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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 139 > New Series > Merogan, Lupe Warrior: Part One

Merogan, Lupe Warrior: Part One

by shadyy15

Note: As this story is told, we go back many, many years in the history of Meridell, to the very first founding of this prestigious city. But today Historians have forgotten when exactly these stories take place.

(Preface )

On the other side of Meridell Forest, the opposite side of where Meridell was to be built laid the peaceful settlement of Tyherdell. The villagers lived in small wooden shacks or even just tents, but all were happy. In the beginning they didn’t feel the need for any luxury. They had plenty food and prosperity. But what was more: they were born warriors! They were not so much warriors to attack others or even to defend themselves; they were warriors because, to them, it was a form of art! Almost from birth the children learned to handle little wooden swords or wooden sticks. They learned swift and elegant movements that would one make them a true warrior.

     The good people of Tyherdell followed the lead of Ghisen, maybe the biggest Ixi that ever existed. He was a wise and kind blue Ixi. He and Yvelyn were the parents of two Ixi daughters. Illyne and Illiana, the royal twins, for Ghisen was considered as their king, though he hated that title. But Ghisen also had a brother, Kreneh, a black Ixi. Kreneh had always had a foul look in his eyes, he envied his brother Ghisen, or to be more accurate: he envied Ghisen’s position, as ruler of the people. Now, Ghisen was no blind fool, he knew his brother was not to be trusted, but it is safer to keep an enemy close to you, where you can watch his very moves! If he were ever to die, Kreneh would instantly take the lead; he needed an heir to the throne, a male heir. His twins were no use here. So Ghisen and Yvelyn adopted a young Lupe, named Merogan, who was two years older than the twins.

     From that moment on, Kreneh tried to start some sort of mutiny. He wanted to create a real city, a fortress build out of stone. In doing so, he tried to get the small, growing upper class on his side. These upper classes were just the farmers with the best of lands. To prevent a civil war, Ghisen granted his brother permission to go and found a city, whoever wished to follow him could do so. The villagers split up, one half followed Kreneh the other stayed faithful to Ghisen. Kreneh crossed the forest and build his city there. For himself he erected a stone castle and most of the followers lived in stone houses. The first city of Meridell had been created. Kreneh and his people focused more on luxury and exclusivities then on the art of being a warrior. Yet he feared Ghisen and his people for it. He decided to eliminate them once and for all. At night he crossed the forest with his knights and set fire to Ghisen’s village. Saving his children, Ghisen did not come back from the flames nor did Yvelyn. Kreneh took the royal twins and raised them as his own daughters. Merogan had also perished in the flames… at least that’s the official story.

(End preface)

As he had finally reached the Meridell marketplace, Merogan dropped his bag on the ground and sunk unto it. It was a long walk to get here when you come from the outskirts. The sun was already setting and soon it would be dark. He turned his face towards the sun and let the weak rays of the setting sun warm his face. He sighed and got up again, swinging the bag over his shoulder. The merchants were leaving, putting their precious goods away. Her crossed the square stumbling through the thick crowd, getting hit by nervous Aishas pushing their carts, yelling things we shall not repeat. An elder gypsy-looking Ixi saw the completely lost look on Merogan’s handsome face and tapped on his shoulder. Merogan turned around and stared into the void, then he looked down and saw the small old Ixi smiling at him.

     “Do you need some help, young Lupe? You seem quite disorientated, it does not suit your fair face.”

     “I would actually need a place to stay, is there a, maybe rather suitable, inn around here?” he asked, struggling to keep his eyes open.

     The Ixi smiled. “Yes there is, The Jolly Gelert is a nice place. Good rooms, nice food and most of the time a friendly crowd! It’s right over there, next to the carpenter’s shop.” She pointed in the direction of the setting sun, across the square? Merogan pinched his eyes together and saw a sign with a black Gelert on it. He turned around to thank the gypsy, but she had vanished. He frowned for a moment, shrugged and headed for the inn.

     He pushed the heavy wooden door and blinked, he pinched his eyes together to be able to see well. There was smoke floating in the room because of the many candles that were lit. As he closed the door, the jolly noise he had heard before fell silent. All were gazing at him with distrustful eyes. Nervous, he walked over to the counter and dropped his bag on the floor. He put one blue paw on it and looked up. A fat, mean-looking Zafara stood behind the counter and rubbed it with a cloth that must’ve known cleaner days. The Zafara lifted his chin into the air crossed his arms above his heavy belt and beamed at Merogan.

     “What brings you here, stranger?”

     “I would like a room…”

     “For how long do you intend to stay?”

     “I don’t really know yet, I was told this was a very good inn so I came here.”

     ”Hmm, and do you have something to pay with? We just don’t accept anyone, right people.” The crowd that been watching Merogan mumbled in agreement.”

     ”I have money!” said Merogan defiantly and he dropped a bag of 1000 NP on the counter. “Will that be enough for a few weeks?”

     ”It most certainly will, good sir! You will get our finest room, with view on the castle and the marketplace. Your bag will be brought upstairs. Are you hungry sir? I’m sure you could use a decent meal. Why don’t you just sit down and I’ll get it for you! Merrhyna!” he yelled. “Bring this good sir to his table and ask what he wishes to drink!”

     A young Zafara girl appeared from behind a curtain and rushed over to her father. She bowed a little towards Merogan. “If you would please follow me, sir.” Merogan examined the Zafara girl, or at least her back. She had long blue hair, neatly tied into a ponytail and she wore a brown dress and a cream-coloured apron. As she walked her ponytail whooshed form one side to another, it was almost rhythmic. She led him towards a corner of the room; he sat down on a bench that had very different red pillows on it. On the table stood a candle that was nearly burnt out, there was a little saucer under the candle to prevent the wax from dripping onto the table, but one drop had managed to find the wood and already started drying when Merrhyna quickly scraped it away with a little knife that she had elegantly pulled from the pocket of her apron. And it disappeared just as quickly.

     “Does this table suit you, sir? I mean, do you like sitting here? she giggled.

     “Yes, it’s quite all right, if I could just get some fresh water and some food.”

     Merrhyna looked stunned. “Just water sir, nothing special?” she asked.

     Merogan nodded and she walked back to the counter. Relieved to have some sort of peace, Merogan sank deeper into the cushions and let the fluffy feeling surround him. He startled at the sound of a wooden jug being set on the table, and then the sound of a cup followed. When he opened his eyes he was again facing Merrhyna’s back as she walked away. He poured the clear water into the cup and slowly drank it. Now that he was a little refreshed he looked around at the different tables and the people sitting at them. Slowly he let his look travel over the many different faces, halting when he saw an interesting Neopet. But he froze on the face of an old Meerca who was eyeing him.

     Suddenly, the small Meerca got up and stumbled across the room leaning on a crooked stick. He sat down in front of Merogan and started staring at him again.

     “First time in the city, my boy?” he asked. Merogan nodded. “Don’t worry, this is a safe place, it’s a little strange now but later on the musicians will play, there will be dancing and singing.” Merogan smiled at the Meerca, who was now scratching his grey beard and seemed to look at something near Merogan’s waist. “That’s a pretty sword you have there. May I see it?” Merogan’s smile faded and he glanced at the rest of the room. The noise had again stopped. All were looking at the outstretched hand of the Meerca and the nice sword on Merogan’s belt. Merogan felt trapped, were these just common thieves? Trying to rob a lonely traveller. More he hesitated, more the faces got darker. His heart was pounding fiercely, his respiration quickened; finally he put the sword in the Meerca’s hand.

To be continued...

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