried as the two ran up the driveway.

     "Wow!!" Melissa said once she was in her friend's room.

     "Yah. This is my room, with the latest additions of a Jeran poster, and a The Three Poster too," Allison said, then jumped on her bed and grabbed her duffle.

     "Whoa!! Er… interesting bed," Melissa stammered.

     "Yah, it takes some getting used to," Allison giggled.

     "Well, let's get going!! The sooner we get back, the sooner we find out what the surprise is!!"

     "Yah!! Let's go!" Allison said, then raced out the door, towards Bracknell Road again.

     The two raced back, not wanting to keep the suspense going. As soon as they were in front of the house once more Melissa flung the door open, and the two raced up the stairs to drop off the duffle.

     "Let's check in the dinning room," Melissa said when the two were downstairs again.

     "Okay, good idea!" Allison cried as they raced over.

     On the table were 3 tickets to that nights Twisted Roses concert, as well as a quick note saying that they were picking up dinner at Pizzaroo.

     "Cool!! The ixi is so cool!!" Allison cried.

     "No, the Shoyru is better!!" Melissa argued.

     "No, the Zafara is the best!!" They cried in unison, only to burst out in a fit of giggles.

     "Want to play a game or two of Turmac Roll?" Allison said later as the two sat down on Melissa's bed.

     "Dimetra gave me 3,000 in case we wanted to shop earlier. We could pick up a cool outfit?"

     "Okay, or maybe we should get books?"

     "Well, let's go see what there is," Melissa said, and then the two jumped up and raced down the stairs once more.


It seemed as if the rest of Neopia was shopping as well. Allison and Melissa dodged the crowds until they spotted the Clothes Store, and then raced in.

     It also seemed as if the rest of Neopia had already hit the Clothes Store. There was only a pair of Garden gloves left.

     "Books?" Melissa suggested, and the two raced into the crowds once more.

     The bookstore seemed more full on the other hand. In the discount corner both picked up a copy of Playing With Fire, The Green Book, and Sahkmet Tales. Allison also picked up a Grarrl Comics. The two bought their books and then headed back to Melissa's house to read.


That night as Allison nestled into the Kauvara bed in the second guest room she couldn't contain herself any longer. "Wow!!" she cried, thinking back on the night.

     After seeing the concert they had gone to, they had all you could eat pizza. None of the three had eaten dessert, and Allison was still full. She sighed and snuggled into the warmth of the blankets.


Unfortunately, the week went by quickly. Soon it was after school of the last day, and Allison was walking home alone with her duffle on her shoulder. She slowly walked along, kicking the rock in front of her. But when she walked up the driveway, she brightened up. The house looked bigger than it had when she had left it on last Thursday. She set down her duffle and opened up the door.


     "I'm home!!" she cried, but there was no answer.

     Allison headed for the hallway and was surprised to see another room next to Betta's. She pulled open the door…

     Inside was a Kauvara room. In one corner of the room a pile of baby plushies lounged about. In the middle of the room Betta was bending over a Rubber duck cot, with a Baby Bruce Milk Bottle in hand.


     Betta spun around, and Allison saw that in the crib sat a baby Kougra. Allison rushed over.

     "Ally!! Meet your new sister, Riley," Betta said, gesturing to the crib.

     "Oooh!! She's so cute!! When did you get her?" Allison cooed, leaning over the crib to pick up her new sister.

     "Well, I was exploring the jungle of Mystery Island, when all of a sudden I came across a crying bush. Since bushes don't cry, not even in Neopia, I pushed through and saw Riley there, all alone. I couldn't just leave her there, so I adopted her."

     "Prrrr," Riley said, then she stuck out her tongue.

     "Wow, she's pretty young. She's still speaking gibberish."

     "Yep, but she's still wonderful. Could you get the mail? I didn't have a chance to since we got home," Betta said, then returned the giggling Riley back to her crib.

     Allison raced out the door, and then back in again to find Betta sitting down at the dinning room table.

     "So, how was your friends house?" Betta asked as the two sifted through the mail.

     "Good. I bought a few books, went to a concert, nothing super special," Allison lied.

     "Ally!! Look at this! It's a letter from Dimetra!!" Betta cried then tore it open.


Two days later, Betta and Allison were getting ready to talk to Dimetra. It was hard to tell who was more nervous. Allison was having trouble keeping up with the lies, and was worried if at any moment she would slip. Betta was in a frenzy, rushing here and there in an utter daze.

     "What should I wear!!" she cried.

     "Look in your closet."

     Finally, Betta came out wearing a Tombola T-shirt, denim coveralls, a pair of lucky green boots, and a blue daisy hair clip.

     "You look great!!" Allison cried.

     "Thanks, I picked out stuff for you too," Betta said, the pulled Allison into her room.

     Ten minutes later, Allison and Betta were ready. Betta had argued with Allison almost the whole tine before they figured out what Allison should wear. They had decided on a Valentine's Day T Shirt, even though that was in a few weeks, a pair of denim coveralls, and a jeweled collar. Both had applied, to Allison's protests, Red lipstick and some pink blush. Then they put Riley in a pair of Angelpuss socks, and then put her in her Noil PJs. They slipped a pair of white Aisha ears on her before they left.


Meanwhile, it was just as crazy at Bracknell Road. Dimetra had finally decided on an old yellow flower print dress, and a straw hat. She had gone too much care, and put on perfume, red lipstick, purple eye shadow, and red blush. Melissa too had carefully chosen her Faerie Kacheek hair clip, a matching dress, super star earrings, as well as gold eye shadow, and tan blush. Kirba adorned a red bandanna and satin collar.

     "Can I bring Grenia?" Melissa asked, before she reached for the seat she had made for her petpetpet, so she could ride on Kirba.

     "No, it's a rose garden, and they don't want infested roses."


     "Do you want Kirba to come along?!?!"

     With that, the three headed out the door.


Five minutes later, Betta and Allison headed up the right path, while Dimetra and Melissa went on the left path, both headed for the gazebo near the red rock pond. At last the moment had begun. They were both there.

     "You're that Lupe!!" Dimetra cried as she saw Allison.

     "What Lupe?" Betta asked, turning to look at Allison.

     "The one that came over for a week a few days ago."

     "Oh. This is Allison, my Lupe. And you must be Melissa?"

     "Y-yes," a terrified Melissa muttered.

     "What's going on?' Betta and Dimetra both cried.

     The two friends gulped. Then they let it all out. "When we saw you guys fight that day at the pound we were horrified. More than anything in the world we wanted to be together. When we heard you say how much you miss each other though, Allison came up with a plan to get you guys together. Those notes aren't real, we forfeited them. We just thought that if you guys were together again, happy, that maybe you could make up. Please forgive us," they said in unison, as if they had practiced it.

     The two owners stood in shock, mouths dropped. Then they ran to each other, and swept up the other in a giant embrace. They began sobbing and muttering, "It's my fault." And " I'm so sorry."

     The two friends stood there for a while before, finally their owners stopped crying, and tuned around, drying their tear streaked faces.

     "We're going to be friends again," they both declared.

     Both Allison and Melissa burst out their excitement. They jumped up in the air screaming with joy. And they had a reason to. Betta and Dimetra stuck to their word, became friends once more, and they never fought again.

The End

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