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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 138 > Continuing Series > Princess of Erodaire: Part Five

Princess of Erodaire: Part Five

by christinetran

He couldn't have left me," I said softly to myself and placed my back upon the wall. "For I am his only chance of escape from here." But it was then that I my feelings of foolishness rushed back at me, and I realized how silly I was to instantly allow my trust to be given to him so quickly. I was a nitwit and a dunce, and it was while I was thinking these thoughts that I started to hear another set of footsteps coming closer.

     As I continued to listen, I noticed that the second pair of footsteps where echoes of the first set. They walked on for a few moments, then suddenly stopped. Finally, I heard a familiar cry and sounds of metal upon metal met my ears. Scuffling noises were heard, and I heard the sound of a body hitting the ground when I felt a familiar hand grab my arm and frantically whisper the words, "Hurry!"

     I smiled when I heard Oldraik's voice, and the foolishness I felt before completely disappeared as Oldraik quickly led the way towards the stairs. In seconds, I saw the dim shadow of Oldraik's form as we ascended the stairs in a hurry. Light started to seep into my eyes as we came closer to the top, but then, the light suddenly disappeared as a body blocked the doorway.

     "Aodain, are you there?" the guard called anxiously from atop the stairs. "Aodain, is that you?"

     "It's one of the prisoner guards!" I whispered to Oldraik. "We should slow down!"

     But Oldraik ignored my calls and continued to rush forward. I realized in a hurry that our passage out of this castle was not going to be undeterred, so I drew out my blade and stuffed it into Oldraik's hand.

     "It'll work better in it's original owner's grip," I said to myself as I felt Oldraik release my arm and become airborne. With amazing speed, he rushed towards the guard up ahead with the blade and the vanished beyond the doorway's vision.

     I continued to rush upon the steps as my eyes started to become accustomed to the light. When I finally reached the room above the dungeons, I saw a guard lying motionlessly upon the floor, and Oldraik holding out his hand towards me, beckoning me to move on.

     "We don't have much time, Andra, let's get out of here," he said. I nodded in response as I took his hand and we rushed down the hallway. When we finally came to an end which split in two ways, I pointed to the left and we continued down that passage. It was in this way that we were able to find our way closer to the doors which led outside. While we wound our way through many of the castle's passages, I heard rustles of chain mail from the other side of the wall. I knew that most of the soldiers within the palace were moving and knew of the escaping prisoner, but I wasn't sure whether they knew who the prisoner's associate was, and I hoped to Adam that they would never find out. Just as I was about to have second thoughts about Oldraik's escape, I spotted our destination right before us.

     "We're almost there!" I said in happiness when I saw the familiar door located in front of us. The door loomed high and wide before us, and all we had to do was traverse the threshold of the front room and than Oldraik shall be free. As we quickened our paces, I suddenly felt something in the air. A sort of danger; a warning, perhaps, and before we were able to exit the hallway's security, I stopped.

     "What is it?" Oldraik said to me as he slowed his pace and took a step backwards. "What do you sense?"

     But I simply stood there, still as a log. "Listen..." I whispered to Oldraik. It was then that Oldraik heard the sounds which made me stop in a hurry. Metal clanks and the rustling of chain mail resonated out of the room where the door was located.

     "Guards..." Oldraik growled in anger. "There's probably hundreds of them from what I can there any other way out?"

     At this question, I smiled and nodded at Oldraik as I thought of the room which was my only escape. I quickly took his hand and started to lead him down the corridors which turned west, and Oldraik followed me faithfully without a moment's hesitation. I passed the room where the sentencing of our people were done, and I followed the wing along it's west side. Eventually, we soon found ourselves in a circular room adorned with bordering windows and cushioned seats. A smile flickered upon my face as we entered this familiar room; my eyes glanced quickly through the many windows and caught a glimpse of the gorgeous greenery in the Castle of Erodaire's yard. Sighs of relief and calmness trickled over me, and I led Oldraik to one of the many windows which I knew would help aide his escape. I was blind to all else except the tranquility within me, so I did not notice the stare upon Oldraik's face...

     "You're happy in this place, aren't you?" he asked me as I swiftly opened one of the windows. Gusts of soft air lit upon our faces, and I felt relaxed and at ease in moments. The cool night air twinkled above in cascading darkness lit by many lighted stars, and the silent gardens about us moved gently at the bidding of the wind.

     "Yes...I am..." I said back to Oldraik and turned to face him. "You should go're strong enough to fly back, right?"

     Oldraik nodded and stepped towards the open window, releasing his wings so that they'll be able to taste the cold air about them. I took a few steps back as I waited for his departure, but he did not fly away yet. Instead, he withdrew his wings and turned around, his hand upon the chain on his neck. With one fleeting movement, he tore the chain away from his neck and handed it to me.

     "A thank you gift...and it may come in handy as well," Oldraik said with a smile.

     I smiled at this gesture and took the chain away from him. It was made of plain silver circlets entwined upon each other; there were no jewels or fancy accessories, and it was the most simple of all jewelry which I owned. I cherished it the moment it fell into my hands; it was the most heartfelt and loving accessory which I now owned. I treasured it more than the my mother's many adornments; I did not know why I felt this way, but I did not care.

     "I know that it's not much for a princess," Oldraik said uncertainly. "But it has my heart in it...this was the chain my father gave to me on the fateful was a gift, a heirloom to give to another whom we love and owe our entire life to, and I give it to you, Princess Andra."

     An even wider smile swept across my face, and I gave Oldraik a heartfelt hug out of gratitude and happiness.

     "Good-bye for now, Oldraik...I hope to see you again soon," I whispered softly and released him from my grip.

     "I'm going to miss you as well, Andra...keep this window open for me, alright?" Oldraik said with a small chuckle. He lowered his eyes for a few seconds before he started his departure.

     "What's wrong, Oldraik?" I asked in concern as I sighted his downcast look.

     "Do you remember what I said about Sir Barick and his words?" he asked me softly. I nodded in response. "Well," he continued, "those words will be explained soon...never mention them to your father." And without a moment's time, he released his wings and flew off into the night.

     I stood near the window for a long time after Oldraik's shadowy form disappeared into the night sky, and I fell upon the cushions of the velvety seats behind me. My hand played with the silver chain as my eyes glued itself onto the night sky. Another cold gush of air rushed in and drowned me in it's algid bite, but I kept the window open...I kept it open for Oldraik.

The End

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