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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 6th day of Hunting, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 138 > Continuing Series > New Beginnings: Part Two

New Beginnings: Part Two

by chocolateisamust

A 13-year-old girl with wavy brown hair adopted me approximately 30 minutes later. Her full name was RosaKayles99, but she told me to refer to her as simply Rosa. She had 2 other pets – a speckled Chomby named Arayda and a Rainbow Usul named Savanna. Both of them of course were painted, and she promised me that I would soon be, too.

     As I left the cage, I glanced back at the Eyrie. He was huddled in the corner, preening his feathers. Three siblings, I thought, He lost three siblings. I almost waved good-bye to him, but I didn’t. I did not have the guts to do so.

     Rosa and I became pretty well acquainted during our walk back to her Neohome, which sat at 1059881 Bracknell Road. She was sort of like me, although not too much so. She did like to daydream and such, but she also liked to explore, and informed me that every other weekend the family went to a different land. Such as this Saturday (It was Thursday today), they were venturing to Mystery Island.

     “Would I have to come with?” I asked her.

     She cocked her head, crossing her arms. “Why wouldn’t you?”

     I sighed. “I’ve never been one to explore… I mean –” In the midst of trying to explain my ‘fear’ of traveling, I tripped on a tree branch, which had planted itself in the middle of the path we were walking on.

     I went tumbling to the earthy ground, and the picture frame that I had taken from my old home went flying out. It landed about three feet in front of me, but Rosa was too worried to notice.

     “Are you okay, Audria?” she inquired, helping me back up to my paws.

     “Yeah, yeah,” I muttered, dusting off my T-shirt and skirt.

     She nodded. “Good…well, anyway, that’s my house! C’mon!”

     We started towards the building Rosa called her house, leaving the picture behind.

     Once inside the large Neohome, loads of confetti and streamers rained upon Rosa and I.

     “Welcome home!” Cheery voices exclaimed.

     I couldn’t do anything but gawk. I could now see a banner hung above with the words ‘Welcome to your new home!’ printed on the purple background, and then six pets surrounding me, all smiling.

     “A little shocked there, eh?” Rosa grinned, patting my head gently.

     “Y-yes,” I stammered.

     She giggled. “Well, maybe I should introduce you to all of these pets. Or perhaps they’ll introduce themselves. First up, why don’t Audria’s new siblings bid her a hello?”

     Immediately, a Rainbow Usul and Speckled Chomby leapt in front of me.

     “I’m Savanna!” the Usul chirped, pulling me into a hug. “I’m 108 days old, and depending on how old you are, I could be older or younger!”

     “And I’m Arayda!” the Chomby announced. “I’m 350 days old, so although I’m older than Savanna, I could be younger than you!”

     I chuckled nervously. “I’m 231 days old… s-so I guess that I’m older than Savanna and younger than Arayda,” I said.

     “Ooh! Another older sister! Yay!” Savanna tightened the hug.

     “No need to strangle her, Savanna. Anyway, the next pets to introduce themselves will be hmmm…our next door neighbors?”

     Two more pets walked up to me, grinning.

     “Camden… the cool dude of the neighborhood,” the first one – a shadow Gelert – stated in a slick voice.

     The disco Kyrii next to him punched him playfully. “Nevermind Camden… he has an ego the size of Kiko Lake. Anyway, I’m LaysiaRoanne, but most just call me Laysia.”

     “The last two of you shall introduce yourselves now!” Rosa piped once Laysia had finished speaking.

     The remaining pets – both Cloud Ixi’s – stepped forward.

     “Kaya and Maya!” They exclaimed in unison. “We’re twins, and Savanna’s best friends! Right?”

     Savanna smiled at them. “Right!”

     “So… now that we’re all acquainted, how about some cake?” Rosa suggested.

     “Cake? Oooh! Me first! Puh-leese?” Camden begged, the coolness in his attitude gone.

     Rosa laughed. “You’ll get second piece, but Audria’s first! C’mon! Take your piece!”

     With pleasure, I made my way up to the cake (which was set on a folding table) and sliced out a piece with the knife set beside it. I could then tell that my new family really did love me.

     That night – the cake devoured, the guests gone – Savanna, Arayda, Rosa and I sat on the Green Sofa, all chatting about an assortment of things. I was fairly comfortable with most of the subjects we discussed, but then Arayda brought something up that made my heart ache.

     “Who was in your old family?” she asked.

     I sat silent for quite some time, my eyes welling up with tears. Finally, though, I spoke. “I had an owner named Em, w-who was really nice. She took really good care of me and m-my brother. His name was H-Haylin, and he was a Green Shoyru. W-we all lived together in a house on Aisha Avenue… it was a nice house. But then today E-Em abandoned us and –”

     I couldn’t continue. Sobbing, I buried my face in my paws. I missed Haylin and Em – despite what she did to me – so much.

     Slowly, Rosa slung her arm around me and pushed my head against the side of her shirt.

     “You don’t have to talk about it,” she whispered, gently rubbing my blue fur.

     “I know… I know… b-but it’s j-just s-so hard…” I moaned.

     And even though I cried for a full few hours, my new family never left my side. They simply sat there, letting me mourn the loss of those I had once loved.

     Exactly a year had passed since the day Rosa’s family adopted me. I had changed a lot since then.

     To start off, my fur was now colored Rainbow instead of Blue. It had been since three days after my adoption. And I had become more adventurous. Although I still didn’t care about having high scores in games and those sorts of things, I liked to explore the world, and discover new places. The Lost Desert was currently my favorite land – I loved to test out Coltzan’s Shrine whenever I could.

     And then there came the issue with family. Arayda and Savanna still remained, but there was a new edition. He was a Blue (Well, he was painted White at a later date) Eyrie named Edun, and I later found out that he was the very Eyrie I had been in a cage with at the Neopian Pound. His new owner had abandoned him the same day Rosa was looking to adopt again.

     I became best friends with him, and that proved that first impressions did not always determine the future outcome of a relationship.

     Overall, I was happy. Although I sort of did want to see Haylin once again…

     It was a scorching hot day in the month of the Relaxing. A few more months had passed since my one-year anniversary. Edun, Savanna and I decided to go out exploring while Rosa and Arayda did some shopping for Camden’s upcoming birthday.

     We were told to only go within the boundaries of our own street, but we decided to go a little further.

     We ended up at a street 42 minutes away – Aisha Avenue. Immediately when I saw the street sign, I thought of Em and my old home. But Aisha Avenue was gigantic… we would never pass by her house… if it even still existed…

     But when we walked right by 1571979 and I saw an old neighbor of mine, my heart started thumping wildly. We were nearing Em’s house.

     Then I saw it – the numbers painted onto the curb, gleaming in the sunlight. 1571990. I just stopped dead in my tracks, breathing heavily.

     “What’s wrong?” Edun asked, yawning.

     “That’s my old house,” I murmured.

     Savanna snorted. “Out of all the houses that one’s your old one?”

     I nodded meekly, my lip quivering. “Yes,” I whispered.

     “Oooh!” she squealed, grinning a grin so wide is stretched across her entire face. “Maybe we can meet your old owner!”

     I started to reply, but then as if on cue, I saw a teenage girl and a Yellow Kacheek exit the house. The girl, Em, the Kacheek, a stranger probably… her new pet.

     “That’s her,” I muttered, shivering.

     “Go say ‘hi’!” Savanna chirped.

     I shook my head slowly. “I’m too nervous.”

     “Okay then, I will for you!” She turned towards Em and the Kacheek, whom were now only around 10 feet from us. “HEY MISS PERSON! CAN YOU COME HERE? I GOTTA ASK YOU A QUESTION!”

     Em swiveled around. “What?” She called back, her voice irritated.


     She sighed, grabbing the paw of the Kacheek. I could tell she did not want to walk over Edun, Savanna and I, but she did so anyway.

     “What’s your question?” she asked once she was about 6 inches from Savanna.

     “Ooh…well I guess there is no question but ya see, well, the Acara standing behind me is your old pet named –”

     “Audria,” Em finished for Savanna, gasping. Tears flowed down her cheeks and she kneeled down, pulling me into a hug. “Oh Audria…” She whispered.

     I did not hug her back, but simply stood there. I had not been hugged by Em for so long, and it felt good. But then I remembered her abandoning me, and sharply shoved her away.

     “W-what’d you do that for?” she asked, startled.

     “You abandoned me,” I hissed, teeth clenched.

     “I-I know I did b-but I’m regretting it e-ever so much. I was c-caught up in the heat of t-the moment. My f-friend said that there w-were b-better pets out there, because h-her Lupe t-told her that you and Haylin w-were talking behind my back. I o-only realized a day later t-that she was lying…” She choked on her words.

     “So you abandoned me not exactly purposely? You don’t hate me or anything?” I was slightly surprised, yet at the same time relieved.

     She nodded slowly. “That’s the truth… I miss you, but I see that you’re happy now.” She gestured towards Savanna and Edun.

     “I am happy… b-but I still sort of miss you and Haylin. I don’t know where he is…” I wiped a forming tear from my eye.

     “I’m just happy to see you, Audria. But I guess I shouldn’t keep y-you and your siblings waiting for too long. Your owner,” Em sniffled as she said this word “will get worried and you could get in trouble. I don’t want you to get in trouble.”

     “I won’t… Rosa will understand… although we weren’t supposed to come this far.” I gulped.

     Em and I stood there in silence for a few moments, but then somebody sharply grabbed my shoulder. I turned around, only to discover Rosa standing there, an angry, yet joyful expression on her face.

     “I’ve been looking all over for you three! You had Arayda and I worried sick! What were you guys doing this far?” She demanded.

     My own words had failed me. I thought Rosa wouldn’t go out looking for us, but she had.

     “We just wanted to explore,” I replied, biting my lip.

     “And did this fellow Neopian know that you looked out of place on this street and asked where you came from?” Rosa crossed her arms.

     “No, Rosa! That’s Audria’s old owner, Em!” Edun exclaimed.

     Rosa stared at Em… both curiosity and fear dancing a ballet in her eyes. “You’re Audria’s old owner? Well uh…we learn something new everyday. Just before you ask, no, you cannot have my darling Acara back and no you cannot see her. Nope, not ever again. Edun, Savanna, Audria, Arayda c’mon now! We’re going home!”

     Rosa grabbed my paw and started to quick-walk away, dragging me along. Edun, Savanna and Arayda followed.

     I wanted to ask why Rosa was being so protective over me right then and there, but I decided to wait until a more appropriate time came. The appropriate time happened to be that night as she tucked me in during bedtime.

To be continued...

A/N: Part two is done ^_^ Thanks for all the feedback on part one – I appreciate it tons! I’ll see you in part three/my inbox!

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