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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 12th day of Hunting, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 138 > Continuing Series > The Information Abduction: Part Three

The Information Abduction: Part Three

by appaloosa500

Seriously, you can't believe a detective would give up with that little of a fight. And ace-Wocky-Detective Khargana certainly hasn't.

     "Since I've already agreed to work for you, how about removing this constricting wire from my person? I'll never manage to do anything for you tied up," she said, rather sensibly.

     Dr. Sloth frowned thoughtfully. This was going a little too easily.

     Suddenly, *CRASH*, a tiny window on the roof that Khargana had paid little heed to, as it was much too high for an escape attempt, burst inward. Along with the glass splinters and large, sharp pieces fell Tanny, Khargana's best friend. The timid-looking blue Zafara looked around and gulped.

     "Umm... Hi, everyone?"

     In a second the sweet Zafara found herself in the same predicament as the Wocky Detective: tied to a heavy metal block with thick wire. But she had a trick up her sleeve, (well, in the tuff of hair on her tail) that guaranteed, she hoped, her and Khargana a way out.

     Wonderfully, Dr. Sloth's cronies were stupid enough to place her next to Khargana. And the Doctor was foolish enough to allow it. Then again, I don't suppose that should surprise us...

     Dr. Sloth chuckled cruelly. "Well, so much for having to go kidnap your friends! One has already fallen into my clutches! MUHAHAHAHAHAAA!"

     "Ah, hush up, you overgrown asparagus!" said Khargana to Sloth. "Now, Tanny, may I ask what in the world you were planning, following me like this?"

     Naturally, the green Wocky didn't really need an explanation. She had a feeling her multitalented friend was up to something, and she had a good idea what. And she had a feeling it involved her status as lead actress in her theater club.

     Tanny was, thankfully, a wonderful actress. Only Khargana could tell she was faking as she gushed silly girly babble. "Oh, oh, oh, I'm sooo sorry Khargana, but I was just soooo worried!! I just had to find you! I thought you'd need," she looked at her feet, the picture of depression, "umm, backup? I think that's the word.... Ohh..."

     She went on quite a bit. Dr. Sloth and the Grundos leaned back to enjoy the show. Unnoticed to all except the clever detective next to her, Tanny's long whip like tail shook a small gizmo out of it's tuff of hair: a laser-knife, originally created for the exclusive use of NeoPol. (An International Neopian Police Agency)

     "Oh... *gulp*" Tanny whimpered, her eyes beginning to tear up, "and now I've got us into so much trouble... and...*sniff* and..."

     Khargana took the knife. Quickly and professionally, she maneuvered the laser to melt straight through the main knot of metal tying her paws. It was too late by the time the other occupants of the room noticed.

     Switching the knife to a different setting, the Green Wocky leaped to her rear paws and skillfully fired the three Grundos in the heads, between the eyes, instantly knocking them out without leaving a trace. Then she slowly pivoted on her right heel a few degrees toward the shocked doctor.

     "Guess who won this round, Frankie?" she asked, grinning. He looked downright terrified. His face sweated as he backed away from the dangerous looking plain green Wocky. She laughed.

     "Not so full-of-yourself now, huh?"

     Flicking the laser back down to its knife setting, she slashed Tanny free. As the Blue Zafara flexed her arms and hands, the Detective turned back to the evil, green doctor.

     Facing him, she held up the knife, and flicked it off. As Dr. Sloth watched, amazed, she tossed the knife skillfully onto the desk with the rest of her belongings.

     The Doc stared at the dual-use laser gizmo his ex-captive had just tossed aside. "Wh-what? You, you just... ?"

     Tanny couldn't help but giggle at the absolutely pathetic expression on his face.

     Khargana faced the doctor bare-pawed. "I don't need a trick-knife to take you down, Doc. I just need my bare paws and my wits."

     Tanny smiled sweetly, knowing exactly what Khargana intended. "Oh, goody! A standoff!"

     The Doctor smiled and reached into his long black cloak. "Maybe not, girls! Enjoy life as sludge!"

     Before he could pull whatever it was out, Khargana had flipped over to him, landed neatly, and swiped his feet out from under him. Presently he was on the floor, face down. He rolled over, furious at the indignity of it all.

     Khargana allowed him to stand up, then knocked him down again with a well-placed sideswipe kick. Dr. Sloth's face burned red, making it a rather interesting yellowish-purple shade. He tried to stand, but just wobbled and fell again.

     He tried, I suppose we have to give him credit for that. He's not a quitter. But he couldn't stand. That was that.

     So he shouted some stupid stuff I won't bother myself to repeat. (Trust me, you really don't want to know.) It annoyed Khargana so much she just slipped her paw around his neck, placed it on a certain artery, pressed, and he collapsed unconscious.

     (Remarkably, through this whole thing, the two stupid Grundo slaves of Sloth's hadn't woken up, even though they should've by now. My theory is they woke up, saw Khargana cream their boss, and pretended they were still asleep. They might even have gone asleep... No offense against Neopian Grundos, but your slave counterparts aren't that intelligent. Or at least these aren't.)

     Khargana turned to an exuberantly laughing Tanny. "How'd you locate me? I saw them phaser you! 'Course I wasn't exactly my usual observant self at the time..."

     The blue Zafara laughed. "Easy! Those silly Grundos didn't notice two gizmos had dropped out of your vest. I knew them as soon as I spotted them. Your transporter from Professor Sparks," she picked another gizmo out of her fluffy tail-hair, "and your laser-knife from Madam Universa," she pointed to the gizmo on the table where Khargana had tossed it a minute earlier.

     Tanny thought a minute. "How come all I had to do was click 'Khargana' on that little screen and it took me right to you? How did that thing know where you were anyway?"

     The Wocky smirked. "Professional secret I picked up from the Space Faerie, but I'll let you in. Long fur, and it hides--" She pulled back some fur on her left forepaw and revealed a tiny microchip. "You got one to, same place. I put them on all of you at a sleepover."

     The Zafara shook her head. "You amaze me, Khar."

     Khargana laughed and answered affably: "Same here, Tanny. I never would have dreamed you'd figure out how to work that old thing, which actually I’ve been trying to improve. You're always going on how you know zilch in the field of electronics. If I remember correctly, you actually came close to failing your basic technology class! Remember? The one that the Space Faerie taught us in junior high? Thankfully I, top of the class, was there to tutor you."

     Tanny snorted. "And, if I remember correctly, you were awfully snobby about it! Until I helped you in Social Ed.!"

     "I still don't know why that's a required course. Being polite to people is a decision, not a necessity."

     Khargana slipped on her wonderfully comfortable brown suede vest, and in short time replaced all the gizmos and whatnot from the table to their respective pockets and shut the briefcase.

     Standing with one hand on her precious briefcase, she motioned for Tanny to come closer. "I'll zap us back to my place, what do you say? The landing will be a bit harsh, and we could always take the shuttle."

     Tanny tossed the teleporter to Khargana and walked over.

     "Sure, but, real quick?" asked Tanny, "Why don't we call the police here to take care of these guys?"

     Khargana shrugged. "They'll just get out in a week or two, but if it makes you happy..." She quickly pulled a cell-phone (a gift from Doctor Comunici, head of NeoPol's Communication Department) out of her briefcase and chatted to Commander Kazowski, another of her close friends.

     Soon she finished tipping the cops where Dr. Frank Sloth was currently lying, armed but unconscious. She hinted that she had, in fact, not been here and had nothing to do with it.

     Of course, they didn't believe her. But she had given them good tips in the past and they decided to let her have her way and leave her out of it.

     Khargana looked toward her Tanny questioningly.


     Tanny smiled, nodded, and placed a paw on Khargana's shoulder. Khargana selected "Home" on the transporter and they seemed to glow for a second. Then they were gone. They were back where the whole mess had begun, Khargana's office.


Dr. Sloth vowed revenge on Khargana, but has been much too busy to do anything about it. (Besides, he's vowed revenge on so many it's not likely he'll get to her anytime soon.) He lost his chance and chances aren't too likely he'll manage it again now that Khargana's onto him.

     Khargana changed all the locks and passcodes on her briefcase and set up a secret scanner so no-one else would ever hack into her private files again.

The End (Unless you choose otherwise. Let me know!)

Goodbye everyone and thanks for reading this series about Detective Khargana! I plan to write more, so feel free to Neomail me! And, yes, if you do want more episodes of Detective Khargana vs. Doctor Sloth, you have to let me know! I might even write something about the Space Station Technological Institute or NeoPol! There has to be somewhere where they train and put to use all those engineers and weapons designers!

Previous Episodes

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