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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 138 > Continuing Series > Operation Neopia: The Whirlpool -- Part Four

Operation Neopia: The Whirlpool -- Part Four

by monarchistknight

"Thanks Capernaum, Aych, Len. I feel so much better now," Kaleigh said shaking each Spyworks member's hand with one of her tentacles. She looked behind her to see King Koy and Queen Flotsamm coming out to see her.

     "We're sorry we didn't listen to you, young Acara. But you managed to save us all. For that, there is no reward high enough, but perhaps the Grand Water Blade can begin to repay our debt to you," King Koy said, producing a beautiful blade. It was made mainly with water but a very thin, clear, yet strong material kept in the water. "This is the Grand Water Blade. Forged centuries ago, even before the one you call Count Von Roo was born, Aquamarine, a bold Acara, held the blade. She protected ancient Maraqua when it was a small village, and watched it grow into a town, as she got older. When she had almost lived all her days, she requested to behold the outside, something Maraquans rarely ever did at that time. So, Grand Water Blade in hand she journeyed to the land above. She found herself upon an island we believe you have named Mystery Island. It was here Aquamarine found the Blade's true power. When defending herself against unfriendly natives, she blasted a beam of water from the Blade. Mystified at this, she tried again. Another beam of water shot out. She tried something else. Pointing her blade for the water, she caused a huge tidal wave to wash over Mystery Island. She had discovered she had complete control over water with her blade. Being as powerful as she was, no one dared tangle with Aquamarine and left her alone. She continued to explore other lands above, venturing as far inland as the future site of Krawk Island."

     "While the Blade is very precious to us Maraquans, we will give to you in the hopes you can use it for more than we can," Queen Flotsamm finished. As soon as the blade had entered Kaleigh's hand she felt a strange thing happen. Everyone else seemed to disappear, the whole world turned milky white, and she was lifted up by a whirlwind.

     There was a sense of peace she had never known before in the whirlwind. A sense of comfort. And although she was scared at first, she was, after all, seven feet off the ground; it left her instantly. A soothing voice resounded within the whirlwind.

     You have done well in more ways than one,
     But the true battle has just begun.
     The Grand Water Blade will return in your most desperate hour,
     But never forget that I have all power.

     Slowly, she was lowered and the world returned. Her friends and the three Spyworks members surrounded her.

     "Where'd the Blade go, Kaleigh?" Caitlin asked her friend. Kaleigh looked around. It was indeed gone. The voice's owner must've taken it back in the whirlwind, but she wasn't concerned. It would return soon.

     "I don't know Caitlin, but I don't think we need to worry about it too much. Come on, let's get back to SVEN," Kaleigh said. She swam into the Spysub, followed by all the others. Len got into his comfortable pilot's seat and started the sub. Cody, not wanting to miss a few moments with his long lost brother, sat next to him.

     "You can change the chemical make up of liquids? Pretty cool, Len! How'd you learn how to do it?" Cody asked, intrigued by how his younger brother was so much 'cooler' than him.

     "After you escaped the slave camp, I left a few days afterwards. Gel and Veri probably have too, I don't know," Len said, talking about Cody's Quiggle sister and Buzz brother. "Anyway, I was running away and reached the city. I was walking around, trying to find a place to go, when out of nowhere and for no apparent reason I can think of, these darts are lodged into both of my hands. I had no clue why, but they stung very badly and I pulled them out. Afterwards, I went to get a drink of water. I held my hands around the cup, and the water turned into Sporkle Syrup! I was amazed! I held it longer and got a bottle full of Earth Faerie Bubbles! Then I got a miniature Earwax Chia, a Noil, an Ultranova, and finally, it turned back into regular water. I ran away in fright. I had been altered and didn't like it. Sure it was interesting and all, but I didn't like it. How was I going to drink water without having it turn into a rock? How could I go swimming without turning the water into jelly and trapping myself? It turned out Capernaum here found me, explained what had happened, and took me to Spyworks HQ. He gave me these thickly padded gloves to keep my hands from touching the water. I've been here ever since."

     Cody marveled at his brother's experience. If only could have a super power too. Then he remembered the last part of Len's story. It does have disadvantages.

     Back in the dreary end of the sub, Kaleigh was sitting by herself. She was thinking about what had happened to her that day. She had been renewed, no longer a troubled, rampaging Acara, she had been healed. But, then, why did she feel like something was missing? Ashley approached Kaleigh.

     "Hey, Kaleigh," Ashley called softly to her friend. Kaleigh looked at the Nimmo. "We don't blame you for what you did. In fact, if you didn't have that condition Maraqua would have been destroyed. See, good can come out of bad."

     "Yeah, I know, but still. What do the others think?" Kaleigh asked.

     Ashley held her friend's paw. "Who really cares? You're changed now. If they don't believe you, that's them, not you!"

     Kaleigh felt better. She knew now why she wasn't feeling right. "Thanks, Ashley."

     "You're welcome Kaleigh. If you want you come up with the rest of us, in fact, I think you're supposed to. Len says that he's going to turn the sub into a rocket or something like that," Ashley said walking back to her original seat. Kaleigh followed, and braced herself for the ride.

     Len pushed a few buttons up front and notified the passengers, "The SpySub is going to do it's morphing thingy that yours truly has developed. Hold on tight while I get this thing in the air."

     Capernaum sighed, "One of these days Len's inventions will be the end of us."

     Aych shot a glance at Capernaum, "You've been saying that since he invented his own slingshot."

     Then the SpySub morphed. Wings came out of its sides and jet boosters came out of its end. With a great burst of speed, it rocketed into the air and then into space.

     Nahum looked out the window. "Something tells me this isn't possible, but whatever." The SpySub came closer and closer to SVEN. Suddenly a picture of Sean Masters, Spyworks's leader, appeared on the viewing screen in the middle of the seating room and in the pilot's room.

     "Len, get the ship to SVEN, then prepare for a trip to Tyrannia. Blake is already there, waiting for you guys. Sorry to rush you, but the situation in Tyrannia just seems to be getting more desperate by the minute." The picture started to blur up. "Huh? What's going on? State-of-the-art technology isn't supposed to flub up! Is there something wrong with t-" The screen went blank.

     "Oh no. Something's wrong!" Len exclaimed. "We've lot SVEN on the radar!" Len looked out the front window. "Thankfully, it's close enough for us to see anyways." Everyone calmed down, but where still anxious to know about the mystery ahead. Soon, the SpySub was right at the docking bay for SVEN. A huge black swirling portal was in front of them. "Get ready for landing!" Len drove the sub through the portal. It just came through the other side.

     "Something wrong is going on here. First, the communications goes dead. Then, SVEN disappears from the radar. Now, the portalling system doesn't work!" Capernaum said.

     "We're landing manually," Len decided. "Hold on guys." Len drove the sub into an open docking bay in SVEN and landed. The passengers got out one at a time, some falling over in the strange darkness.

     "SVEN must've lost all its power!" Warren said feeling around in the darkness.

     "But that's nearly impossible! The only way SVEN could completely lose all of its power, would be if a computer virus shut down all its systems," Dawson said, being familiar with the workings of the ship.

     "Maybe that is what's happening," Jeff said trying to find a way out.

     Timothy was nervous. "I'm scared of the dark!"

     An eerie voice resounded through the inner workings of SVEN, "Then you'll be even more scared of me!" They suddenly heard mechanical noises from all around.

     "Okay, there you go. It has not lost ALL its power! I mean the security system still seems to be working," Caitlin said trying to be encouraging, not knowing the guns were aimed right for them.

     At first Capernaum thought that another spy who worked with him, Lanquigg, was playing a trick. After all, he could make any sound with his talented mouth. But then he realized that it wasn't when there was more than just sound. The hole he felt in his hood told him so. "Everyone, get down! The security system is firing at us!"


Author's Note: Phew, I finished it! The next episode, named T.I.T.U.S will be about Nahum and the Virtual Armor for all you curious people. If you have any comments about the story please send them in. I'd love to hear them. Oh, and no hate mail please. Thanks!

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