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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 20th day of Relaxing, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 138 > Continuing Series > The Defenders of Light: Part Five

The Defenders of Light: Part Five

by npmasterx01

"HeckDragonX, report to the main office!" I said. I was sitting at my desk. I have become the leader of the Defenders of Light. My guild is called the Defenders of Light headquarters. The building lies upon the Tyrannian Plateau. Since the second fall of Virtupets, I have created the Defenders of Light Headquarters to stop Dr. Sloth when he returns. It has been three months since that day HeckDragonX had returned from the Virtupets Space Station. He had brought three neopets back with him. Dr. Livingston is now our head computer programmer. HeckDragonX and BurnDragonX are Defenders. Prototype_Barry is one of our secret agents. He proved that he was fit for the rank when he snook around the space station. Today, we are welcoming our new recruits.

     "What is it Neiks3?" asked HeckDragonX.

     "Meet Tonimono and Npmaster61!" I replied as I pointed to a green Shoyru and it's owner.

     I have decided to make Npmaster61 our Treasurer," I said.

     "Thank you, sir!" said Npmaster61. "I have another neopet, but he is sick and I left him home."

     "That's okay!" I said. "HeckDragonX? Can you show them the rest of the building?"

     "Sure. Follow me!" said HeckDragonX. After he left with Npmaster61 and Tonimono, someone appeared on my computer screen.

     "This is the Supervisor of the Defenders of Neopia," said Judge Hog. "We have a problem down here that might be of some interest to you."

     "What could it be?" I asked.

     "A weird Shoyru is sneaking around our base that has the ability to disappear," said Judge Hog.

     "We only have one Shoyru in our files of enemies," I said. "HeckDragonX!"

     "Yes!" said HeckDragonX.

     "This Neopet would like to have a word with you," I said. The Tyrannian Shoyru approached the screen.

     "There is a Shoyru sneaking around our base that has the ability to disappear," repeated Judge Hog. "Neiks3 is guessing that it is someone you might know."

     "Chameleon!" I said. "I wasn't expecting to see him so soon."

     "Will you help us?" asked Judge Hog.

     "We don't really have a choice," said HeckDragonX. "We will do it."

     "Thank you!" said Judge Hog as he disappeared from the screen.

     HeckDragonX will be telling the rest of the story.

     It was the next day. Dr. Livingston, Barry, BurnDragonX, and I were in front of the Defenders of Neopia agency. We split up in search of Chameleon. Later, I found met up with one of them.

     "Barry!" I said. Barry was on the floor unaware of his surroundings. I went over to him to see if he was okay. Barry had cuts and bruises all over him. "Your in bad shape!" I said.

     "Chameleon," whispered Barry as he lost consciousness.

     "Chameleon, where are you? Come out you coward and face me!" I yelled. A Shoyru appeared leaning against the wall.

     "I would love to, but I have bigger fish to fry!" said Chameleon.

     "What happened to your eye?" I asked.

     "The bartender at the space station!" said Chameleon. "That guy went nuts. I was lucky enough to escape."

     "I am not surprised!" I said.

     "I will fight you later," said Chameleon. The Shoyru backed against the wall and disappeared. I followed the sound of his foot steps, but I eventually lost him. I kept searching. Later, there was the sound of fighting not too far away so I went to investigate. Chameleon and BurnDragonX were fighting. Chameleon took out a familiar looking object. Dr. Livingston started talking to me from the radio on wrist.

     "What is it, Dr. Livingston?" I asked.

     "That weapon is the same claw you had defeated the Monospectre with," said Dr. Livingston.

     "We are in for some trouble," I said. "Where are you?"

     "I'm right behind you," said the scientist. I turned around to see that Dr. Livingston was at the other side of the hallway. Chameleon attacked BurnDragonX with the claw. The Lupe collapsed to the floor. Chameleon started to beat him into the ground.

     "I told you that you would be sorry the next time you saw me," said Chameleon.

     "Stop!" I yelled.

     "I think I have time to defeat you, too," said Chameleon. The grey colored Shoyru charged toward me and I dodged him. As he flew past me, I kicked him in the stomach and he fell backwards. The claw fell from his grip and I grabbed it. I threw the claw to Dr. Livingston.

     "Take it back to headquarters!" I commanded. When I turned around, Chameleon was flying away. I threw a Supernova at him and he fell into a bunch of trees. "I have lost him for now," I said. I picked up Barry and BurnDragonX and carried them back to headquarters. As I was leaving I found a torn piece of paper that read "Ransack Snakes."

     Later, I asked Dr. Livingston about the part of the paper that was recovered.

     "I know many things about Ransack," said Dr. Livingston. "Ransack was Virtupets's old enemy. The two of them fought against each other to prove who was best. The ones who created Ransack were the snakes that note was talking about. There are four of them. They are the leaders of Ransack. All of them have a code name that is the same name as a type of snake. They were once a part of Virtupets, but a rebellion started and Virtupets was split in two. The loyalists stayed with Virtupets while the rebels created Ransack. Virtupets defeated Ransack and the four snakes were never seen since then. I will have to do some research on it. Meet me in my laboratory tomorrow."

     It is the next day and we are all waiting for Dr. Livingston to tell us his current news.

     "I have found something that might help us," said Dr. Livingston.

     "What is it?" I asked.

     "I have found Ransack's current base," said Dr. Livingston. "It is located just outside of Meridell. It is near the old village that BurnDragonX use to live in. I hacked into the Virtupets system and discovered that when his village was destroyed, it was done on accident. Dr. Sloth sent Experiment to destroy the last of the Ransack members, but the mutant Lupe thought that the village was where they were hiding, because they are close together. The base is hidden by trees. When Sloth arrived, it was too late. The village was totally destroyed. Dr. Sloth had no choice, but to take the survivors with him. Since that accident, Ransack has grown. Virtupets can no longer stop them with a few people. It would take almost all of his army to take out Ransack right now. I don't think that Dr. Sloth is willing to make that kind of sacrifice. Ransack is planning something, but none of Sloth's spies have ever made it back."

     "Looks like we are going to have to figure out what they are doing ourselves. They can't be up to any good," I said.

     "We will have to go there," said Dr. Livingston.

     "Master, tell BurnDragonX and Barry that we have gone to Ransack's base and give them the directions when they wake up!" I said. "We will be taking Tonimono with us."

     "Okay!" said Neiks3. After we equipped ourselves with what we needed, Tonimono, Dr. Livingston, and I set out on our new adventure. It was night fall by the time we reached Meridell. We decided to visit the castle to see how King Skarl was doing. When all three of us reached the castle, we could smell food cooking.

     "I guess King Skarl is eating dinner," I said. We approached the castle to find a guard at the entrance.

     "What is going on?" asked Tonimono.

     "The castle is closed! Turn back!" commanded the Grarrl.

     "We asked you a question!" I snapped.

     "I said the castle is closed!" replied the Grarrl raising his voice.

     "I will make a deal with you. If I defeat you, we will gain access to the castle. Feel free to invite people in the fight to help you at anytime. I drew my favorite weapon and hid it behind my back. The guard attacked me, but I dodged him. I returned the attack and he fell to the ground.

     "Ransack!" said King Skarl. "I have heard about them before. There is a rumor going around that they are planning to invade whatever is left of Darigan's Army. Now that Lord Darigan is gone, I can finally relax."

     "We better talk to whoever is in charge of Darigan's Army," said Tonimono.

     "It is too late. It would be safer if we didn't go there at night," said Dr. Livingston.

     "You can stay here tonight and eat," said King Skarl.

     "Thank you, sir!" I said. We all sat at the table and started to eat.

     "Why are you so worried about Darigan?" asked King Skarl.

     "It isn't really them that we are worried about," I explained. "We actually worry about Meridell and the rest of Neopia."

     "Who are you people?" asked King Skarl.

     "We are members of the Defenders of Light," said Tonimono.

     "Can you pass the salt?" asked King Skarl. I handed him the salt shaker. "I have heard some good things about you," said the king.

     "We have had some hard times to deal with," said Dr. Livingston.

     "How did it feel to defeat Dr. Sloth?" asked King Skarl.

     "We did defeat him, but kind of indirectly," I explained. "I think that we should give Garoo's father the credit for that. He caused an explosion that destroyed almost all of Sectors 3 to 6. It will be a while until Sloth can get his space station running correctly again. Garoo's spirit is finally put to rest."

     "Did Commander Garoo die?" asked King Skarl.

     "No Commander Garoo is Garoo II. His father is Garoo I," I explained.

     "Interesting, but how do you think Dr. Sloth survived that?" asked King Skarl.

     "I don't know," I replied. We slept at Skarl's castle until sunrise. Then, the three of us left for Darigan's Fortress.

     "Look! There is a Draconian Moehog!" said Tonimono.

     "It doesn't look so good. I think he or she is unconscious," said Dr. Livingston. We entered the fortress. The guards were unconscious, too. The hallway led to a small staircase. We climbed the stairs to the top and found more guards unconscious. As the three of us walked down the hall, a door caught my attention. I peaked inside. There were ten people standing in the room. All of them were wearing grey uniforms that had a logo on it. It looked like a snake. The room had to be a dungeon. There was some familiar faces locked up in cells. Such people were Clop the Draconian Moehog, the Yellow Knight which is a Chia, Number Five the Lupe, Barallus the Korbat, and Squire Meekel the Kacheek. The two guards, Galgarrath the Draconian Grarrl and Haskol the Draconian Skeith, had been defeated also. Just then I noticed Chameleon. In the middle of the men, was a table with someone strapped to it. It was the Warden, Master Vex. Suddenly, everyone started to move towards the door.

     "We have to hide!" I said.

     "I'm good at hiding," said Dr. Livingston. "Everyone lay on the floor."

     "Okay!" I said. We laid on the floor and the door opened. The men went in the other direction. The three of us entered the room.

     "What happened here?" asked Tonimono.

     "Ransack has taken over almost all of the army," said Master Vex.

     "Have you seen any one suspicious around here except Chameleon and the three of us," I asked.

     "Someone with a weird mask," said Master Vex. "I didn't do anything!"

     "What?" I asked. Everything went black. I woke to the sound of someone's voice.

     "Good. Your awake," said Chameleon. "I knew you would be sneaking around here. Pretending to be one of the Draconian Guards did not fool me the least bit."

     "Where am I?" I asked myself. I started to scan the room. It was a room that was mostly white with computers and other metallic objects. There were even Draconian Guards guarding the entrance. I was strapped to the wall along with Dr. Livingston and Tonimono. "What is going on around here?" I asked.

     "Okay. Let's get down to business," said Chameleon. "Ransack has been observing Darigan's Army since the Meridell War. We have sent spies over here many times and have found that they have been planning a surprise attack on Meridell with that warden as their leader. So we had to stop them before they had the chance to attack."

     "I don't believe you," I said. Just then, I started to get dizzy. Dr. Livingston woke up.

     "Are you okay?" asked Dr. Livingston as everything went black, again. I had awoken to Dr. Livingston.

     "Where am I now?" I asked.

     "What do you mean?" asked Dr. Livingston.

     "How long have I been out for?" I asked.

     "You have been conscious since we left Darigan's Citadel," said Tonimono.

     "You told us that Ransack was just stopping Master Vex from attacking Meridell," said the scientist. "After that, Chameleon let us go."

     "I never said anything," I said. "The last thing I can remember is that I felt dizzy and you asked me if I was okay. The Neopets Team has classified him as a Hero in their trading card game anyway."

     "That is strange," said Dr. Livingston. "Both of you go back to Meridell. I have some research to do."

     It is the next day and Tonimono and I are asking questions.

     "Look! It is the Turmaculus! Lets try to wake it up!" said Tonimono. I used my petpet, Doggie the Bearog, to try to wake him. He threw cold water on it. It didn't work. Tonimono used his Angelpuss and it ran into it. The Turmaculus opened it's eyes and eat the poor petpet.

     "He sleeps like a rock and eats your petpets without asking," I laughed.

     That wasn't funny!" yelled Tonimono. All of a sudden, a Lupe came running down the street. It was Number Five. I stopped him. "How did you get away?" asked Tonimono.

     "I barely escaped," explained Number Five. "Guards were everywhere, but there was something wrong with them. Something different. The two prison guards were thrown in cells along with the warden. I must go to Jelly World."

     "Do you know anything else?" I asked.

     "No. Wait. I remember you. Your that Tyrannian Shoyru that can't beat me in Cellblock!" said Number Five.

     "I will beat you one day," I said. The old Lupe walked into the distance. I started to hear a conversation going on about Darigan. I walked toward the two people who were talking.

     "Lord Darigan was a fool to take on Neopia by himself," said the Blue colored Skeith.

     "Your right, Brutal!" said the Fire colored Lupe.

     "The news of Master Vex's plans have already been sent to King Skarl," said Brutal. "Fury, what do you think the king's reaction will be."

     "He will probably do nothing," said Fury. "Skarl would never guess that we are Ransack's top spies. We have never been caught. Not once!"

     "Both of us went in and out of there with ease," said Brutal. "They never knew what hit them."

     "We are the ones who are going to attack Meridell. After we take Meridell captive, we can move to the next land and take that one over," said Fury.

     "The only one who is better at spying than us is Chameleon," said Brutal. All of a sudden, Chameleon appeared on the wall.

     "I already knew that," said Chameleon. "Hurry! We must get back to the Citadel."

     "Okay," said Fury. Chameleon disappeared and the two spies went back to the Fortress.

     "Did you hear that?" I asked. "I knew this would happen. So that is what Master Vex meant when he said that he didn't do anything."

     "How are they going to do it?" asked Tonimono.

     "I don't know, but we should visit the king tonight," I said.

     It is night fall and we have entered the castle to find King Skarl eating dinner again. We approached him.

     "How are you doing tonight?" asked King Skarl. "Sit and eat."

     "Well, we have some bad news for you," I said as Tonimono and I sat in a chair.

     "I received some good news today. Ransack seems to have stopped an invasion on Meridell," said King Skarl.

     "That is the problem. We overheard two of Ransack's spies talking about how they were really the ones who were going to attack Meridell," I said. "Without time to prepare your troops, your army will be destroyed."

     "Do you have any proof?" asked King Skarl.

     "Not yet, but I think it will be a while longer until they are ready to attack," I said. Just then, a Shoyru jumped through the sky light and landed on the table. It was Barry.

     "They will keep half their original army at the fortress," said Barry. "The other half of their original army and Darigan's army will be sent to attack Meridell. They will be ready to attack within three days."

     "It is even worst than I thought it would be," I said. Dr. Livingston started talking on my radio watch.

     "I have finally come up with a name for this device," said Dr. Livingston. "It is called a DOC. It stands for Defender's Operation Communicator."

     "Is that what you called me for?" I asked.

     "No," replied Dr. Livingston. "I have installed a recorder into your DOC. I can hear everything you talk about because of that device. You can use the recorder to play back their conversation."

     "Thanks," I said. I brought it back to the conversation. The recorder started to play. A minute later, I turned it off.

     "I don't believe it! It is true. Those little weasels!" said King Skarl. "This is an outrage! Green Knight!"

     "Yes, sir!" said the Green Knight.

     "Ready the troops!" said King Skarl. "Three days should be long enough to prepare for battle. On the morning of the fourth day, we shall attack Darigan's Fortress."

     "I will stay here to defend the castle," said Tonimono.

     "Barry and I will enter the fortress during the battle," I said.

To be continued...

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