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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 138 > Continuing Series > A Blue Christmas: Part Three

A Blue Christmas: Part Three

by ratdog446

The next day both girls ran to their window to be greeted by a white land below. Not wanting to get the Sneezles or Kikoughela, they both bundled up, and wrapped their scarves round and round.

     Allison came downstairs to see a Green Pepper Omlette waiting for her. Betta was eating a Sausage Omlette. When she saw Allison she poured a cup of Lemon and Orange Blend.

     "Morning," Allison said through her massive amount of clothing.

     "So I'll pick you up at the Bank like 3 hours after school?" Betta asked.

     "Yep, and don't forget to switch my classes!!" Allison reminded her owner.

     "Don't worry," Betta said.

     "Well, I have to go," Allison said as she ran to get her backpack.

     "I packed your lunch," Betta said as Allison ran out the door.

     Allison put on her helmet, to keep from hurting herself if her scooter's wheels slipped.


At Melissa's house she was currently kissing Kirba bye, and touching Grenia on the head, as if to say bye. She grabbed her backpack, checked her lunch, and seeing it was a beetroot, some cauliflower, and a parsnip swapped it for the little amount of junk food, which was Kau Kau farm milk, a cheese tortilla, and some fruity faerie fingers. She then dashed out the door to her scooter.


"Well, today's the day!!" Allison announced.

     "I think we should write two letters each. One apologizing, and one inviting them to meet. Then we can mail them at different times."

     "Good thinking. Blah, after last night I'm glad I didn't come down with a stomach ache," Allison said, then explained about the previous nights dinner.

     "Well, at least Betta was there on time," Melissa said with a sigh.

     "How late was she?" Allison asked, then gave her friend a hug.

     "Two Hours. But she did give me Grenia." Melissa said, a mixture of sad and glad.

     "Well, at least she tried to make up for it," Allison said trying to cheer her friend up.

     "Yah, but to her that means presents. I wish she would start showing up on time. She's always away, but she did say that during the summer I can come on more of her trips around the world of Neopia," Melissa sighed.

     "Well, that will be fun!! I've always longed to see my species' home of Terror Mountain. To meet wild Lupes, and see the caves would be the best gift ever!! And seeing Mystery Island again would be wonderful as well. When I was there for that short time it was wonderful!! A paradise!! You are lucky that you'll get to travel about Neopia. I've heard much about Krawk Island, but have never actually been there." Allison cried.

     "Yes. Well by the way did you bring the stationary, and something of Betta's?" Melissa asked.

     "Yes. I hope a sock will do," Allison giggled.

     "Yes, I think so. I have a hat."

     "Betta said that I could collect Fuzzles, so Wednesday we're going to the Toy Store. I have a black and orange evil, and regular so far. I want to get a cloud and blue fuzzle soon, I think those ones are the cutest!!!"

     "Did you decide which petpet you want?"

     "I narrowed it down to four. I can't choose from those four, so I don't care which of the four I get. I decided on a Puppyblew, Doglefox, Melton, or a Faellie," Allison stated.

     "Yah, I agree."

     "And I like my starry color, but I would like to be Fire, Island, Skunk, Split, or white. And if I got a Doglefox, I'd paint it Halloween or Plushie. If I got Faellie I'd paint it brown or Christmas, or maybe not paint it at all. Maybe not painting it might be good for the Doglefox too. If I got a Melton, well I don't think you can paint those. But if I got a Puppyblew I'd paint it Spotted, Brown, Island, or Christmas," Allison said.

     "If I got painted, I'd like to be Cloud or Skunk," Melissa said dreamily.

     "But I think you don't need to be painted. Your pretty just the way you are. Any Kacheek would be jealous of you."

     "You're just saying that because you're my friend."

     "No, I'm not. I really think that," Allison stated.

     "Wow!! Thanks!!"

     "Actually, I take back that part about any Kacheek. Melvin wouldn't be jealous," Allison said.

     The two friends burst into laughter. Melvin was a Kacheek in their science class, who was a science fanatic. He was easily the teacher's favorite. He often said he wished he could help Kauvara test her potions. He would never be painted Faerie though. He also wanted to be painted Robot or Mutant.

     "Right about that!!"

     "Well, here we are. Only 6 more hours to go," Allison said as they went up the steps.


The day seemed to go slowly. Betta kept her word and Allison went to Potions. She was joined by Melissa. Fortunately Mr. Lear was much better, so she decided to keep Potions. But, finally it was lunch.

     "What do you have?" Allison asked as the two sat down.

     "Let's see. A cheese tortilla, Kau Kau farm milk, and some fruity faerie fingers," Melissa said.

     "Whoa!! Dimetra's slipping on the diet," Allison cried.

     "No. I put that in there," Melissa said.

     "Ah. I have a meat wrap, grapefruit Neocola, a tomato Shoyru meatball, a real cheese slice of cheesecake, and an orange sweetie," Allison said.

     "Oh, can I have some cheesecake?"

     "Sure. Well, did I tell you about the letter Betta handed me when I left?"

     "No. What about it?"

     "Well, she wrote that she would be gone for a week to Mystery Island for an article she wants to write. She left enough Neopoints to pay for a week, plus the cost of other stuff at the Mountain Lodge since I said that was my favorite hotel. She also said if it was okay and I wanted to, I could stay at a friend's. And since Dimetra has never met me if it was okay with her, I could stay with you as long as we came up with a false owner name," Allison explained.

     "Oh my gosh!! That would be so cool!!! I'll ask and if it's okay I'll call you tonight. You could sleep in my room, or the guest room. I could show you Kirba and Grenia, and my room, and my house, and my books, and it would be so much fun!!!" Melissa cried.

     "Okay. If it's okay I'll have my duffel bag ready in the morning so after school we could come and pick my stuff up. Besides clothes and stuff I'll bring my fire Lupe plushie, and my orange fuzzle, and my black Bearog plushie. I'll bring some candy too, so we won't have to eat healthy food. And when we come to your home after school, we can stop in and get smoothies with our allowances. And we can hang out together afterwards. We could visit the petpet shop, and the magic shop, and the bookshop, and the toy shop. And I can bring my Usukis over, the few that I have. I have the Greek goddess, the Happy Valley set, and the green Doglefox set. And I recently got the Meridell one, and the pop star Usuki. I'm not crazy over them, but I do like to play with them occasionally," Allison gushed.

     "Well, I have some too, so we can share mine too. I have the summer fun, teenager, the Doglefox set, the back to school set, the Usuki dream wardrobe, and the pirate wench. She looks just like Hannah!! And my starry Lupe plushie looks a lot like you!! And I got a few plushies yesterday. An Anubis plushie, and a gray faerie doll. It will be sooo fun!! We can do homework together, play with our toys together, and other stuff just like we were together at the pound."

     "Maybe we can even play pranks on my annoying, spoiled brat of a neighbor Broxton. He is so mean!!! Yesterday I saw him pick up the playful Kougra gnome on our lawn, and cut of its beard!! And then he put the beard on his sister's Tyrannian Usuki that was sitting out on the lawn!!"

     "Oh my gosh!!" Allison cried.

     "Yah, and the day after I was adopted he started calling me Wing Head!!" Melissa continued.

     "Man!! To bad I don't have that yellow frost cannon I wanted!! Although my Lightning Gun could give him a few zaps."

     "Well, I have to go to PE, so I'll see you later," Melissa said.

     "Yah. Betta's leaving tomorrow, so I'll tell her I'm staying at a friend's." Allison said as the two walked out the door.



Two hours later, the bell rang for the end of school. Melissa and Allison darted to the Garden Shop to meet Dimetra and fetch Kirba.

     "Is that her?" Allison whispered while the two sat on a bench waiting.

     "The girl with black hair?" Melissa asked.


     "No, Dimetra's hair is longer than that," Melissa answered.


     "There she is!!" Melissa cried, pointing at a girl with elbow length black hair, and a small wiggly Doglefox in her hands.

     "Hi Lissa!!" Dimetra cried as she came over.

     "Hi, Metra!! This is my friend Allison," Melissa said.

     "Hi!! I've heard so much about you from Melissa!!" Allison said smiling.

     "Hi Allison!! Well you two I have to get going to judge a match of Gourmet Bowls, so I'll see you back here in 3 hours Lissa!!' Dimetra said as she handed Melissa Kirba's leash.

     "Wait, Dimetra!!" Melissa shouted as her owner turned to leave.

     "What?" Dimetra spun around.

     "Allison's owner, Pella, has to leave on a business trip. Pella said Ali could stay at a hotel or a friend's house, and I was wondering is she could stay with us," Melissa explained, pausing at times to think of a name for Allison's 'owner'.

     "Why sure Lissa!! When?" Dimetra smiled.

     "Well, her owner's leaving while we're at school tomorrow, so she could get her stuff after school, and come right over," Melissa said.

     "Sure!! Tell Bertha to clean the guest room. Or she can stay in your room. Or the second guest room, since that one has a door that goes from your room to that room," Dimetra quickly said.

     "I say second guest room. So I'll see you here in 3 hours!!" Melissa said as Dimetra started to leave.

     "Okay, I'll see you then!!"


"Okay, sock please," Melissa said as the two sat down at the Rainbow Pool.

     "Here you go," Allison giggled.

     "Okay, here Kirba. Smell the nice stinky sock Kirba. Now Kirba, bark when the owner of this sock approaches," Melissa said, trying not to burst into laughter.

     "Now Kirba, smell the nice hat. It's a pretty smelling hat isn't it? Now when the owner of this hat comes, bark," Allison instructed the wiggling ball of fuzz.

     Kirba acted as if he understood what they were telling him. He turned around, and stuck his head out, smelling the winter breeze while the girls got out the stationary.

     "Bleck!! Betta's sock stunk up my backpack!" Allison said pinching her nose.

     Melissa giggled. "I have a air freshener in my back pack for some reason. You can use it."

     "Thanks," Allison said as she tugged her stationary out from underneath a mountain of books.

     "Okay, lets start," Melissa stated once they were both ready.

     "Let's see, I have an idea. 'Dear Dimetra, I'm sorry about the way I acted so long ago. I've missed you over all this time. I'm sorry if anything I said hurt your feelings. Can we please be friends again? Betta.' Or should we include the when to meet in the same letter?" Allison said thinking.

     "I think same letter cause if they send a letter back accepting the apology that would ruin everything. And that is definitely not what we want."

     "Okay. 'If you still want to be friends, please meet me at Neopia Central in the Rose Garden behind the Gardening store at 2:00 p.m. on the 17th of January."

     "Perfect," Melissa said, and they began to write.


An hour later the two were done. There had been no false alarms, and Kirba had done his job well.

     "We still have two hours left. Do you want to head home, or browse some shops or talk?" Melissa said as she put down her pen.

     "Well, I'm not tired yet so do you want to do one hour of talking and one of shopping? Betta gave me some money this morning to buy something if I wanted to." "Same here. You probably don't have enough for a petpet, but maybe we could buy some clothes or toys or books," Melissa suggested. "Sure!! I've been wanting a Basic shovel. And just the other day I saw this cool Green Marbleman T-shirt. Oh, and there was this cute Pink Evil Fuzzle!!" Allison cried.

     "I take that as a yes, let's go," Melissa replied.

     "Yah!! I want to shop now though, cause it looks like all the shops just got stocked!!" Allison said and then raced over to the Toy Shop to get the fuzzle.

     Melissa chuckled as she ran after her friend. " Well, there was a nice box of crayons I've been wanting."

     "Then go get them!! I'll wait for you at the clothes shop once I'm done here." Allison said as she got in line to checkout.

     "Okay!" Melissa said then dashed out the door.

     An hour later the two girls were sitting on the grass in front of the Rainbow Pool slurping smoothies, with empty wallets, but at least two bags each.

     "So what did you get?" Allison asked as she rested her head on the grass.

     "Well, I couldn't limit myself to the crayons. I got the crayons, and Air Faerie Eraser, a fire faerie pen, and a Dark Faerie pencil for you. Plus a blue Marbleman T-shirt, Red Long Hair Brush, Red Mirror, Jeweled Collar, Purple Nail Varnish, Red Lipstick, Pink blush, Blue Toothbrush, a Faerie Cave T-shirt for you, Faerie Kougra Hair Clip, Golden Moon Comb, and a Faerie Kacheek Hair Clip," Melissa listed off as she looked through her bags.

     "Wow! You sure got a lot. I only got a Green Mirror, Green Long Hair Brush, Green Fuzzle, Fyora Music Box, Blue Lupe Plushie, Drawing Pencil, a set of Roller Blades, Yellow Poogle Toy, a Cowgirl Usuki for you, a Faerie Kougra Bookmark, and there was this really cute Christmas Doglefox, but I needed another 1,000 in order to get him. Plus all the stuff that I wanted," Allison said pulling out the things.

     "I have another 2,000!!" Melissa said.

     "No. Betta probably wouldn't be to happy if I did."

     "But if you went home and asked…"

     "No, Lissa." Allison said coldly, then changed the subject. "So what's your second guest room like?" "Well, it's next to mine, and there's a door that goes into it from my room. It's made from cloud and it's done Nova. A Nova Lamp, Nova Rug, Nova Table, Nova Table. And then an Ultranova Wardrobe, Gold Velvet Chair, Wooden Drawer, Funky Yellow Drawer, Kauvara Bed, and a Robo Acara. It's pretty cozy."

     "It's sounds nice."

     "It is. And then on the other side there's the toy room. Lot's of plushies, toys, and stuff. Some beanbag chairs, a table or two, it's pretty packed." Melissa said, then stopped and looked down.

     "What's the matter Lissa?" Allison said, worriedly.

     Melissa burst into tears, "Dimetra's so nice, but she's always so busy!! My only friend is you, and I can't just call and ask you to come over!! It gets so lonely and bored at home, even with Kirba and Grenia. That's why I read so much. I need something to care for to keep me company!! I want a sibling!!" Melissa said between sobs.

     Allison put her arms around her friend and patted her on the back. "It's okay. Valentine's Day is coming up, maybe you might get a sibling," Allison said hugging Melissa.

     "Well, it's getting late. Dimetra's expecting me. I need to go mail the letter," Melissa said getting up.

     "Okay. I'll see you tomorrow."


To be continued…

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